International Racism: Bananas Thrown At Italy’s First Black Minster

July 31, 2013  |  

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Just the other day I was visiting Clutch reading about racism in Egypt. Apparently, black Egyptians whether immigrants or Nubians (the native people of Egypt) feel they are often face discrimination. I found that particularly disheartening because  not only had I just visited Egypt and been assured, by Arab Egyptians, that such a thing didn’t exist there; it also seemed that if there were one place in the world where racism wouldn’t be an issue, it would be in Egypt. After all, there is undeniable proof that the ancient Egyptians who were able to accomplish astounding feats, even by today’s standards, were black. But alas, they still endure racism. It makes you wonder, as one Clutch commenter mentioned, is there any place in the world where black people aren’t demonized? (I’ll let you think on that one.)

So, I guess it’s no surprise that Italy’s first black minister, Integration minister Cecile Kyenge, would also experience racism.

As we’ve reported before, Kyenge has been a  target of racism since her appointment in April. But it all came to a head when Kyenge, a woman born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was giving a speech on a campaign to make it easier for immigrants to gain Italian citizenship.

This campaign has angered several members of a right-winged group called Forza Nuova. At the site of the rally the group left mannequins covered in fake blood. They were protesting Kyenge’s efforts to make anyone born on Italian soil a citizen.

Pamphlets that contained the phrase “Immigration Kills” also accompanied the dummies.

While Kyenge was speaking the group threw bananas that missed the stage.

Kyenge responded to the racially motivated incident on Twitter, calling it sad and a waste of food. She also said, “The courage and optimism to change things has to come above all from the bottom up to reach the institutions.”

Several of Kyenge’s colleagues stepped forward to publicly condemn the actions as well.

The Veneto region governor, Luca Zaia had this to say:

“Throwing bananas, personal insults … acts like these play no part in the civilized and democratic discussion needed between the minister and those who don’t share her opinion,”

Make no mistake, though acts of racism are nothing new for blacks living all over the world, we still have a right and a duty even to be outraged by these heinous incidents.


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    We shall all MARCH to the WHITE HOUSE and THROW BANANAS at barack HUSSEIN obama o BANANA..facebook

  • rainydaze80

    This doesn’t surprise me in Italy, but how can they be so bold to totally disrespect a government official, a cabinet member no less??? Instead of focusing on her race, they need to be focused on some economic policies to put their country back together.

    • Kenedy

      These Italians don’t give 2 sh*ts….they are consistently thrown out of soccer stadiums for throwing banana peels & making monkey noises at black soccer players. And they come back & do the same ish over again at a different match. America has its own race issues….but damn, we are way more tolerant than this

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  • Issa Lopez

    The Real question is why other races think the black race is beneath them? I see other people of different races, who in their own country faced poverty and persecution, come to America and look down on black people. If it wasn’t for black folks taking a stand, none of them would have a leg to stand on, but they seem to want to sweep it under a rug.

    • Live_in_LDN

      The same reason I hear a huge number of black people sneer and look down on Asians (both from India/Pakistan and from the Far East), Hispanics and Arabs.
      (Some) people who are marginalised themselve feel the need to step on other marginalised groups so they can feel that they are at least not at the bottom of the totem pole.

      • Issa Lopez

        Actually no. Just, NO! I call BS, and yes you are trying to push the blame back on black folks. I watch enough Korean and Taiwanese dramas, I see the way they portray blacks (apparently we’re all drug dealer, crackheads or violent), but on a side note they also think whites are greedy and stupid. Stop playing, most asians think they are superior to blacks, but guess what, if we didn’t exit….. you’d be next.

        • Live_in_LDN

          Um yes. Am i lying? Are you telling me in the history of humankind there has not been a single black person abuse another minority? How did you get wifi in the cave that you live in? I AM NOT pushing the blame anywhere and I am not isolating black people and pointing a finger. Stop being so defensive when there is nothing to defend. You asked a question and I answered but I explained that this is universal to individuals of ALL minority groups to support my answer. I find it hugely ironic that you choose to defend discrimination with discrimination! You say ‘most Asians’? How the heck do you know what most Asians think. You are basing your answer on your prejudices of Asian people. There are billions of people in India and China alone but you think you have them all sussed because you watched a few ‘Korean and Taiwanese shows’ *sigh* You are a black person that proves my point. How are you any different from a Asian person who watches a few ‘urban’ dramas or Lil Wayne videos and then decides he is an expert on ‘Most blacks’?

