What Happened?! Stars We Thought Would Grow Up Fine But…

August 5, 2013  |  
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We’ve got some bad news. Not all of our childhood crushes lived up to our expectations. Once upon a time, we were young enough to crush on any boy with a pretty smile. But not all of those pretty boys got better with age. So check out our list and be glad that you never married Romeo in middle school like you planned.

Jason Weaver

Remember The Jacksons: An American Dream? We all had such a crush on little Michael. But fast forwards a few years later, and Jason Weaver’s starting to look a little rough around the edges. Good thing he can still act.

Tahj Mowry

When we first caught little Tahj Mowry on Full House and Sister, Sister we were like “Wow, The Mowry’s make some beautiful babies.” But the last time we checked, Tahj hadn’t blossomed like his sisters — maybe we just can’t get over the fact that he still looks like a little boy.

Tevin Campbell

What happened to Tevin Campbell, ya’ll? The years have not been kind to one of our favorite teen idols. I blame stress. He did ruin his career after getting caught soliciting an undercover adult worker. That’ll put some worry lines on your face.

Malcolm Jamal Warner

I blame teenage hormones and the 80’s for our collective crush on Malcolm Jamal Warner. Looking at him is like trying to re-watch your favorite childhood movie and finding out it wasn’t as funny as you thought — because you’re not 13 anymore. Oh well, all teenage crushes have to grow up some time.

Macaulay Culkin

All of Hollywood was excited for little Macaulay to grow up. He was cute as a button, charismatic and a power house of a little actor. But then he grew up. And today, Macaulay looks so…odd, that people are starting to wonder if he has drug problems.

Kenny Blank

Remember Michael from The Parent ‘Hood? We know more than a few girls who had a big crush on him because of his looks and his intelligence. Today, Kenny’s more likely to pull the ladies who value intelligence over looks. He may not look the same, but he’s busy directing films and now goes by Kenn Michael.

Brandon Quintin Adams

If you would have asked me, at the height of my Brandon Quinton Adams crush, what my future husband would look like in his 30s, this isn’t what I would have guessed. Don’t you think he looks a little prematurely old for 33?

Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence held on to his appeal for a while. But can we take a minute to talk about this picture? Am I the only one who’s not a fan of his new image? He needs to leave Ryan Seacrest’s stylist alone or go ahead and chill on the makeup, plastic surgery, or whatever it is that has him looking so…non Joey Lawrence-ish


When I was a kid, I thought that Romeo was the most beautiful boy that I’d ever seen. Now he’s just average looking. And I can’t even watch Immature’s old videos anymore. Bet you can’t get through Never Lie without feeling like a dirty old woman.

Deon Richmond

We should blame Hollywood for letting us fall out of love with Deon. Deon Richmond’s personality was what made us fall in love with Bud — not pretty boy looks. But since that iconic character, Deon has had trouble finding good roles that would let us fall in like again.

Haley Joel Osment

Poor Haley. He was one of the cutest little boys Hollywood had ever seen. The odds were against him going anywhere but down.

Marcus Paulk

Remember thinking, “when he grows into those ears/that head, he’ll be cute.” Well here you have it.

Steven Anthony Lawrence

Remember this kid from Even Stevens and That’s So Raven? Even if you don’t, you probably remember his internet fame. When pictures of grown-up Steven hit the web, almost every blog on the web had some shade to throw about the way his looks turned out.

Michael Fishman

The years have been hard on D.J. Conner. Can you believe that Michael Fishman is only 31?

Marquise Wilson

These two dudes look like they don’t even know each other. If this brother stopped you on the street and told you he was bud from Hanging’ with Mr. Cooper, you’d ask to see ID.

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  • Dajia Walton

    Tahj still looks good have several madame noire!!

  • chris

    First time reading an article on this site. I am in disbelief about how mean spirited madamnoir is. I am concerned it was written by a 13 year old girl and there are child labor laws against that. Let’s work toward real journalism.

  • Jason weaver not ugly taj not ugly Brandon not ugly Malcolm just old not ugly cmon now Romeo really gtfoh

  • mnyama

    This article is nitpicky and unnecessary. Someone must have had to fill their article quota in order to get paid? I’m not going to scroll to the end.

  • Steven Henderson

    How cruel is this article? With only a few exceptions; every one of these actors grew up to still be attractive men. Show us a picture of Meg Butler from 20 years ago and one of what she looks like now and we’ll see just how much her looks have changed.

