Haters Gon Hate: 10 Celebs Whose Hating Ways Caught Us By Surprise

July 22, 2013 ‐ By Renay Alize

surprise haters feat

We all know that haters are always in our midsts. And even though we know some people will always hate to see others shine, we were surprised to learn that the following people threw some massive shade at various people in the industry. Check them out.

MadameNoire Video

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  • roy

    This is one of the most stupid “articles” I’ve ever read. There are always at least two sides to a story yet this writer feels her beliefs are actually truths. I believe that there is a whole lot of d*ck-riding with >1% actual intelligibility. That is not a proven fact, but it is my opinion.

  • grecco frg

    Lame article.

  • Spiked Honey

    Uhmmm, I am REALLY going to need you to know who Steven Tyler is. Thank GOD his was listed last and not first as I for damn sure would have stopped reading at that point. He was right. And your saying that shows you think just like a Nicki Minaj would. Essentially, to be on a show like that, you need to be a lover of ALL types of music. His point is, judges like her would send out potentially great talent simply because they don’t have a range of musical understanding. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying he has that same understanding (as I don’t know), but his point valid. Even if you’re not familiar with Aerosmith, are you AT LEAST aware of their collaboration with Run D.M.C with “Walk This Way?” I’m still tripping on that.

    I agree with Adam Levine 100%. His comment was hilarious – but true.

    Rae Dawn Chong, another one I need you to know outside of “The Color Purple” (JESUS), needs to sit her behind down SOMEwhere. Everything she said was highly offensive. I’m sure Oprah didn’t even BOTHER to even acknowledge her trifling self.

  • Seffie

    Why is it that your writers write but don’t know much grammar? Would have went?

  • notgivingafuck

    this article is waste….

  • Ebony

    Adam Levine is right.

  • celeb inconegro

    What a pathetic site, just who are you, you are a hater because no one know who you are. Who is Renay? Nobody a wanna be somebody, who sits and writes bullshit about people who step out and express their opinions, who have a right to do so. so get a life. This entire site calling itself Madam Black, really…you should call yourself sell out, hating, piece of garbage that if you didn’t use the faces of celebs nobody would know you even exist! This is why we can get nowhere in life. Renay you are an ugly no talented, terrible writer, hater, fake name probably weigh 600 lbs shut in who wants to be everyone you just talked about. Your readers are dumb, ghetto, have no lives with which to speak of, so they come to this sad little site to spew vomit about people who don’t even read this crap. Go cut yourself or something so that you can get your pain out in some other way. How you like it when it gets thrown back at cha?

  • DeuceAlmighty

    Tavis Tavis Tavis u were just saying he should say more about race, then he does and now it’s still a problem. Come on sir which is it? Better late than never. As for the others, I really only agree with a few. Adam Levine was hilarious. Harry was right although wrong on his examples. Idk what’s wrong with Janet Hubert. Tyler may be hating a bit but he’s pretty credible. An ok list.

  • therealnumber1

    Nicole was right, you do have to sell your soul…that is just fact. As fas as LL…that was hating, that was truth too. 1 million people didn’t buy the album, samsung/jay z bought it and people got it for free…on itunes you actually have to buy the album so there is a difference..

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  • Harry Belafonte? Seriously? He (along with most of these people) really should not be on this list. The man has done more to promote social justice and positive change in his lifetime than many. There is a difference between hating for no reason, and articulating a different, valid opinion.

    • Glenn

      HB, is right. I’ve said the same Jayz n Beyonce 2gether is worth over a billion dollars they can give more bk to society 2 help others.

  • Kenedy

    First of all, whoever who wrote this article claims that they never really knew who Steven Tyler is…..really? If you are a true music fan, & not just a hip hop booty popping garbage fan, like real music from different genres, you’ll know who Steven Tyler and Aerosmith are. Next, I disagree with like 90% of these. Third, “Hater” is a tired word, needs to be retired, & a lot of people clearly abuse it & don’t know its definition, so it should just be retired. With the way the author of this article is rationalizing things, cartels that use drug money to fund their empires, racketeering, human trafficking and political infiltration are well….making money, and anyone who disagrees with what they are doing, are haters and shouldn’t be mad at them because they are making money….seriously, this is the logic being used

  • Suchalady

    LL and Harry were right in what they said though…how dare you MN??

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    LOL at “Vajayjay Cat Dolls”!

    But still, opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one.

  • Guest

    Since when does having a difference of opinions equate to hating, since we have become a society that can’t manage to agree to “disagree.” Everyone is a hater now according to the masses!!! When someone voices an opinion that isn’t popular or in agreement with all others, they are quickly labeled a “hater.” Criticizing others shouldn’t be without merit, but sometimes people’s actions and behaviors need to be called out by someone!!!! We’re all individuals with our own brains to think, reason, and deduce for ourselves!!

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Steven Tyler was simply giving us the real. Everyone knows that Nicki Minaj is a fraud in the music industry. Steven Tyler was simply honest (or high) enough to say it out loud. I’m on the fence about Cornel West. He’s dead wrong about Melissa Harris-Perry, but he’s given some very good observations on Barack Obama. Tavis Smiley has been salty about Obama not coming to his forum for years, and he needs to let that go.

  • cl

    Tavis is a hater though. Ever since Obama declined his State of the Black Union and sent his wife instead he’s had a hard on for the POTUS. It’s disgusting now. Nothing wrong with criticizing the people you vote for but his is directly related to what he probably perceived as a snub. It’s small and it’s petty.

  • cl

    I may be a hater. I agree with Adam Levine. I can’t stand honey boo boo types. I think he’s right. It’s like we’re celebrating the dim bulbs of society.

    • mlw1924


  • Perle

    It feels that the writer is the one hating on those artists. SInce when is voicing your opinion hating? This article is bollocks.

    • Guest

      Took the words right out of my mouth. Hating implies dislike due to jealousy. None of these folks have a thing to be jealous of from anyone they mentioned. They’re in good standing. Get a grip

  • Gigi

    I only agree that 3 out of the 20 people listed here are actual haters, Tavis, Cornel, and Keyshia. I don’t interpret the words of the other 7 as hateration as much as they seem to be strong opinions and critiques based on some level of truth. Hateration is an opinion or critique based on absolutely nothing.

    • I agree with you there Gigi, (regarding for example LL Cool J’s comment) there IS a big difference between people actually buying the CD or a company purchasing it just to get numbers! That is not hating, that is actual fact!! But I guess when you have more money in your bank account than the national debt, you can actually pull that off! Since we’re on the subject, there was an ad for Beyonce’s concert tickets and the question put to the public was, would you be interested in getting the tickets!! An overwhelmingly majority said they were not interested, I mean the tickets would be given away! LOL! So, I am wondering if her ‘concertgoers’ are actually being paid to be seen in those arenas!! I know she has her following, however, a lot of folks polled don’t want to see her in concert!! I wouldn’t be surprised at the things that are now happening in this music industry! Welcome to the future of music! Yuck!!