D. Wade Reaches Settlement With Siohvaughn So She Can “Continue To Live A Wonderful Lifestyle For The Rest Of Her Life”

July 22, 2013 ‐ By
Nikki Nelson / WENN

Nikki Nelson / WENN

After filing a million-dollar lawsuitsitting on a street corner with a sign, and accusing her ex-husband of keeping her kids from her, Dwyane Wade and Siohvaughn Funches have finally reached a settlement — a financial settlement that is.

Despite claiming she wasn’t begging on the street corner for money, but rather her rights as a mother, it seems money was ultimately enough to shut the former basketball wife up, according to a statement just released from Dwyane Wade’s attorney Jim Pritikin, which states:

“Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches have reached a financial settlement. The agreement was submitted in court last Tuesday, July 16 prior to Ms. Funches’ recent unfounded and erratic public display outside the courthouse this past Friday. Dwyane Wade has made several requests over the years to settle this matter, despite Ms. Funches having 16 different attorneys and 2 arrests throughout this process.  Mr. Wade has provided a very generous settlement to Ms. Funches to continue to live a wonderful lifestyle for the rest of her life.

Despite false allegations by Ms. Funches claiming to be “homeless” and “destitute,” Dwyane Wade has maintained over the years financial support to his ex-wife by providing her with income over $25,000 on a monthly basis,timely paid for her home mortgage, maintenance and security at the house, 4 cars, insurance, taxes and all of her attorney fees throughout this process. Ms. Funches has made a mockery of homelessness which is a serious and personal issue for Mr. Wade as his mother was homeless for a period of time when he was a child.

Dwyane Wade was awarded sole custody of their sons by the court in 2011. The safety and wellbeing of his children are his main priority. Due to Ms. Funches’ current unstable mental state, her visitation will be determined by the court. Mr. Wade continues to hope that one day he will have a civil relationship with his ex-wife for the sake of their sons.”

Is there anything else to say? Siohvaughn has essentially been raking in $300,000 a year to take care of no one but herself, considering D. Wade has custody of their sons, and now she will be afforded even more. Unfortunately, based on her recent behavior, I’d argue money isn’t what Siohvaughn really needs. I’d be happy to see mental health care and counseling in her future so she can accept her reality as an ex-wife of an NBA baller and make steps to become the kind of mother her sons can feel safe around– and see regularly.

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  • guest

    It is time for this young lady to move forward. When I actually saw her sitting out there I almost fell to the ground for her. It was embarrassing to see a healthy full grown woman sitting on the ground,trying to make her case. The truth be told the day it was settled she tried to fire her attorney and the judge told her she could but the case will move forward as scheduled so the case was settled. It is obvious this woman antics has proven she only wants to hurt him. I don’t care who he is seeing and what he does with his life it is his life you only get one so you move on or loose out . I truly believe the kids are better off being with their dad at this point they need stability and she is not capable to deliver. May she find some peace and happiness,because the only one she is truley hurting is herself.

    PS. She may have gotten additional funds but she still won’t be happy and she will continue to grace this earth with a hard heart.

  • Ms. D

    She has not moved on…that’s why she’s acting so erratically. The moment she moves on, realizing that D. Wade will no longer come back to her, she’ll be ok. Until then, he could be giving her 1 million dollars a year, and she still wouldn’t be happy. That divorce took a toll on her personal well-being. She would definitely benefit from a psychiatrist who could assure her that moving on is ok.

  • MissRealuminatti

    If every woman that got done wrong by a man received loads of money, there would be a lot of rich women and broke men walking around.

  • VVV

    I wouldn’t take his lawyer’s statement as fact. Neither of them seem to be truthful me.

  • 1 Mother 2 the Next

    Just because y’all getting the short end of the stick doesn’t make it right! I hope for the sake of your kids and to take a little stress off of you your sp*rm donors as you put it step up. No one deserves to raise a child alone….even if you look fabulous doing it!

