Y’all Timing Is Messy: Kevin Hart Celebrates 4-Year Anniversary With Girlfriend Eniko Parrish

August 5, 2013  |  

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This past weekend, Kevin Hart and girlfriend, Eniko Parrish, celebrated their four-year anniversary. The couple took off to celebrate on a private island in Fiji and they both shared fun and gorgeous photos from their romantic trip with their fans. But of course when celebrities share the happiest moments of  their lives, shade must come accordingly. Fans began to question Hart’s fidelity to his ex-wife, since he has been with Eniko for such a long time. In response, the comedian posted this statement:

I’m sitting on the beach thinking about life right now….Here’s what I want to share with my Fans…..Nobody knows MY life better than me, Nobody knows what I’ve been thru better than ME…..Nobody knows why I’ve made certain decisions in my life better than ME, Nobody knows how hard my road to success was better than ME…Nobody knows about my Relationship with my Family Friends & Girlfriend better than ME….so with that being said HOW CAN YOU JUDGE ME!!! I’m in such a good mental space right now & 4 that I thank God! I’m a open book with my fans all the time which is why I shared my thoughts.

Boom! Any questions? Well, we have one. Was Eniko the other woman?  They began dating in 2009 and  Hart filled for divorce from ex-wife Torrei Hart in February 2011. Their divorce was finalized in November of that same year. To answer him,  stepping out on Torrei may not be black or white but gray. Sometimes marriages end long before divorce is even filled, but um do we brag on those? Apparently if you’re Kevin Hart you do. He currently appears to be in a relationship where he is having the time of his life with a beautiful woman by his side.

Check  out their pictures and video from their vacation on the next page! Do you think the shade toward him was warranted?

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  • Karina

    Should a women wait for her a divorce from an abusive husband to be final before she considers a new relationship even if she meets someone good at work, church or through one of girlfriends?

  • Brittany

    If you saw Let Me Explain, he said plain and simple that he cheated.

  • Drew

    “Filed,” not “filled.” Come on, Ms. Lauren…

  • EnoughisEnough

    I’m trying to figure out how it’s anyone’s business to comment on in the first place..
    #1 his ex-wife knows and is cordial with the new girlfriend
    #2- they all seem to get along well
    #3 she is was his choice and they have all seemed to have moved on (including his wife)…. sooo why is it anyone’s concern?????

  • Shaniko

    I just hope that she has her own career goals. Kevin can drop her right now then what?! Have these ladies not learned yet?!

  • unque43

    I agree that marriage sometime end well before the divorce is filed Mr. Hart, but the thing for you to do is to give your children mother more respect. My opinion is you should celebrate the time your divorce was finalized with your fans and privately celebrate the actual time with your girl friend of 4 years privately with her, keep that between yourself and the girlfriend. I am sure at one time you felt just as good with you ex. Be respectable to your ex. It may not matter how she feels you ex, but for you to be out here celebrating the time you were married to her is bad news, It’s odd how we do bad thing and thank God for allowing you to do it. I am glad you are happy, but don’t be happy at others expense. Did you think or care that you are celebrating time that you were still married, that it would hurt your ex, your kids mama.

  • Tracy Wynne

    Sad part is with him sharing the ugliness of his marriage and girlfriend. This is so typical for entertainers we all know the REAL. SAD BUT TRUE he’s living that fantasy right now. Hell next she’ll be on Hollywierd ex’s crying oh Kevin hurt me. From the beginning it was wrong how you went about it! DIVORCE first. TRUE everyone is not meant to be together but class looks so much better than mess. At the end of the day Kevin made that bed LAY in it. We see who makes women mad and bitter it’s up to the woman to move above and beyond just sit back and watch KARMA the best REVENGE is to walk away and let GOD

  • CC

    Don’t explain your adultery to us, explain it to God. I don’t judge I leave it to Him to do the judging. I did lose some respect for KH for that one but like I said I’ve leave the final say so up to God. He’s the one that saw what happened.

  • Laverne

    Didn’t he admit to creeping on Let Me Explain…he already EXPLAINED this…move on.

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  • motorfingaz

    I have yet to find him funny

    • Torrij


  • Jessica2248

    jump out of one right into the other, give your body and mind a breather!! are these people afraid to be alone?? dang!!

  • Eb R. B.