  • Fancie Greenwood

    I don’t get it! Most of them are still good looking (Most for sure not all) We truly live in a hateful culture. this is sad. We should be building our (black) men up not pulling them down

  • Momma Izzy

    Pretty sure most of these people look fairly normal to me….

  • Cynthia Dawson

    This story is negative and absolutely pointless. There is no story here apart from criticizing child stars for becoming adults.

  • NaNa

    Malcolm is very fine. Ya’ll dont know., Deon Richmond is super cute.

  • markee2010

    What a stupid shallow topic

  • Candace Abijah

    Tahj Mowry is fine now. stop.

  • aphrospice

    Unique features that makes a child appear cute on screen usually looks odd once they grow up. It is, what it is. Haley, Marcus and Macaulay are prime examples of this.

  • Zaidi

    Who is Meg Butler, who does she hope to be? One thing is certain: She’s not a beautiful person, inside or out!!!

  • Wholahay Brown

    Harsh! But I guess it’s the thing to do nowadays.

  • Vicky

    I can’t understand the world’s obsession to put people down. We are mortal, we age, we are all individual, get over it. And the way macaulay Culkin is continually ridiculed in the press and included in these pointless polls disgusts me, it’s tantamount to bullying and trolling, and I think there should be prosecutions, hats off to him that he has never retaliated. It’s a pity that in this day and age people still find it humorous to disrespect each other for other’s appearances. It infuriates me. But I must admit that my heart was warmed at people’s positive comments on here, which proves the attention seeking bigots that dole out this sort of trash are in the minority, and the best way to deal with them is not to read their trash. ………rant over lol

  • Kareemms

    The author apparently suffering from some serous insecurities. These individuals appearances are ok

  • leebo

    Who ever thought Steven Anthony Lawrence would grow up to be hot should just go ahead choke themselves out.

  • ImSoSilly

    This article is disrespectful and distasteful

  • johnny

    What person is writing this crap? Moronic article yet. Lets see what your scary a$$ looks like?

  • sweetc

    What a biased article, these folks look fine and have all aged very well. I’d like to see a pic of the person who wrote the article! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Roni

    I only saw a few that weren’t up to par. I don’t know what the author of this article is looking for.

  • B Mac

    And you’re still floatin’ this old story because…..??

  • SunshineJones

    There is nothing wrong with these men. They look just fine some were actually pretty cute. What’s wrong with you? What a stupid article. Jerks.

  • A very upset reader

    Who ever wrote this article is plain dumb! They don’t know what they are talking about and should should not be judging anyone on looks. I disagree with all of her picks! Just horrible mean spirited journalism. I can’t believe they actually publish this crap online at all. Just horrible!!!

  • Derrick

    I guess when a so called writer can’t be creative, the alternative option is to compile photos and write mean and self opinionated articles like this. Nothing is wrong with the way any of these people grew to look like. What a shame that someone gets paid to bash others…

  • Grace


  • Cool King

    This article was all just stupid shallow opinion. Negativity at its best.

  • Ashley D Laws

    This is wrong. Very judgemental article

  • gphillimo

    Dumb article. They all look pretty much the same except older. This is plain dumb, and who made you the athority on beauty b**ch?

  • cujokay

    Malcolm Jamal Warner is fine as hell. I have NO idea what you’re talking about. Macaulay Culkin looks like a freak.

  • Jules

    The article is SICK and I do mean a bias and highly judgmental ignorance. Whose standards are you following? I can guarantee that MN folks look like dreggs

  • CoolasEver2015


  • Kelcee

    I honestly disagreed with almost all of the people that were put into this list..

  • Orlando Chan

    If a male website did the same the same article about women there would be an uproar. But i guess it’s ok for women to bash guy’s looks.

  • Victoria

    Tahj Mowry is handsome. Someone at MN needs to have her eyes checked ASAP!

  • Ronan WasHere O’Riley


  • Lana

    I can’t really see anything majorly wrong with how they grew up??

  • Who’s that lady

    Jason Weaver could still. get. it

  • Jay Mac

    I guess this article was written for teenagers, because as a grown woman, I really don’t see how Malcolm Jamal Warner ended up in this bunch.

  • Taylor Christain Love

    This article is bullshit. Everybody in this list isn’t even bad. Their still handsome. So I’m sure what you’re looking that here.

    • Taylor Christain Love

      *not sure

  • Vaughn ONeal

    This is as bad as the New York Times article that referred to Viola Davis as “not classically beautiful.” Most of these folks look just fine as adults, or like someone pointed out it appears they picked the worst photo.

  • Sendec

    Wow, this article is so messed up. It’s as terrible as the one criticizing celebrities for how they aged. No bueno.