  • 1Val

    These 2 fools! She enjoys acting a fool over this man. His ego gets stroke because ex can’t or won’t leave him alone. Wade doesn’t care about the money she gets from him. Funches doesn’t care about their children. I wouldn’t be surprised if those dysfunctional exes reunite. Just a damn mess!

  • KeepingItReal

    What level of crazy do you have that contributed to the madness described above? I rarely believe stories like this are one-sided.

    • MissRealuminatti

      Live longer and you will find that some people are just crazy and no matter what you do to make them happy they just can’t be please

    • Ilka Missb

      LOL, my contribution was getting together with someone who has always been mentally unstable and not seeing the signs on time. But you don’t have to believe me tho. I’m alright with that. ;)

  • White

    D. Wade went to Marquette on Basketball, how do you think she got there for free. Everybody was helping each other out.

  • Tiffany Shaw

    And for all those who say it isn’t about money.. Watch how quick her foolish shenanigans stop as soon as she gets this money.. Ole gold digging behind. This was never about her kids smh

  • ItsRoni

    He should not have caved! That no job having
    heffa was receiving $300,000 a year for what? For breathing? He has the
    children because she’s obviously unstable. He shouldn’t be supporting
    her anymore. It’s time for her to get like regular folk and GET A DAMN
    JOB with her useless a**!

    • guess who

      Yes I see you ARE NOT THAT PROVERBS 31 WOMAN THAT KNOWS, BELIEVES AND UNDERSTAND WHAT MARRIAGE IS AND ALL THAT A WOMAN SACRIFICES DURING IT! She is getting a juris doctorate! Law school is a job! She has a right to educate herself! She also has a right to ANYTHING HER HEXHUSBAND MAKES, GET OVER IT! Guess who

      • Laine

        Girl please, what the hell was she trying to accomplish by sitting on the pavement!??? By talking to the media, to us? We’re not the judge handling her case?? It was not a good look at all, and it only further hurt her chances with her children. It’s ridiculous! I hope that now that she has settled, she just disappears, and indeed focuses on her degree. She didn’t even spell children right, so indeed she needs all the education she can get!!!

        • Tiffany Shaw

          EXACTLY… Anyone saying she is ENTITLED to her EX husbands wealth is clearly insane. They had a pre-nup.. She cheated.. And HE still gave her 30k a month.. The fact that she was out here acting a plum fool to get more money is a clear indicator of how low she really is. She’s money grubbing and truthfully she doesn’t deserve a dime.

          • Chile Please

            Tiffany Shaw I have to say that A) you are really Gabby Union or B) You know Siovaguhn and D. Wade personally or C) You’re about as nutty as you claim the ex-wife to be for being so emotionally vested in people you’ve never met.

            • guest

              Ok?! I was wondering the same thing about guest360 as well. She seems to have more comments on the situation, virtually all negative towards Siovaughn. What proof does Tiffany Shaw have that the ex-wife supposedly cheated? Maybe she was there. Please.

              • Guest360

                Honey the same can be said for you. You act as if being divorced gives every woman a full right to show tail in public. I must be talking to Siohvaughn with how much youre defending an obviously batty individual. Have several seats. Its not wise to be so crazed boo. Get it together

                • guest

                  I will have several seats when you do. You should know about crazed since you kept calling her crazy as though you are a medical expert and commented on “supposed” facts you know nothing about, so honey the same can be said about you!

    • monalisa15

      Do you understand what marriage is. Evidently not. This is how it works. She is entitled to his wealth.

  • Charisma

    Why is it that every time a black woman has been hurt and eventually acts out she is called “crazy” and in need of “mental help” ? This woman has been broken and embarrassed in public. Regardless of what faults she had, is she not human? Is she not allowed to hurt? people need to stop telling others how to feel because you are not in their shoes.

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  • Junior Thomas

    Let see if she ask for her sons after this big pay check then we will know where her head is really at.

  • FromUR2UB

    She has 4 cars? Right now? One for each direction, I suppose.

    • monalisa15

      I don’t think people realize how deep marriage is. So many black folks don’t get married so they have no idea. How Dwayne ended their marriage was really devastating and would be painful for any woman. Being a living girlfriend of a baby mama is nothing compared to a marriage. It’s not right to judge this woman because nobody knows her pain.

