Celebrities Who’ve Been Banned And Blacklisted For Dressing, Acting, Or Talking Crazy

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Political stances, personal history, dress codes and opinions are only some of the reasons why people have been banished, exiled, blacklisted and banned from different countries. There are countries where if it is assumed that you may have done something slightly undesirable, they’d just expel you -no proof needed. While banishment sounds hella old school, prohibition and ejections are just as alive and well as racism, and, if you thought that celebrities weren’t vulnerable to these type of exclusions, you’re dead wrong. Miley Cyrus, Alec Baldwin, The Dixie Chicks, Lil Wayne, Justin Beiber, Lindsay Lohan and Nicki Minaj only represent a shortlist of celebrities who’ve been banned from countries, corporations, businesses and industries for their behavior.

Beyonce performs at the Chime for Change concert. Danny Clifford/Hottwire.net/WENN.com


The reigning queen of rump-shaking (only bested by Madame Tina Turner, herself) was prohibited from entering the Southeast Asian country, Malaysia, not once…but twice. Malaysian government dictates that female performers must be clothed from shoulders to knees, showing no cleavage. And, everyone who has seen Beyoncé’s last twenty-odd music videos knows that isn’t her forte. The skin-bearing diva performed in Indonesia instead of Malaysia because Islamic conservative groups planned to protest the Malaysian concert if she had even tried to perform. –Malaysia also banned Lady Gaga for using pro-gay lyrics.



Tim Hardaway, the former point guard for the Sacramento Kings and Miami Heat, shocked everyone when he went on a bigoted rant on an AM radio show that ended with his banishment from public broadcasting. Hardaway went on air in 2007, making a statement about how he hated gay people, and that he was happily homophobic. Not only did he not want someone gay on his team, but he essentially thought gays should be separated from the general public. The WAXY-AM Miami sports radio appearance resulted with Hardaway being quickly tossed from events he was supposed to attend for the NBA’s All-Star Weekend, and being banished from an array of national networks. Hardaway would later have a change of heart when it came to his homophobia.

Isaiah Washington


Isaiah Washington was a part of the original lineup of actors to be cast on the wildly successful medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. He played the role of Dr. Preston Burke, who, as a character, was seen as determined and committed, and often described as “stone-faced” with a blossoming vulnerability. But, before too much of that “blossoming vulnerability” could be seen, Washington, was booted from the show after allegedly calling co-star Patrick Demsey a ‘fa**ot’ during an argument. He subsequently apologized, stating that the incident was provoked and a misunderstanding, and even took anger management classes to no avail. He was soon dropped from the show’s cast and, and has more-or-less been blacklisted by many in mainstream Hollywood.

"OJ Simpson pf"


O.J. Simpson, whose original claim to fame was his football career…but is most remembered for being famously put on trial for the murder of his wife, has been banned from a few places, which is no surprise to anyone. Simpson was banned from The Palms, Harrah’s, the MGM Grand and several other Vegas hotspots after Simpson an a few of associates robbed the Palace Station of sports memorabilia at gun point. He’s spending the next 33 years in jail, however, so it’s fair to say that a tour of Las Vegas casinos is the last thing on his mind.


Harlem Renaissance hero, American poet, social activist, novelist, poet, playwright, columnist, and poet, Hughes was a great success in his time and beyond. He published well-known classics such as “The Negro Speaks of Rivers,” Mule Bone, and Simple Takes A Wife. Sometime in the thirties, Hughes was targeted because he was a communist sympathizer, and often accused of being a communist himself. The accusations damaged his career, and he was rebuked by the same social parties that once kept him. He began to distance himself from communism and his explicitly political poems.

Judy Eddy/WENN.com


Snoop Dogg, who’s famous, first, because of his love of marijuana, and, second, his music, was dropped from the Parkpop The Hague festival during the summer of 2010 because apparently Snoop isn’t an “open and friendly character.” Also, he was previously banned from entering Australia because he failed the “character test,” i.e., too many drug and weapon charges under his belt.



Singer, dancer and civil rights activist Horne was and still is regarded as one of America’s black darlings. She already had a bit of work under her belt when she was approached by talent scouts, and chose Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer as the studio that she would work under, becoming the first black performer to sign a contract with a major Hollywood studio. She was also the first African American woman to be nominated for a Tony Award. Similar to reasons for Hughes’ blacklisting, Horne was blacklisted in the 1950s because of the Red Scare and her leftist point of views, and was unable to get work in Hollywood for a while.



That voice and her portrayal of Catwoman on the Batman TV show in 1967 are the first things that we remember about Kitt (and maybe her saying “Maaaaaarcussss” in Boomerang). She began her career as a singer, using her knowledge of language to further enrich her already distinctive singing voice. She was at the head of her career, working in television, performing in nightclubs and doing films with directors like Orson Welles before it all came tumbling down. During a White House luncheon in 1968, Kitt made strong anti-war comments to the first lady, which resulted in Lady Bird Johnson bursting into tears, and Kitt’s career bursting into flames as she once said the incident cost her “12 years of my career life and … millions of dollars.” Though Kitt continued to be somewhat active in Hollywood, her career never fully recovered.

Danny Clifford/Hottwire.net/WENN


Mandela, who led a lengthy battle against apartheid and was arrested and jailed in 1962, was banned from the USA until ‘08. Mandala was the known leader of the African National Congress, an organization that was declared to have a terrorist agenda by the South African government. Because Mandela was classified as a terrorist at the time, he was banned from the US until he was released and cleared of those charges.



Funny man Martin Lawrence, who is most famous for his highly-rated television show, Martin, is currently banned from hosting the sketch comedy classic, Saturday Night Live. In 1994, when Lawrence was asked to host the show, he gave an extremely filthy monologue, where he dismissed the censors and made crude comments about feminine hygiene.

Carl Van Vechten


The “banana” dancer became a muse for contemporary authors, painters, designers and sculptors, and assisted the French Resistance during World War II. Baker’s success continued throughout her life as she continued to achieve amazing things, gain unprecedented accolades, and raise 12 adopted children.  Despite her successes, she was banned from reentering the US for many years after an incident with a newscaster in a nightclub, despite being a US citizen. She had already gained permanent citizenship in France before that incident, however.

"Mike Tyson PF"


The initial Tyson-Holyfield fight exposed Tyson as weak. Holyfield dominated, winning nearly each round. Several months later, the highly anticipated second match commenced. Holyfield head-butted Tyson, giving him a large cut over his right eye during the second round; but during the last 40-second stretch of the third round, Tyson rolled his head above Holyfield’s shoulder and bit his ear, then spat out the inch piece of cartilage he had in his mouth to the ground. Tyson was made to pay $3 million plus legal costs, and his boxing license was revoked. Luckily for him, the ban was not permanent, and his license was restored a year later.

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