Foxy Brown Breaks Down In Tears During Interview, Tells Haters To “Let Her Live”

August 15, 2013  |  

During an interview with MTV’s Sway on the show RapFix Live last night, Foxy Brown sat down with hip-hop legend Big Daddy Kane (who still looks amazing), and shooted the you know what about dealing with haters, liars, and folks constantly accusing her of doing everything from stealing weave to talking crazy about Jay-Z and Beyoncé, to beefing with her neighbors and more. While Big Daddy Kane tried to tell her that anybody having her name in their mouth is a good thing (because clearly they’re thinking about her), Fox Boogie disagreed and wound up in tears when talking about all the negativity she’s had to put up with over the years.

“I understand that. I’ve been told that jewel since I was a little girl. But when it’s just completely redundant, when it’s negative stuff being said constantly, it becomes annoying. It becomes tiring. Kane, you haven’t walked my walk, I haven’t walked your walk…I have like, tears in my eyes right now because what of I’ve been through, you know what I mean? You guys don’t understand. The fact that somebody can just lie and it becomes a trending topic, where everybody is talking about it, and you have to constantly stop. I have to come out of the booth and stop what I’m doing to defend a lie. It’s like, enough. It gets to the point where…you know me I’m far from weak, I’m as strong as they get. Like XXL said, ‘Last Real B***h Alive.’ I have the heart of a soldier, but after a while it becomes, like, let her live. Let her live! You know what I mean?”

Clearly all the accusations, rumors and trips to court over the years have had a major effect on the rapper (aka, Inga Marchand). Hopefully she’ll be able to focus on getting back to the music and release something new soon. Foxy’s still a beast on the mic!


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  • Junie

    ‘ BECAUSE SHE’S HUMAN. I’ve seen Soldiers who have Actually fought in Major Wars Cry. So your comment makes no sense at all.

    • Brooklyn MaydMe

      Your emotional response makes no sense to me either so we are even. Chill with the caps lock.

      • Junie

        So then I guess Your Cap Locks followed by those exclaimation marks meant you were emotional over this Foxy Brown Story.

        Mine was a Simple Comment about how some of the toughest people can breakdown and cry.

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  • Superfox Mackin

    She is a beast and still can make a comeback but she needs to get it together and get herself right before she takes that final step.

  • disqus_FSvIAkV7MG

    Foxy, you how old??? Girl, If you don’t sit down!!! Feeling bad cause someone talks about you,REALLY??? They talked about Jesus…Get a BACKBONE MAMA,REALLY!!!

  • Hvnly Smile

    Pay yo bills and they’ll let you live. Simple enough.

  • Trisha_B

    I mean it can’t be much lies if there are pictures, videos, & text messages that prove these things. Can’t keep blaming others for your wrong doings. She gotta get her act together. I hate seeing people cry tho, so I hope she gets some help

  • Tony Williams

    i always liked foxy brown. cool lady i can understand where she is coming from. i got bullied alot in highschool too. (Blacknerd here )

  • mlw1924

    I’ve always loved foxy, but get it 2gether boo, dnt give them the satisfation of seeing you cry. If the rumors are not true, ingnore them like ur idol jayz does. Folks talking ’bout his baby crazy, & all he does is ignore them .

  • kierah

    Girl, LIVE THEN!! What do haters, liars, and accusers have to do with you inhaling and exhaling on a regular basis?
    This is the problem with celebrities. They start to need fans’ adoration and when it’s gone, they can’t even breathe without it anymore. They need something in their lives that feeds their souls that has nothing to do with popularity.
    Just enjoy your life Foxy. Everybody is not talking about you.

    • UnpopularOpinion

      See now that’s WAY easier said than done. Everyone secretly wants to feel appreciated. It just ain’t easy being a celebrity…the bullying is REAL! I wouldnt appreciate anyone tarnishing my name or brand either —-with these damn lies.