    He said in his recent stand-up movie that he cheated on his wife which ended in divorce. Hence the overlapping part.

  • moniqhar

    my kev respect-o- meter has gone way down…. When you put your business in the street expect feedback. He need to be thinking about how this will effect his seed. But Do You Boo Boo Do You…..

  • bluekissess

    Congrats! People know how to add and subtract. He’s in a good place. Let it go

  • africangirlwithasharptounge

    The kevin harts, big seans, kanye wests…and many more to name type stars who leave their ride or die, around the way girls for the microwavable bi*tche$ will forever irk me and get on my nerves! Like, you had someone who saw more in you than just money…saw you come up through the good and the bad…rich and the poor…and you throw all that history away for something that’ll be fun for now but sting you later….i dont get it, i just dont. And i doubt i ever will…

    • Drew

      Aesthetics and newness. There you go.

  • mnyama

    Ole Kev been hitting the weight room…Looks good.

  • Barbara Codner

    I have no doubt that they have fun together but we all know that his fame & money has a lot to do with why she gave him a chance.

  • word

    2 cent hussy….

  • venny

    He can do what he want but, I just want to say this. I am sick of hearing about these celebrities who kick the person to the curb who was with them from the beginning when they didn’t have anything. As soon as they become famous now that person doesn’t mean anything to them. I like Kevin Hart but I don’t like this. And what about the kids being raise by parent who live in separate household. This has an effect on them. Like Judge Hatchett use to say “you need to think about who you getting with and having children with before you go down that road with someone”. While you having fun the children are hurting because they want both their parent in the same house raising them together.

    • NSimonefan

      There have been some Black men standup comedians that made the same point you made. They said that the smart thing is for a man to stay with the wife he came up with from the beginning. This doesn’t just apply to Black celebrities, it applies to White comedians, too. Luciano Pavarotti left his wife of over 20 years for another woman; he ended up dying only a few years later while married to the second wife. I believe that if his first wife had watched over him, she would have urged him to take care of his health which wouldn’t have caused him to die from prostate cancer. Jim Carrey and Sylvester Stallone are two other examples. Once they went Hollywood, they cheated on their wives who started with them from the beginning. Also, Carrey had a daughter with his wife. Since their first marriages ended in divorce, Carrey and Stallone haven’t been in a marriage or dating relationship that has lasted 10 years.

      • A Realist

        Some of your so called facts are incorrect about the above mentioned celebrities. 1) Pavarotti was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, which is the worst and least treatable cancer. 2) Sylvester Stallone is married has been married to his current wife for almost 20 years whereas his first married lasted less than 10. Everyone is guilty of thinking they know famous people because of how they appear to us however nobody but them and those close to them know what really goes on. This whole they become famous and leave the ones who were with them when they had nothing is a pure BS! People change; they out grow each other, they fall out of love it happens in every day and it can happen to celebrities too. I enjoy Kevin Hart as an entertainer, what he does when he leaves the stage and screen is none of my concern. If he’s happy, I’m happy for him. Same thing goes with his former wife and current girlfriend. May they all be cool and positive for the kids. It doesn’t get any more simple than that.

        • D.D

          Jim carry was also in a long term relationship with jenny mccarthy for years and this was in the last 5 years. Things are not as simple for us so why do we assume the same for the famous?

          • Karina

            yes like relationship is easy right? the equation is really simple, you came up with someone by yourseide, you should stick to her even if the marriade is not working anymore… because you know it is so good for the kids to grow up with two parents who don’t love each other, pretend to do so and stay in that marriage with all the tensions etc…… but if you’re not famous, you’re not rich, if the marriage of 10 years is not working, in that case only, you have permissions to get a divorce… the way we judge people who are famous says a lot more about us than it says about them!

  • StarkyLuv

    Why does anyone care when he started his relationship? Mind your own damned business.

    • Meg W

      Simply because he put it out there. Keep your business to self and no one else will mind it…

      • Jessica2248

        please repeat that again!!! keep it to yourself if you don’t like the comments!

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    Congrats, but I would leave that little detail out if you two started dating while he was still married. TMI….

  • FromUR2UB

    Kevin Hart tryna have overlapping relationships with his toddler-looking self!

    • NSimonefan

      LOL, THAT’S Funny!

