Leaky Boobs, Overdue Apologies & Proposals: 10 Memorable Moments From LHHATL

July 23, 2013  |  
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We have much to talk about with this one. So we won’t bore you with an long introduction. But I will say that things got real last night. And unless the cast of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” are really Oscar-worthy actors in disguise, I’m inclined to believe the issues present in this episode really hit home for some of them.

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Joseline’s Video 

At the top of the episode Joseline meets with Stevie to discuss some business. I know I wasn’t the only one who noticed the look of terror in his eyes when she sat down and opened up that purse. Homeboy knows that she’s trying to lock him down. But it wasn’t about the ring just yet. She pulls out a wad of cash and a plane ticket to Puerto Rico. I guess Joseline’s stripper ways die hard because she and Stevie always seem to operate in cash.

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Stevie and Mimi 

No sooner than Joseline hands over the money, Stevie calls Mimi to meet up for drinks. He hands her this tacky-looking bag with a wad of cash inside. It doesn’t take a rock scientist to realize it’s the same stack of money Joseline gave him to shoot her video. In his confessional Stevie says outright that Joseline’s video is not going to cost that much. But instead of returning that money to his Puerto Rican Princess, he gives it to his baby mama as bribe money for whatever type of sexual favor he’s requesting that week. Low.Down. What’s equally discouraging is that Mimi and Erica just had a conversation about what it means when they accept money from the fathers of their children. But did it stop her from collecting? Naw.

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Mimi’s Boob Job

And with Joseline’s money Mimi says she’s going to get her boobs done. She said it was something Stevie couldn’t take back from her. Interesting. You cover up the tattoo but you’ll put the boobs he paid for inside your body? Whatever’s clever. I was shocked, pleasantly, to hear that she had been breastfeeding Eva for three years. I know some of us are sooo not down with that but I have to commend Mimi for being dedicated to her child for so long. I think it’s admirable. And since she’s been nursing, her boobs ain’t what they once were. She wants them lifted. And Mimi asserts several times that she’s not doing this for a man or for her self esteem but for herself. Aight, do you boo boo.

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Scrappy Goes To Jail Rehab

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but there’s something about Lil Scrappy I like. I think it’s the fact that whenever he talks about Emani you see glimpses of the man he’s trying to be, the man he’s supposed to be. If only he would stop acting like such a little boy! Anyway, since I root for Scrappy, I was happy to see that he was going to rehab for weed addiction(side eye) instead of jail. Hopefully, he’ll remember what that counselor told him and think about having to leave his daughter the next time he thinks about lighting up.

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Scrappy and Erica

Erica loves to front like she’s not going to be there for Scrappy when she knows good and well as soon as the phone rings, she’s there. The two met up at a park before he’s supposed to go away. During their conversation Scrappy says he hates that Erica looks at him the way she does. Which struck me as being pretty profound– but like I said I was #TeamScrappy last night. Then he apologizes for being a “bad seed” in her life  and for the way he’s allowed his mother to disrespect her. Immediately, Erica breaks down saying that she had been waiting for that apology for nearly ten years. The fact that it meant to much to her means she clearly has some unresolved feelings. And right when she’s open, Scrappy asks her to consider marrying him again while he does his 30 day stint in rehab. No definitive answer from Erica this episode but bet money these two will be back together by the end of the season.

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Kirk and Rasheeda

Before we go any further, can we please talk about the flawlessness of Rasheeda’s makeup in this clip?! She is too cute. And Kirk is a fool. He comes traipsing his sorry self into the kitchen to explain how, now after he’s had his fun, he wants his wife and family back. Rasheeda has been on the internets lately and sees evidence of Kirk taking pictures with women, including one in which she says the woman’s hand is on his d!ck. Ugh. But what’s even worse is that Kirk rationalizes the pictures saying with Benzino and Bobby V being there he succumbed to peer pressure. And Rasheeda hit him with the best line of the episode: “So you got peer pressure with your grown A$$?” I had to pause the show just so I could get all my laughs out.

But things got real when she started talking about separation. To which Kirk responds, in the confessional, saying “I ain’t do nothing too bad.” and “Learn how to love your fawking husband like you supposed to…” Do we even have to dissect the blend of hypocrisy and idiocy in that statement? No, let’s not. I’m so over Kirk.

And even though Rasheeda is talking separation and divorce, she’s clearly leaving the door open for him to return. She tells him to show that he wants his family and marriage and she even admits that she wants her friend back. I know Kirk and Rasheeda’s story line might be staged but I also think it accurately portrays what happens when infidelity shows up in a marriage. Not only do you lose the trust you had, you can temporarily lose a partner and a friend too.

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Joseline Breaks Down in Puerto Rico 

Like Stevie, I thought Joseline would be elated to return to Puerto Rico to shoot her first video. It would seem that her life had come full circle. But that wasn’t the case. Instead of celebrating how far she’d come, Joseline started reflecting on all the problems from her past. And we all knew Joseline had a rough life but I had no idea it went this deep. When she’s sitting down talking to Stevie she starts listing all the things that have happened to her and it’s appalling. She didn’t have shoes to wear in the street so her mother had to often remove needles from her feet. Her father died of an overdose. Her mother was on drugs. She doesn’t know her grandmother and feels like she doesn’t have any family. And then she said she wishes she would have never gotten raped. Lord Jesus that’s a lot for one person to carry.

