Gone Too Soon: Actors Who Died While Filming A Movie Or TV Show

July 26, 2013  |  
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The unfortunate and untimely death of a celebrity can be a shock to the world, but when a celebrity passes away while working, it also affects their film or television project and everyone on set. Check out this list of actors who died before they could finish their last work.


Cory Monteith

On a Sunday, July 13, fans of the hit television show “Glee” woke up to the shocking news that one of its stars unexpectedly died. Thirty-one-year-old Cory Manteith was found dead in his hotel room in Vancouver from a heroin overdose. The Canadian actor had been open about his battle with drugs, having had his first rehab stint when he was just 19 and returning for treatment this past April. Monteith’s death has postponed the taping of “Glee’s” upcoming season. He was dating his co-star Lea Michelle at the time of his death.


Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger’s turn as the famed Joker in “The Dark Knight” earned him Oscar buzz well before the film hit the theaters. But things turned tragic when he was found dead in his Manhattan apartment in January 2008. He died from a prescription overdose a third of the way into the filming of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Ledger’s death cast a somber cloud over the release of the blockbuster film “The Dark Knight.” Ledger was dating girlfriend and the mother of his daughter Michelle Williams at the time of his death.

Phil Hartman

Funnyman Phil Hartman saw his star rise while on the show “Saturday Night Live.” Following that stint, the Ontario native began his role of Bill McNeil as part of the ensemble cast of the hit sitcom “News Radio.” Right before taping for the fifth season started, Hartman was shot and killed by his wife in their California home before she turned the gun on herself. Their two children were home at the time of the murder-suicide. The new season of “News Radio” opened with the characters returning from McNeil’s funeral, who died from a heart attack.

Lynne Thigpen

Lynne Thigpen may not be a household name but her face is easily recognizable as The Chief on the PBS children’s geography show “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?” Thigpen was also the cantankerous mother who was a thorn in principal Joe Clark’s side in the 1989 movie Lean On Me. The 54-year-old actress passed away suddenly from a brain hemorrhage in March 2003 while she was in the middle of taping the third season of CBS’ “The District” as police chief aide Ella Farmer. The show’s third season finale contained a tribute to her character.


John Ritter

John Ritter’s career includes work in television, film, and on Broadway but nothing was more popular than his character on “Three’s Company.” Playing the affable, skirt-chasing chef Jack Tripper, Ritter gained millions of fans with his hilarious slapstick comedy on the show. Ritter starred in the comedy “8 Simple Rules To Dating My Teenage Daughter” in 2002. However, the show was short-lived after Ritter complained of chest pains during rehearsal on September 11, 2003. He collapsed and was rushed to the hospital before dying a short time later. Ritter died six days shy of his 55th birthday.


River Phoenix

River Phoenix got his start in showbiz at a young age. By the time he was 16, he was starring in the coming of age 1986 film Stand By Me. Phoenix made the transition to more adult-oriented films but his career was tragically cut short. Phoenix died from a drug-induced heart attack on the sidewalk in front of popular hang out spot The Viper Room. The autopsy report confirmed a lethal dose of heroin and coke in his system. He was just 23-years-old and was in the middle of shooting the film Dark Blood.



R&B starlet Aaliyah started her career in the music industry as a young teenager linking up with hit-maker R. Kelly. As she got older, the Brooklyn native branched out into the field of acting. With just a few films under her belt, the “Try Again” singer was on her way back from shooting a video in the Bahamas when her single-engine plane crashed shortly after take off. At the time of her death, the 22-year-old had been shooting the film Queen of the Damned. Aaliyah was also scheduled to play the character Zee in the Matrix sequels but her part went to Nona Gaye.


Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin’s love for wild animals showed in everything he did. The fearless Australian adventurer was filming the underwater documentary Ocean’s Deadliest in September 2006 when he met an untimely death. Snorkeling near a part of the Great Barrier Reef, the Crocodile Hunter was struck in the chest by the tail of a stingray. He went into cardiac arrest in the water. Although his crew pulled him out and administered CPR, he was pronounced dead at the scene.


Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee was trying to follow in the footsteps of his martial arts father Bruce Lee by entering the film industry. Unfortunately, Brandon was like his father in another way: he, too, died young. While on the set of the 1993 film The Crow, the 28-year-old was killed in a stunt accident gone wrong. His character was supposed to be shot in one scene but the gun used during taping contained a fragment of a real bullet. Brandon was hit in the abdomen and died later at the hospital.

Redd Foxx

Redd Foxx became famous for clutching his chest and calling out to his dead television wife Elizabeth as he pretended to have a heart attack on the hit 70’s show “Sanford and Son.” In a tragic and ironic twist, the legendary comedian suffered a massive and fatal heart attack in 1991 while on the set of television show “The Royal Family,” co-starring Della Reese. He was rushed to the hospital and died later that evening. Foxx was 68 years old.


Jerry Orbach

For more than a decade, television actor Jerry Orbach played Detective Lennie Briscoe on NBC’s long-running show “Law & Order.” In 2004, he left the show to join spin-off “Law & Order: Trial By Jury” but only taped two episodes before he passed away from prostate cancer. The 69-year-old native New Yorker had 20/20 vision up until his death and wanted to give the gift of vision. His eyes were donated to two different patients and Orbach appeared in an ad campaign for the Eye Bank for Sight Restoration in Manhattan after his death.


John Candy

John Candy rose to fame starring in comedy television in his home country of Canada before making the switch to the big screen. He went on to star in numerous comedy films in the 80’s. While on location in Mexico shooting the Western parody Wagons East!, Candy died of a heart attack in his sleep. The film was dedicated in his memory. The Uncle Buck star was just 43 years old.


Larry Hagman

Larry Hagman’s claim to fame was his portrayal of the ruthless oil baron J.R. Ewing on the widely popular 80’s television series “Dallas.” More than 30 years later he would reprise his role as the villain in TNT’s continuation of “Dallas.” Hagman passed away from complications of leukemia in November of last year during the filming of the second season of the show.


David Carradine

Actor David Carradine’s long career in the film industry was overshadowed by the circumstances surrounding his 2009 death. The Kill Bill actor was on location in Bangkok, Thailand, to shoot the film “Stretch” when he was found dead in his hotel room. Speculation swirled that the 72-year-old committed suicide because he was found hanging in a closet allegedly wearing woman’s lingerie but his death was officially ruled accidental asphyxiation.


Stanley Kamel

Stanley Kamel started his acting career in 1970 on the silver screen. Since then, he’s starred in well over 100 films and television shows. He’s best known for his role as Dr. Charles Kroger on USA Network’s “Monk.” In 2008, Kamel was found dead in his Hollywood Hills, CA, home. The official cause of death was a heart attack. His character Dr. Kroger, who was Monk’s shrink, suffered the same fate in the seventh season of the show.

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  • MizMi

    Jerry Orbach. That is all.

  • Robin Vore

    Too many ads and the site is just too slow for me.

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  • edwardgore

    i didnt know phil hartman died.

  • Guest


  • Marvin Melhorn

    A very famous one was Marilyn Monroe, who died mysteriously (some say suicide, some say murder) while making SOMETHING’S GOT TO GIVE, which understandably was never completed.

  • smoothyd

    Okay…..I thought Phil Hartman killed his wife and then himself not the other way around???…..Oh well guess it really doesn’t matter cause either way two people died an unnecessary death.

  • scumby

    Gone too soon? Actors? BS

    • James

      Scumby, I’ll be perfectly honest. I’m not sure that you’re not a shill trying to make conspiratards look bad. You fit the profile so perfectly… it’s almost magic. If it’s true, then hats off, mate, you did a good a job.

      If not….

      Scumby, I will destroy you. I am being paid overtime by the Jew Overlords and we have your number now, prat. You are done. Just give up. You will never expose our false flag hoaxes.

      • scumby

        Don’t need to. GOD will wipe out you fake jews

        • James

          Holy moly, I got a response! Done declaring false flags for the day, are we?

          Btw, I’M not a Jew, fake or otherwise. I’m just being paid by them. And since God is a false flag himself, it makes sense that He’s on our side. Nice try, Scumsucker.

