Reality Check: 14 Things We’re Pretty Sure Kenya Moore Has Lied About

July 31, 2013 ‐ By Meg Butler
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So, surprise, surprise, Kenya’s not earning as much as she claimed. But the truth is, this isn’t Kenya’s first lie. Her fibs have caused her to fall out with her cast mates, her landlord, and almost got her sued by Bravo. And as Kenya’s 15 minutes stretch on and on, it’s getting harder to pin Miss Gone with the Wind Fabulous down on the truth. We’re starting to doubt whether anything we know about her is real…including her over-the-top personality. Here’s our list of the most suspicious stories that Kenya has spun.

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  • ♡《 Nurse Bell 》♡

    From day one everything that Kenya did or say have been under scrutiny.She has addressed those rumors so many times, to the point where its like beating a dead horse; I can’t blame her for letting people believe what they want. It’s entertaining. Why is it that they are quicker to believe Porsha’s butt is real but not Kenya’s. I’m so over it.

  • Mileyka Caridad Delcobre Mcafe

    I never care to check anyone i have a job to busy to worry about ms. Moore.

  • Mileyka Caridad Delcobre Mcafe

    I think they need to get rid off Ms. Williams, she has nothing to offer to the show, all she do is talk and talk about her divorce, nobody cares, get over.

  • MIYankee

    Am I the only one who thinks Apollo attacked Brandon like that because he was there with Kenya? Apollo was extremely jealous as soon as they showed up.

  • brown sugar

    Look like he wanted her to me.ijs

  • Kevin Johnson

    Dude get off Kenya’s nuts. BTW Kenya has pictures on her instagram of her and Carole Gist together w Lil John. They all went to the same High School.

  • Dev2008

    Cannot tolerate Kenya and her MEAN mentally deranged way of attacking everyone and believing she is the star. She’s ruining the show.

  • alexia wynn ✌


  • Elizabeth Jackson

    Ya’ll need to grow the hell up!!!! And where did you get proof that these were 14 Lies that Kenya told?!!! I don’t believe that crap Please!!!!!!

  • CJ

    this is just pure jealousy. Kenya is a beautiful woman. And it was clear since he first saw her in Anguilla that Apollo really liked her. She is much prettier than Phaedra, I mean Phaedra doesnt even come close

  • Tifany

    To the Writer of this article and all of the delusional Kenya Moore fans…She absolutely lied her way on the show and has been lying ever since. The author is correct in her statements about Kenya’s lies. With that said…she makes me laugh.

  • Kiesha Pinky Makins

    Well damn Stop it Kenya

  • Brittany

    I see you all are Kenya fans but she seems looks and acts crazy..and her personality is fake..point blank..actually they are…but this is TRASH what you expect..

  • SisterTruth

    Excuse me Ms. Meg Butler. I’m a 40-something year old woman, and I’ve NEVER been drunk a day in my life. I’ve never even been typsy. Why do you think that every woman drinks to get drunk or even drinks at all? Keep that mess to yourself!

  • Charisse A Hill

    Even if Kenya is saying those things, I truly believe she is acting and is doing nothing different then the rest of the women. Most of these folks on these shows are embellishing their truths to keep up with the Jones so to speak.

  • Guest Star

    Some of these assertions are ridiculous. I’ve NEVER heard Moore claim to be the FIRST Miss USA of color.

    It pains my heart to know that Hollywood’s most beautiful woman has resorted to ‘reality’ television. Ridiculous that hollywood refuses to showcase a Black woman that so easily tops all white stars in beauty (well,i guess it’s not so ridiculous after all given their ultimate goal…)

  • Susan Toby-Emmanuel

    hmm seem like someone’s got a personal beef with kenya. she was invited to nene’s wedding, watch the show. get your facts right

  • Ayinde

    I played in a celeberty softball game in 1993. She was a good player actually. My claime to fame is SHE THREW ME OUT AT FIRST BASE. She was beautiful then and still beautiful. Nevertheless, she had a flat board booty in black sweat pants.