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We Hear Stevie Tell Joseline He Loves Her

Until Joseline starts explaining what all she’s going through, Stevie is just pushing her to keep working, not realizing how being back in Puerto Rico is tormenting her. When Joseline says she doesn’t have anybody, he jumps in and says he’s her family, that he’s always there for her. And then for the first time that we’ve seen he tells her he loves her. The way in which he said it and the context behind it made it seem like more of a familial love. I can’t shake the feeling that Joseline’s love for Stevie is a classic example of Stockholm Syndrome, where someone falls in love with their captor mixed with “Rescue Romance.”  Joseline is bound to Stevie contractually and emotionally even though he consistently tramples all over her feelings. And since she’s been through so much she clings to him because she believes, and he plays on the idea, that he saved her. It’s all very sick.

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Karlie Redd’s Breast is Leaking

Just when you think Karlie Redd’s story line is finished, she pops back up again. This time she comes to Benzino at a hookah bar. He just so happens to be watching his video starring a Joseline look-a-like called “Smashed Da Homie.”  You can tell Karlie wants to go off about this but she’s on a mission today so she has to keep it cute. Nothing could have prepared me for the question she was about to ask him. She goes into this sob story about how her breast is leaking and when Benzino asks what he can do to help, she says he could support her…financially. Straight.Comedy. Benzino says that he’ll give it to her but that means she’s going to have to “be nice” to him. I guess that means they’ll be sleeping together again.

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The Proposal 

There was that nervous look again. Joseline sat Stevie down and told him she wanted everything…forever. To which he responded, “You ain’t never said forever so much to me in my life.” And even though I wouldn’t have taken this as a sign to proceed, Joseline popped out that ring anyway and bent all kind of gender roles by asking Stevie to marry her. We didn’t see his response, just him take a swig of his champagne.

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  • J Mc

    If there is a hell I’m pretty sure Stevie has a reservation! Now I understand why Joseline is so stupid when it comes to stevie j, because he is using the fact that family wise joseline truely has no one just so he can make some money. Just disgusting

  • clove8canela

    I support Rasheeda in trying to salvage her marriage, but Kirk truly disgusts me & I couldn’t believe my ears when he said that Rasheeda had no money?! What is it that he’s doing to bring in the income other than be ratchet on tv & collect 20% of whatever it is Rasheeda does?

    Also, despite his actions, I really like Scrappy too & I want him to win but he needs to stop using Erica. I think he wants to be more into her, because he probably realizes she’s a good woman & perhaps a good mother to their child, but his heart is just not in it, and in turn his actions reflect that. He left her for Diamond & she took him back after he got dumped. And then there was Shay, who was obviously just a jump off, but there was Erica, right there to take him back again. After all this time she should be tired of this roller coaster & just cut her losses already.

  • Marsha

    All Joseline looking for is for someone to love her.

  • GirlSixx

    Soooo, once again Scrappy is down n out about to do some rehab and single — no prospects and he now wants his FALL BACK / COMFORT GIRL.. Erica… *smdh*

    Joseline is really in pain, last nite explained the reason why she acts the way she does, she’s been through alot all before hitting 18years old …. Stevie J has no plans on marrying Joseline (unless she gets a major record deal)- but he really needs to be honest with her and stop playing with her emotions, she is obviously hurting..

    I always said Kirk and Rasheeda were not breaking up – Lake house groupies or not!!– they are in it to win it, Kirk wasn’t even convincing enough.. *smh*

  • Ms. Kameria

    I want the tea on what exactly Karlie Red had to do to get her tits fixed. You know Benzino didn’t just GIVE her the money to get them repaired…….

    • GirlSixx

      Exactly!!! Benzino doesn’t strike me as the SIMP type — he must be still enjoying them boobs and lopsided booty lumps for her to even feel she could come ask him for that. OR then again it could be her storyline for airtime, because that was the only time she was on there..

  • Dee

    Most memorable for me was Joseline breaking down when old childhood memories came rushing back. I felt bad for her and believe she is truly hurting inside from her past. Stevie shouldn’t play with her mind and her emotions. He needs to either really love her and be committed or leave her alone. Seems she’s had a horrible past and issues of abandonment and she NEEDS someone to love her for real. If it’s not real Stevie, leave her alone. Yeah, she’ll curse him out & bounce for a while, but I think she really loves him and wants him to love her in return. He needs to stop playing with her like that. She’s been through enough. … And yes, I’m surprised I’m saying this but that scene really got to me. It was raw and sad.

    • Na Na

      Me too girl! There always a reason behind the ratchett and i really felt for her in that scene.

    • No what she needs is intense psycho therapy. He is just another toxic relationship. Like Lauryn Hill said:

      “How you gonna win when you ain’t right within?”

    • Justsaying

      Why do some of you all keep assuming that he is playing with her? Just because he doesn’t want to be “tied down”. One person’s definition of love isn’t the same as the next. He may genuinely love her in the best way that he is able to love her. If she is OK with it, that’s all that matters.

  • nick

    That peer pressure line made me cackle! Grown man with more than enough kids succumbed to peer pressure…idk how rasheeda kept a straight face lol. And Mimi stay talking about how she’s an independent woman and how she has her own business but she’s still accepting money from stevie knowing that it comes with a milliin and one strings smdh…where is her dignity?!

    • Mara Bella

      I think Mimi’s line of thinking was breast implants are non-refundable so Stevie can’t ask for it back. I really hope she’s done for good when it comes to him. If not for herself, then to set an example for her daughter.

      • Marsha

        Mimi would never be done with Stevie. She is using the excuse that he is her child’s father. But whenever they meet up, Stevie asking for sexual favors and Mimi laughing.