  • Dorel_C

    Coke is it !! for the Candy man …

  • Dorel_C

    From reading down below , I realize the problem with Amerika ….Too much TV !!
    I bet you don’t know this much stuff about your own relatives , as you know about some over paid drug users from TV !!!

  • Smecksie

    Where is Chris Farley!?!?!

  • wildcoyote

    Also missed are John-Eric Hexum who was playing with a prop gun on the set and when he pretended he was going to shoot himself in the head the concussion of the blanks caused enough damage to kill him. Vic Morrow was decapitated by a helicopter blade while making a war movie and Eric Flemming drowned while filming a movie in another country.

  • Eli

    Peter Sellers from the Pink Panther too…

  • Malanye Chantye

    Aaliyah is a native of DETROIT, NOT BROOKLYN

  • KT92

    Aaliyah also had upcoming roles, she was going to be the starring role of honey gave it to Jessica Alba due to her death, osmosis jones which brandy ended up playing the character due to Aaliyah’s death, Dream Girls as well. She was just on the big rise of her career and it was tooken away too soon. The good sweet people leaves earth so fast i know a few who should have been on that plane instead of Aaliyah 🙁

    • smoothyd

      Just the fact that you stated that you know some others that should have been on Aaliyah’s plane instead makes you sound like an idiot……death is a tragedy and whether it was her or some other actress or singer wouldn’t make it any better.

  • Allyce

    I would have preferred seeing African-American stars. I know about the others. You forgot actress Diana Sands died of cancer filming “Claudine.” That’s how Diahann Carroll got the role. Do more research or hire folks older than 25.

  • Xtaindby Xtreeme Ximplicity

    U guys seriously need to get rid of these videos that automatically play… Please.

  • alice

    I miss Chris Farley of Sat. hight live!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ritualdevice

    What about Vic Morrow and the two kids who were filming Twilight Zone and were killed during a helicopter crash. Or Jon-Erik Hexum from Voyagers! who was killed by the wadding from a blank while on set.

  • just a lurker

    …They missed so many, like Bob Crane from Hogan’s Heroes or Dan Blocker from Bonanza or Freddie Prince…..

  • Phoenix Ares

    There was also Vic Morrow who died in 1982 on the set of Twilight Zone: The Movie. He and two kids were killed during the shoot when a helicopter blade crashed on them.

  • Martel

    An oldie but a goodie: Erik Fleming, the star of “Rawhide”, remembered for making a TV star out of Clint Eastwood. Fired from the show in 1965, for questionable reasons ,that even today,it depends on whom you ask. In January 1966, he went to film TV movie in Peru.During the filming of a scene on a river, his canoe flipped,he got pulled under, and was killed, and his body wasn’t found until two or three days later.

  • KMyers

    Freddie Prinze?

  • atayl62

    Chris Farley. He was supposed to voice Shrek in the movie Shrek. Supposedly he had 80-90% of the lines recorded when he died in 1997.

  • Thomas Harrison

    Eric Fleming played the trail boss, Gil Favor, along with Clint Eastwood, who played Rowdy Yates, on Rawhide. Fleming drowned during a movie shoot in a Peruvian river in 1966.

  • RD

    I miss the days when I could scroll down to read an article. all these clicks are exhausting.

  • Dago T

    No Vic Morrow? He LITERALLY died while filming a movie – copter blade decapitated him.

    • Kenneth Lichtig

      Movie was Twilight Zone


    How could you forget John Spencer from The West Wing ?

  • Christeeeeeen

    Ugh. Jon-Erik Hexum. How on earth was he forgotten?! He died while playing with a gun loaded with blanks on the set of his own show years before Brandon Lee’s accident.

  • Barbara Lynn Glazeski

    Lynne Thigpen was also in Godspell, if I remember correctly…

  • XAV

    Can’t believe this list left out Natalie Wood’s notorious passing during the filming of Brainstorm–especially with the case having been reopened recently! And Marilyn Monroe was probably left off because her passing during the never-completed “Somethings Got To Give” is already so well known.

