Would You Let Your Children Watch A Crossdressing Super Hero On TV?

August 15, 2013  |  


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From HelloBeautiful 

TV network, “The Hub” recently introduced a new cartoon that pushed the envelope of sexuality towards children. The show is called “SheZow” and features an extreme twelve-year-old boy named Guy Hamdon, who inherits the power ring of his deceased aunt – the amazing superhero SheZow! The ring gives him villain-battling super powers, but was meant to be worn by a girl and the result is a cross-dressing superhero here to save the day and teach your kids about the confusing world of crossing gender roles.

Right wing critics are outraged about the cartoon, claiming that the cartoon is inappropriate and is confusing for children. I would have to agree. I am all about letting your child be inherently who they are, but I don’t believe in deliberately shaping their thoughts about something that they shouldn’t even be having to think about right now. The show is rated TV-Y7 (FV), which means it’s for children seven and up. The FCC implies that it “may be more appropriate for children who have acquired the developmental skills needed to distinguish between make-believe and reality.”

See the first episode of “SheZow” at HelloBeautiful.com 

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  • D.D

    Almost every Cartoon has cross dressing in it. Are people really that blind to what is right in front of them. Loony Toons had tons of cross dressing, as did almost every cartoon I watched as a kid. And so did alot of the live action shows too. Bugs bunny dressed up like a women more times then I can count and even Disney has had shows with cross dressing Cory in the House had an episode where Cory dressed up as raven and his male friend ended up getting a crush on him. IDK what is so different about this and why people are not upset about ALLLL those other shows and episodes….

  • Barren Boe

    Ummm just about every sitcom has shown crossdressing whether its Lavern&Shirley dressing as men to get in an all mend club or Urkle playing his ugly female cousin. A bit crazy to pick now to make a fuss about it.

    • D.D

      That is what I am saying why all of a sudden this has been going on for decade and this one show is picked on. If you are going to have a problem with it you need to have a REAL problem with a boycott way more then just this show.

  • Sydney Evans

    Maybe the creator feel this is a way to make children tolerant at an early age. They don’t see the world as adults do, they learn from adults. Sometimes they don’t understand something and don’t say it in the nicest way hurting a child’s feeling, adults do the same thing to be hurtful or nobody explained to them why they need to polite and respectful

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  • wveronica7

    I don’t agree with this at all. Seems like an agenda to me. Children should not be introduced to this because they are children.

  • Bits

    This world is becoming a more tolerant place for diversity rather we like it or not. Its okay for our children to watch cartoons with talking animals but let a cartoon depict a subject that is based on the reality that surrounds them and thats a problem? Children WILL see people in their environments who cross dress. A cartoon like this teaches tolerance and allows our children the chance to not be cloaked in ignorance and judgement which breeds hate. If and when they ever come across a person who cross dresses on the street or where ever, cartoons like this will have already introduced our children to the concept and it will not be such a big deal. kids are smarter than we give them credit. This cartoon is geared towards kids 7 and up and sorry to burst the fairytale bubble but kids are questioning and exploring the realms of sexuality even before that age. I would like to see more cartoons like this one. In fact I think its past due time for a cartoon depicting a same sex couple raising a health/happy child. Why not? There are families that exist like that and children who can relate to the topic.

  • Candacey Doris

    My niece has already watched crossdressing cartoons. We watched some too, Bugs Bunny, Sailor Moon…they are all over. But we never cared because they were entertaining. That’s all this cartoon seeks to do. If she finds this entertaining too then why not? Saying that kids won’t be able to tell it from reality is an ignorant thing to say too. Do these children cry when you eat chicken because they think you killed Chika? Or think they can find a city under the sea as in Spongebob? No? Then they just might be able to tell reality from fantasy.

    • Bits

      love this.