Photo Goes Viral After Husband Pays Tribute To Wife With Vitiligo On Their 6-Year Anniversary

August 14, 2013  |  

Don’t you just love black love? Most of us do anyway, as Nicole and Brandon Wylie found out not long ago on their six-year wedding anniversary. That day, Brandon changed his Facebook background image to one of he and his wife, Nicole, on their wedding day and thought nothing of it, but soon the couple was flooded with “likes” and messages related to the gorgeous image above. It didn’t take long for the photo to go viral, and as is the case with anything on the web, the virility of the pic brought out the best in most people and the worst in some others.

Black and Married with Kids got a chance to chat with the beautiful couple about their newfound inspirational fame as well as some of the insensitive reactions they received related to Nicole’s vitiligo. Thankfully, the pair is taking it all in stride. Check out their hilarious account of what it feels like to “go viral” and how they cope with superficial negativity related to their relationship.

BMWK: First, I want to thank you both for sharing your story. We were excited to hear from Nicole. Can you share with us what happened when you posted the wedding picture on Facebook recently? Nicole, you posted it right?

Nicole: Well, Actually, both of us posted it. What do you mean no, no, no? (talking to Brandon in the background) It was our anniversary.

Brandon: (in the background): Let me take the phone.

So, we were at dinner celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary and I was looking across the table over a bucket of crab legs just gazing into her eyes and I thought to myself, let me update my Facebook page with a picture of my boo. I said alright I’ll change my background picture. When I did that,  didn’t think anything of it. That’s all I did and I showed it to her and said remember this? And she goes “ahhh” while she’s cracking the crab legs and the juice hit me in the eye. So I started crying cause the crab juice hit me in the eye.

Nicole: Stop it! (laughs)

Brandon: By the time we got home that evening we literally had about 700 likes. I said what is going on. She doesn’t know 700 people.

Nicole: Whatever.

Brandon: I’m like babe this thing is growing. Then it’s like over 1.4k.  I’m like what! Before that night was over, the first night, the picture on my page got to about 3,000 likes, the first night. The first 6 hours of the posting.

BMWK: And it was just posted on your personal Facebook page?

Brandon: It was originally only posted on my personal Facebook page. I don’t know if there are any internet cookies associated with that background page that you post. Or if because it’s in the timeline.  Maybe it was coincidence that if one person liked it  and then liked by a person who made it go viral, either intentionally or unintentionally.

BMWK: What was your initial reaction?

Nicole: At first I thought, that’s cool that so many would like my picture. Then once you start reading, the sensitive side was like oh that’s mean. But after a while, I just kind of accepted it. Because I received personal emails from people. One of them from a young lady who actually has Vitiligo and she was basically telling me I was an inspiration because she’s younger, she’s 18. She thought she was doomed to never get married and no one was ever going to love her or like her because of the way she looked. That touched me, because she’s telling me I’m an inspiration to her to let her know she doesn’t have to hide from being who she is and she hopes she can find love, because I found love. That right there was a blessing. If it only touched one person…

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  • Drew

    Chick is super-cute with a gorgeous smile. I’m glad my man is seeing what I see. Godspeed.

  • Tonia682

    Why would anyone say something negative about this couple and her skin condition…..idots!!!

    • Tony Williams

      Because women like to gossip and women are evil?????????????

  • Tony Williams

    She got what Michael Jackson got, i just hope she doesnt get too sick. Stay Strong girl.

  • Tony Williams

    SO MUCH FOR WE BLACK MEN AINT CARING, AND Only WHITE MEN SEE TRUE INNER BEAUTY. YEAH you go Both of yall you go, have a very long marriage and make many many ebony babies.where are all the black women yelling at me that white men black women marriages last forever?? where are yal lnow?

    • unemotionalthinker01

      Omg! What do white men have to do with this? Statistically bw/wm marriage outlasts other IR marriages, but this article has nothing to do with their situation. Wow!

      • Tony Williams

        Because i just went on Craigslist 4 mins ago and looks at the women for men parts, and all this black women want white men. so clearly someone , something, is making black women want white men EVEN more than Black,men.

        • unemotionalthinker01

          Those women represent themselves, not all or most black women.

          • Tony Williams

            yeah right.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista


  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    I saw this pic on Facebook last week and they are a very beautiful couple. The world need more people like Brandon who can look past a person’s flaws and just love them as the person they are.

  • Bella

    Beautiful couple!

  • pokie

    what a beautiful woman … I had a friend wth vitiligo … and she had the most/best confidence in the world … this picture of Nicole shows a beautiful woman with a man who loves her… I looked first at her beautiful dress … her beautiful smile … and the good looking man in her arms … may y’all have many many years of love and happiness !!!

  • Lady T

    They are too funny! Love this couple! To many more years to come, Nicole and Brandon!

  • Nymeria

    Continued blessings to them! She is beautiful in his eyes and that is all that matters!

  • Tunde Aguda

    Good bless their union, amazing how we can still find amazing real life love stories here.

  • am

    I met a woman who was diagnosed with vitiligo and after two years she was completely light skinned. She said it was hard for her because she loved her brown skin and she didn’t know who this light skinned woman was in the mirror. She would look back on pictures with her kids and cry. So she finally had to get counseling because she became depressed. But this is a great looking couple.