  • 147=spirit walker

    Strange they all died mostly of Heart attacks and or failure and play some either controveral role and or dark role.Like Michael Jackson and Elvis. COntroveral ex role and or life style beside s being gay which is not so controversal today. An investagator would conclude that some force between dark and light was fighting and these were victims of both. When you think why did god favor a son that blugoened an innocent animal the first ever killed thing over a Vegtiarian. After all werent they supposed to be Gardeners of the garden? What is dark and what is light afterall wasnt there darkness before there was light and wasnt god that darkeness also. Is Eve ning bad?

  • Richard Jorgensen

    gee first person they show is an idiot heroin user. he didn’t go to soon, but not soon enough

  • Spongeworthy_Bob

    Let’s not forget Oliver Reed, who died in a bar in Malta while filming Gladiator.

  • Zee

    David Carridine did not go out in a very elegant way………

  • smoinpour

    rip to all of these talented individuals. they were taken from this world too soon

  • Eyegore

    What about Marty Feldman? He died during the making of the abysmal “Yellowbeard”.

  • Armand

    As much as it sucks to say, but the people in the high 60s and 70s do not belong on this list. These guys pretty much lived up to the potential they were going to. There were tons of others Like Dean, Farley, Michael Clark Duncan, to name a few,who we could have gotten so much more enjoyment out of, If they were still around.

  • DearbornJimbo

    They overlooked a couple of obvious ones. Ward Bond died during season 4 of Wagon Train and Tyrone Power died during the filming of Solomon and Sheba. And then there’s Vic Morrow, who died in a helicopter accident on the set of Twilight Zone: The Movie.

  • Bill Herman

    I hate to see people who have something good going for them, people who contribute to society, people who are basically good people go under due to drugs, alcohol, etc.
    But they are a danger to society if they cannot break the habit and when they cannot or will not try then they can all OD as far as I’m concerned and at least in that way they will make the world a safer place.

  • jim23

    Freddie Prinze deserved a mention. He died while “Chico and The Man” was still airing.

  • El_Tigre_Loco

    I’m surprised Vic Morrow was left out. He was killed on set. Not all of these celebrities died while filming/acting which is the impression I had from the headline.
    RIP Vic Morrow

  • NoahFence510

    What about Vic Morrow?

  • High Altitudes

    Lynne was a great actress. She’d be a household name by now for sure if she was still with us.

  • Ben

    You forgot James Dean and Chris Farley.

  • whatstheuse

    Lynn Thigpen was also the voice of the moon on Bear In the Big Blue House

  • kpasquale55

    A little too pop-uppy , don’t ya think? I got as far as heath ledger, number 3 out of 10, retrieving him from behind a Prilosec ad, and decided to remember madame noire’s name forever … but never, never, to visit her again. Au revoir, ma Cherie.

  • Wallace Ordoyne

    I hated some of the characters that Lynne Thigpen used to play, especially the one in Stand and Deliver,but she was one heck of an actress, RIP…….

  • Wills

    Jack Soo

  • r

    u forgot VIC MORROW

  • OrthoStice

    I wonder how many people know that Lynne Thigpen, or her voice and lips anyway, was the DJ in THE WARRIORS? “Hello out there, boppers.”

  • gma1951

    Wasn’t Patrick Swazey doing a series when he became so sick with cancer and died?

  • West Winger

    Shocked by the exclusion of John Spencer.

  • Joe

    VIc Morrow is missing.

  • Eodghost

    Except David Carradine was murdered. His hands were tied behind his back and he was found in a closet, all thanks to the Thai Royal Police

    David Carradine
    David Carradine
    David Carradine
    David Carradine

  • Jazzy

    Here’s two more. Vic Morrow(starred as “Sarge” in the Combat TV series in the 1960’s, died while making the movie, “The Twilight Zone,” when a helicopter propeller blade decapitated him. Also, lets not forget Natalie Wood, who drowned(or was pushed by her husband) while making a film with Christopher Walken, “Brain Storm.”