      • Guest360

        No one is judging her pain. Its her actions thats the issue when she’s doing nothing more than making a spectacle of herself. You’ve got kids and you’re out here clowning around for money? Really? Were his endorsement deals that important for you to show your tail? Now you’ve got vids and pics floating around for everyone to see. What about your kids? How do you explain to them why mommy was outside badmouthing and trashing daddy? Be hurt. Be angry. But its far time you get it together if not for yourself then for your children

        • guest

          How do you explain to them why mommy was outside badmouthing and trashing daddy? The same you explain how you left their mother for a B list actress who wasn’t even around when you were a nobody, that’s how. Are we to believe that Gabrielle Union doesn’t trash Siovaughn? We’ve all read her twitter feeds. The fact that she doesn’t call his ex-wife by name means nothing. As a side note, why are you so seemingly vested in trashing this woman? When you have walked miles in her shoes, then you can offer your amateur psychology views on her state of mind. As for his endorsement deals, you don’t now what srt of agreement he may have had with her since you were not part of their marriage. Good for her that she got what she deserves whether you like it or not! None of your business…period!

      • Blackhawk

        stop the dramatics.. because if D Wade wasn’t a NBA baller and just some guy.. u and a lot other women would be saying girl ur too beautiful u for him.. find u somebody better.. move on ur too good for him. people get divorced everyday Wade don’t owe this woman anything other than be a good father to his kids.. which he is doing

        • monalisa15

          But she was with him before he was a NBA player. She and her family took him in when he had nothing.. She did not marry him when had money. This is why there is no black family. The attitude so many black people have about family and marriage is why the black community is in shambles. When you get married everything becomes joint. Married people do owe each other. That’s how it works. Legally and morally. That’s why every other race are united as a people except for black folks. So many are clueless about family.

          • Laine

            So what if she married him before the fame??? Are you saying that she deserves money for that, some kind of reward? That’s ridiculous ! And she may have taken him in when he had nothing, but that should have been done unconditionally! You help people who are down on their luck, without expecting something in return!

            • guest

              And most decent people who are helped are grateful and don’t spit at the folks who helped them. In fact, they REMEMBER who had their back and repay their kindness regardless. It’s ridiculous of you to say that he doesn’t owe her anything. He DOES! She is the mother of his children. Do you you understnad that? Sons side with their mothers. I guarantee if those boys were older, they would want nothing to do with DWade over the way he has treated their mother. The fact of the matter is you don’t know all the facts regarding their marriage or any agreements they may have had, but yet your criticism of the situation seems to be all directd at his ex-wife.

              • Laine

                I’m just saying that she does not deserve a reward of some kind because she decided to marry someone who wasn’t famous (at the time). That’s ridiculous. And hee, if he cheated on her (which he probably did) that makes him a loser! But how did he “spit” on her after the separation? In fact, she was constantly the one with all these claims. Then she claimed that he refused to give one of the children asthma medicine, then she basically “kidnapped” the children. I mean, now she is the one behaving very irrational! Sitting on the pavement does not help her get her kids back whatsoever. She needs to get her life together! If it really was about the children as she claims, she wouldn’t be doing this, because this does not help getting her kids back at all! I may not know all the facts, but neither do you!

                • Blackhawk

                  some of these women will not be happy unless he dumps gabby and take his ex wife back.. which will never happen or if they thought she could get another man just as rich and famous as D Wade. She really needs to get herself together and move on

                  • guest

                    It’s not about Gabby. No one cares about her. She is not the mother of those kids and is a non-factor in this discussion. As the co-signor of his cheating on the mother of his kids, she will be dealt with through Karma. Let him lose all his money and contract and see how quickly Gabby disapppears.