  • Ladybug94

    Well I think we all know you can’t fix stupid and there are some people who just find comfort in beind ignorant. God bless them both, they are a very cute couple and seem to take everything in stride.

  • JRoc85

    Vitiligo or not, Nicole deserves happiness just like everyone else!!!!!! Nicole & Brandon makes a BEAUTIFUL couple!!!

  • CC

    What a bittersweet story!! I still don’t see how people can be so mean and ignorant. This couple is a perfect example of true love, and may God continue to bless them and their years of matrimony to come. Beautiful couple.

  • justme

    as a person who has Vitiligo, I am somewhat offended as to why this would be made such a huge story; as though it is saying oh she is not suppose to be beautiful because she has Vitiligo?

    • CC

      Don’t be. The story was not meant to be a story. You know how when ignorant people see something that is not an everyday reality to them they do what they do, act ignorant. Nicole even said so and she took it in stride. The author of the story just wanted to know what happened and how they felt about it. They were not looking to get “viral” attention from posting a picture on FB, it just happened.

    • hiswomanandlovingit

      i thought it was just me, but i didnt want to seem insensitive. there is nothing wrong with her. well, yes she has vitiligo but as far as i know it doesnt shorten your life nor is it contagious. when i saw the pic all i thought was “wow, nice pic”. he didnt marry someone of a different species. he married a woman with a skin condition. she could have had eczema or psoriasis, would he have loved her any different? i would like to believe not.

    • KeepingItReal

      Yes. That’s exactly right. It IS a huge story–almost inspirational–because a man is accepting her for who she is despite her Vitiligo. Many men and women with not only vitiligo, but other traits that society marginalizes such as natural hair, dark skin, being plus size (the list goes on), don’t feel very appreciated, beautiful, or appealing because of poor media representation.

      So when people see this photo, ANYONE who has felt marginalized for a trait–which is almost everyone–feels a sense of “wow, she has a lot of self-confidence and she’s found someone who loves her. Not everyone is a superficial a$$hole, I too, can find love.”

      There are girls walking around that are suicidal simply because they love handles and feel unwanted. So this proves that although something is not lauded by the media, self-confidence is possible, love is possible, understanding is possible, etc.

      This photo represents HOPE in a world filled with low self esteem women, superficial minds, and ignorance that uplifts only a small portion of the population: white, skinny, “flawless” (aka photoshopped) women.

      • Mr. Blackman

        I don’t think being overweight or “plus size” is comparable to a skin disorder. We have a choice to control our weight. Too many people in America have become lazy and like to make excuses as to why being unhealthy should be ok and accepted by all. If you like being fat, fine, but understand excess body fat is for the most part universally unattractive. Don’t try to repackage it as “plus size” “thick” or “curves.” NO, keep it REAL…you’re FAT, OVERWEIGHT, etc. Do yourself a favor in health(physical, social, and professional) and stop eating at McDumpster, Toxic Hell, Long John Killers, and hop on a tredmill for half an hour a day.

    • Emelda Johnson-Seagrams

      Well I didn’t see it that way. As a matter of fact when I first saw the photo the first thing I saw was an Unconditional, Loving Marriage. Actually; the article is mostly about a conversation with the Newlyweds on their anniversary. Why you would read negative into this is beyond me; Ijs…. #Peace

  • Mia

    Very lovely couple! Ok am assuming the photo that went viral was on his cover photo which is public right hence the many likes and comments. Because I am seriously having issues with people being able to go to your personal page and download and copy other photos like the other lady who copied photos from his personal page and made a collage good as her intentions were Facebook needs to step up its photo privacy laws.

  • Nope

    Great story.

    But wtf is “black love”?? I’ve always hated that term. I mean as opposed to what other type of love?

    • unemotionalthinker01

      I always hated it too. Sounds corny. Love is love.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      Black love is a term that’s been used since slavery when they weren’t allowed to marry and it was such a strong bond between the couples then that they felt as no evil that came their way could ever break that bond. Now a days its not as common to have that same dedication in a relationship that when it does happen its like something magical and you just say “Awww, Black Love!” =)

  • DressSox~n~draws

    They are very cute! Am I the only one who could actually see the whole interaction of them? “Whatchu mean ‘no, no, no’?” *brows all bunched together looking at him like he’s crazy* LMAO!

  • Emelda Johnson-Seagrams

    Bless ur heart Nicole & Brandon and may ur marriage be full of blessings today and always…

    • Tunde Aguda

      Wonderful smile you have there Emelda …… I couldn’t but help noticing it. God Bless your sweet heart too……

      • Emelda Johnson-Seagrams

        Awwwww Thx Tunde… 😉

        • Tunde Aguda

          *Blushing* ……..Always a pleasure ….

        • Sheena B

          Hmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm gurrrrrrrrlllll! Gotchu a internets boothang!!!! I kid, I kid…

          • Emelda Johnson-Seagrams

            Stop Sheena; Go 2 ur corner n stay there; Lol…

  • HoneyDipp

    Beautiful couple! I love this!