Where’s The Chemistry?? Actors Who Didn’t Seem Right As Couples In Movies

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The chemistry between Larenz Tate and Nia Long in Love Jones was poetically priceless. We felt warm and fuzzy, and wanted to snuggle up next to our boo after seeing that film. When we watch a movie like that, the characters and their chemistry must seem real to us. If there is a love scene or love interest between two actors that makes us cringe, then that means the film directors missed their mark completely when picking the cast members. Unfortunately, there are many films where the on-screen couple just didn’t make cinematic sense and we found ourselves focusing more on the mix-match pairing than the plot of the movie. Drumroll please! Some of the not-quite-right, movie couples that distracted us the most are . . .  .

Tyler Perry and Gabrielle Union in Good Deeds

Sure, Tyler Perry shed some weight and even packed on some muscle for his role as a businessman jolted out of a mundane life when he meets a cleaning lady in his office. But his love interest, Gabrielle Union, is not his caliber, no matter the swagger-esque glasses he dons. And don’t get us started on that sex scene when they were getting it in in front of the window….awkward.

Tyler Perry and Sharon Leal in Why Did I Get Married 1 And 2

Tyler plays a doctor who feels his wife, Sharon Leal, chose her career over their family. Their arguments seem overly acted and unbelievable, and all we want to do is see him leave her for his colleague – you know the one who remembered his birthday?

Queen Latifah and Common in Just Wright

Queen plays a physical therapist who is secretly smitten with the injured basketball player she’s working for. The pair move from good friends to a romantic item, all of which doesn’t seem to be realistic. Plus, Common’s super smooth demeanor and sex appeal is stunted by his lackluster acting skills.


Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart in all the Twilight Movies

Kristen plays Bella, an impressionable teen who can’t get enough of Edward Cullen, a pale, sparkling vampire. The breathy love scenes are sappy and overdone, despite the fact the two were a couple in real life. I think we all know Kristen’s non-acting behind was the one to drag this pair down.

Denzel Washington and Kelly Reilly in Flight

Denzel’s character, a drunken airline pilot,  took an unusual interest in recovering addict Kelly Reilly. Aside from sharing the fight in battling an addiction, there was really no reason to feel sad when she eventually left him because of his refusal to stop drinking like a fish.

Kerry Washington and Eddie Murphy in A Thousand Words

The majority of the time, Eddie can’t talk in this film, let alone try to come across as a realistic hubby to on-screen wife, Kerry Washington. She dreams of a new home and more family time, while we’re thinking she’d just up and bounce seeing as though Eddie isn’t putting her first.

Tasha Smith and Romeo in Jumping the Broom

Stella should not have gotten her groove back in this film! This is straight up cougar town. Romeo is  looking like a wee, little boy, and Tasha Smith is a cradle robber. When that weak kiss occurred between these two there was no magic involved, which makes for a lackluster on-screen love interest.

Ashley Judd and Dwayne Johnson in The Tooth Fairy

Why would they pair hottie Dwayne Johnson with pie-faced, home-country-cooking-looking Ashley Judd? Older sister, yes but not love interest. The on-screen chemistry just wasn’t there and is evident in The Rock’s cheesy grin, which he flashes throughout the majority of the film. Too bad his good looks couldn’t mask the awkwardness of this couple.

Beyoncé and Idris Elba in Obsessed

You can tell Beyoncé’s singing schedule made little wiggle room for this pair to practice until they got the chemistry right. They just go through the motions, and the love scenes are awkward and dull to watch. There’s more heat with his obsessed stalker.

Will Smith and Eva Mendez in Hitch

Foxy Eva plays the love interest of matchmaker Will Smith, but even they could not pull off the illusion of love. We could easily see them as friends, with all the mishaps that occur while they go out. Even the scene at the end, where Will attempts to win her back is downright disappointing.

Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thorton in Monster’s Ball

The frequent sex scenes Halle did with Billy Bob were, in a word, disgusting to watch. You couldn’t change the channel fast enough if you tried. It did win Halle an Oscar though. She must be very proud…

Halle Berry and Benjamin Bratt in Catwoman

Where is the heat and passion in this movie? A bunch of fake flirting doesn’t count. Aside from this being a breakthrough film where the main character of a superhero film is black, you would think pairing a gorgeous African American woman with a hot Latin guy would do the trick. Not so much.

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  • kimmdee

    MN romeo and tasha smith were never a couple

  • kimmbee

    i thought bella and edward ad great chemistry

  • NoSpark

    No chem with Queen Latifa and Common… She looks bigger than him and strong enough to snap him in half… she has the reverse TP issue cause I’ve never seen her have chem with a man.

  • Urinal Mints

    How about Tyler Perry and any woman? He is the unofficial mayor of Faglanta

  • Nek

    For one, many of these can’t act so why would there be chemistry?

