White Don’t Crack Either? White Celebs Whose Ages We Can’t Believe

July 30, 2013 ‐ By Iva Anthony

We’ve all heard the old adage: Black don’t crack, but these celebrities prove that sometimes white don’t crack either.

"Patti Stanger pf"


Patti Stanger

Television personality Patti Stanger has a knack for hooking women up with rich men. Founding her company, Millionaire’s Club International, in 2000, Stanger landed her own show on Bravo eight years later. Although she has helped others find love, the buxom 52-year-old has yet to make it down the aisle. But that may soon change. The “Millionaire Matchmaker” star is currently rocking a “promise ring” from baseball player turned mortgage broker David Krause.

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  • ohsnaponu

    Demi Moore??? Really??? She is made of plastic. Useless article.

  • djbigf

    No La Looch? Susan Lucci is 68 and she’s hotter than anyone on this list

  • <3 Addison Montgomery

    you all know a white person used the word black in a headline there would be an uproar

  • <3 Addison Montgomery

    nice title… sounds a bit racist to me…

  • exDriver

    As a man of 54 all I can say is they all look their ages or older to me. Joy Bahar is just 54???? she looks more like 64

    Joy Behar

  • Nay

    LOOOOOL, This was so pointless. All of those woman have aged badly and have very visible wrinkles, laugh lines and crows feet!
    HAHA, Nice try though. That white does, and always will crack.

  • Define2

    Madeline Stowe, Julianne Moore and Kim Catrall do look good…the others not so much…

  • Fair and Balanced

    Are you kidding every last one of these women have cracked, someone should see them without them being photo shopped or wearing preparation h to shrink wrinkles under their makeup and those who do appear without makeup the crows feet and all can be seen the author of this article needs glasses or needs to get their eyes checked to get new ones.

  • Charlotte M M Vines-Greene

    Still looks older than 55!!

  • Courtney Kennedy

    there are plenty of white women that age well it’s mostly due to genetics and diet and have minimal plastic surgery & no fillers/ Botox. Eva Marie Saint for example turned 89 last month and looks about 65

  • Steve Stone

    Not a bad list, even if you started off with Patty Stinger. Nothing wrong with a butterface. Yea, you have to give Ellen credit. She does look good for 55

  • Clara

    Idk if Ellen D has been pulled and tucked but she looks darn good for 55.

  • chanela

    yet black men talk crap about black women wearing hair extensions…. LOL look at the laundry list of things that white women do! oh wait i forgot, white women are supposedly perfect. smh

    • Sheikh Yerbouty

      Perfect? where the HELL you get THAT from???

  • Shon

    This is just pointless and dishonest.

  • HUgrad13

    The one that looks the best for their age, and who I am pretty positive did not get surgery is Joy Behar. She looks GREAT for 70. Great. And yes, a lot of Black women don’t crack….but what we dont talk about is that a lot DO. I know enough old looking Black women too. A few others on the list look good for their age, but not the best; Kirstie, Julianne Moore

  • brilliantfly

    You mean whyt, whyte or whytee. Caucasian’s are not WHITE!. When they start looking like a white egg shell, white colored can of paint, white copying paper. It time to get the holy water.

  • mimi

    I meant it doesn’t count because they got help

  • mimi

    All of these white women have had plastic surgery so it count. They didn’t age naturally.

  • mimi

    All of these white women have had plastic surgery so it count. They didn’t age naturally.

  • Nieue

    Green $$ (money) is what does not crack! As long as you have the $$ to pay for tucks, pulls, collagen, botox & some melanin shots- you are “good to go”. You ever notice when they talk about women that are aging gracefully-they always talk about the white ones. Never: Angela Bassett/Iman/Tina Turner/Beverly Johnson/Cynthia Bailey/ B.Smith/Kathy Hughes/Diana Ross/Gladys Knight/Patti LaBelle/MC Lyte/Chaka Kahn/Angela Davis (yes), Michelle Obama & all the other beautiful Black women that “do crack (up)-& are still beautiful.

  • awet

    This feature was a joke right?

  • awet

    This feature was a joke right?

  • lol

    Who are these people trying to fool? we all know Demi Moore has had surgery and tons of it… if you take the make-up and photo shopping off those white women.. they look old as heck,,, you want to see black don’t crack.. look at angela basset at 56, look at Dr, rovenia brock at 54, even Dr Oz and his audience thought she was in her 30.s. please. black don’t crack and WE all know that.. Sheree whitfied and kim zociak are the dame age and sheree looks 30 and kim has had all kinds of botox and looks older than sheree!

    • Pick a name

      Black don’t crack………it just gets fat.

      • sasha

        I and most people
        Would rather look young and be chubby/far then be an old crypt keeper looking type…

        • lol

          I know that’s rigt…lol…. you can lose fat but you cant losee ugly and old wrinkly pale.. they try by tanning but it aint working all it does igve them skin cancer.. oh the lovliness of being born brown

        • Nay

          Agreed 🙂

      • lol

        bytch, I would rather be fat than a ole winkled lizard looking “night of the living dead” walking around looking like pa leather!! crows feet, red blotchy itch spots and wrinkles bfore 40age age spots after 35 and veiny pale wrinked skin! You can lose fat but you can lose ugly wrinkly aging skin..and its plenty of fat obese white women..in fact the fattest woman in the world is a ite women and shes still eating to be fat… now you do the math before you coma a me.

      • Nieue

        Like honey-boo-boo’s mother-huh?

      • Define2

        Yes I do see a lot of super fit white women with deep tans and skin like leather….you are the envy of all women 🙂

  • Diveta Cranford

    I love Jamie Lee Curtis!!! Her & my cousin Delma are the reasons I will NEVER color away my gray hair!!! Getting older is a blessing not a curse 😉

    • PleaseDOBetter

      Yes! I told my Mom that when I started graying, I wasn’t going to color my hair (I’m 28 and the fun has already began). I EARNED all that gray (aka wisdom).

  • Uhh

    All I see is cracks and botox.

  • olivia.octavia@gmail.com

    have you seen these woman without makeup!! They DO look there age…and older.

  • Nope

    “Black don’t crack”

    Except for arteries and heart valves I guess…

    • Sign in with Facebook

      black don’t crack……it gets fat and fatter.

      • Poolgamer

        Doesn’t matter whether thin, thick or phat….black skin is undeniably the best in the world..Don’t hate…celebrate, Blacks come in all different shades and sizes besides I see and know a lot of FAT PERDUE CHICKENS TOO, In addition, they are my age and look 20 years older!!! HA HA!

  • justaskin

    -_- outside of this useless article, I would love to know what the point of a promise ring is. Engagement and wedding rings make sense, but wtf is the purpose of a promise ring? Isn’t she a little past the age limit on that?…