  • TimmyTurner


  • annie

    author is an idiot….

  • Dean Edward

    whoever wrote this is a really shallow bimbo.

  • N/A

    At least half of these pics are of good looking men. This is a very biased post. I guess they didn’t want to have a short list as to not make a serious statement or whatever. This is the first post I’ve seen from MN. Disappointed

  • VimVigor

    Everyone judges on looks, and if you say you dont well.. Youre just a liar. Of course its whats inside that matters but obviously you see the outside too. But anyways.. Like 95% of the people on here looked good! Coming from a straight guy, wtf is up with this author? Lol

  • tbabs

    Ah Tevin Campbell… Even I had a man crush for his immense talent. Thought he would grow up with our generation…

    ….well, his NECK grew!!!!

  • star30

    I loved Tevin Campbell and I still listen to his music. I think Quincy Jones gave up on this young teen when he got in trouble yrs. ago, I feel Quincy Jones turn his back on Tevin Campbell when he needed him the most which was a young boy who had good talent. If my thought and feeling is right, I say to you Quincy Jones shame on you because, you was a older black man who could have given him what most young black men really needs and that is a good mentor that could have shown fatherly love, understanding, patients and care at the time of need.

  • Mi

    This was the meanest thing I’ve ever seen! I thought they ALL looked fine and I wish each one of them continued success with their careers. It would have been nice just to see them and catch up on what they’re doing now WITHOUT all the negativity. Boo to you for this MN!

  • Annisa Arthur

    Y’all wrong for dissing Tahj. That boy is a downright cutie ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • John

    Meg Butler, you are a pathetic person and you must be very miserable.

  • John

    This is so stupid. Whoever mislead the public with this title should be fired.

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with MOST of them? Nothing. The writer is just a bully.

  • Shemar Moore’s Bae

    Most of these men grew up perfectly fine and some of them are even considered babes in my book.

  • mrbrockpeters

    I guess the author of this article is impervious to getting old normally with the passage of time. Getting older must be for the birds in their opinion.

  • prie10

    Two things wrong with this list… one, Romeo actually looks BETTER now than he did when he was younger and, two, Steven Anthony Lawrence was never “cute” to begin with so, what did you expect?

  • Chantayk

    I agree with the other folks on here. Most of the “bad” looking people on this list don’t even look bad. What the hell do you look like??? And the boy from Hanging with Mr. Cooper was named Tyler on the show, not Bud.

  • MNisLost

    Madame Noire – every time I visit this site, I’m quickly reminded of why I stopped reading the “articles” here.

    The pettiness is ridiculous.

  • Lisha

    There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with the stars I’ve seen on here!

  • toni langford

    sold they soul for gold they look like what they are gay and lost drugs to help them forget!

  • Rodney Johnson

    MadameNoire. Proving that they are not only ignorant… but quite stupid.

  • MissTruth Hurts

    Tahj Mowry is funny looking just like his funny lookin bug eye sisters…thee end

  • Randy Irvington

    I wonder what Meg Butler, the author looks like?

  • Politically-INcorrect

    This article is RIDICULOUS. FULL STOP

  • Indigo Mcleod

    This is exactly why I unliked MN on FB… The articles are mean and immature, like so many other blogs directed towards black American audience. That’s why we are limited when it comes to socializing. Who writes this mess, Honey Boo Boo..?

  • GG

    I think he looks good, so I don’t know why they have him on here?????

  • GG

    He look normal to me also.

  • James Crowley

    who writes this crap ?

  • billdoge

    I want to know how the author look. I bet meg butler is some greasy two cent sandwich eating witch looking hood rat

  • MrTToftheWest

    okay, unless you had pics of down and out crack head meth using folk who came down hard on luck, they look normal and two of them not bad either. This is nit picking!

  • Jan Brown

    Tevin is still a cutey!!1

  • Chelsea

    Who wrote this article?…………………………………..

  • Sandianne

    this article made me LOL!

  • Kay

    really?? Malcom Jamar Warner??? He is still a best seller…MN you are wrong.. go back to the drawing board for this one.

  • Reava J

    This list sucks! Half of these dudes were NOT cute when they younger and most of them still look look the same. Just aged! Put to put Malcolm Jamal Waner and Tahj on this list is just stupid! They are BOTH VERY HANDSOME! And I don’t know what up with Joey Lawrence in this photo, but he aged nicely. He looks MUCH better than he did as a kid!

    • Reava J


  • your truly

    I cant believe Brandon Adams is on here…OMG he is just so fine

  • Victor Steele

    Fair is fair…now print pictures of Meg Butler at 13 and now at her present age. Probably not as cute (though might have gotten more shallow).

