Watch This: HBO Releases A Quick Clip of Jay Z’s “Picasso Baby” Film!

July 28, 2013  |  

If you recall, two weeks ago, Jay Z popped into New York City’s Pace Gallery to create a “performance art” piece for his song “Picasso Baby” from Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Well, that piece has turned into a bit of a project that will now premiere on HBO.

In the clip, you can see Jay Z doing what he does best: being quite charismatic when around his fans.  For whatever opinions people have about them – and there are a lot, especially lately – he seems to instantly make people feel comfortable around him.

The recording of the performance piece took about six hours and the media went crazy, as many thought this was extremely creative and innovative.

It may not, however, come as a surprise to some that Jay would venture into something like this because if you’ve paid any attention to his music over the last three years or so, you know he can barely recite lyrics that don’t mention Andy Warhol or Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film will premiere on HBO, Friday, August 2nd at 11pm.

Will you be watching?

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  • Just saying!!

    Since I cannot show the link that I want to show without waiting for moderation, I will ask people to google it.

    Jay Z responded to Harry Belafonte’s claims that he wasn’t giving back by saying “my presence is charity” and then proceeded to compare himself to Obama. Because like Obama, he brings people hope. I guess this automatically gives him a pass in the philanthropy department.

    We REALLY have to stop supporting arrogant celebrities that exploit us and crap on us. I’ve already stopped supporting Lil Wayne because of his outrageous comments, this dude is next on my list. Although I already knew him to be a self-absorbed individual, this truly takes the cake. It is our responsibility to hold people accountable. Just because someone is black doesn’t mean we have to support everything they do, especially at the expense of other black people. QUALITY over QUANTITY, any day.

  • Kenedy

    So, the more money he’s making, the more culturally educated he’s becoming…..I wonder if he knew who Picasso was back when he was slinging rocks

    • scandalous7

      i mean thats how it goes right, more money more opportunity to travel and experience different cultures. u sound bitter af. He cant learn new culture? you probably call people “uncle tom”…ignorant.

      • Kenedy

        Its not ignorance, its just an observation, & I’ve never used the words “Uncle Tom”. Not a single bone in that man’s body comes off as genuine to me, so I don’t trust that anything he does is smart, sophisticated or learned. It’s all just another ploy to me (under the guidance of other brains), to sell to the masses, which he’s obviously succeeding at, because you’re on here, sucking his d*ck

        • scandalous7

          no one is sucking d*ck, your comment just made me feel some type of way. Its like your putting him in a box because of where he came from and he cant genuinely change? since when? You could have said it about anyone and I would of felt the same way that’s all. If you feel nothing he does is genuine then hey that’s your opinion .I just disagree with you.