          • Tiffany Shaw

            Her family took him in and then she tried to rape him for every dime he has.. Don’t make excuses for this shady heifer. She was cheating on him with a trainer and running around spending Wades money to finance her little affair. When Wade left she still had custody of the children but due to her courtroom antics and behavior outside the courtroom a judge decided it was in the best interest of the children to be with their Daddy. The times she has seen the children the police had to be called to return them because she refused. All in all she is a trashy hot mess and doesn’t deserve a bit of sympathy or a dime more than the 30K she was already receiving. I bet now that she has hit the jackpot all her shenanigans will cease.

  • LadyChi

    So it took her doing that for a settlement to be reached.I really dont believe he was paying her that money on time. I believe when she say he would stop payment on the checks he wrote. Lets see if Mr.Wade sticks to this agreement.

  • monalisa15

    As unstable as it may seem she is the public does not know the whole story. Wade knows deep down inside he really dogged her. That’s why he settled. If he could have gotten a way with giving her less he probably would. But he know he and his lawyers were playing games. It’s not easy for people to just to move and get over deep pain. This woman was there with him from the beginning when he had nothing. Wade knows he owes her so much more than he has been giving her. People need to stop comparing their income and lives to theirs. They were millionaires. It was a marriage. She is not just his baby mama. She is legally entitled to his wealth. It’s not our place to judge.

    • aaminahs mom

      And you know this! Read my earlier post living in a dorm @ Marquette( A Catholic University) with 1 baby and 1 on the way when he went pro and quit college it was all over the news here in Milwaukee.
      @monalisa you got the right link!!!!

    • KeEkeY

      “Wade knows deep down inside he really dogged her”…that very same thought crossed my mind. I don’t claim to know the details of their relationship or lack thereof but I asked myself why on earth would he settle especially since he has full custody. I can see him giving her some money to wet her pallet but $25k a month is a bit much. All I do know is everyone involved needs to help themselves so they can help the children. In the end it all boils down to their health and well being. SMH!

  • lazy2010

    25,000 a month? There are people who can’t even make that in a year or even 2 years. She needs to get some therapy and move to the Caribbean and chillout. That money would go far on one of the islands. She needs to let him go

  • guesswho

    Also, let me help this of you simple minded folk out there that are naive to how big ballers play ball, let’s take a look at USHER RAYMOND AND TAMEKA FOSTER’S CASE! Wade was stopping payment on the checks, Sio had been complaining of such and her last resort was to go out on thatstreet because Wade pimped his attorney and accountants or vice versa, they was fooling HIM to stall HER! They didn’t think she would be smart enough to show a stopped payment check in an interview. Furthermore, what is the best way for Wade or a hard core negotiator to get what theywant? Stall the plaintiff out! He has more money to play with so she was getting stalled out! The problem is when she went out there to the streets gaining national attention, Waides attorneys had to explain to the judge what the hell she was out there for and so because they knew the judge would ask for proof of all alimony and settlement payments (cleared through the banks) she would win in all complaints. They _HAD TO SETTLE TO SHUT HER UP! AND he better stop gaming her with her visitations because he actually was in contempt of court for lying saying payments were made when they actually were stopped payments! Either he, his attorneys, or his accountants pushed too ffar…they may have done this unbeknownst to Wade but just like Terrell Owens, he should know what’s going on with his money and he is responsible for ensuring his court ordered alimony was being paid! So think people!

    • 2bornot2b

      Let me sigh on this one…Soooooo a couple of months ago she was all over the blogs about how everything is great, in law school, and working on getting her kids back. Now here we are and she’s broke and making a mockery out of individuals who are homeless and broke. Where is her family?? Are they waiting on the money as well? If these monetary agreements are per the court, shouldn’t the monies automatically be put into an account anyway and not paid by check?? She too grown to pull these stunts…she would be more respected if it was handled more discreetly.