  • blubunni1993,

    Why is tahj mowry on here I mean really

  • Tamira D. Moore

    Malcolm Jamal Warner still looks good… Tahj is a cutie and Brandon Adams looks like a 33 year old… Still attractive. And I think “Bud” still looks the same as he did when he played Jordan on ‘Sister Sister’… He really hasn’t changed much. Actually, most of them look the same lol

  • Keri

    Real talk, more than half of them, none of us thought would grow up to be fine! Bud??…lol..come on man! Even though, he looks pretty good. Who had a crush on Bud???….or Theo?? Really…

  • Keke

    Okay this is stupid most of them looked fine unless they were never attractive in the first place

  • biglittlemason3

    In all fairness, I never thought Malcolm Jamal Warner was handsome at all. I think I got caught in the nostalgia of a black family doing well. He certainly didn’t age well…..jmo!

  • WIllNasty20012

    What a fucked up post. I bet you wont do one for Black women!

  • Reesey SoInspired Sweetz

    normally I love your countdowns but this one seemed petty and overtly heartless. People get older and their “boyish looks” fade. So what of it. Many are talented brothas who dnt deserve your ridicule… smh this one was bad for your image… imo

  • Arcaderaider

    I dont know who wrote this article, but i can safely assume that she is an insecure , judgmental , self hating , dickhead.

  • Rusty Limbaugh

    THAT IS ACTUALLY A PICTURE OF TEVIN CAMPBELL – NOT ROMEO. I don’t have to guess the cultural bias the writer of this article comes to images of black people with… it’s apparent.

  • Acappellla

    Brandon Quintin Adams is ugly? I remember him from long ago but the pic of him grown is not convincing me he is “ugly”.by any stretch of the word.

  • Giggles and Laughs

    people who read the entire article and then complain and talk about how “mean” it was….Come on! Its for laughs and clearly someones opinion. Ppl love to complain, if your problem lies with the article you could have done more than leave your useless comment in the comment section. Fake Activism is the same as none. Have several seats

  • nani

    Tahj Mowry is good looking

  • Capnsaveemm

    Marcus Paulk looks like a Black Alfred E. Newman from Mad Magazine.

  • Mara528

    Bud from Hanging with Mr. Cooper????? WRONG TV SHOW…….The Cosby’s please and thank you.

  • Guest

    Really.. Steven Anthony Lawrence, not to be rude but, Really?!

  • queenbee9

    I think we have just be subjected to the Meg Butler bias–for most of these men-I- think they are still fine–no a lot of them no longer look like their baby pics but who does? I think this is more of the men not fitting Butler’s ideal and her projecting that her tastes are the rest of the worlds’ taste.

  • Ems

    As for Marcus Paulk, ears?? how about teeth?? lol. he still looks cute to me:)

  • Ems

    Romeo still looks delicious! I give up on this website, publishing any article without a hint of practical editing.

  • Ems

    I just saw Malcolm Jamal Warner recently and he looks just like he did on the Cosby Show. He is still sooo cute!!

  • LadiiLike

    This man is gorgeous! This was so a** backwards. He was not a cute kid at all, but age has treated him very well! Back up off him, dang….


    Brandon Q. Adams looks good to me. I’ll holla


    Jason weaver is still handsome. He doesn’t deserve to be on this list. BTW follow me on Twitter YOFAVORITE_DAE

  • handsomelustyblackladbrad1953

    How ’bout Leif Garrett?(for you older gals.)A LOT of ladies thought him HOTTTTT!!!!!! in the late 70’s,but after all those drugs,he now,I hear,resembles an aging-AND CERTAINLY NOT GRACEFULLY-crackhead!!!!!

  • handsomelustyblackladbrad1953

    If beauty is subjective,why do SO MANY good-looking babes think me studly-AT 60?????

  • charm

    no one thought, at least not me or anyone with eyes, thought stephen anthony lawrence would grow up fine! he was NOT an attractive or cute little boy. he was very peculiar looking, and still is

  • Sheila

    So much hatred …smdh

  • Curtain2

    I disagree with most of these. These men are ok to me. The writer must be a beauty that is out of this world.

  • Rachelle

    Malcolm Jamal Warner and Tahj Mowry still look good to me…

  • imadime

    this site consistently publishes the most negative b.s. for no reason at all. i’m done over here.

  • Gary Logan Hobdy

    So, some over-obsessed woman decided to belittle some men who were “cute” kids but are now, in her opinion, less appealing than her expectations. She should post pics of herself as both a child and compare it to now. Let’s see how she fairs.

