Who Got Some Gum? Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Purse

August 15, 2013  |  
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As women, there are just some things that are necessary to have when we’re out and about, carrying out the routines of our daily lives. And where do we keep those fundamental items that are essential to our livelihood? No place other than our handy dandy pocketbooks! So for all the girls wondering what should be kept in your clutch—or even worse, the ones running around with a mega-purse with nothing in it–here’s a look at those things you should keep tucked away in every satchel, hobo and messenger bag.


Napkins/Baby Wipes

Some of you may take them for granted, but napkins and baby wipes are must-haves! They’re your best friend when you get hit with unexpected spills, smear your makeup, catch a sudden nose-bleed, or get stuck in that stall fresh out of toilet paper. Yes, honey, don’t sleep on the power of a napkin, they’re life-savers!



No one likes the sight of a crusty hand or heel, especially on a woman. Sometimes we forget to lather on the oil in the midst of our hasty mornings and our skin ends up cracking up when our bodies hit that cold winter air. But no worries, as long as you’re equipped with a little lotion, there’s no need to fret about dusty knees or elbows. And you’ll notice how important it is when every one of your friends puts their hand out trying to get some.


Lip Balm/Gloss/Lipstick

Just like white-frosted limbs are unattractive, so are Pookie-powdered lips. Don’t walk around looking like cracked cement after an earthquake. Keep that lip gloss poppin’ girl! You never know what fine fella might be watching you, and nobody wants to go lip to lip with sandpaper.


Some Form Of ID

Besides the obvious club-hopping, police-stopping reasons you’d need identification, you should also keep that ID on deck just in case you’re involved in an accident of some sort and are unable to communicate. This way, people can identify you and possibly connect with your loved ones quicker. So don’t leave home without it!

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For those of you out here getting your freak on, there’s nothing more important than having protection. Keep those condoms ready! You never know when it might pop off, and you can’t always trust that he’ll be prepared. Stay smart ladies, stay smart.


Hand Sanitizer/Hand Wipes

Sometimes when we’re out, we’re cool with digesting a germ or two when we choose to forgo washing our hands. Other times…not so much. Nothing like that good ol’ hand sanny to kill a few would-be stomach viruses, headaches, and runs.



It’s a dangerous world we live in, and no one feels the heat more than young females. Whether it’s a razor blade, licensed gun, mace, or a hood screw driver, stay ready in case a predator wants to try his luck. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.



Don’t be the girl talking in people’s faces with stinky beer breath. Just got finished eating garlic knots with your friends? Pop a mint. Had a few drinks at the bar? Pop in a piece of gum. Forgot to brush your teeth or gargle that Listerine this morning? Lord knows you need to swallow the whole damn pack. Bottom line: you have to have that breath in control.

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Okay, so I know we’re really not supposed to keep our stash in our bags (for all those purse-snatchers out there), but you get my drift. It’s necessary to keep some cash on you no matter where you are—not credit cards or debits, cold hard cash!). You never know…you might need change for a meter, money to pay a toll, or end up stranded somewhere and have to pay a cabbie. So yeah, keep those racks in you knapsack.



Come on ladies, we’ve all had that moment when we’ve gone to wipe and came up with a Bloody Mary. So during those months when Aunt Flo decides to visit a little early, have a nice cozy bed for her to wreak havoc. Either that, or pull out a few of those napkins we discussed earlier. They’re really miracle workers!

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