  • freemon williams

    If you had any inkling of cinematic intelligence then you would know in Monster’s Ball that the sex scene between Billy Bob and Halle were supposed to be raw….because it was played more on despair and loss than anything…and just wanted some sort of gratification mostly from Halle’s character……Hence her word’s “make me feel good”…..

  • Gypsy

    A number of people in this list were not supposed to be a good couple that was what the movie/script was about the awkwardness of two people together.
    Just like Halle Berry and Billy-Bob, the script required them to be rough edges rubbing against each other with culture and race dividing them. – That was the movie, it was not a romantic movie, if you want to see a mindless romantic movie then go see a Jennifer Anderson movie.

  • kickash

    I don’t know if anyone remembers that movie Chris Rock did called “I Think I Love My Wife” but he and the woman who played his wife, Gina Torres I believe, just did not match. I know they were a couple going through things, but there wasn’t much chemistry between actors. He didn’t fit well with Kerry Washington either, who was the other love interest in the movie.

  • Devius

    Bossip, whom ever came up with this is an idiot.. Hence, Tyler P and GU was supposed to be awkward! I won’t even flip proceed any further with this. In other words, go GOSSIP about something else! This site is getting worse and worse. Just take the “G” off and call it gossip. Black people are dealing with enough already!

  • Sasha08

    Don’t agree with Edward and Bella being on the list. In the books their romance was supposed to be awkward. I also don’t agree with Will and Eva being on this list. I love their chemistry in Hitch. However, I agree with the rest. And I also think Queen Latifah and LL Cool J should have been on the list.

    • Marsha

      Although Bella and Edward romance was supposed to be awkward. Kristen such a terrible actress, she don’t ever show any emotion. Same basic face in all her movies.

  • JTerry

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at all the Tyler Perry hating, although I think it’s sad. I personally liked his chemistry with Sharon Leal in the Why Did I Get Married movies. But even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t hop on here making derogatory comments about him personally.

  • Nicky

    No Queen Latifah and LL Cool J in last Holiday.

  • enlightenment

    What about Paula Patton and Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible? That was awful. Blech.

    • Gypsy

      They weren’t a couple they were co-workers, and they had good co-workers chemistry.

  • NeaJ

    I don’t think Beyonce will ever be comfortable enough to have a good love scene with someone in a movie. She looked like she barely wanted to kiss Jamie Foxx in one of the love scenes in Dream Girls

  • Dya Gomez

    How about Regina King and Eddie Murphy in Daddy Day Care?

  • Movies

    Queen and Common were great. TP is just….TP, i cant with the long awkward pauses when he meets another male character in the movies. smh. and dont get me started with that creep smile. live for his plays though. Bey can’t convince me she’s with her actual husband for love…so she definitely can’t convince me with her poor acting in movies. I think the Romeo Tasha thing was for comedy, not to be taken seriously.. Lighten up geez. Come to think of it Will has never seemed to have had an attraction to his costars, but he’s still a great actor. And if I see Denzel with chemistry with a costar, I lowkey get jealous. Lol. That’s MY man!

  • silkynaps

    Certain actors like Will and Denzel will never have chemistry with a white woman. They exude blackness. On the other hand, Tyler will never have chemistry with a woman. Period.

    • johnaya

      Lmfao at the tyler perry shade!!! I feel the same way.

    • Gypsy

      I don’t agree with that, Will Smith and Denzel Washington don’t do romantic movies they do drama, so with drama it’s not about chemistry it’s about conflict, drama and problems.

    • Gypsy

      I don’t agree with that, Will Smith and Denzel Washington don’t do romantic movies they do drama, so with drama it’s not about chemistry it’s about conflict, drama and problems.

  • Nikia D-Shiznit

    MN is right. Tyler Perry didn’t look good with ANY of his love interests.

    The only person he would look good with is Madea.

  • Nikia D-Shiznit

    MN is right. Tyler Perry didn’t look good with ANY of his love interests.

    The only person he would look good with is Madea.

    • LOL. Wrong just wrong! LMAO!

    • Mynx

      I was thinking the same thing!

    • Dee

      But it thought in those roles the point was that the couple DIDN’T have chemistry… like they were disconnected…hmmm

      • alex


      • alex


    • Suchalady

      I came here just to say this! He has chemistry with no woman…hmmmm.

  • NegraGata

    I liked Queen Latifah and Common’s chemistry in Just Wright. I thought she had a natural chemistry with him, and it probably stemmed from their real life friendship.

    • PleaseDOBetter

      I think Just Wright was a hard movie to judge overall in terms of the acting. The script was horrible. When a movie quotes its own title (“You’re just right for me”), it is all bad.