        • chanela

          i actually see other races (ESPECIALLY asians) worship white people and think of them as pure and perfect human beings (no matter what BS white people have done to them).

          meanwhile, black folks haven’t done anything to oppress other races, yet we receive the most hate and disrespect. whats up with that?

          • Issa Lopez

            She/he obviously likes having the wool pulled over his/her eyes. Live-in-ldn. did I hit a nerve? “I hear a huge number of black people sneer and look down on Asians”, you drew that conclusion from generalizing black folks and then turn around and accuse me of doing the same thing. I know exactly how they “portray” us. At least in my cave they taught me how to read. Clearly the truth offended you. “How the heck do you know what most Asians think.”, same goes for you, How in the hell do you figure a huge number of black people sneer and look down on asians. Well damn you must know every black person on the face of the planet. FYI it wasn’t a few shows, you need examples?!

            • Live_in_LDN

              You responded to the wrong person but that’s okay if you are confused. ‘A huge number’ is not the same as ‘most’. When you said ‘most’ you mean the majority which is what that means. You generalised, I didn’t. A huge number does not mean the majority but it means a significant number for it to be considered in this discussion. Have you got that or shall I explain it in more detail?
              You are not stating any truth but the rantings of a insecure person with a chip on their shoulder who thinks everyone is looking down on you. You are the only one who is offended by your over dramatic and aggressive reactions.
              I don’t care about your examples because it doesn’t prove anything except my point. I didn’t say that Asian’s are innocent at all and don’t look down on peoplebut you interpeted my comment rather oddly.
              You asked why minorities look down on other minorities and I responded and you were all like ‘No no no! Don’t you dare talk about black people wah wah wah’
              Your nerves are the only ones that have been struck.

              • Issa Lopez

                I did respond to you, MN just decided not to post my comment. I was DOA @ “A huge number’ is not the same as ‘most”. now I know you have mud for brains.

                • Live_in_LDN

                  You are the biggest moron I have encountered on the internet. Nothing I said it wrong but you don’t understand because it is too advanced for you. Instead of ridiculing me, pay attention, read what I posted slowly, read it again because you need to and then respond.

                  • Issa Lopez

                    From reading your other comments I see you furiously defend asians and clearly you are a troll. Learn how to have an adult conversation without throwing lame insults, hence making any point you had invalid. But I love that you are losing your mind. Google exist, type in Least racially tolerant countries and then hit search. MN refuses to post any of my comments with the link.

                    • Live_in_LDN

                      You obviously didn’t reread as I asked you to do. You are making your own conclusions.
                      How am I furiously defending Asians?
                      What I did was highlight your hyprocricy. In no way am I defending anyone.
                      Please pay attention.

                    • Issa Lopez

                      The only thing that needs to be read is that article. And NO, you didn’t highlight anything, you lost your mind, as it seems you usually do. But you keep sleeping, it seems that’s what’s best for you. By the way, Diskus does this funny thing, it lets me see the topic and your responses. Let me reiterate, nothing you say is valid.

                    • Live_in_LDN

                      You’re not answering me. You misconstrue my comments, you accuse me of doing stuff like ‘furiously defend Asians’, I ask you to explain yourself but you dodge that completely (as you can’t explain the nonsense comments you are typing) and start throwing insults.
                      You said why do people look down on black people and I explain and YOU were the one who got on your soap box and started ranting like a lunatic.

                    • Issa Lopez

                      Did we switch screen names?

      • Kenedy

        I agree with you & there are studies to prove it. If you look at a map of the most & least racially tolerant countries….guess which country or area of the continent is the least racially tolerant? Pakistan….And how are Pakistanis treated when they go to other western countries? Exactly….this proves your point.

  • clove8canela

    Wow. I am really besides myself. But even so, I am somehow still not surprised. It was in Italy about 40 years ago when my uncle was serving in the military & someone there asked him if they could see his tail. I applaud this woman for taking the brunt force of all these racial attacks and handling it with such grace. She is definitely a trailblazer & paving the way for those who will come behind her.

    • kierah

      My dad experienced that in Germany. That was largely a result of white US soldiers telling the women that Black men had tails to reduce the competition for local women.
      Kyenge is certainly no stranger to these kinds of remarks. She seems to know how to deflect them and carry on. Kudos to her and her colleagues that stand with her.