  • Samuel Fray

    Many of them weren’t cute to begin with.

  • nn

    Marcus Paulk still looked fine. smh!

  • Dan

    Meg Butler…..Kill yourself. I have seen some horribly disgusting pointless articles on the web, but this has to be one of the worst. To imply that these kids grew up to be unattractive is just wrong. None of these guys have anything wrong with them. Post your own damn picture so we can make some snap judgments about your appearance. It’s people like you (and the morons that on this site and would allow you to post this article) that is dragging this planet down.

    • Harley Jensen

      I know this is a year old but telling a person to kill themselves is worse than calling a person ugly.

  • Dadzooks

    Meg Butler needs to post a photo of herself when young and what she looks like now. Most of these folks look pretty normal. What a stupid article. The author is an idiot.

  • jellybelly

    some of these actors are still handsome, you must have lost your top smh lol you have no taste at all its sad! romeo from immature? really? now your tripping hes still cute the f*&$!

  • KStar

    I disagree with the Jason Weaver comment… he’s hot.

  • PixyPrincess

    I’m going through these pix and all I can think is how did you think any of these guys would be good looking? Most were ugly kids and still look the same.

  • mgamer

    this is the worst waste of an article ever! no good reasoning behind any of them! so lame!

  • gfgff

    This site is trash.

  • PghPaisan

    There is absolutely no redeeming value to this “article” whatsoever. It was mean spirited. Whoever this moron Meg Butler is, she’s nothing but a wannabe demeaning people to disguise the fact that she can’t write.

  • ijusdome

    Jason Weaver is still fine. #Haters

  • Guest

    Clicked on the article just to comment – this is really mean spirited. The author should be embarrassed.

  • Andrea

    I still think Jason Weaver is cute! I will always have a crush on him. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Andrea

      And Brandon Adams. He’s still cute, too! And like others have said, there’s nothing wrong with any of these people. OMG. Run out of worthy things to write about? This is just sad and mean and pointless. I’m disappointed. ๐Ÿ™

  • unclewoo22

    This is some shallow crap right here…

  • Nat

    By the way. Tahj Mowry, looking SHARP!! :))

  • Nat

    Didnt finish it. Horrible article hahaha

  • vicki poo poo

    I know someone who knows someone who works with Meg Butler and they were in the stall next to Meg while she was using the potty chair. They told someone who told me that every time Meg poops, it smells so bad even Fabreze can’t cure the stench. Come on Meg. Change your diet already.

  • Karen

    I couldn’t get past number ten. Meg Butler you are so full of crap. Only someone with issues about their own looks would write this mean spirited trash. If I ever see your name on an article again, I will definitely by pass it, because truthfully. You have nothing to say when you begin to make up a story. No one wants t read this rubbish and you are definitely in the wron profession.

  • Grammar Guy

    Y’all is a contraction for the words “you” and “all”. As the apostrophe takes the place of the letters which were left out, it makes absolutely no sense to write “ya’ll”. What two words is that made from??

  • Xeph

    Pretty sure she has no idea what she’s looking at

  • For the love of F**K it is Y’ALL not YA’LL!!!!!!!! Ya gonna use it, DO IT RIGHT!!! It’s shortened from You All… You All, Y’all!!! For Do Not we use Don’t not Do’nt! Sorry, pet peeve.

  • sistaB

    Tevin Campbell was also caught with drugs.

  • Sara

    I disagree with this list. It’s just plain mean and subjective.

  • Gabby

    This would have been better if the article was simply a “remember them” article. I disagree with the “author” on so many of these. Plus it’s just downright rude. I hope this author is some sort of supermodel with how harshly she is criticizing these men.

  • Fai

    Dear men who are slandered in this article: Don’t bother with the opinion of the child (or childlike adult) who wrote this article. Real women like myself would be fortunate to land a guy like you, assuming you had a personality to match your good looks. Thank you.

  • Mimi S

    He was a cute boy. He is a handsome man. Is this just one person’s opinion, or was a survey taken?

  • Mimi S

    He looks the same. He was an ok looking kid. He’s an ok looking adult.

  • Mimi S

    Maybe something is wrong me, but I think he is cute.

  • Why hate on people for growing up?

  • Shame on her…

    Did anyone make it through this entire slideshow? This is the WORST article I have EVER attempted to view. It is mean, disrespectful, and degrading. The arrogant author obviously suffers from horribly low self-esteem and needs a reality check. I cannot believe that this website published such an article and played a video with TD Jakes right next to it. I cannot believe that this article was published at all. And, I cannot believe it is still up for others to view. I have never visited this site, and I never will again.