  • cocolatte

    There is something about this guy that is becomming increasingly unlikable, to me at least. He seemed funnier and more humble in his earlier projects, but now, he just seems like he’s acting the way that he thinks that ‘famous’ people are supposed to act. I’ve seen all his movies including Let Me Explain, and while I can laugh out loud at Grown Little Man and Seriously Funny and they stay on my netflix rotation, Let Me Explain was all but cringe worthy with his blatant need to actually explain all of the accusations (real or perceived) about him–I literally only laughed twice at Let Me Explain, and that was at the bum bump joke (one of the few actual jokes that wasn’t tied into this weird ‘confessional’ theme he had going). Shoot, he was the least funny part of Real Husbands of Hollywood (Robin Thicke and Boris Kodjoe for the win there)…

    • Give me Dave Chappelle any day

      Amen to Robin Thicke and Boris Kodjoe being the funniest part of RHH! I won’t even be watching Season 2 since RT won’t be on it.

    • inessa

      it is because you judge with sympathy and you’re not being objective!

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    If you are still married, whether separated or in the process of divorcing, if you bring someone else into the equation, it is still adultery. Why people gotta act all brand new and try to spin on a situation that is clearly black and white?

    • ..

      this generation and their #newrules.

      • princessthunderkitty

        It was going on in the old generation. Lets not act like this is new behavior. If anything the new generation ends things that aren’t working quicker. Older generations let things drag on and out, trying to hide their transgressions even though everyone knew about it anyway. Father was a rolling stone having kids everywhere and Mama was stepping out too instead of leaving. The kids see the behavior and end up doing the same things when they get older.

        Skeletons from the old generation are falling out of the closet when the kids get older. Finding out Daddy ain’t really daddy or your brother or sister is really your cousin cause your Aunt got pregnant too young. Please nothing has changed. The old generation was actually worse because they were scared to be shamed so they hid and made it worse but they weren’t ashamed enough to stop.

        • clwa0303

          Good point!

        • Karina

          well said! i am tired of all the p.c. comment like if you’re separated you can’t meet someone new, if the divorce process is not finalized, you can’t meet someone new… so a woman who is divorcing an abusive husband, should wait untill that abusive husband sign the paperor that divorce is final before she entertains the notion of a new relationship? because otherwise she is cheating on that abusive men? reallly?

    • Jessica2248

      thank you!! maybe they think they can get God to buy their shullbit!

  • currvalicious

    I was surprised they were together for so long. There definitely was overlapping messiness going on. Torrei has stated she filed for divorce from Kevin b/c she didn’t want him having his cake & eating it to. Implying that he was still wanting to keep the marriage going while having Eniko. With 2 small kids involved, she wanted to salvage the marriage, however he was already stepping out. So it forced her to make the tough decisions for herself & kids to let it go. W/that being said, go on the vacation & celebrate, however certain details are better left unsaid.

    • Tess

      Exactly. This shouldn’t be news to anyone because she said he was creeping, he admitted to creeping…if this girl was one of the other women…oh well. It’s over and done now. Let them live their happy lives.

    • EnoughisEnough

      Huh?? All the reports say that he was the one who filed for divorce…. I’m confused…lol

  • JaneDoe

    His money her cooch= their lives

  • PleaseDOBetter

    This might be the reason why his ex-wife mentioned that she and his girlfriend are cordial, but that they are not friends nor will they be.

    • Tracy Wynne


    • Karina

      yes because in the real world otherwise Exes are always friendly with the new wife or the new husband. Really? being cordial and not friendly with the new person of your ex is actually the norm.

  • Yvette

    While I do agree that sometimes marriages end before the divorce is filed, however, it is still messy to get into another relationship without fully being out of the marriage.

    • Nope

      I agree. But most relationships overlap. Usually at least 1 person knew their next while still with the ex.

      • kierah

        He is forgetting that he has children. His kids will be able to do the math themselves one day. Tacky!

        • Mztisa

          Yes!!! SMH

          • NicoleLevan

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        • Jay Trevy

          Yes very Tacky!!!

        • Karina

          because most children who learn that mom or dad cheated do what? they are on drugs? their lives are messed up? they end in jail? they reject their parents? … if the children do the math, they will surely take into account the fact that momy and daddy were seperated for six years before the divorce was finalized. And no people don’t wait for the divorce to start a new relationship…