Just That Quick: Football Star Robert Griffin III Allegedly Caught Sexting Another Woman On Wedding Night

July 19, 2013  |  


We told you earlier this month that Robert Griffin III, the Washington Redskins star quarterback known as RGIII, wed his high school sweetheart Rebecca Liddicoat at the beginning of the month in Rebecca’s (aka, Becky…seriously) hometown of Denver. On that day, things seemed to be all peachy-keen and happy, with Griffin telling Liddicoat in his vows that “I’ll love and cherish you forever. All I ask is you keep making my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.” Awwww…

But it looks like the two might already have a major issue to face as newlyweds, what with a former Hooter’s waitress out here claiming that RGIII has been sexting her before and since the day he read off those touching vows.

According to the Daily Mail, Virgina Commonwealth University student Meredith Barber claims to have photos of Griffin’s…junk, text conversations and more. The site, Busted Coverage, posted photos of text correspondence between Barber and a man who is allegedly Griffin on their site after receiving an email from someone who had noticed that the young woman was on Twitter behaving not too happily about his nuptials. A friend of Barber’s asked on Twitter, “‘RG III getting married today. Will @Mere__ crash the wedding?”

She responded with, “I could show Becky this though” and posted the Tweet with a photo of a man pulling up his shirt and showing off his abs trying to make people think it was Griffin–even though the man’s head had been cut off before she posted the pic. Some of the text exchanges that are reportedly between Barber and Griffin that were obtained by Busted Coverage are dated to July 6 at 1 a.m., just hours before his wedding.

But who knows if this woman should be believed? According to the Daily Mail, she went really hard trying to sell her photos and correspondence with Griffin to different sites, including Dead Spin, asking for thousands of dollars. Therefore, she could be a complete thirsty fraud. RGIII’s groomsman, William Marrow, even put out a statement to Busted Coverage saying that Barber is just looking for attention and it’s not true:

“We both know that Meredith is looking for attention/money. I know this is what you do for a living and you thought that this would be a golden opportunity but the fact of the matter is that this is completely false.

I was with Robert the night in question, and there was zero texting of other girls, much less selfie stomach shots. That isn’t even close to what the bathroom of the suite we were in looked like.”

But then again, Mallow could just be sticking up for his boy…Here’s to hoping that RGIII isn’t already out here texting, sexting or sexing other women weeks after tying the knot and that homegirl is just out here fibbing. But with the way these athletes get around out here on the low, who knows.

Do you think Barber and Griffin were sexting one another or is she lying for money?

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  • ..

    LMAO!!! did y’all see the text convo. Does he seem like the type to use “bae”? And why would she have him saved in her phone as RGIII?

    This is so obvious it’s embarrassing.

  • oj9561


  • WakeUpSelfHaters

    Some of the hatred some you Blk people hold is unbelievable. There’s nothing that has came out to the public to suggest RG3 is a womanizer nor has he carried himself in a manner to suggest such. Plus, these claims have been exposed by other sites as being ridiculous but Madam Noire see’s different for some reason. Some of you Blk people stereotype one another the same way GZ did Trayvon Martin the night he murdered him in cold blood. Blk men and Blk women need to do some self reflecting, because the hatred you have for your selves and each other has hindered your ability to protect and improve the lives of those who look like you. Until this accomplished the Blk experience in America will continue to be hell.

    • You wrote a whole paragraph defending this random NFL player’s fidelity like it really matters to anyone but his wife and his ‘alleged’ side chick where and with whom his member has been. Its gossip fodder to the rest of us. Did you perhaps write a paragraph admonishing them and directing them to talk about Trayvon when they did an article highlighting their marriage or are you really upset with the ironic and negative irony ‘if’ this allegation is true?

  • WakeUpSelfHaters

    It seems like Blk women want this story to be true just to have one more negative thing to say about a Blk man. Let’s focus on how we can correct the justice system so that GZ’s can’t just go around killing unarmed blk kids and getting off.
    That’s what Madam Noire should be focused on writing about instead of this trash.