  • melody

    Lol, I’m not gonna lie I actually giggled a lot from this article…BUT a lot of this stuff is pure shite (mind my French)! Meg Butler is not now (nor has ever been) a credible “blogger/writer” and I’m pretty sure in most of the slides she went on about she wasn’t able to prove any of this stuff? Oh dear…Meg my love if I wrote about things you’ve lied about it would have to at least be a 500 page book! Kenya is definitely gone with the wind crazy, but I think it’s funny. Who really actually wants to watch a show without a little drama and crazy? Unless you have actual facts that you can bring to the table I think you ought to consider just taking a vow of silence Meg!

  • melody

    Lol, I’m not gonna lie I actually giggled a lot from this article…BUT a lot of this stuff is pure shite (mind my French)! Meg Butler is not now (nor has ever been) a credible “blogger/writer” and I’m pretty sure in most of the slides she went on about she wasn’t able to prove any of this stuff? Oh dear…Meg my love if I wrote about things you’ve lied about it would have to at least be a 500 page book! Kenya is definitely gone with the wind crazy, but I think it’s funny. Who really actually wants to watch a show without a little drama and crazy? Unless you have actual facts that you can bring to the table I think you ought to consider just taking a vow of silence Meg!

  • Ms,Thang

    I never liked Kenya….She is mental and she has serious issues…..I was right about her
    try-flying dramatic self.

  • Erin

    I’ll be 30 in a few months and I’ve never been drunk. I don’t drink, so there’s no possibility of that ever happening. I have at least 10 other friends my age who have never been drunk. Just because you can’t control your intake or monitor your actions doesn’t mean every woman has had the same experience.

    • hollyw

      I think it’s a lot more likely to not over -do it if you never drink. But for someone who commonly partakes in alcohol during these affairs, to claim they’ve never gotten tipsy a single day in their life..? You almost want to ask if they did, how would they even know lol… Not buying it, sorry.

  • Sassie

    Yes kenya comes of as crazy but ya’ll can’t flat out call the woman a liar MN you don’t have any proof that she is lying so really it could go both ways… Speculation is a b@#$%

    Ladies if you can’t grow it buy it >>> Sassiegirlhairboutique {dot} com.

    • Tracey Ratchford

      What show was you watching???! I’ve seen every one and she has said all of that and then some… how are going to defend a woman who tried to hurt someone intentionally… Natalie didn’t deserve that… she made a point of trying to humiliate and embarrass her. Did she think Christopher Williams was gonna say ” thanks Kenya”…..

      • brown sugar

        All yell need a life it’s reality show they all lie. do things to start problem.

  • MarleeD

    Kenya hasn’t said any of this. What a sad life u have to attack this woman based on other people’s actions and comments. You are clearly obsessed. Get a better job.

  • bkabbagej

    First of all, I dislike the phrase “gone with the wind fabulous”. Gone With Wind is an antebellum movie where there was nothing fabulous about “us” being slaves and serving white people. We didn’t wear gowns nor were we considered humans, just property. This phrase only shows our lack of knowledge or our history and pure ignorance and I wish using this term would end as quick as it started. Kenya is ignorant and anyone who thinks this phrase is cute is too!

  • Beejcee

    I didn’t realize Kenya said she was the first black Miss USA. When she was comparing herself to the Obama’s this is what she meant huh? I’m an old head, I was still watching the pagents back then so I knew Carol Gist was the first black Miss USA. Which episode did she say this, I did miss a few? I can’t believe it, she had to know people would know she was lying!

    • 876Caller

      Her opening of Real Housewives she clearly said most people know her as being the 2nd Black Woman to be crowned Miss USA. Clearly MM just wanted to perpetuate lies about Kenya. Fan or not the writer has one major axe to grind against this woman. Shameless

      • jessica

        Clearly the Miss USA Miss America nonsense isn’t really a huge thing, but your character, is. Kenya clearly said ahe bought the house, she also flat out did dirty by copying an idea one of the castmates had. I guess it’s ok that she made horeible comments on the reunion. Not only implying, that Phaedra needed an AIDS test, and also implied the texts with Apollo grew from friendly to something else. Any woman that excuses her even replying to Apollo’s text, is dead wrong. Girl code is you dont do that. I dont text my husbands co-workers or even male friends. Kenya has insulted people’s marriages, said Walter was gay, insulted a mother and her breastfeeding, and hurts more than helps her cast mates. Really anyone that thinks Miss Moore is fabulous, is as mentally challenged as she is. Kenya shows no respect for anyone or their partners. Its ok for kenya to touch other people in an argument, but it can’t be done to her. Kenya said Brandon got caught up in Nene and her craziness, but if thats the case then so did Apollo, and everyone else in the roo

