Two Sides To Every Story: Kirk & Mama Shirleen Speak About The Burning Bike

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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Before we even jump into this, can we please all just take a minute and look at the picture in the bottom right hand corner? The scowl on Rasheeda’s mom’s face is something serious. She was not playing this day and I don’t quite blame her. After the way Kirk treated her daughter and the way he rode up to the house, popping wheelies like somebody was going to be excited to see his philandering behind was disgusting.

But instead of taking his punishment like a man and keeping quiet about it, Kirk posted the above photo on Instagram with this caption:

Somebody will be replacing this bike & I mean soon time is running out! 

The message was followed by a couple of angry faces emojis and then a picture of a police officer. So we can assume that Kirk is going to report Mama Shirleen if she doesn’t pay for the damage she caused.

Ugh. Really, Kirk? Can’t you just take the L on this one? He should be really glad that it was his bike and not his life that he lost.

Honestly Shirleen doesn’t seem to be thinking about Kirk at all though.

In a recent interview with Vh1 Blog, she spoke about the incident and her newfound fame because of her being on the show.

I saw pictures of you on Instagram on a motorcycle. Since you ride, didn’t you feel a little bad wrecking Kirk’s bike?

No. His was just a dirt bike. It was a $7,000 dirt bike but still. I don’t know if I would have been able to do it to any of his other ones. I might have. No, I probably would have. It would have made me feel bad, but I woulda done it! Whatever got in my way, that’s for sure.

What’s your current situation with Kirk, are you guys speaking?

Noooo. Not really. For real, that’s just so disrespectful and I don’t like that. I can’t take the disrespect.

Well, I’m sure you’re gaining followers like crazy now.

Yes. Even at work, I was sitting at work today and a woman came up to my office and said “Put your name on this paper!” and I wrote my name and I said “For what?” and she said “You’re famous! Me and my husband was watching you last night! And now I got your autograph!” People at my salon that I’ve been doing for ten, twelve years ask me for my autograph. I’m like, you gotta be kiddin’ me! People are so serious, too. They just walk up to me — one woman said “My mom was like that, she spit in my husband’s face!” I was like “Oh my God!” I could go on with stories. But now everyone says “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” and I just tell them I have one of those familiar-looking faces. It is crazy, isn’t it?

Looks like she’s enjoying her 15 minutes. Do you think she should replace or repair Kirk’s bike?

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  • damnshame

    She needs to pay for his bike. Destruction of property is a no go! I don’t care how you feel. She needs to mind her business and stay out of her daughter’s relationship.

    • Elle

      It became her business when her daughter made it her business… F*** that bike

      • damnshame

        Incorrect. I would sue her a**. I don’t care how you feel, don’t destroy my property. That’s why these ghetto birds think it’s ok to go out and destroy people’s things when they get to feeling some kind of way. If it’s wrong to punch someone in the face when you get your feelings hurt, it’s wrong to destroy someone’s stuff.

        • guest

          Then the instigator shouldn’t be an assh@le in the first place

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  • Denise

    I didn’t want to believe the storyline was fake, but now I am starting to wonder. If this happened a few months ago, why is Kirk just now going off online about his bike? Bigger question, why was he coming down the street popping wheelies like a 10 year old?

    • IllyPhilly

      I believe they have gag orders (for the most part) until the show airs

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    In my Alica Keys’ voice: Kirk’s bike was on fire!!!

    • IllyPhilly

      LMAO, cuz that woulda been crazy to hear after that.

    • Mrs. Urban

      This comment made my day. Thank you

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