Report Claims Tameka Raymond Wants Custody After Son’s Pool Accident

August 6, 2013  |  


TMZ is reporting that after the very serious pool accident that resulted in Usher and Tameka’s oldest son being rushed to the ICU, Tameka is seeking full custody of her children.

According to TMZ, Tameka has just filed legal documents requesting an emergency hearing later this week to discuss child custody. As it stands now, Usher has primary custody of his sons and Tameka has limited rights. Allegedly, Tameka believes Usher is creating a dangerous environment for their sons.

The report claims that the documents Tameka filed state that Usher is abdicating his parental responsibilities by allowing others, who are inept, to watch their children.

Usher’s aunt was watching Usher Raymond V when his arm got stuck in the pool. Tameka has complained about this woman before, saying that she let a stalker in the house where Usher and their sons were staying. Tameka also claims this same aunt is aggressive in discipling the boys.

Right now all of this is just speculation, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this turned out to be true. In fact, when I read the story this morning, I prayed for little Usher and then immediately thought about how Tameka was going to try to spin this to her advantage. If true, homegirl wastes no time.

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  • JMO

    I’m a HUGE usher fan but I’m with Tameka on this one. She just lost a child and the thought that another one was almost lost and he wasn’t with his dad would scare me too! This actually happened Monday so I think he was okay by Tuesday. Also, her attorney can go file for her, it doesn’t mean she ran to the court herself. Accident or not, that would be enough for me to fight to get my babies back in my care.

  • Me

    Accidents happen, we learn from them and try to prevent it from happening again. Tameka on the other hand wants money and attention.



    • G

      But they was already in the middle of a custody battle when she lost her child. They both are wrong.

  • guest

    As a mother of 3 my heart goes out to Tameka. I couldn’t imagine going through something like this. I can’t say what her motives are for goubg to court so I will not pass judement. It is obvious God is trying to get their attention. I pray Taneka and Usher can find a way to coparent their children.

  • am

    They love going to court. This was an accident this could have happened with her there. I’m sure she is acting off of emotions which would come from her losing her son last year. Please don’t drag these kids through any more court drama.

  • kierah

    I don’t know what kind of person automatically runs to the court when their child is in ICU! This was a freak occurrence that happens a lot to children in private pools. From all accounts, every adult that was nearby tried to help including the aunt.
    A trained lifeguard could have been watching the child and this would have happened.
    I really hope this is some BS. It seems like she is still trying to get back at Usher. After all, when her other child suffered a fatal accident, she didn’t run to a judge to get her children.

    • Felisha Crooks-Sweet

      The same person that quickly ran to court after the 11 year old stepchild was taken off life support. The child wasn’t cold in ground before the others were taken.

      • MonicaT

        Where are you getting your WRONG INFORMATION! If I’m not mistaken didn’t he file for divorce in 2009 and her son passed in 2012. This was clearly an accident unfortunate but an accident. I think because of what happen to her son this has her emotions all over the place. However this is an opportunity for them both to come together and be co-parents. Usher didn’t take their kids from her he was granted full custody. Big difference!



  • Guest360

    I really hate when individuals use tragedies to try to get back at someone. This was an accident. Be thankful your baby is alive and is doing well. This is a time to be grateful for what you have. Not use it to stick it to your ex one last time. I get that this was scary given what happened last year but come on. Its because this boy had adequate supervision that he was able to be rescued in time. Let it go. Stop going to court and start spending more time with your kids.

  • ShazzNem

    Tameka just needs to let go of the venom that has poisoned her veins.

  • just sayin’

    Tameka, go get your kids…..little Usher is 5 yrs old, Kyle was 11 when his accident happened, Big difference in age here. Kyle was on a public lake and another party caused his injury. Little Usher was in the company of REALTIVES at someone’s home and NOT being watched closely… I said, TAMEKA, GO GET YOUR KIDS!

    • Tawanda Harris

      Clearly you didn’t read what happened because they were being watched closely. Kids have accidents everyday. They will have accidents if Tameka regains custody and if Usher were to pull this mess, you probably would be calling him all kinds of pathetic.

    • Felisha Crooks-Sweet

      I agree totally, she should run like hell to gain custody of her kids. Those kids are not cats nor dogs. Bloggers were bad mouthing this woman when she lost custody of the boys soon after losing her other child. Usher and his mammy sat and interviewed with Oprah expressing their disapproval of Tameka, now what? God don’t like ugly and what they did was an ugly thing especially when neither party was present when the child damn near drowned.#getapoolcover#

  • Wanda Simpson

    I feel for the baby, but Tamika is not going to get custody of the boys. she was out of town when her son was killed Usher was there close by and rode in the ambulance with his son. This could have been another serious tragedy but for the grace of God.

    • JMO

      Her oldest son was with his Dad too! I don’t get how her being out of town is relevant. Do parents not travel sometimes?

  • Tudbee

    Gosh I cant imagine what this woman is going through. Its barely a year she lost her first son, now a close call with another son. Its like relieving it all over again. I can imagine her mind wont be at rest anytime they’re away from her…..which is almost all the time. I had a close call once with my 3yr old daughter falling in water and I know how terrifying it was and I still have nightmares.
    I pray she finds peace and can enjoy motherhood again.

  • No one’s fault

    From what I’ve read, it doesn’t seem as though anyone was at fault. The pool drain was not functioning properly and the little guy got stuck.

    • Gripman333

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