How To Bring Out The Best In Your Partner

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You’re at that point in your life where you’ve found the person that you plan to be with for a long time. The two of you are as close as can be, you love spending time together, and your love and care for each other continues to grow to the point that you find joy in simply watching your partner succeed. No one should be involved with anyone who doesn’t bring out the best in them, but if you’re uncertain about what that looks like exactly, here are a few tips.

Know the best in your man

Clearly you love a lot of things about your man, and there is a reason why the two of you are together. In order for you to always bring out the best in him, you’ll have to know what his best qualities are. What do you think are the best things about your man? Maybe he takes really good care of you and is career driven. Or maybe he’s family-oriented and an open communicator. Recognize these qualities and remember them, and you’ll be able to encourage those traits.

Show your best side

Showing your best side will bring out your partner’s best side and vice-versa. When you’re showing the best qualities of yourself, your man is much more likely to do the same. It’s just like emotions: when you’re happy, your guy is happy. When you’re sad, he’s sad right along with you. Put your best foot forward and the two of you will bring a great aura to the relationship.

Don’t be judgmental

When you don’t see the best qualities in your partner, you may tend to become a bit judgmental. And while you may not mean to do it maliciously, sometimes it can turn out that way. Don’t focus on the small and unimportant things that may agitate or frustrate you. They are minor annoyances, and by the end of it all, you should know that deep down in your core, your man is amazing in more ways than one.

Openly communicate

Communication is extremely important. In order to bring the best out of your partner, you need to be able to communicate honestly and openly. When you’re upset or down, choose your words wisely before expressing your emotions. Words can be extremely powerful and when they are filled with anger, they can take a toll on the relationship and you’re significant other. Relax, stay calm, and filter your words as needed.

Be a good listener

Along with being a good communicator comes the importance of also being a good listener. When you’re not talking, make sure that your ears and mind are taking in everything that your man is expressing. Listening is just as important as speaking, so when the two of you are trying to work out a bump in the road, avoid speaking over each other and trying to overpower each others’ words. Listen and speak when it’s your turn.

Be attentive

Time goes by really fast and before you know it, years have passed. Work, school, and other things in life can all be extremely consuming. Do you remember all of the special moments you have had with your man recently? As you’ve heard people say, take a minute to smell the flowers. Be attentive and appreciative when it comes to your relationship. Savor the moments, and the memories, as some things will really only happen once.


A lot of times when we are striving to bring out the best in a situation or a person, we tend to focus a lot of time and energy on doing a certain action to make the situation or person not as bad. But, instead of doing, focus on feeling. Empathize with your partner and make sure that he feels listened to, and vice versa. Being empathetic allows you to build trust and a stronger bond between each other. Feeling understood and listened to is always a good feeling.

Work to better each other together

We all have our flaws, right? And while you love your man for who he is, and he loves you for who you are, we all have room to grow and improve ourselves. The best of your man, and yourself, will definitely shine through when the two of you are able to better yourselves by working together. Maybe you’re not the best communicator when you’re sad, and maybe your man can be kind of sheltered after a bad day at work. Together the two of you can overcome these flaws and fix them.

Be motivating

Goals and aspirations can be reached alone, but the process tends to go by much faster and smoother with the help of those closest to you. Let’s say your man is looking to get a higher position at work. Your man could do this on his own by showing up at work on time, taking on higher tasks, and performing above his current job title. But, things can be a lot easier on him if he has someone at home cheering him on and motivating him to get it done.

Respect each other

Having mutual respect for each other goes a long way. When you respect each other, you feel much more comfortable and you’re able to confide in each other. Respect will also allow both of you to remain happy, which typically means that his best side, and yours, will be more likely to shine through. Without respect, you may have to deal with some horrible moods, emotions, and words.

Learn the lingo

We all speak in our own language, especially when we are feeling a certain way. Things become a lot easier when you know your man’s lingo, and he is able to learn and understand yours. Women and men talk differently about their thoughts and feelings. If you want his best side to show, take the time to learn his words as well as his body language; become an expert. It’ll take the relationship a lot further.

Praise him

Praising a man is a huge way to make sure that his best side comes out, and stays out. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to feel appreciated by the most important woman in your life. This goes along with supporting him, but there’s something extra special about hearing words of support. Praise your man in private as well as publicly, and make sure that he reciprocates as well.

Stand up for him

Just as your man should stand up for you, you should definitely stand up for him. If he is helpless or somehow cornered, don’t hesitate to step in and fight for him. Though men like to feel manly and like to be as independent as possible, any guy will feel extremely lucky to know that he has found a woman who is willing to stand up for him, no matter what.

Be there and be away

In relationships, time can mean a whole lot. You want to be by your man’s side when you can be, and you especially want to be there when he needs you. On the other hand, there are times when he, as well as you, will need some personal space. By spending time together and giving each other some time alone, the relationship is able to grow and become stronger, and the best of both of you is able to shine.

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