  • BrooklynWoman

    I’m confused…are we tying to build our people up or focus on their challenges? I agree she’s not agreeable but I’m tired of reading about how we focus our entertainment on the downfalls of others. Unification is our biggest issue. I’m a big fan of your site, but I tend to go towards the positive, not the negative. Just my thoughts…

    • Dev2008

      People like Kenya are not good role models. She is too selfish, lies and attacks the other women. So people are correct in pointing out how much she lies and takes things to far. She is extremely negative.

  • That’s My Story

    She doesn’t flip out on Kandi becasue she (Kandi) would be the only one with “REAL” money and network status. Kandi (although wishy-washy at times) has little time to put energy and effort into what Kenya is trying to be about. Kandi earned her money before she became a non-housewife of ATL.

  • Dani

    MN why are you all going in on Kenya Moore-lies?? I don’t like her either but almost all of those women on RHOA tell lies too. Pheadra, NeNe (one of my favs) and Kim too.

  • MKD

    Now how about the lies that NeNe & Phaedra are guilty of … the author of this sure went in on Kenya…as if Kenya even cares…so how about leveling the play field now or is it that Kenya is an easier target? She sure brought drama to the last season, and that’s exactly what Bravo needs. Call her what you may, she did her job very well to revive that show.

  • Anthonia

    She was in Nigeria, Africa though on the 23rd of June to host D’Banj’s concert. Nene’s wedding was on the 22nd of June. #justsaying


    Dont have the patience to click through this list today. Shrugs..

    • Antoine

      You couldn’t be more trifling.

      • hollyw

        Bahahaa! WOW seriously, “trifling”, though lol?? At least use your real username smh lol…

  • Ladybug94

    Slow news day, huh?

  • Shaela129

    Carol Gist is also from Detroit. So I knew that was a lie.

    • onestepahead

      Kenya never said any of these things. Meg Butler the writer must have a personal issue with Kenya. Her Wiki bio and on her website says she was the 2nd Black woman to become Miss USA. Kenya said on her website that she doesn’t talk about money, all your claims are from other people’s mouths.

      You are just an obsessed misguided fan who can’t get her attention otherwise. Please go get your GED and get a real job.

      • retta

        Not sure where you been but kenya did say repeatedly that she was the 1st black miss america. and she did tell all those lies, didn’t you watch the show?

        • retta

          error: Meant she said she was 1st black miss USA

          • sunny

            she never said that dear

        • Susan Toby-Emmanuel

          she never said so. and it will be dumb for her to say that, every one can google n wiki.

          • djs

            It was also dumb for her to lie about all the other things that can be googled. Have you seen the old/current pictures of her butt? Did you hear her say she had bought a house and in reality she had rented a house.

          • Tracey Ratchford

            So wiki is the end all be all for the truth!!?? Lol

        • classycns

          No she didn’t. She said that she was the 2nd Black USA. Porsha and you heard it wrong.

          • Judson79

            Kenya stated that she was the 1st brown skinned in other words dark skinned Miss USA. Carole Gist is light skinned. Some people misunderstood exactly what she meant by the statement.

            • Dev2008

              Bull she didn’t think anyone would fact check. She corrected herself AFTER someone called her on it.

          • Enyotta Watkins

            Haha Porsha is not a credible source for historical facts. She still thinks te Underground Railroad was a real railroad.

        • Dev2008

          Retta is correct Kenya did say she was the first.

          • Kevin Johnson

            Nah, I never heard that out of the mouth.

        • sunny

          I watch the show and Kenya has never said she was the 1st black miss America.

      • Enyotta Watkins

        Im glad Im not the only one who feels this way. If Kenya wasn’t invited to Nene’s wedding, then why did Nene ask her why didn’t she attend.

      • sunny

        just what I was thinking, Just a misguided fan who cant get her attention.