  • Jazzy

    Here’s two more. Vic Morrow(starred as “Sarge” in the Combat TV series in the 1960’s, died while making the movie, “The Twilight Zone,” when a helicopter propeller blade decapitated him. Also, lets not forget Natalie Wood, who drowned(or was pushed by her husband) while making a film with Christopher Walken, “Brain Storm.”

  • Eric Maietta

    I was sorry to see that John Spencer, aka Leo McGarry, who died before the seventh season of West Wing was filmed. In many ways he represented the heart and souyl of West Wing.

  • HLain

    If they died from a drug overdose then I DON’T CARE. It’s not like they didn’t know the possible outcome. As for Carradine, apparently he died happy; no sympathy there either.

  • Kim

    Wanted to add that Lynne Thigpen was not only The Chief in Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (my generation… loved that show!!), but also the voice of Luna from Bear in the Big Blue House (my daughter’s generation…also loved that show!)

  • thesparky1

    1 and 2 died of toxic drug combinations, as was the case with dozens of other stars of their status. When will they learn that mixing drugs and alcohol is almost always deadly.

  • thesparky1

    1 and 2 died of toxic drug combinations, as was the case with dozens of other stars of their status. When will they learn that mixing drugs and alcohol is almost always deadly.

  • kiwana

    Sorry, but Aaliyah is native of Detroit, Mi. Please change it and give the D our baby girl back not New York. WTF. Geesh!!

  • kiwana

    Sorry, but Aaliyah is native of Detroit, Mi. Please change it and give the D our baby girl back not New York. WTF. Geesh!!

  • Montage One

    Lynne Thigpen was also the radio announcers mouth in “The Warriors”….

  • really?

    No Chris Farley?

  • Cherry Coke

    Some of these actors, especially the younger ones, who died while making demonic movies and/or were on drugs. I wouldn’t be surprised if the demons had something to do with it.

  • palerider2x

    Bet five bucks she got pee’d on by R. Kelly! More like ‘hook-ed’ up rather then ‘link-ed’ up!

  • Oregon_Longhorn

    Ever hear of a guy named James Dean? The movie Giant, the iconic movie about 1930’s through 1940’s Texas, starring Dean, Liz Taylor, Rock Hudson, Sal Mineo, Dustin Hopper, Mercedes Cambridge, Carol Baker, Earl Holliman, and Chill Wills? He was killed in a car crash returning to Hollywood after finishing filming in Marfa, TX. The rest of the Hollywood shooting required a double and an overdub by another actor.

  • Anonymous

    Madelyn Kahn. Cosby went in to reruns as soon as she passed and it never came back.

    Peter Duel – Alias Smith and Jones

  • Gary H

    How about Vic Morrow of “Combat” and “Roots” fame?

  • pdcarr

    PLEASE!!!!! get a new tech staff that know how to set up a slide show, it takes forever to go through one of your lists.

  • Anita Myers

    How about Freddie Prinze? He committed suicide while he was filming “Chico and the Man”

  • bbtrixie

    If you are ALLOWED to receive the chance of a lifetime of passing an audition, getting on a hit show & being recognized by your own fans and decide INSTEAD to be a heroine user?? I have absolutely NO sympathy for you. Good riddance.

  • Sandra Cannon

    This was about ppl who died while in the middle of shooting or during an ongoing TV series. Now you can add Lee Thompson Young to the list. So sad, loved his character on Rizzoli and Isles.

  • Elisabeth1981

    Please learn to do your research on a story before you write one it’s not that hard. Heath Ledger was not dating Michelle at the time of his death. They’d broken up the previous year and he had relationships with two other models after their breakup and before his death.

  • bushmaster

    they forgot about Robin Harris………………………………

  • John Nathan Mininger

    Strange to realize it’s been 10 years since John Ritter died. He also worked on the Clifford cartoon that my kids loved.

  • shgreen

    What about the original Oracle in the first two Matrix movies?

  • Luckybreaux

    You people forgot Vic Morrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Wesley

    no ads here just a lot of people who supposedly was good people and stood for whats right.

  • Elie

    I remember that Oliver Reed died while they were filming “Gladiator” and they had to work around his death to shoot his characters last scene.

