True Life: I Love My Boo But This Is What I Miss About Being Single

July 26, 2013  |  
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Most of us would agree that being in love is a beautiful, wonderful magical thing. It’s lovely. But when you take the plunge, make a commitment and decide to share your life with someone else, that comes with some adjustments. Though, most of our readers would never want to go back, they also had to admit that there are some things about their old single lives that they miss. See what they had to say.

Denise: Hanging out all night long#TrueLife

Valencia: Space! It’s like I love my guy! But damn smothering much! Back up! Give 2 weeks to myself lol

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Justice: Not having to answer to someone else. lmao.

Shani: Nothing really…now ask me what I miss about being childless lol


Melody: Not having to worry about anyone trying to tell me what to do…

Kimmy: Not having to cook and having a spotless, organized house!


Deanna: Going out to clubs with my girls.

LaTonya: Having allllll the closet space, sorry I love shoes lol


Addie: A clean home with no kids and quiet.

Farmeisha: Just hanging out with my girls an being able to get up an go an not worry about it being late.


Deja: Lack of obligation. Being able to get up and just go or make decisions without having to consider someone else.

Unchained: Space. I like being alone sometimes.

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Christine: Being chased, romanced.

Chidori: I miss careless flirting. I also miss the excitement of new people and new relationships.


I’esha: Meals were much cheaper. Shop without guilt of that “Me, too.” Face he gives me. Lol

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Terrell: I don’t believe anyone up here who says nothing…no offense! married life is not all its marketed/portrayed to be. if more people were honest about the real struggle and effort it takes to co-exist w/ another free thinking adult more marriages would genuinely be HAPPY! okay! there.s me free advertising comment of the day! (o: goodLuck guys!

Erin: Finding something where I left it!

Janae: Being able to relate to all my friends. Most of my best friends are still single and can’t relate to me in the same way and it’s weird.

Shequita: Being able to talk to the opposite sex without your or his spouse having a fit. Not everybody is trying to sleep with you. What happened to being able to be friendly?

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Lisa: Honestly… every blue moon… I miss having the bed to myself. Luckily, he travels and I enjoy it then… but being single is overrated…

Danita: No drama and not answering to anyone!!!!!


Jackie: Sometimes I miss having the house to myself or going unaccounted for a weekend or so. Its not often though plus its easy to send him out with his friends lol


Ebony: Not having to cook, house staying exactly how I left it, not having to go through pointless minor arguments, less laundry, having to wait for him to get home to watch DVRed shows like LHHATL Lol….but ultimately I wouldn’t change being with my man for nothing in the world. Being single has its perks but having someone who loves you unconditionally, someone you can count on… priceless!!!


Rashida: Having nice things in your home.

Rachael: I disliked being single and dating was torture but….. I miss not cooking , and not being accountable to someone. But I prefer married life even at its lowest

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  • Gotitbutsmh

    I don’t miss a damn thing about a relationship. Compromise day in and day out, no thanks. After the date you need to pop smoke to your crib.

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  • Lala

    I can’t say that I miss being single, and if I left my hubby, don’t know that I would miss that either. Neither one of us have compromised much of who we were before we married. He works overnight once a week, and I tell you, that is the best nights sleep I get all week – I get to lay across the bed the way I’m used to (sleeping at the head of the bed has never been my thing!). He likes alone time as much as I do, so when I feel the urge to go out without him, or find a corner in house and hide away, he doesn’t fuss, because he does the same. I think that’s what makes us work. He does what he does, I do what I do, and then we meet in the middle. We met late in life, so we are both very set in our ways.

  • Nope

    The irony is that I’m sure most of these comments are from women that gave all types of ultimatums, pressure, demands, etc. for the man to be in a relationship with them to begin with. Most men wind up in relationships, especially marriage, it wasn’t really our destination.

    • Ms. Kameria

      That’s sad.
      Welp! Not me.

  • Ajavee

    I also forgot lack of obligation and cleaning up behind someone else.

  • Ajavee

    Hmm…I love my beau however I do miss my bed to myself, I miss having other men over like I used too LOL, I do not cook a whole lot, I cooked a lot less when I lived alone.

  • Nina ;)

    i just got married ( 26 days ago), and although it has been great.. i still struggle with the not having much choice over my “me time” ! i was so used to doing me, even in past relationships that now , aftr 1 1/2 years together i still feel like i have little space for me, despite the fact that i do! eheh i guess time will take care of it

  • loveit

    I gotta say…there is nothing I miss about being single. I enjoyed it for sure, but I do the same things that I do now. If I want space, I get it. I have always cooked and cleaned, now it’s just for two. The only difference is now I get to share my bed 🙂 I love that cause my husband sleeps with it so cold in the house but his body is so warm….lol i’m bout to go to bed, but I agree with that lady, as me what I miss about being childless!! Now THAT list is long lol