      • guesswho

        S yes, for her personally she is getting herself together, in law school..even has moved on romantically and did so a long time ago! You say she is “too old to pull these stunts”, well Wade and/or his team aren’t too unprofessional to play hard ball games to avoid settlement. You obviously have no knowledge of the court system and attorney’s tactics when negotiating deals for athletes’ divorces or financial settlements of estates. Have you ever negotiated to purchase a property? same premise….you NEGOTIATE! The difference is HE PAID FOR HER ATTORNEYS! So do you think the attorneys hhd her best interest at heart? Nope. He issued checks the account was to be established upon settlement of the estate which is what this was so until the estate was settled, the court entrusted him to make payments as ordered in the divorce decree. You might want to argue whether it was a hard check direct deposit whatever, regardless, stop payments were ordered on the $25k payments. Therefore, she never received them. Now if your exhusband did you that way regardless of whether he was a multi million aire or a railroad man, yes you would take his butt to court and when you found out your representation was not in your best interest and was leaking info to the other side, telling you to settle for deals that were not in your best interest, yes you would FIRE HIS BUTT! Even if you had to represent yourself! All of this motivated her to go to law school when she witnessed the corruption first hand! Luckily for Tameka Raymond vs Usher, Tameka’s attorneys were active on the social scene in Atlanta and had dirt on the judge and first hand knowledge of the Judge and Ushers attorneys relationship. There was a HUGE CONFLICE OF INTEREST, just as in an instance here where the judge entrusted Wade to pay her legal fees…don’t you think since he was paying her attorneys he had leverage over her? But I see some are so naïve.

        NO MATTER WHAT ANY OF YOU SAY, anything earned during that marriage is community property as she was with him before the success. AND ANYTHING EARNES UPON DIVORCE IS OWED TO HER AS ROYALTIES ARE TO BE SPLIT!

        • m

          “NO MATTER WHAT ANY OF YOU SAY, anything earned during that marriage is community property as she was with him before the success. AND ANYTHING EARNES UPON DIVORCE IS OWED TO HER AS ROYALTIES ARE TO BE SPLIT!”

          She mentions how she felt bad for a poor man who tried, but couldn’t afford to pay his child support get hauled off ‘to jail. Well, honestly, that really only reflects ‘the messed-up system of child support, more so than it reflects siohvaughns situation. to be sitting in the streets and working the angle of being a destitute, down-on-her-luck woman, and making wade look like a villain, is low. Hell, if it was the fault of the attorneys, wouldn’t it be in her best interest to protest such a corrupt system of revolving door of scheming, conniving, attorneys, instead of Wade? To who’s best interest would it be, if wade were hauled off ‘to jail like the poor man she witnessed in court? She knows how 2 play the game but the game is kinda already rigged for women like her anyway when any man can get hauled off ‘to jail for being poor.. I’m sure if he divorce played out how it did, while Wade wasn’t in his best finacial state, he was broke, i’m sure she’d have no qualms with him being carted off 2 prison. Funny thing is, she’s probably getting her law degree from the money he’s given her. Oh well, at least Wades rich, and at least she has her money, hopefully neither one goes broke in the future for the kids sake..

    • aaminahs mom

      You are right why would he not make sure that the funds she was owed were going to her? To punish her plain and simple

    • guest

      Preach!!! We all know this is about money and power which he has and she does not. If DWade was Dwayne from the hood, no judge in the US would have awarded him the children, regardless of Siovaughn’s supposed “erratic” behavior. Good for her for beating him at his own game!

  • guess who

    Woo some of you judge and speak but don’t know that of which you speak of. Do you honestly think that Sio was protesting outside for money that she was actually receiving? NO! She was NOT receiving the $25,000 monthly payments. The money was sent to her by checks and when she would go to deposit them, they would not be payable! So he was baiting the court order! When her attorney went to close the settlement the other day, she was served with a warraat for failure to appear. Wade played hard ball over and over again stalling to see how much and how far she would allow him to get away with and finally she deposed Pat Riley, Heat Management, and once his attorneys found out this, (just over the weekend) is when they scurried to get the “settlement” pushed to the judge!

    If you want to know the truth, ask StilletoJill

  • hazysin

    She needs mental help. Its unfortunate that her breakdowns are displayed for the world to see. I do think that she misses her child and that may have contributed to this breakdown. She is clearly bipolar.

