Doing Way Too Much! Kanye Allegedly Attacks Paparazzi, Paramedics Called

July 19, 2013  |  

Source: TMZ

We known for some time now that Kanye has been a little off. And after last week’s rant where he told the paparazzi not to talk to anyone not even themselves, it was clear that Kanye might be in more trouble than we originally thought. And today it got even worse.

According to TMZ, today, Kanye allegedly attacked a photographer at LAX. And it wasn’t a verbal altercation. It turned physical and the paramedics had to be called to the scene.

Sources close to the injured photographer say Kanye was leaving the airport when he “went ballistic.”

This particular photographer was extremely aggressive asking a lot of questions. As you might assume, Kanye told him not to speak to him. But he kept going and Kanye threw a series of punches and the man fell down.

The extent of the pap’s injuries are unclear at this time. Kanye was no longer on the scene when the paramedics arrived.


Now that the video’s been released, it looks like this photographer was exaggerating this altercation a lot. Kanye still should have shown restraint, but from what we see, it doesn’t seem like he needed to call an ambulance. We’ll see how this all plays out and whether he decides to press charges.

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  • PleaseDOBetter

    I really him to acknowledge his issues and get some assistance.

  • support55

    He is a mess!! He would have to take anger management before he even got close to my baby!!

  • kickash

    I’m sure there was no reason for the paramedics to come. Kanye honestly doesn’t seem that tough to me, his punches probably didn’t do much damage lol dudes weak.

  • ImariRose

    The day no one pays that man any attention is the day he’ll act unappreacted

  • bluekissess

    Leave Kanye alooooone!!!!

  • Notbuyinit

    Kanye & Kim have a history of contacting these people to gain more over exposure. Are we sure this isn’t fake overreaction so that pictures of heir can be sold at a higher price.? Sorry Kanye your ship sailed away with the Devilish Duo.

  • real

    These women are an absolute cancer.

  • ..

    He’s a father for the first time. He should be ecstatic, enjoying their little bundle of joy. But instead, he seems angrier than ever before. This all seems very odd.

    I think he’s realizing that not all that glitters is gold, as far as his baby mama goes.

  • Dawna

    LOL, Kris Humphries is somewhere laughing his behind off. Winning!!

    • Na Na

      Yessssss! Karma, Karma, Karma. I’m telling you every dog has his day.

  • Guest360

    The paps are annoying, sure. But uh….I don’t believe you’re entitled to punch someone just because you’re annoyed. This dude has lost it and if Kim or whomever doesn’t reign Kanye in fast, its only going to get worse before he completely self destructs.

  • D.D

    He has always hated the paparazzi so I am not surprised at all. And he has always been off lol I do not understand why people are acting like he just started acting crazy. This has been years in the making.

  • ShayB

    Umm Kim… come get your baby daddy. SMDH

  • Barbara Codner

    He needs to disappear for a while and just play daddy. If he can’t handle fame, he should just remove himself from the spotlight.

  • So his descent begins. They are going to Chris Brown his a**. I wonder how long it will take Kim to pull a J Lo and dump him when the Po-po come knocking.

    • Janeya

      Would yo blame her? She got her next ratings ticket “baby” so what is the point of keeping around this crybaby?

    • Kam

      My friend and I were just talking about this foolishness, and her theory is the following: Kris Jenner is “setting” him up for all this foolishness to get his parental rights altered so that North can appear on all things Kardashian. Because as far as Kanye is concerned his daughter is not America’s baby and will not be seen on tv like one, and without his consent Kris Jenner can’t exploit the baby like she has her kids. It sounds plausible to me but Kanye is off regardless.

      • Maybe. Most likely he’s got some drug addiction that is eating away at the impulse control center in his brain. Those paparazzi purposely and deliberately act obnoxious and dream of starting an altercation like this. Its good business for them. If you notice most mega stars keep it locked down. Very rarely do you see Madonna unless she wants you to see her. Kanye and Chris ought to take that cue and sit down somewhere.