“Hit The Floor’s” Taylour Paige Talks Brown Skin Discrimination And Who She Wants Ahsha To End Up With

July 29, 2013  |  
“Hit The Floor” has become one of our favorite shows on VH1 and since you all told us you’re fans of the show too, we reached out to the star of the series, Taylour Paige, to get a little more insight into who she is. As a former Laker girl, Taylour is no stranger to prancing around in skimpy clothes and showing off her dance skills, but what is new for the budding actress are silly comments directed at her skin tone that are disguised as compliments — you know the pretty for a dark skin girl type.
Taylour also dished on who she secretly hopes her character on “Hit The Floor” ends up with — the sexay basketball player or the old faithful boyfriend, and what it’s like working with the amazing Kimberly Elise.

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  • ItsJustL

    She’s gorgeous! She not exactly dark skinned though… Shame people don’t understand how much lighting can impact Black peoples skin tones in video and pictures.

  • Truthie

    She is not dark skin. For a black girl, she’s actually light-skinned.

  • Cazeliah

    I loved the fact that she’s an actual dancer and not pretending. I loved the season finale. Their dance was longer than usual. I hope next season there could be different events where we can see 3 or 4 girls dance at a time. The show itself is pretty decent. I like the see the actual dancing. I wouldn’t mind seeing them perform different styles. I don’t mind a few tricks either.

  • Kylie

    I really like her and the show. And I think it’s sad that she got those type of backhanded “compliments”. she’s beautiful regardless of her shade

  • Maria

    Can’t act to save her life always overacting…… The mean girl is pretty good she acts mean really well I like her but this Asha needs to go

    • pretty1908

      jelena can’t dance or act…. taylor is a trained dancer and she could take some classes, but that jelena can’t get rhythm

  • Feather

    Some reason…I don’t think anyone has a choice as to what color of their skin.

    I wish people would stop with this dark skin, light skin….because when you look at the actresses that are of color…most are darker, Gabrielle Union, Sanaa Lathan (she’s a lighter brown), Angela Bassett, Cisely Tyson, etc. Watch the TV commercials lately…alot of dark skinned women with natural hair.

    So I really wish MN would stop baiting Black people against each other…if you don’t have an article about skin color, then it’s about hair or dating choice…PLEASE STOP!!!!

    • Pick a name

      That’s “African American” culture. Skin obsession, good and bad hair, and “white folks”.

      • black wifey

        Clearly you are living in a cardboard box. Skin obesession is a global issue. I have had the pleasure of visiting Japan, Puerto Rico, Brazil and Egypt. While visiting these places I noticed ads on TV and print magazines. All of the models appreared to be “white” looking. The models had straight hair, green or blue eyes, thin lips, small noses and blonde hair. Do some research, google images of models from other countries. When I was in Japan my face moisturizer exploded in my bag. I went to the pharmacy to replace it and couldnt find any. What I did find was skin whitening and lightening creams.

        • Feather

          Well in America…I know if you see the popular actresses of color…it’s about mixed…and I think the scales are tipping more for the brown to dark skin sisters.

          The actress featured..she really should work on her craft. Because she is lacking in acting skills and I don’t think it has anything to do with her skin color.

          I’m very comfortable with the subject when it’s needed.

    • sillypeopleonhere

      I dont know what youre talking about because colorism is a very prevalent problem in the Black community (as well as hair and dating) and MN isn’t just going to stop talking about it because you’re uncomfortable with the subject. If you can’t stand the heat, get the f**k out of the kitchen. If you want a different perspective on Black culture, check out the MN Business or Health tab. DUH!!!

  • tajy

    She’s just as sweet and cute as Asha, I love it! Brown is beautiful and I am a fan. I hope she ends up with Roman then German comes,back and steals her away, I luuuuuuv this show!

  • CC

    Well we obviously have the same view as me on that subject. I’ve seen some ugly in all shades and I’ve also seen some ugly from the inside of physically beautiful women. Whomever said that, get a clue.

  • me

    I want her to end up with German … He is adorable. I like that she said she is OK with uncertainty for the first time in her life. And yes she is a brown-skinned girl.

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  • kimmbee

    she looks ashy here, with that hair

  • Guest

    For some reason, she looks lighter in the picture than when she is in the show.

    • CC

      It’s the lighting

  • Rinat

    I want her to end up with roman he’s gorgeous

  • vanillasteve

    Maybe I’ve been away for a while: Where is the united states is she considered dark skinned?

    • hermosura721

      I was wondering the exact same thing.

    • MissRealuminatti

      in Hollywood if you are not as light as Beyonce then you are considered dark.

    • Angela

      She’s much darker in the show. Its the lighting.

  • Shak75

    Just found the video on MN’s Youtube page.

  • Sheila

    Where’s the video?

    • bvictorian

      Sorry, technical issue. Video is live now.

  • CC

    While I was hoping to hear what she had to say, no such luck here on MN. As for my fellow “brown-skinned” women. Your skin is beautiful!!! No sense in having beautiful skin and a bad attitude or self-hate because lighter skin is favored. Beauty comes from within any day and if you don’t love it don’t expect anyone else to either. ~~~Kiss~~~

    • CoCo Lee

      Yea I was ready 2 watch a Vid on here for once… ugh oh well…

      • bvictorian

        Sorry, had a technical issue. Video is live now.

    • bvictorian

      Video is up now, there was a technical issue. Sorry!