Like A Fine Wine! Celebrities We Used To Have A Crush On Who Could Still Get It Years Later

August 8, 2013  |  
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Back in the day, everybody had somebody they’d see in a movie or on television and say, “DAMN he’s fine!” Like the Idris Elbas and Lenny Kravitzs of today, in the ’90s and earlier we were fanning ourselves over these good looking guys. While some of our crushes didn’t blossom the way we thought they would, the good news is, these fellas just kept on looking good. Here are 14 fine men we used to crush on who managed to somehow stay delicious years (and a few kids) later.

Morris Chestnut, 44

After watching Chestnut place a kiss on the lips of The Real host Loni Love the other day, I can’t lie, I was jealous. I’ve been loving that man from afar since Boyz n the Hood and despite a change in hair (aka, like none now), he’s managed to stay chock full of chocolate-y goodness. His wife of a whopping 17 years is too lucky!


Tyson Beckford, 42

Okay, so when Beckford opens his mouth, he doesn’t always say the best things. But you can’t front on him. He still looks good. We were first crushing back when he was a model ripping the runways, as well as playing Toni Braxton’s leading man in the video for “Un-break My Heart.” He might not be the number one guy in modeling anymore, but he still looks delicious.

Ian Wilson/WENN

George Clooney, 52

My boo from ER! He’s an Oscar winner with good looks and a bevvy of female admirers. And while Clooney just doesn’t seem like he’s trying to settle down with anybody anytime soon (divorce can do that to you), the ladies still keep coming around. Blame it on the swagger and good looks.

Dan Jackman/

LL Cool J, 45

Ladies love him for a reason, and they have since he was a young guy jumping around in a Kangol bucket hat and sweats rapping about his radio in ’85. Almost 30 years later, he’s managed to get buff and stay beautiful all while getting his own show on CBS and becoming the go-to Grammy’s host. But serious question for you: mustache or no mustache?

Guillermo Proano/

Dennis Haysbert, 59

For those who don’t know Haysbert’s face, you know his voice. He’s the voice you hear telling you about the important of insurance in Allstate commercials. But for those of us familiar with Haysbert before insurance, and even before 24, you’ve probably been eyeing the man and his voice since the Major League movies, or Waiting to Exhale (he was the man Whitney Houston’s character was having an affair with). He’s been making movies since 1979, and he still manages to be a cutie.


Leon, 51

I pseduo-fell for Leon Robinson back when he played Derice in Cool Runnings back in ’93. The Jamaican accent wasn’t perfect, but that’s not was I was paying the most attention to (you know what I’m saying!?). Since then, he had folks drooling playing David Ruffin, Shep in Above The Rim, and trifling Russell in Waiting To Exhale (and don’t forget, he was on Oz). But you’ll be glad to know, and see, that he’s doing and looking well.


Blair Underwood, 48

You might know and love him from Krush Groove or L.A. Law, but I’ve been giving Blair Underwood the eye since he was wearing the finest suits and dragging necklaces down the butt crack of Jada Pinkett Smith in Set It Off (move over Nelly!). Too much? Whatever, you know that sex scene was incredibly steamy. Anywho, he’s managed to age nicely, and he even has a new show coming to NBC this fall called Ironside. More chocolate in your evenings!


Johhny Depp, 50

Am I the only one who loved Johnny Depp even in Edward Scissorhands? Depp loves to take roles where he can look as terrible as possible, but unfortunately for him, God blessed him with brooding looks that even at 50 folks still can’t seem to ignore. Damn that good bone structure!


Rick Fox, 44

If there was ever a reason to watch basketball back in the day once Jordan left…My mom and aunts were always talking about Rick Fox when he was a Laker. And once he left basketball behind to be a serious actor (and also to do Dancing With The Stars later), it was always, “Rick Fox is one good looking man…I mean really!” He’s aged very nicely, and may I add, his teeth are perfect!


Alonzo Mourning, 43

After 15 years of playing in the NBA, I already miss seeing Alonzo Mourning on the basketball court. I mean, he was a great center all those years, but he was even greater eye candy! There’s just something about a 6’3″ man with a bald head and a love for philanthropy that is just hotter than July!