  • goodbye

    Ive never been a big reader of Madame noire. Just would see articles here and there. But, after this BS… I now have a permanent bad taste in my mouth. This is horrendous. It’s classless and rude for no reason. Everything that’s wrong with “urban media” (and yes, I call out black media) Even the lowest TMZ-style mainstream celeb sites don’t just decide to come up with a list for a the sake of insulting completely average (and in some cases handsome) men. This was very MediaTakeout-ish. Do better. Or don’t. I won’t be back to find out.

  • Noneya

    I’d like to see how she looks like whoever Ml made this article. You know whathappened? Life did that’s apart of growing up. Please grow up

  • Summerbreeze1913

    Boy this is a shallow judgmental article….i couldnt even finish looking at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert

    A completely pointless, negative, and mean spirited article. I’m really sorry I clicked on the link from another website. MadamNoire, is this how little you think of the sensibilities of your viewers? I’ll be sure to stay away from your content in the future.


  • yourmama

    later .

  • yourmama

    I concur !

  • yourmama

    uh hu that’s whats is been sayin allsallog

  • Blanche Quizno

    Joey Lawrence is starting to channel Mr. Bean.

  • bigmama shoe

    malcolm is still a handsome young man and a few other of the photos you have shown the adults look ok I would like to know what they are judging them on? put your glasses on before you start judging someone

  • DizzyHarmony

    Kenny Blank was never cute/handsome. IMO

  • DizzyHarmony

    I still think Malcom is handsome. That was a really bad picture of him.

  • disqus_BO2TM8Nm0A

    you sound like a hater.

  • Krob

    Who are you and why haven’t you gotten your eyes checked recently?

  • Toi

    First of all, beauty is in they eye of the beholder. Secondly, most of the men on here are still quite handsome in my opinion. Thirdly, I would like to see a picture of the author and request some opinions are made about her.

  • This list is flawed, most of them look okay. Is this a male prospective?

  • There is nothing wrong with Jason Weaver, don’t do that!

  • Felicia Inmyhappyspacedonotdis

    Now come on, Romeo is anything but an average looking Guy. Admit it. He’s HOT and could talk them panties right off of your butt right nah!! As for the others, it was nice to see them again. I’ve often wondered about Tevin Campbell, but realistically “No Surprise” Most of them were (to me) Unique looking little Kids, and they have aged into unique looking adults. But I did enjoy seeing them again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nikki Nitro

    I’m glad to I see I am not the only person who did not like this article. I enjoyed seeing what the child stars now look like as adults but I was very disappointed with the negativity of the author’s comments. I felt like I was watching someone get bullied. I just quit reading the crap she wrote.



  • Kemetia

    I want to see how Meg Butler looks.

  • andy

    lets put meg butlers(authors) pic up here and pick that dumb tricks looks apart. your ugliness and shallowness on the inside makes your outside butt ugly to me, I don’t have to see a picture. I wonder who touched you as a child too mess you up so much??? dumb shallow turd!!!

  • Hater of your article

    Who ever wrote this article is cruel. Post your picture as a child and now and let us pick you apart. You need to use your manners….you sound like the bitchy cheerleader in H.S that makes fun of everyone so that you look better…NOT!

  • Calee SuccmySwag Santana

    I never thought any of them would grow up fine. But who even cares?

  • BrownBetty

    Did you actually put Malcolm Jamal Warner on this list?? I’m going to need somebody to put that pipe down. Foreal….That Brother is fine! and a stand up Black man.

  • Angelena

    This is one of the most dumbest articles. Majority of these men are still very fine!!!

  • Some lady on the internet

    This article is mean and pointless. None of the men represented in this article is homely enough that you had to go out of your way to denigrate their looks like this. Also, if this was a post about how “ugly” someone thought Black actresses had become as they aged, we would rightly be tearing that author a new one. I know I’m late to the party, I just clicked over from another article I was reading, but come on. There is no need to be this negative and needlessly divisive. This website has the opportunity to be about something besides mean-spirited listicles calling celebrities ugly.

  • Hello

    It’s crazy you put up a picture of Romeo from Immature. I was just thinking the same thing. As a kid, I too thought Romeo with his hazel EYE and golden blond hair was the most beautiful boy in the world, second to Batman. I just peeped Romeo’s twitter. He looks like that man at the gas station buying cigarettes. Just average.

  • Hello

    Listen, Theo was cute. But by the time show ended he began to look fugly. So, I’m not surprised about him.