  • Delaun Brown

    she just wants to see her sons

  • D.D

    She is just making herself more and more unlikable he is already giving you 25,000 a month and you want more money for what. I think she is just has issue and I am guessing thses are not brand new issue either.

  • Jessica Griffin

    So basically the settlement was already in the works but she felt the need to make herself look like a victim by saying she’s homeless?!?! She’s doing a little too much for me. And now they are going to be looking into her mental state and possibly cutting down her visitation with her children. That’s sad!!

    • Mycalah

      I would rather look normal and get more visitation and lose out on some of the money.

  • speaksthetruth

    That lawyer’s statement went in on her. Re-read the statement calling her crazy (not in those words) and selfish (also, not in those words)

    • Jessica Griffin

      Yeah the lawyer threw some shade her way in that statement.

  • CC

    She needs to take some of that money and speak with Iyanla Vanzant. It is time to move on with your life…it is sad it didn’t work out between you to, but that is life, things don’t always work out the way we want them too. You were getting over $300,000 a year just to take care of yourself and now he is giving you even more, some people don’t even make $30,000 a year…I mean grow up and do something more productive with our life!!!

  • aaminahs mom

    when he was at Marquette and she was having baby after baby with him was her lifestyle wonderful then???. I guess now he can have his black queen and be happy a few dollars short.

  • Ilka Missb

    She needs a job and some peen. I was a single mother myself and I never cried for the father of my child to give me any money, whatever he gave us was fine cause guess what? I can work and support me and my kid. Got my house and car and kept it moving. She needs to just disappear!

  • Guest360

    But she’s destitute and homeless….even after getting 25 grand a month. So pathetic the things women do for money. No pride or self respect to be had. Smh.

    • Milah

      Let’s not say women, fools come in both genders.

      • Guest360

        You know you are so right about that.

      • Fair and Balanced

        You are 100% correct on that one. Some people are so foolish they can’t find their way out of a paper bag with blinking arrows saying this way out

    • nycole

      you should watch the video and listen to the words that came out of her month. She never said it was about money. She wants her damn kids

      • Laine

        That’s what she says , yes. But how does sitting on the pavement helps her get her kids? Can you explain that to me…?

        • Guest360

          Just said the same thing. You want your kids back? Stop acting like a nut. Show the court you can take care of children by taking care of yourself. At this point she’s showing she doesn’t even deserve visitation, she’s so nutty.

      • Guest360

        So naturally she makes a spectacle of herself outside the courthouse. Yeah….acting like you’re homeless and got a few screws loose is DEFINITELY going to get you your kids back (sarcasm). Sorry I don’t buy that. People clean up their acts when they’re trying to get back custody. Not picket outside the courthouse.

        • Mycalah

          I have worked for CPS for years and you are so right. Parents who are losing custody of their kids will clean up and act like they are the world’s best parents even though they haven’t completed any services just as a show for the judge.

        • guest

          Who cares what you are buying or not? You did not carry those kids nine months nor give birth to them. They are her kids and they were taken away from her. That alone should explain her state of mind. Clearly you have no children, so you cannot begin to understand what she must be going through not ony having lost your husband to some b list actress, but now your kids also!

          • Guest360

            I don’t need to have kids to know crazy when I see it. Women of all walks of life have been through far worse than a divorce so no. She gets no sympathy from me. And she’s got visitation with her kids so no. Spare me the “her kids were taken from her” spiel. Had she not tried to kidnap them she could have had joint custody by now. She certainly isn’t helping her case any by acting like a nut in public. She better hope the judge doesn’t further bar her from seeing her kids with her recent crazy behavior

          • Na Na

            I agree with you. Just how they say you can’t judge how someone acts when some one dies. If this is about money then yes she deserves to be homeless after 25,000 a month but as a mother I know I would be flying over the coo coos nest for a while if my kids were taken from me. I really hope she gets better. Those kids deserve a mother. Remember kids love their parents irregardless of their personal demons.

