Beyonce Gives New Meaning To Getting Snatched After Her Hair Gets Stuck In Stage Fan

July 23, 2013  |  


Oh shoot. According to TMZ , during a performance last night, Beyonce’s hair got caught up in a stage fan. Yes, caught up in there. The songstress sat at the edge of the stage, apparently too close to the equipment and her tresses became so tangled in the fan that two or three of  the stage crew hands had to rush to her aid.

Ever the unbreakable performer, Mrs. Carter sang straight through “Halo” without missing a single beat. Fans cheered and, amazingly, the show went on. Later, Bey was even able to laugh about it. The singer posted the above photo for her fans, poking fun at the situation and joking that she, “got snatched.”

We love a celeb who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and who can still deliver a dope performance while their head is under attack!

This isn’t the first time Beyonce has given life to the phrase, “The show must go on.” She has fallen onstage and been fondled by fanatics and still kept it moving. Gotta love it that tenacity. Kudos, Bey. Check out the clip of her “getting snatched” below.

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  • Kenedy

    So umm… this the first time she’s admitting she actually wears weaves? Cause I doubt she’s ever admitted it, at least not in a forward way like that note

    • Kenedy

      What’s up with the dislike? Its just a question….jeez….stans

      • ..

        Nah….it wasn’t stans. Your poor attempt at shade received an equally poor response.

        • Kenedy

          Ok stan, whatever you say stan

    • Carter

      Disclaimer: I’m not a Beyonce fan. But did she ever deny wearing weaves in the first place? I guess I always assumed everyone knew she wore weaves. I’ve never heard of a celebrity having to admit that.

  • OhNo

    Is it suppose to be read to the tune of ‘Halo’? Cuz at first I had a really ratchet voice in my head read it.

  • DressSox~n~draws

    I saw her show in Nashville and the curtain that she uses didn’t roll up properly during one of her sets. She was performing and the stage crew was trying to get it to go up. She just kept it moving like 3 other huge guys in black weren’t even on stage struggling. They weren’t in her way but she didn’t even seem distracted. I thought that was admirable. I guess you know there’s nothing you can do, people paid to see you, & you’re tired anyway lol.

  • CC

    Good job Bey!!! That’s one of the things I like about her. Something can go wrong and she continues on as if it never happened and even laugh about it. It shows she’s a dedicated, humble, hard-working human being with grace and class. A lot of people like to point out her imperfections but that’s part of being human and she openly expresses she’s just like any other woman. Thumbs up Bey!!!

  • AH

    A true artist at work. Love ya!

  • Mixycurly

    Too cute! She’s always on point stop hating!

  • Howlovely

    Damn she’s committed because she’s still singing perfectly throughout it all lol. Gotta give it to Bey, she takes her performances seriously

  • pretty1908

    it irks me that her hair looks so dry and matted sometimes…. she makes too much money for a botched weave..maybe its because she performs so hard so she sweats it out.

    • Nope

      Yeah, it’s because she actually exercises/sweats.

      • Stans

        Ya know im certain she doesn’t hit the stage fresh out the gym. Lol the things people say.

        • Dee

          tee hee hee. wot day gwan say nah? I. CAN. NOT. with that hive. Help me. LOL Sigh…….

          • Serenity

            YESSS! They be going in on completely nothing. Now we all know her hair been dry since No, No, No.

      • pretty1908

        i do too honey, three times a week … and my weave never looks like that … i love her but she needs a deep condition

    • Serenity

      Yes it really looks bad at times and I work out, have two kids and am active as well, with boat loads less of money. I guess she likes the dry look.

    • ..

      sometimes I wonder if that’s all you Black women care about. Seriously.

      You could have not a cent to your name but as long as your hair is “laaiiiiid”, all is well in the world.

      Go get some values.

      • Serenity

        ASSumptions honey. Am I black? Do I really give f*&%K? Am I valueless? All this from a girl screen named PRETTY, Chile please.

        • ..

          lmao it’s funny cause….the reply wasn’t even to you if you actually look.

        • Trollolol

          The nerve of someone to think a person discussing Black hair on a Black woman’s website is Black. So presumptuous.