Guess It’s All Our Fault: Chris Brown’s Seizure Allegedly Caused By ‘Constant Negativity”

August 10, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

Well, talk about taking the easy way out.

On Friday, reports surfaced that Chris Brown had a seizure while at a recording studio.  There were few details about what caused it but the news was that he’d suffered from them as a child.

Well, now we have our answer: if you’ve ever said something bad about Breezy, it was your fault.

That’s right, according to TMZ, Brown is blaming his seizure on the people who bring him down. They contacted his rep and received the following response when asked what triggered it:

It was due to “intense fatigue and extreme emotional stress, both due to the continued onslaught of unfounded legal matters and the nonstop negativity.”

He must have forgotten that it is his temper that seems to flare to the “Nth power” as soon as someone says something he doesn’t like. He must have forgotten that during that car accident situation from a couple of months ago, he was the one who gave false information.

So, we’re sorry, Chris, if you decided that you wanted to act like a member of a new millennium version of NWA and have given us no reason to really like you anymore.  We’re sorry that you won’t take a break to get yourself together so that you know how to deal with pressure a bit better.

But please, spare us the sob story and be accountable.

That said, we don’t wish the worst on anyone so we truly hopes he finds out what triggered the seizure and can get it under control.  There are many of us who know what stress can do to the body (and we don’t doubt that he has a lot of it) so maybe if he can get to a place where he finds some peace – because we know people will never stop talking – this type of thing won’t happen again.

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  • CA95616

    Seriously who writes this crap?

  • CA95616

    Seriously who writes this crap?

  • alex

    Chris looks like he’s on drugs…..

  • pretty1908

    my brother has epilepsy. each case is different, but i am going to say chris brown should lay off the bottle poppping and blunt blowing to take care of himself. isn’t it odd that all of these entertainers are having seizures back to back….hmmm makes you wonder

  • Smh at these ADULTS

    I was bullied my first year of high school. It caused me to go into a deep depression. I stopped eating, I started sleeping all day and I lost a tremendous amount of weight. I can’t even imagine how Chris Brown is feeling. He has to be going through Hell to have so much stress on him to the point where he has seizures. Bullying is NOT okay. Celebrity or not. It is an extremely painful thing to go through.

  • Mg

    Always somebody else’s fault. Seizures aren’t caused because people don’t like you. Get over yourself and stay home.

  • ChiTown Princess

    No Chris, you been having seizures since childhood, don’t blame the latest one on your haters. You have a choice to either listen to the haters or even better, IGNORE THEM! My husband suffers from epilepsy and has been since his childhood, he never blamed anybody for his episodes. I do wish him the best in his recovery tho.

  • Really

    Well he is gonna have another seizure because being in denial about drug use and the medical complications that come along with it breeds more health problems and more drug use and more seizures. Chris Brown looks have changed drastically so lying about why he Is having seizures is ridiculous. I guess lil wayne and Rick Ross have too much negativity around them too? EXTREME SIDE EYE..

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    Actually negativity which may cause a high level of stress can cause someone to have a seizure. I had a bf who had mini seizures whenever he was stressed out so his legal weed was the only thing that kept him calm enough to do daily activities and concerts (he’s a musician and singer). Well one day we got into a huge argument and an hr later he was in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. I always had to walk on pins and needles when he wasn’t high. Not fun, but yeah it can happen

    • mojo

      exactly! people are so ignorant and not everyone handles stress the same way…some people on here act like they are perfect and never done anything wrong in their life…really why would anyone want to wish this on someone…it’s a health condition you don’t choose how you want your body to act when you are under a lot of stress…most importantly riri has forgiven him and moved on as we all should that was a mistake he has made..we’ve all made mistakes (some bigger than others) but would you want someone (especially who doesn’t even know you) to wish anything negative on you…GROW UP PEOPLE!!!!

      • SMHgurl24

        Your right you don’t choose how your body reacts but you DO choose how to live your life to reduce the possibility of the reaction to occur. Its one thing if he was actually trying to improve his life but the accounts of fighting and a hit and run tell me hes right where he wants to be. A responsible adult doesn’t put the blame on others they put it on themselves.

        • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

          Im starting to wonder if he may have a touch a schizo or bipolar disorder. If that’s the case then maybe he cant control his outburst.

          • SMHgurl24

            This is whats wrong with society. Everytime someone acts out people want to point to mental illness. It can never be that the person is just a spoiled arrogant jerk, there always has to be something wrong with them. While theres a chance he might have it I highly doubt he does. Hes just another fool looking for some air time and if he did have a mental illness hes STILL responsible for his actions. We live in a time where mental illness is a lot more open and people have options for treatment. They don’t get a pass either.

            • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

              Well I’m not one of those everyday society people who pulls the mental illness card and I do realize he is a spoiled brat mixed with having a not so perfect upbringing experiencing his dad beating his mom and probably on him too, there “might” be some chemical unbalance. “Might”. Either way, whether its medication or mental therapy, he needs to take care of whatever it is he has to get himself right before he loses it

  • scandalous7

    ughh just go on a vacation and chill, you got the money. Give you and all of us a break.

  • Sydney Evans

    “Constant Negativity” is called stress.