  • anonymoose

    Meg Butler’s flow chart for writing an article:

    Find black celebrities.
    Write 2 sentences about celebrity based on moron opinion, typically untrue and nonsensical.


  • Isabella

    What a mean and pointless “article”.

  • charles

    I fine the comments about the artist as they appear today are slanted towards what a low class black from the black community would say. They are written to get a laugh and a rise from the reader even if the reader may not see that in the hell the critical writer is observing. There is not followup about the lives of these actors and they look as attractive as would be expected. Please name the low class black writer who fills in the comments?

  • Chingaling21

    Shame on you. I regret reading this article. They all grew up looking normal to me.

  • The Chuckler


  • V

    This is a really catty article. Kinda makes my soul hurt that you think you can judge people like that.

  • Danielle

    I don’t understand how any of these people are on here they are all beautiful the author of this article needs to get her eyes examined.

  • PAM


  • Jane Smith

    Ninety percent of these men were never attractive and nobody ever had a crush on them. I’m sure no one knows why 14 was even listed…

  • Breanna

    This list is the worst thing ever! So many people on here that really shouldn’t be! I don’t understand. Not only is it mean, its untrue!

  • davidfGuest

    It’s fine. I hate fat chicks. None of these guys are dating 10-pounds-of-s***-in-a-5-pound bag, so they do too.

  • Odetofear

    this is a fucked up, mean spirited article.

  • Erin

    This is so horrible and mean. I’m totally disgusted. Wow.

  • Chris

    Some of these guys don’t look that bad. This article sucks.

  • dthompson1313

    And we wonder why our kids today grow up with self esteem issues. This article is straight up bullying and nothing more.

  • SSM

    Get a life Meg Butler! How do you look? I bet all of these people that you are talking about are living a life that you cannot have. HATER!!!!!!!!!

  • julia

    i think everyone looks great. this is a bad article.

  • Meg Butler Fan Club

    I’d sure like to see what a disappointment Meg Butler turned out to be. At least these kids all had a career and most still do. It’s sad when you have to make your living over what you consider other people’s downfalls.

  • Steve Woods

    Megan Butler, the author has no room to talk about looks. Google her, she looks like the Predator. Megan who gave you the right to judge people’s beauty. You wrote a pointless blog about nothing, trying t be funny and you fell on your face. Post your picture on here if you dare, and le everyone take a crack at you. I doubt you have the nerve to do so. So until you do, either apoogize or STFU.

  • DNA

    This is one of the worst “articles” ever – 95% of these child starts simply look like adult versions of themselves as kids. Uh duh! Thanks for the news flash. Such unnecessary hate in this.

  • Dan Bianco

    Let’s post an article in 20 years showing how much worse Meg Butler looks. What a mean-spirited article.

  • K

    But they’re all normal, attractive people…………………………………..

  • Naani

    I was expecting it to be extremely busted but 90% of these guys look perfectly fine…

  • Libertarian Advocate

    And you women always look great when you age??? I’d say this piece is alot more than just a little sexist!



  • Meg Butler Sucks

    Shittiest article ever…

  • Jay Eters

    Complete joke of an article and a waste of space and people’s time…exept for Culkin, everyone else has aged as one will expect. If you have nothing to write about, just shut up. You make a fool of yourselves.

  • Lena

    Tahj Mowry is very handsome! He may not be the typical jock but that doesn’t take away everything else, specially his talent as an actor. Joey Lawrence looks absolutely fine, yeah, he aged a bit but you guys picked a horrible pic to compare with his old one. All in all, most of the actors you showed look fine nowadays, it’s ridiculous to think they’ll look like children forever.

  • olivian

    He looks like one of the winged monkeys in the movie The Wizard of oz

  • PeterPat

    Meg Butler has lost her mind. None of these guys deserve to be on this list. I would love to see how you look to pass such mean judgment. You are obviously blind.

  • J

    Well , One question to the published HOW DO YOU LOOK. It’s not your right to label who’s fine or not. By the way I believe ugly isn’t a physical thing but how you treat others. Good day to you and god bless

  • SpecialK

    You would be better off fixing this jacked up sight that does not render properly than focusing on foolishness.

  • Shaun

    The name of this site should be changed to Madame L’Imbecile. Are you in grammar school? What is the benefit of putting down people for their looks. What do you look like? Black people deal with so many magazines and articles which don’t recognize us because of how we look, and here you are doing the same thing. I’ll not be visiting your site anymore and will let your advertisers know the reason.