    • They wrote a positive article about their nuptials a week prior to this story breaking. Therefore it is both reasonable good journalism to point out the article they posted in juxtaposition to this new article. Do you need this to be false for your own esteem?

  • Tony Williams

    Honestly i dont care What Robert griffin 3 does off the field, i am a HUGE REDSKINS fan, as long as he is 100% healthy by week 1 and gets my team into the playoffs and superbowl i am happy. i dont care about his private life.

  • 1Val

    RGIII is an unattractive young man. Interesting how money makes the homeliest male handsome.

    • Tony Williams

      I love how you black women can call black men ugly, or monkeys. but if we black men find light skin women sexier. We black men are sell outs, or uncle tom self haters.

      • 1Val

        I do not collectively find black men ugly. However, RGIII is unattractive to me and his skin tone has nothing to with it.

        • Tony Williams


        • Tony Williams

          haha they deleted my post because i said i didnt find dark skin women beautiful. but black women can team up with non black men to say black men are ugly? is this life?

          • 1Val


        • Tony Williams


      • nick

        Black or white has nothing to do with ugly. He’s not ugly because he’s black, he is ugly because he is NOT cute! But there you go talking about light skin women….

        • Tony Williams


          • 1Val

            And you are entitled to your opinion. Anything else?

            • Tony Williams

              Not on this website i am not lol, clearly my opinion was deleted. lol

        • Tony Williams

          Are you gay? when did it become cool for straight men to judge other mens looks?

      • Cold Piece

        Thow doth protest too much

  • Anonymous

    Ya’ll done took a story with no legs and gave it an entire life. Story broke a week ago and has gone no where because she has no proof of anything. BTW, stop baiting by calling her Becky. I know 3 Black Rebeccas whose families and friends all call them Becky. MN is neither family nor friend. SMH

    • Cold Piece

      RG…. Is that you?

    • her name is Becky and that’s what she calls herself . . . .

  • Nicholas. X. W. Williams

    I hope he got a pre-nup, or else that woman will drain him dry lol.

  • Justin

    This is stupid. The “story” broke a week ago and has gained no momentum or proof since. Anyone with photoshop and an iPhone could falsify those images, even the FaceTime – though talking on FaceTime is not a crime. Nothing has happened to prove there is merit to the story, Busted Coverage got overzealous about a guy who read too much into a joking tweet and ran with it. It’s false tabloid trash, and other outlets should NOT be picking this up days later, after Busted Coverage has failed to support any of its claims.

    • Uh huh. Sure. I’m positive he will be filing a defamation of character suit against her any day now. . . . . unless of course the discovery will prove her statements true.

  • ilovemovies2

    Maybe he was just sayin’ Goodbye-rolling my eyes. lol. oh well

  • LisaJ

    The girl was lying. This came out LAST WEEK. Way to stay on top of the “news”.

  • MYGirl

    She shouldve went to TMZ #IJS

  • bluekissess

    Hahahaha ummm unfortunately this is what’s happening in our society.

  • Barbara Codner

    SMDH… #thatisall

  • Where’s the black men crew that haunt this site?. You know the ones on the previous article pointing the finger at Becky telling black women this is how you get a husband? LOL rich!

    • C’mon son

      Right?! Lol. But you can bet they’re waiting behind their monitors biding their time until an article is posted where they can go in on why BW are single or some crap like that.

      • LOL. Yep they’re sticking to articles that ‘prove’ their point on their opinion of black women while they ignore ANY misconduct or triflingness from their brothern.

  • PinkyGirl

    People will believe anything they read in the media. They are not always accurate!

  • Cold Piece

    I’m sure Becky knows what time it is… Anyone marrying an athlete has to know. I’ll never understand why these men want to bind themselves legally in marriage knowing they won’t be faithful. Or…maybe everyone’s delusional

    • Money.

    • guest

      There are faithful athletes out there. Someone’s profession does not determine their measure of self control.

      • Cold Piece

        Of course there are….they’re the exception

  • Nikia D-Shiznit


    • Kenedy

      No ma’am