  • vision1

    Your site is wonderful with one exception; there are too many pop-ups ad ads that makes it a distraction in reading the articles and pictures.

  • Genny Ott

    I remember her from Electric Company days younger child along with Morgan Freeman

  • LI Laura

    what about jon-erik hexum and freddie prinze???

  • Just My View

    Peter Duel, Freddie Prinze….there are others.

  • nitpicker

    2 Huge omissions; Roger Delgado Died in an automobile accident while filming “Bell of Tibet” and Vic Morrow who died along with 2 child actors while filming :Twilight Zone” movie.

  • Mountain Bird

    Rebecca Schaeffer, My Sister Sam.

  • Mountain Bird

    Richard Jordan during the filming of The Fugitive.

  • Mountain Bird

    Peter Duel, Alias Smith and Jones, early 1970’s.

  • Tanya Collis

    There’s also Kevin Smith who played Ares on Xena Warrior Princess. He died during filming on a stunt he was performing. So sad about many of these losses. I just wish people had more respect for the dead instead of talking trash about them as though they think they’re better than everybody else. We’re all going through this crap hole called life, the least we can do is treat each other with a bit of respect maybe once people stop being so freakin shallow, superficial and egotistical we might actually have a resemblance of peace on this planet.

  • Andy Whitfield from Spartacus! The Man died just as his star was starting to shine!

  • The One on TOP

    What about Raul Julia while filing Street Fighter???

  • james wills

    These people did not die while filming. At best it was after hours and on non shooting time

    • OhBoy

      They mean while filming a show or movie, not necessarily on set….

  • GBL

    You have to be an idiot to have left Vic Morrow off this list.

  • Jeremy Wessel

    What about Oliver Reed?

  • ads…..its how bloggers make money from their blogs

  • VivaSam

    Vic Morrow died in the helicopter crash scene which is shown in the Twilight Zone movie from back in the 80s.

  • MickeyP.

    Loved John Candy! A great actor and a tragic loss.

  • MickeyP.

    Don’t forget that Jerry Orbach also played a great role as Baby’s father in Dirty Dancing! I loved him in that movie.

    • Cherilyn Hannen

      why was Jerry Orbach on this list???!!!..he was old he was 69 I liked him I even got his autograph it said To Cherilyn Best Wishes Jerry Orbach

  • Peter Gilson

    You forgot Michael Conrad Hill St. Blues.

    • Rooftop Voter

      Sgt. Phil Esterhaus. “Let’s be careful out there.”

    • Rooftop Voter

      Sgt. Phil Esterhaus. “Let’s be careful out there.”

  • DanMark7094

    Natalie Wood passed away under mysterious circumstances during the production of Brainstorm in 1981. Perhaps she, too, warrants mention on this list.

    • thesparky1

      Looks like it could have been a case of murder as recently reported by the captain who saw Robert Wagoner push her in. To complicate things more, Wagoner has refused to talk to detectives today and says all investigations are over, he will provide no new information. With that, it will be up to the Lord to toss him into a lake of fire.

  • lonestarebel

    Weak! did not research… should have included dozens more.. like Henry B. Walthall who was one of the biggest and first silent film stars who then made it into the talkies with over three hundred movies to his credit , he passed away while filming the China Clipper in 1936.
    sloppy work.. shallow…

  • Trinigurl98

    What about Jon Erick Hexum? Killed when he thought a prop gun wasn’t loaded and shot himself in the head with blanks.

  • HeavyCavalrySgt

    How do you make a list like this and leave out Jon-Erik Hexum and Vic Morrow?! Pathetic.

  • KindaGoofy

    Heath Ledger wasn’t dating Michelle, he was dating Mary-Kate Olsen.

    • Diane Champion Brocker

      no he wasn’t her corporation owned the building he lived in on broome st. period

  • bite me 1001

    How about Vic Morrow, his head was dicapitated while filming Twilight Zone the movie. He was also know as Sargent Sanders in Combat.

    • Corinna Carpenter

      I’m glad you mentioned Mr. Morrow. The way he and the two children were killed is beyond horrific. I have seen the footage on YouTube and I started sobbing.

