Here She Goes! Lil Mo Questions How Stevie Wonder Would Know Whether Or Not He’s Performing In Florida

July 20, 2013 ‐ By Drenna Armstrong
Source: WENN

Source: WENN

While many people are proud of artists like Stevie Wonder and Mary Mary taking a stand by choosing to no longer perform in Florida until the “Stand Your Ground” laws are changed, there are those – one, in particular – who question their actions.

On Friday night, Lil Mo, took to her Twitter page to “call out” Stevie Wonder for his stance and as usual, she threw some shade:



Oh yes, the woman went there about Stevie’s team possibly booking a show for him in Florida anyway and him not finding out the truth because he’s blind. She added that his team has basically dedicated their lives to his career and for him to make that decision, it takes money out of their pockets. Of course, she must have forgotten that Stevie Wonder performs at seemingly every event around the world so not performing in Florida may not kill anyone’s pockets as much as she’d like to believe.

Mo, on the other hand, does not really like to turn down a dollar. If any of you have been watching R&B Divas: Los Angeles, you know that she is very clear on doing almost anything she can just to make some money. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that she might not be a person in this position. As it stands, she can’t be in that position because…well, when was the last time promoters in Florida were booking Lil Mo left and right to perform there?

Girl, I guess.

What do you think about Mo’s take on the Boycott in Florida? What’s yours?

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  • mlw1924


  • amir bey

    She’s rude; he has the right to play where he wants. Obviously she’s no fan or she wouldn’t have made such an insensitive comment.

  • me

    Typical Baltimore hood rat. Not surprised. SMH.

  • Almond E Brown

    See! That kind of ish is exactly why I stopped following Lil Mo. Nah, that’s not funny boo. She is so basic & childish….smh.

  • guest

    I wish people would stop thinking all publicity is good…it’s not….lil mo..u r tryn to build a brand..u gv respect to those who paved the way for u to b where u r…humble urself..choose ur battles..if u must speak..choose ur words wisely. It’s not so much you posting s comment it is how it was said….tacky…disrespectful…and insensitive

  • EspressoBean

    Here’s an example of how “keeping it real” can transpire into “keeping it clown”.

  • LoveMyPeople

    Sad that she missed his entire point: Stevie using his celebrity status to help bring social injustices to light. Honoring and bettering humanity, which includes his staff and fans. He is NOT brand new to this, he constantly takes stands and makes music to make change. Maybe it’s key to his success. Despite what the media projects, we have Respect for our Elders AND put Human lives Over Money. I pray Lil Mo was just “having a moment”… we are all guilty of saying stupid things sometimes.

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  • JewelThompson

    Ignant! This man paid his dues during the Civil Rights era, campaigned tirelessly for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday to be passed, is a human rights advocate and has performed all over the world for dignitaries and heads of state. What have you done Lil’ Mo – with ALL of YOUR faculties that really matters – seriously? There is an epidemic of dumb celebrities who really need to sit down and shut it up. Better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt (paraphrased quote).

  • GymJunkie43

    #1 she needs to worry about her edges dissapearing due to weaves. #2 She’s not on the same level as Stevie so she’ll never understand what it’s like to NOT need to play in FL. #3 If people can’t afford the gas to drive to another state for a concert, maybe they shouldn’t be looking at concert tickets anyway.

  • Just saying!!

    This is why I’m down with the old school..they are about something! What he’s doing is commendable! Although, I can’t help but think that the verdict was also due to a poor case on Trayvon’s side. The Stand Your Ground law should have been used in TRAYVON’S defense and should have been made invalid to Zimmerman once he pursued him.

  • Neressa Petrah Lea


  • Monique B


  • Freeordie

    For those who disagree with Stand Your Ground, look up this article
    “Blacks benefit from Florida ‘Stand Your Ground’ law at disproportionate rate”
    Blacks are more likely to be found innocent and whites to be victims under the
    Stand your Ground statute in Florida than any other groups
    Its illogical for black people to want Stand your ground repealed, its a law that benefits them and it wasn’t even used in the Zimmerman trial as a defense

    • Just saying!!

      The law also shows that whites get away with killing blacks at a much higher rate

      • Freeordie

        No it doesn’t, it shows the exact opposite

        “Killings of whites by blacks were slightly more likely to be found justified than killings of whites by whites”

  • Seriously?

    Didn’t Ray Charles boycott the state of Georgia way back? It’s been done in the past and will be done in the future.

    • Freeordie

      Ray Charles did boycott Georgia because it was still segregated and good for him. Stand your ground is a different story though since blacks benefit from Stand your ground so it makes no sense for a black person to be against it.
      “Blacks benefit from Florida ‘Stand Your Ground’ law at disproportionate rate”

  • cryette04

    She was stupid for insulting Stevie. She is Honey BooBoos nanny.

  • ImaniJemilahJones

    Lil Who?

  • bx_ny

    She does have a point. Why punish the black people in Florida? No whites are going to see Mary J or Stevie Wonder.

    • Anon

      Oh please believe that the whites at a Stevie Wonder show far outnumber any race.