  • Guest

    Chris Brown has not done anything for the people to constantly send or say the hateful things they are saying. This guy has not done anything but try to turn his life around. Yes he made a mistake what five, six years ago when he was eighteen. Does this mean he has to pay for it the rest of his life. Certain medias constantly write negative comments about him plaster him all over the page like he is a monster. Something is wrong with this society that this young man cannot be forgiven for a mistake he made at the age of eighteen. Some female actress beat up her boyfriend and you do not hear anymore about it. I have read where her contract were pulled or she is going to jail even though the guy didn’t press charges. Her name was Emma something. Chris Brown had a seizure can any of your understand the pressure this man has been put under for the pass several years day in day out. He is human not a steel machine or robot. Give this guy break this is not a joke. We as human beings all have breaking points this guy do not deserve this hate.

    • scandalous7

      your point would be taken if he has actually tried to get it together. Every other week he is getting in some type of trouble with the law:( the club incident, throwing chairs out windows, the “hit and run”, “pushing the girl in the club”(jury still out on this one), and more). I just cant understand why he cant go sit down somewhere. And as for beating someone repeatedly to the point where they become almost unrecognizable, um he can rot in hell for the rest of his life for that one . I frankly dont give a fck.I bet if there was not a backlash, dumb as Rhi Rhi would have stayed and would have beat her even worse than before. That was not a mistake. He will never be forgiven. That photo is seared in everyone’s mind. Just like Ike will mostly be known for beating Tina.”It was a mistake”…every time someone says that its laughable to me. What else are mistakes?, rape?, murder?, molestation?, are those mistakes? Should people be forgiven for those violent acts?

  • IllyPhilly

    I do not envy being famous. As much as people on here can say sticks and stones blah, blah, most of us are not bombarded daily with constant ridicule. I’m not gonna front like he wasn’t on crackhead steez, but I don’t need to cyber kick a man when he’s down.

  • megan baker

    Love the insensitive comments of some of these women …. I bet they are the first ones to call themselves “Christians”

  • vigal

    Instead of blaming everyone for his issues, he needs to accept his role in this mess. He is the one who is out there acting a fool…like an immature bout. He must accept accountability and responsibility. He needs to disappear for a while and work on Chris Brown! Sorry he had the seizure, but he knows the business and how difficult public opinion can be. The media and the public can’t be negative about him unless he gives them something to talk about. Stop being so immature and own your role. Be responsible and accountable. You’d be a better man for it!!

    • vigal

      ooopss …immature boy…

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  • Losh

    Maybe he should let social media go for a while. Travel without being on Twitter, Instagram, etc. Do a pilgrimage. Go spelunking. Just do something else. Not for long, but for a few months just disconnect.

    • mojo

      I agree!

  • This Guest

    OR, maybe it has something to do with that poppin’-bottles-and-smoking-every-night-and-not-taking-care-of-myself-like-I-should-lifestyle. Maybe. Whatever.

    • vigal

      So true!!

    • scandalous7


    • Tyquinn

      because you are there – every night- right?

  • blkrose

    Wait, so my negativity can give other people seizures?!?…I have some visits to make…

    • Kam

      LMBO!!! I almost choked when I read that. Classic!

  • Plaine Jane

    I guess he never heard of ‘sticks and stones’, yet people are calling Drake a b***h or everything else under the sun that takes away from him being a man that can express his feelings. Got it. -_-
    Mama Joyce get your son out of LA!!!

  • guest

    He needs t get over it. Simple as that. People rag on Kim K so much more and you don’t see her having seizures. She is living life, minding her business. Chris needs to do the same.

    • JMO

      Oh he told his body to have a seizure??? Oh ok…

      • guest

        LMAO! You right. Guess I just meant he shouldn’t be so stressed about what ppl say to the point where he has seizures.

    • ChiTown Princess

      Maybe Kim doesn’t suffer from seizures like Chris Brown does.

    • UnpopularOpinion

      Negativity that comes from fame is NO JOKE. Imagine the time you’ve ever been bullied–and how hurt you felt—multiplied by like 500x. ONE judgmental bully–say someone who doesnt approve someone’s sexuality–can cause a person to resort to suicide. Although the negativity comes with the territory, not everyone can handle it. Not surprised he had a seizure. Consequences come with mistakes, but I am so over Chris Brown’s scandals—I DO NOT have time to care or judge. “Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone!”

  • JMO

    Sorry but I don’t care what a person did, no one afoul be pushed to a point where they’re having seizures. Has that accident incident even been proven yet? Because the video looks like the opposite of what the lady claims. I don’t dismiss his actions but if you ever read some of the things people say about him you might think different. People even wishing he actually died yesterday. NEVER is okay. Chris has done nothing to the people who hate him so much.

    • Chey

      He DIDN’T get pushed to a point where he’s having seizures. If he didn’t act like a jacka** he wouldn’t have half these issues. No sympathy here.

    • Kam

      This man has a history of seizures in his life so who knows maybe all the weed, alcohol and late nights disrupted his medication. Or maybe he stopped taking his medication and self medicates with the weed. Of course stress of any kind doesnt help a person with a seizure disorder but for him to blame others for his health problems is irresponsible and childish. He should do what he needs to do to avoid stressful situations if he feels like that is what caused them and take some time off to take care of himself.

      • Tyquinn

        weed is good fr your health, you know. educate yourself.

    • word

      those people pay his bills…

    • Tyquinn

      I support what you said, JMO. People hate chris for no reason. I hope dude gets better, i got love for chris, i respect his music and his hustle, he just gotta turn a blind eye to these haters is all.

  • empresstala

    its probably true. he has problems and makes mistakes just like the next person. i think its wrong to constantly bash a person no matter how they act. he has feelings too and im sure he has been hurt deeply by the nonstop bashing and trashing of the media and random strangers

    • word

      those random strangers pay his bills….

      • empresstala

        his talent pays his bills.