  • Pokemon Trainer Bill

    What about Chris Farley? He died while the Making of Shrek.

    • Dana Spraggs

      The first Shrek came out in 2001, Farley died in 1997, try again!

      • Yes he did

        actually he was the original voice for shrek. he had recorded voice fort the whole movie when he passé away. that’s when dreamworks started over with mike Meyers.

        • jerblaine

          how do you know that??

      • jerblaine


  • Mike11786

    Cory Montieth is a junkie. Rot in hell dirtbag. You squandered your gift and nobody should shed a tear for you

    • Junebug

      Yeah he had a drug problem and has been an addict since his childhood, but this man had family, friends and fans that loved him. Don’t act like your life is 100% prefect sir, we make mistakes and we learn from them. This man chose that path in his life but still, speaking ill of the dead is down right ignorant. As a fan of glee, I’m gonna remember him as a talented actor and singer. RIP Cory.

      • PDubs

        As a fan of Glee, you just lost any credibility you might have had.

        • jerblaine

          lol good one!! lol

    • HULK

      Well Mike
      looks like u dont have a christian bone in your body to talk ill of the dead even if u dont like them is sinful and STUPID, obviousley u are both trust me It wont be Cory burning for eternity, COUNT ON THIS IT WILL BE YOU, DIRTBAG

      • Diane Champion Brocker

        people like you give religion a bad name “obviously”

    • AddNewComment1

      I’m pretty sure Cory did not fit the usual stereotype of what you call a “junkie”…. here is a young man that worked his way into stardom which is no small task in tinsel town. Using drugs is not a moral issue….it is most likely the result of a person that is self medicating. He may have had access to the best care available but everyone gets there when they are ready. Look at Robert Downey, he struggled for years before he was able to walk away from the monkey on his back… what a super talent that many are glad was able to make it to the other side as he has done some pretty incredible work. Cory was also a person who brought joy to many people. Yes his demons got the best of him but who are you to throw a stone? We are all imperfect creatures which makes your behavior a little pointless. I’m sure there are things that you have done in your life that could be ridiculed under the spotlight. Why not keep your ugliness to yourself….let the ones who adored him continue to reach out to others as they pay respect to someone that brought joy to many.

  • Darkadvocate

    No Andy Whitfield from Spartacus? Also, how can you leave James Gandolfini off?

  • Sin-derella

    This was a really dumb article. Some of these people where old as hell, Red Foxx, David Carradine, Larry Hagman, all old mickey fickeys. What about Michelle Williams who used to play Malcolm Jamal Warner’s girlfriend on the Cosby Show. Merlin Santana who played Romeo on the Steve Harvey Show? Or maybe Tupac, Biggie and Jam Master J, Heavy D, Old Dirty Bastard. Now they were too young to die, not these old a$$ farts in this article.

    • IllyPhilly


    • It’s Michelle Thomas, not Michelle Williams.

    • well

      then do it “better” up to your standards.

    • phat504

      There actually was an article written about them… It was titled “Gone Too Soon…” i forget the rest of the title

    • Daniel

      *sigh* so much is wrong here…
      1. 66 is not that old an age to die, and if you think so, a heart attack isn’t exactly the way you plan on going out
      2. The article clearly mentions “actors”; half of the people you list don’t qualify for the list.
      3. The article is also about people who died while in the process of filming a movie/series. Again, you missed the point of the article.
      4. As someone else mentions, the “omitted” deaths are listed in other articles.

      I dislike it when people go on a misinformed rant…

    • Cherilyn Hannen

      yea why were Redd Foxx Jerry Orbach and Larry Hagman on this list they were old it was their time to go I don’t get it and it was Michelle Thomas not Michelle Williams who was Malcolm-Jamal Warner’s girlfriend on The Cosby Show

      • Diane Champion Brocker

        their time to go? who are you? God?

        • Lost Soul

          I’m a year late, but thank you.

    • jer

      you must be black! lol

      • SIN-derella

        You must be an irrelevant D!ck annoying me with a stupid question jer lol!

  • Kit23

    I was lucky enough to meet Lynn Thigpen and Jerry Orbach and they were so incredibly sweet. RIP to two NY Broadway actors.

