‘Maxim’ Magazine Had Zero Women Of Color On Its Cover For One Whole Year

August 7, 2013  |  

UFC champ Rhonda Rousey is on the cover of ‘Maxim’ this month.

You’d have to be blind not to notice the lack of diversity on mainstream magazine covers these days. Of course the editors will say cover choices are based on potential sales but the omission leaves out a large consumer segment.

But just how much undiverse are covers? The Huffington Post recently looked at magazines that predominantly feature women and tallies the numbers of women of color versus white women on covers from September 2012 to September 2013. The results, as HuffPo writes were “alarming stats — in other words, the covers featured predominantly white ladies.” In fact, 82 percent of the magazines had white women on their covers; only 18 percent featured women of color.

And the cover didn’t always reflect the content. “Even publications that are mindful of race, like Marie Claire which frequently runs pieces that comment on these issues, wound up among the least diverse of our findings,” writes HuffPo. Teen Vogue turned out to be  the most diverse of the magazines sampled, split evenly down the middle with half of the year’s issues featuring a woman of color and half featuring a white woman. Maxim is the least. The magazine had no women of color — zero, zilch, none — on its cover for the whole year. The magazine, which calls itself “the ultimate guy’s guide” featuring “the hottest women in the world,” is missing out on a wide range of beautiful women, that’s for sure.


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  • JJā™›

    I can understand where this person is coming from, and we can have very different sides to this. You have the side that thinks “Whatever catered to white men=What the world should be invested in” aka White Privilege, or you have those that think “We already have this catered for Blacks.”

    The lack of diversity in Maxim is nothing new, and at this point people really don’t care. Magazines aren’t as popular as they used to.

  • Noonecares

    LOL WHY the flying f**k is this making headlines? Who cares?! Maxim has a specific audience to please: White men, We got our own magazines: Ebony, Essence, King, Jet, Black Men, Smooth etc!

  • Webspin

    Hmmm… Just google “hot babe” and you’ll see the most accessed pages on the innternet of all races of men. What turns a man on in private speaks volumes, not what some liberal douche claims in front of other liberal douches.

    By the way, first 100 pictures all very of the same race,

  • Tony Williams

    WHEN essence and Ebony and Black mens mag start putting white women on their covers. then i agree but please stop this nonsense. we all know People mag and maxim is for white people.

  • FromUR2UB

    Didn’t we have this same conversation some time last year? When are you going to stop waiting for the sun to rise in the west? By pattern, I think we can now conclude this magazine doesn’t do black.

  • Kenedy

    Awwww….my feelings are hurt….not

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N


  • Dionne Agnes

    yeah…..i do not really care about that magazine along with others. They have their own audience the dame this magazine has a target audience of black women. Let them do their thing while losing possible millions and we do our own thing.

  • GymJunkie43

    Maxim is simply reflecting where we are as a society, with our standard of beauty. Maxim readers are mostly white male. I’ve had plenty of discussions with white men, where they admitted not being attracted to black women except Beyonce or Halle.

    • bluekissess

      Of course. The light brights of the entertainment world lol. The paper bag theory is still alive and kicking. I’m honestly not upset. If white men aren’t attracted to me then nine times out of ten the feeling is mutual

    • hollyw

      What White men (and men in gen’l) do and what they will admit to are two different things…ijs

    • Charlie

      I’ve dated a number of white men who are attracted to Black Women. So who’s unofficial poll is more reliable, yours or mine?

      • GymJunkie43

        You’re missing my point. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. If white men truly loved women of all shades, you would see women of all shades on different magazines aimed at white men. And there is a big difference between what a man will smash when nobody’s watching and what he is attracted to in public. There is also a big difference to what a man will SAY he dates just to appear politically correct and what you SEE on his arm or sharing his LAST NAME.
        Bottom line is the human race, as a whole, needs to learn to stop associating beauty with race and ethnicity. Skin tone is not what makes someone attractive, features do. There are tons of black women who aren’t attracted to white men, indian men, heck anyone who is not black. So we shouldn’t be offended. You have to be the change you seek instead of getting offended.

    • But those black women look HALF WHITE!! LOL

  • Me

    Wait….there are black people who read Maxim?

    • JustTheTruth

      I was thinking the same thing! lol Most black men read Black Men Magazine or King, they dont want to see anorexic beckys lol

      • Scott

        Actually white women are often featured in both King and Black Men’s Magazine on a regular basis. Both magazines display a wide variety of women unlike Maxim which caters to a majority white audience that clearly has no desire to see black women in the magazine. These magazines feature girls that reflect the taste of their subscribers and clearly white men are not clamoring to see black women when they flip throughout the magazine. Most black women do not fit the white standard of beauty and thus white men are not interested in you. So while you choose to laugh it off, in retrospect you should be upset, because essentially by not featuring you in the magazine white men are saying black women aren’t pretty enough.

        • Nope

          Basically. White men are this magazine’s subscription base. White men are basically only interested in Black women when it comes to p0rnography.

          We also need to stop acting like Black people make up half of the US or world population and like our faces need to appear on everything. We’re only 14% of the US population and I’d guess probably close to that worldwide (even though we are quick to lump Africa in with our culture, but I’ve never met an African that felt that way about us….)

          • Dionne Agnes

            i am African, Zimbabwean, you are right, I do not lump African Americans as African but I do put them in the category of Black or African-American, just not African

          • Tony Williams

            Exactly case in point “black exploited teens ” and ghetto gaggers”

        • FromUR2UB

          Who cares that white men don’t think black women are pretty enough? Actually, the question should be, why do you think black women SHOULD care? Perhaps the black women looking for white men care, but the rest of us don’t.

        • Tony Williams

          THAT IS not true at all, please tell the months where white women areon the cover of black men s mag? i have his latina women and black women only.

        • Lol! Wait. But why should we be upset that some group of people dont find us attractive. WHO FKNG CAARES?!?! No seriously….who the hell cares. A lot of people arent going to think you’re attractive. SO!!!!!!!!! black women who like white men should move to Atlanta. I am so convinced Any white guy that finds black women attractive have all moved to the mecca. šŸ™‚

      • Nope

        “anorexic beckys”

        This myth needs to end. Women of color do not, and have never been, the only curvy women. Have you ever been to a volleyball game, softball game, basketball game, marathon…. any female sporting event? Most of them are curvy (and in shape….), and most of them are White women too.

        • Nope

          And I forgot about the gym, jogging out and about, and the swimming pool but I’m sure I don’t need to expound on those either.

        • Tony Williams

          I agree white women have curves tooo.

        • UnpopularOpinion

          No one is saying that women of color are the only curvy women…but 9 times out of 10, Hispanic and Black women are known to have a lil more booty than White or Asian women. But there are definitely some White and Asian women that dispel that stereptype.

    • Scott

      Don’t make excuses for the lack of black women on the cover. The fact remains that Maxim appeals to white men and the women featured in the magazine reflect the taste of white men and that taste does not include black women.

      • Me

        Dude, don’t be such a panty waist about it, I just didn’t know black people read Maxim.

        • bluekissess

          Who is this Scott character? Always over analysing things lol. I didn’t know blacks read that magazine either.

      • Tony Williams

        When ebony mag, and essence puts white women on their covers i will agree with you.

    • Nope

      I do, because I’m attracted to women in general. I don’t read it regularly, but I do/would if it was laying around.

    • Tony Williams

      i read it.

  • bluekissess

    Umm are you surprised? I don’t support that magazine anyways