Man Commits Suicide In Hospital Room Shortly After Wife Gives Birth

August 12, 2013  |  

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The birth of a new baby is generally a joyous occasion that is celebrated by the welcoming family, but unfortunately, the jubilant life event has been marred by tragedy for one Texas family. KHOU 11 is reporting that a 32-year-old Texas man—whose name has yet to be disclosed to the public—fatally shot himself in his wife’s hospital room shortly after she’d given birth.

The incident took place at the Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital on Sunday afternoon. Investigators say that the child, who was born a mere 3 and a half hours before the shooting, was not in the room at the time the incident occurred. Details surrounding what pushed the new father to take his life are still scarce, but Houston police spokesperson, John Cannon, revealed that his family noticed that he’d been upset lately.

“Family members said he has been distraught recently,” Cannon expressed.

While some reports suggest that the man’s wife was present in the room at the time of the incident, others say that she was not. What has been confirmed, however, is that she was not injured. Witnesses told reporters that they heard arguing coming from the room a little before the shots were fired.

Following the shooting, the man was airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he died earlier today. In addition to investigating the circumstances surrounding the man’s suicide, authorities are also trying to figure out how he was able to smuggle a gun into the hospital.

This is such a sad story, but it’s relieving to hear that no one else was injured.

Watch KHOU’s full report on the next page.

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  • TheTruthHurtsB

    The baby was black, right? come on, you know the baby was black. Just freakin say it!

  • NeaJ

    Why was he airlifted from one hospital to another? Anyway, this is sad. His death took the joy out of the birth of their child.

  • wow. maybe he was like…i really wanted a baby of the opposite sex.

  • Mztisa

    How incredibly selfish! SMH Prayers for the mother and child! A lifetime of trauma for two people behind one act. The child will undoubtedly believe the death of his/her father is their fault smh

  • Tony Williams

    I blame the American Court systems they put all the financial pressures on the man. this is why i dont want kids.

    • D. Rose in the paint

      You sound like a fool. No man is killing himself over “financial pressures” from the courts.

      • that guy

        how do you know ?

    • Eeka Baby

      I agree D. Rose in the paint…he obviously has no idea what it takes to raise a child. In no way is all of the financial responsibility placed on the man… this is an unfortunate situation that is based on a poor mental state not the fear of child support…Tony I think it’s a good idea you decided not to have children.

      • that guy

        What do you mean by “In no way is all of the financial responsibility” of course it is, a man goes to jail if he can’t pay, a woman get help from the government.

        • Eeka Baby

          Not all women get help from the government. The bulk of the responsibility is placed on the residential parent. Whatever the child support payments are per month it does not take care of all of the financial needs of a child. A man will not go to jail as long as he can prove he is actively looking for employment. Many women are placed in a position where they do not qualify for any government assistance because they actually work to take care of their children but still do not get any child support because the father of the children know how to work the system and will allow back payments to just add up.

  • Junebug

    It’s messed up when only guys find this funny and have something insensitive to say, this is a tragedy that he took his life in front of his wife and his baby won’t get to meet him. My prayers are with mother, her child and the family of the man.

  • Zettai

    Sad but is anyone else wondering why he had to go to another hospital to be treated…?

    • Kam

      I think it may be because Memorial Hermann has a trauma center, and Methodist-Willowbrook not sure though, it did strike me as kind of strange.

      • sammi_lu

        Correct, Memorial Hermann is where most trauma and near-death are life-flighted to in the Medical Center. Methodist- Willowbrook is a smaller facility in a suburban area that mostly focuses on labor and delivery and physical therapy.

  • ChiTown Princess

    A birth of a baby should be joyful and a blessing for any parent, but in this case, it’s sad for his wife and their baby who will never get to meet their father.

    • D. Rose in the paint

      ^^^Captain Obvious over here

      • ChiTown Princess

        Why I gotta be Captain Obvious when I gave birth to 4 of my kids, which was a blessing and beautiful for my husband and I. You’re just a sad little internet troll and I have no time for you, goodbye!

  • that guy

    Is it so bad that i kind of laughed when i read the headline ?