Ivan Nikolov/

Mark Wahlberg, 42

Ever since he was so-so rapping as Marky Mark with his homies from The Funky Bunch in 1991 and making Calvin Klein underwear look so much better next to his abs, Mark Wahlberg has been a delicious piece of beefcake. And now that he’s way past the Calvin Klein days and the thick Boston accent, he’s managed to keep those muscles (he did beef up again for Pain and Gain though) and look even better. But I will say that when I look at him, I still think of him as crazy a** David McCall from Fear…


Denzel Washington, 58

If we learned anything from Denzel Washington’s GQ spread from earlier this year, it’s that when he wants to these days, he cleans up hella nice! At 58, we can’t expect him to come out looking like he did in Training Day or Hurricane or Glory, but when he puts on the right suit and hits that signature walk and stare, he could still get it all these years later.


Brad Pitt, 49

I’ve loved Brad since Fight Club, hands down. The body was right, the swagger was tight, and yeah…that’s all I got. He just looked good, okay? But he’s been looking good since the late ’80s, and since his first serious movie role, when he was playing cowboy in his drawls in Thelma & Louise back in ’91. And even with the 38 kids (just kidding, he only has six) and nearing the big 5-0, he still has a smile and those eyes that could make a gal’s knees weak.

Prince, 55

Prince is the only man in the world who can look the way he looks, wear the heels he does, the eyeliner he rocks and the ‘fro he does and still get play from the most gorgeous of women. He’s thought outside of the box since day one and from the days he was talking about head (“love you till you’re dead”), to much later in his career when he left the risque songs and booty-less pants behind, he’s been hard not to love. I mean…he’s barely aged! That’s why Sherri Shepherd had to tell the man to his face, “You don’t understand! I’ve wanted to make love to you for my whole life!” Charming panties off of folks since ’78.

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  • randyblackladbrad1953

    Well,I’m not a celebrity-though I’m North America’s most famous spoorts talk show caller,and am attempting to launch a Country song-writing career-but this black Canadian lad,60,with boyish good looks,a muscular build-five-nine,205-210 lb.,181/2″ biceps-and handsome black cowboy stud appearance IN AND OUT of my Wranglers jeans and other Western garb,could CERTAINLY lay some love on A LOT of much younger babes!!!!!!

  • Patricia

    Denzel and Morris still and will always have it going on. By the way, I thought Alonzo was older that 43.

  • jay

    Black dont crack ! lol

  • Nancy Drew

    Laurence Fishburne anyone? Oh, and I still get Cheshire Cat-ish just hearing Rick Fox’s name. That’s one fine specimen of a man.

  • bill

    HOLY CRAP! Can you please have MORE ads on your site? Any site that starts playing audio when you visit it has a special place in hell. You’re ruining the internetz

    • Me+One

      Lol, this had me rolling

  • Meliss


  • Aukai Akiliano

    I’ve never had a crush on any of these men.

  • YeahISaidIt!

    He is so much finer with the “stache” Yall!

  • YeahISaidIt!

    He is so much finer with the “stache” Yall!

  • Ms.Lez

    Ummm you need to get your research correct because nobody ever played center in the NBA at 6″3″. Mourning is is actually 6″11″. I went to Georgetown with him!

  • Ms.Lez

    Ummm you need to get your research correct because nobody ever played center in the NBA at 6″3″. Mourning is is actually 6″11″. I went to Georgetown with him!

  • Priceless

    I am mostly into n°1, Blair Underwood and I never liked J.Depp’s physique but it’s true that for a 50 yrs old man, he is hot ! 🙂

  • Cynkisskiss

    Morris yes yes

  • guest

    What a nice treat and feast for female eyes.

    I agree with all selections except Prince, but hey different strokes.
    Glad to see you had some blue eyed brothas on the list. Clooney, Johnny Depp, Marky Mark.
    Keep up the good work Madame Noir!

    • Aukai Akiliano

      The ‘female eyes’ of what?

  • PleaseDOBetter

    I’ll pass on Tyson.

    • thatonegirl

      Yeah his personality & attitude make him unattactive.

      • PleaseDOBetter


  • Basically every black person in hollywood.

  • wb

    Alonzo Mourning is 6’10 not 6’3…….still fine

  • Kayla

    Morris Chestnut is the only one I like.