            • Laine

              Shiovaugh went to court first to demand full custody, but that backfired. She did get to see her children, but than one day she decided to not send them back in time, again stupid. Yes the children deserve a mother, but if the mother is acting this irrational (and that was before she “lost” her children) than maybe she should just stay away for awhile and get some counseling and healing. In her current mindset I don’t know if having her around would benefit the children.

          • Laine

            You act as if her children were kidnapped.They were not, the judge saw it fit for them to be living with their father. I understand that decision now, giving her recent behavior!You also conveniently forget to mention that she was the one who went to court first to demand full custody.When he court would have awarded her full custody, I wonder whether or not you would also claim that HIS children were “taken” from him…

            • guest

              I never said her children were kidnapped. Everyone knows here in the US, money and power trump everything else. Our court systems generally favors the mother. Judges have awarded mothers far worse than her sole custody of their kids despite glaring red flags. Stop pretending this is about Siovaughn’s supposed instability. It’s not. He has the money and power to buy the best lawyers, witnesses, etc. No one said that because you help someone, they owe you their life, but this is about respect for someone who had his back when no one else was there. For that alone, he owes her a debt of gratitude and for the fact that she is the mother of his sons!

              • Laine

                And yet again you conveniently forget to mention that she was the one starting the whole sole custody issue. If she didn’t start that, he maybe wouldn’t have counter sued for the same thing and she would still share joint custody of her children.Why aren’t you addressing that fact? And how did he disrespect her after they separated? So far she has been the one communicating through the media (and with random people on the street while sitting on the sidewalk) about very personal matters. If you want someone to respect you, you need to earn that respect. So far she hasn’t done a lot that would make anybody respect her.

              • Laine

                Don’t misunderstand me. If he cheated on her (which he probably did), he’s a j#rk, and karma will deal with him. However, how she responds to his disrespect, that’s her karma! I get being angry when you have been cheated on, but at some point in time, it’s time to heal. Throughout this whole process she has been the one filing these ridiculous claims, then she was claiming that Wade didn’t provide the children with asthma medicine, now she’s sitting on the pavement. I mean, really? She needs to spend all that energy on her education, on healing, on something else! This is not going to help her get her children back!

  • Just me

    Guess if you want money from yourNBA baller ex-husband, sit in front of the Daley Center and hold a sign saying how broke and homeless you are to get his attention.

    • Guest360

      From how I read it, he had already gave it to her before she had her demonstration.

      • ThaVoiceoftheVoiceless

        So essentially, she didn’t even give it a week before she started complaining again?

        • Guest360

          From my understanding she’s now getting a piece of his endorsement deals. So add that money to the 25 grand she receives every month and I’m wondering what is really going on. Why is she still mad? It can’t be not having custody of her kids or she wouldn’t continue to shoot herself in the foot like she has been.

          • ThaVoiceoftheVoiceless

            I think she is still bitter over the divorce and the fact that D-Wade has moved on with his life. Apart of me feels bad for her, but damn it’s been more than enough time to move on with your life. More than likely, D-Wade isn’t coming back no time soon so hopefully she can get closure and move on with her life.

          • Jamie

            Real talk, she (and her family) were instrumental in providing a proper foundation for him to be who he is today. When his mom was strung out, his older sister took him to his dad but his new stepmom didn’t want him there. So Siovaughn and her family took him in and provided a stable lifestyle for him.

            I get her frustrations. Every time you log online you see him and Gabby together or turn on the TV or open a mag. It seems like she needed to get over it, if that indeed was what was bothering her.

            • Laine

              And that’s great that they took him in. However, when you help someone, you do that without expecting anything in return. When you help, you help unconditionally. So the fact that her family helped him when he was down on his luck, I find to be irrelevant.

              • Guest360

                Thank you!!!! I hate how people seem to think that because she supported him early in his career means he owes her his entire life. Newsflash…he supported her too and continues to do so even when her behind refuses to get a job and acts a fool in public.

          • MissRealuminatti

            I think she might be on dope. I mean that is the only way a grown woman (with no custody of the kids to take care of) cannot survive off 300,000 a year and a paid mortgage. I have no sympathy for her. There are women that are single moms that can barely make ends meet.

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