    • nurissa1

      Lynn Thigpen also played as Nell Carter’s sister on the hit show “Gimme A Break.” She was an extremely talented actress and underrated imo…

      • Elie

        Way underrated. She had a recurring role in LA Law, 10-12 episodes. Never gave a bad performance.

        • ohsnap

          The episode on The District where they ‘said goodbye’ is one of the most heartbreaking episodes I have ever seen. I’ve seen several TV goodbyes…none this affecting or as well done.

    • thesparky1

      “Oh bless the Lord my soul” will always be her swan song. Its relevant today and will be forever. She made the show great.

  • alex

    the two sisters from Poltergeist also died too…

  • Phil Hartman was also the voice of Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure on the Simpsons.

  • Rest in Peace to everyone…whoever wrote this article omitted important information or got some things wrong altogether…please try again

  • MsWright

    What about Robin Harris? I thought he died during the making/production of BeBe’s kids. Not 100% sure though.

    • He did and Faizon Love replaced him. He was doing House Party too

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Include the WWF wrestler Owen Hart died when a stunt went TERRIBLY wrong n fans were p1ss3d at Vince McMahon when he continued with the PPV event.

    • I was watching that too. I LOVED wrestling when I was kid…most of us watching thought he would be okay and was going to the hospital to get medical care

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    Correction: Heath and Michelle broke up months before he died and was not living together, and Steve Irwin died in 2006, not 2004. Plus I wish Aaliyah and Redd Foxx was still here,

    • debra

      I wish Aaliyah and Redd Foxx were still with us too, I also wish that Brandon Lee was still with us, actually I wish most of them were still with us. I took Aaliyah’s death hard and I took Brandon Lee’s death hard because they were both so young. Brandon was the son of the legendary Bruce Lee, who I idolized and to see his sons star begin to rise, in a way it was like seeing Bruce Lee continue his life. And then to see his life cut short too was a double blow, like seeing Bruce Lee die all over again. Redd Foxx, what can I say but I love you and your talent so much and I love seeing you in Sanford and Son, one of my favorite shows of all time.

  • Maranda

    It’s kind of eerie I just had an awful thought today when people said Ciara was in Bahamas. My heart skipped a beat and now I see Aaliyah pic and I’m like damn. Remember Ciara just release a self title album and Aaliyah did the same. Aaliyah goes to Bahamas to shoot video and Ciara is rumoured to be there to shoot Where You Go with Future. That’s how far I’m going to go

  • MzMaryPie2U

    I thought Heath and Michelle had broke up and that’s why he was on the antidepressants that aided in his overdose and untimely death

    • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

      They did break up.

    • Diane Champion Brocker

      It was about matilda rose not michelle

      • MzMaryPie2U

        Matilda Rose is Heath and Michelle`s daughter

        • Diane Champion Brocker

          golly gee ya think??!! He was depressed about not seeing matilda rose, not about michelle. She ( matilda rose) was in Sweden with michelle at the time. He missed matilda rose and was afraid of losing her.

    • davina

      He was using sleeping medicine and accidently overdosed on it, which was in the coroner’s report. He wasn’t dating Michelle; he was dating one of the Olson girls from Full House and she was the one who found him dead. Such horrible reporting.

  • Yamini

    The little girl who played Carol Ann in Poltergeist passed away during the making of the movie as well.

    • alex

      and also the sister

    • thesparky1

      I got to meet Heather Oroark. Such a darling. I was working at a Hilton where, “Surviving, A family in Tragedy” was filmed. The entire cast and crew except Molly Ringwald stayed there. She insisted on a luxury suite at the Waterford. Heather liked to pass her idle time with board games and cards. On a long day of shooting, she came in the front door with her tail dragging. She was a sweetheart and it was sad seeing her passing so young.

      • NoahFence510

        Sometimes know as ” O’Rourke”…not Oroark.

    • Phred

      Tthat would be incorrect. Neither of them dies while filiming Poltergeist

      • LlarryLLama

        Yes..this web page is about actors who died while filming..duh!

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