    • ChiTown Princess


      • that guy

        come on, it is a little bit funny…guy find out his wife has a baby and says “screw it, my life is over anyway” ! lol….

        • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

          No, it’s f**ked up, now that baby won’t even get to meet it’s father, you’re just a sick, immature POS!

          • that guy

            Screw you, i still think it is funny…hahaha. You need to buy a sense of humor…

            Besides they are better of with out him.

            • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

              And you need grow up, buy a heart and a sense of reality f**ktard, goodbye!

            • shadowman

              It would be funnier if a woman had committed suicide, right?
              Oh, No, Wait, I forgot if a woman kills herself it’s a tragedy and we MUST form focus groups, blame all men etc. but if a man kills himself it’s “funny.” Oh, And Natasha doesn’t need to buy a sense of humor, you moron, YOU need to buy a sense of HUMANITY.

  • lynncandy

    Maybe she told him the baby was not his and she was leaving now that it was born.

  • lynncandy

    Maybe she told him the baby was not his and she was leaving now that it was born.

  • Zan

    My God…

  • becausefuckyouthatswhy

    Maybe he found out he wasn’t the father…

    • GeeMoeNettie

      Maybe he found out he WAS

      • D. Rose in the paint

        ^^^ that doesnt make sense

        • Tony Williams

          Child support suing.

          • D. Rose in the paint

            So you really believe a man would kill himself over child support? That makes even less sense.

            • Tony Williams

              I have seen people kill themselves for less. A woman has an abortion 0 jail time. a man doesn’t pay child support he can go to jail, and if he has a job like Bus driver or a gov worker that needs to be at work every day. If his bosses know he is in jail, bye bye job,bye bye job, byebye money bye bye life. I read a story about a New York city Doctor a white man. had a divorce his wife nto only got the kids (child support) she also got their brick stone New york city town home, any one who knows Nyc prices that Town house was about $1.5 million. Dude went to his house and set it on fire. As a protest to the courts. another case a man went crazy over again CHILD Support walked into the court room started shooting,. I know alot of women don’t care about mens issues, because hey they have the kids, men have to pay for them attitude. but alot of men have had enough, if i do have kids I will do what the gay men do, i will Adopt kids.

    • Choice

      I said the samething when I read this maybe the child looks like someone he knew and the mother tell him its not his child so he end his life in fustration.

      But still yet that is a selfish act!!!

    • JerkJackson

      I was JUST about to say! I was wondering if the baby came out black or something, but still why would he kill himself?

  • Trisha_B

    I find this to be selfish. I’m sorry. He was going thru some personal things, but did he think how hard he was wife was gonna take it? How hard it’s gonna be for her to think about her husband death and being a new mother? How she’s gonna have to explain to their child that dad killed himself just hours after you were born? smh

    • Bernice

      These were my thoughts as well! I’ve of post pardom for new mothers, but never the father

      • Michelle Tanzella Young

        I’ve also heard of post partum distress with mothers but it can happen to fathers too. However, I think there was more to this than the story mentions.

    • Angrygraduate

      well thats good, i am gonna tell my uncle he was selfish for having cancer

      You and your feminazi horde are what destroy men like this

      severe depression is a cancer of the brain,

      You are a VILE woman!

  • FromUR2UB

    I couldn’t get around the point of his having a gun in a hospital. Someone must not have done their job.

    • GeeMoeNettie

      I don’t think most hospitals have metal detectors or do routine pat downs

      • AnonyChick

        I can speak for my hospital. We have no metal detectors and security does not routinely search visitors.

        • Michelle Tanzella Young

          The hospital where I had my son just two months ago also does not have metal detectors or any security. That is very scary that someone brought a gun into a hospital. At least he had the sense to wait until the child and his wife left the room.

          • D. Rose in the paint

            no hospital does

    • D. Rose in the paint

      you can get a gun in pretty much ALL hospitals! since when did hospitals check for guns

  • HoneyDipp

    Wow… Witnessing the joy of new life and the pain of lost life at the same time must be heartbreaking for the mother. Prayers and peace to them all.