      • mlw1924


  • venny

    she sound as stupid as she looks

  • Ms Shona

    How does one say … IDIOTIC!!!

  • ad

    stevie wonder has always taken a stand for human rights,at least he is willing to make a point and support his views.

  • xyzebra

    Disgraceful at a time like this. Boycott Lil Mo.

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  • Allenda Wilson

    Lil Mo’ come on now, you just got back on the scene, just chill out and make sure that you take care of your own business. At least Stevie is trying to help the nation right a wrong! What are you doing besides just now re-entering the world of showbiz’

  • Tanya

    When Lil Mo has a catalog as long as Stevie Wonder’s, then, and only then, will her opinion count! She’s on a show and singing songs from 2000! Kick rocks!

  • IllyPhilly

    More artists should have pride and empathy and follow suit. He was there when racism was really REALLY loud and in his face so I applaud him and whatever artists does the same.

  • Crystal

    Really no comment…..Oh wait, I’m having a hard time remember one of her songs. When I know more of Stevie’s.

  • Donna

    In all honesty, i have no idea who this woman is.. so why is there an article about her again, down talking a LEGEND at that? I read R&B divas in the article, (a show i’ve never watched) so is she a reality star?

  • hiswomanandlovingit

    he would know he was in florida because he has people around him he can trust. i dont think what she said was dumb but you have to realize that her questions come from a someone who may actually feel like they dont have very trustworthy people around them. most people have been put in a situation by people they thought they could trust. with his disability and the wrong people around, lying to him could have been a possibility.

  • guest

    She thinks everybody is broke and money hungry like her. That’s why she is doing reality TV.

  • Junebug

    Heard of Stevie, never heard of her, or…..probably heard of her and then forgot about her.

  • 1Val

    Lil Mo sounds as ridiculous as she looks! How can anyone take her seriously sporting a 10 cent PHD(Project Hair Do)?

    • JerzeeGurl

      Dead and buried at PHD!!

    • IllyPhilly

      Yooooo, y’all are a whole mess on here! CTFU! PHD, dead.

  • PrincessProphetess

    Sorry whoever you are, but my brother in Christ Stevie is not 100% blind nor is he even 10% dumb. He used his phenomenal influence to get the MLK Holiday enacted. Now if you have ever taken that holiday off then sit down and shut it!

  • Lo

    It was a ignorant comment!

  • jluvtuc

    She’s stupid as shiggity! No need to boycott her; nobody knows who the firetruck she is.

    • IllyPhilly

      Shiggity? Dead!

  • sexysassy

    She really needs to sit down somewhere with her washed up self. STevie has options she wished she could have. GIRL SIT DOWN N REALLY SHUT UP U SOUND REALLY STUPID. I guess u dont stand uo for something worth standing tor so guess what u will fall for anything. So sad

  • blackdolphin

    Lil Mo, put your really stupid back in the box. You sound like a total idiot! He is blind, not deaf. And probably has a great staff to inform him of these things!.

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    I bet people in Florida have no clue who the hell this woman is. Also insulting a blind legend, at least he knows he has more money than she will even see in her life!

    • ThaVoiceoftheVoiceless

      Who is she???

      • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

        Google is your best friend on this one, LBVS.

      • LadiesNight

        If you didn’t know who she is,then why comment??Smmfh

        • ThaVoiceoftheVoiceless

          Because it was disrespectful to talk about Stevie Wonder that way.

          • LadiesNight

            Oh okay,but you still shouldn’t asked that dumb question. How hard is it to google?

            • ThaVoiceoftheVoiceless

              I didn’t ask you the question though. So why bother commenting to my post???

              • LadiesNight

                Because I felt like it. Do you have a problem?Oh,that’s exactly what I thought.

                • ThaVoiceoftheVoiceless

                  You must obviously thought there was a problem if you felt the need to respond to a question that wasn’t directed towards you. Anyways, I had a million other things I could be doing with my time besides arguing with you over something so pointless. Have a good day.

            • Serenity

              Girl shut up. The question was posed to more so say that Lil’ Mo is a nobody compared to Stevie.

              • mlw1924


      • JewelThompson


        • Elle

          LOL!! The most childish stuff I’ve seen

      • mlw1924


  • CKT76

    Omg…she is so out of pocket!

  • Rissa

    Anything for a Twitter mention.

  • Mz. Rhonda

    Mo Ugly how DARE she make a DUMB coment like that If it wasnt for STEVIE WONDER paving the way she would not have the opportunity to portray a rapper ..I see her personality and thinking is as backwards as she is ….STAND FOR SOMETHING ! its a small sacrfice DUM DUM making light of Stevie being blind IDIOT

    • IllyPhilly

      I know that was a real d!ck move of her, but you know any publicity for C-list singers is good publicity.

      • Almond E Brown

        Say that!

  • truthwins

    Unlike her, Stevie Wonder isn’t broke……………..he ain’t thirsty for money.

  • pickneychile

    Rude! She ain’t need to say all that. Just because she doesn’t have options doesn’t mean nobody else does.

    • IllyPhilly

      LMAO. You wrong and right.

    • T

      Hilarious! so true…LOL

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