  • Sunshine Gal

    this article is soooo disrespectful!!! we all age and look older!!! they were teenagers when they were famous, time marches on!! this is a terrible article and in my opinion everyone looks just fine!! it’s not like this author has won any beauty contests, etc. and also, some of these pics are badly taken!! i think this is a very mean article and saying you’re only cute when you’re a kid, but now you’re ugly. they all look fine to me, but again, there’s no need to judge someone just on how they look like!!

  • Educatedblkgaymale

    They got older!!!

  • Sally H.

    Hey Meg, how about letting us see “before” and “after” pictures of you and let us see if we think you grew up fine.

  • non_believing_granny

    Let’s see a photo of the author “then” and “now.”

  • Really?

    I agree with all the other posters. This article is very negative and all of these men look just fine. I wonder what the author of this article looks like. Hmmmmmm?

  • Steven

    Truly, come on! You are looking at like the CUTEST kids ever – that’s why they were famous, just a cut above the rest. So, let’s see, take the cutest kids in the world and then find an adult cuter. Not gonna happen – pretty much the same thing as a puppy and a dog. DUH!!!!!!!!! Self esteem check for the author – gross.

  • Spirit 76

    I don’t think Kenny Blank is ugly. I mean he’s not Morris Chestnut but he DAMN SURE ain’t Flava Flav. Blank is a handsome man. . .

  • Spirit 76

    IDK how Tahj Mowry got on this list b/c if you don’t see he’s fine, you need a trip to lens crafters for a pair of new glasses!!!

  • Karolyn Harrington

    I think they look good. I think the person who thought of this article is a douche

  • ZodLovesMaude

    Steven Anthony Lawrence= hideous

  • ZodLovesMaude

    Steven Anthony Lawrence= hideous

  • ZodLovesMaude

    Steven Anthony Lawrence= hideous

  • ZodLovesMaude

    Haley Joel Osment= fat face that never grew with his body. He still looks like a litlte creepy kid only with facial hair.

  • ZodLovesMaude

    Malcolm Jamal Warner- that was 30 years ago? He looks normal…. what the hell is wrong with people?

  • S.A.-diehard gamecock

    Excuse me, but from this middle-aged mom of a wonderful son myself- Tahj has a “beautiful face and smile”- if I were his mom or family these pictoral comments you’ve included him in; would be “fighting” words !! Stupid as they are !! Anyway as they say you have a “right” to espouse yr opinion, however dumb others may think it to be !!!

  • Michele Brock

    It appears like MadameNoire and Meg Butler have taken great pains in finding what THEY PERCEIVE as the most unflattering snapshots of these stars so that they can be publicly humiliated and have people to poke fun at them.

    WHY? Is this sort of thing a ratings booster, helps to sell magazines, what? Are my counter posts helping them in that vain? I’m not going to take any chances. I’m done commenting on this crap of an article. I don’t condone it. I think that it was written in very poor taste.

  • Michele Brock

    Malcolm Jamal Warner is FINE! In my humble opinion, he is growing older gracefully like fine wine! MadameNoire and Meg Butler are tripping hard.

    Meg Butler and the staff of MadameNoire should post pictures of themselves as youth and how they look now and let the public scrutinize them.

  • Michele Brock

    Tevin Campbell looks the same to me only he looks a little worn because of his alleged lifestyle. He looks like he’s lived a long hard life, but, he is too young to look so worn. Other than that, he looks the same to me, but, obviously much older than when he was in his prime during his younger days.

    I will NOT help MadameNoire, Meg Butler, and the media tear him down any further than what he’s already done to himself.

  • Michele Brock

    Tahj Mowry is just as handsome as a young man as he was cute when he was younger!

  • Michele Brock

    Jason Weaver is not a cute little boy anymore! He’s a handsome young man!

  • Michele Brock

    MadameNoire and Meg Butler are tripping! I don’t agree with this list AT ALL! This is their subjective opinion of these young men and they obviously couldn’t think of anything classier to write about. This piece just tainted my former perception of MadameNoire.

  • iReply2Idiots


  • In the know Indianapolis

    And could anyone who knew you then imagine you would grow up and be so mean spirited. All these men look fine, and some are down right handsome adults, but you have an ugly heart.

  • hiphopabgurl

    tahj mowry looks great to me. he reminds me of bruno mars a little bit…

  • Michel

    Lets see a pictures of Meg Butler 25 years ago and now. Jealous skankery written all over this article.

  • Anthony Alexander

    This writer is a jerk. This shallow and disgusting.

  • countnnita

    Why would you think this one here would grow up fine?

  • countnnita

    He looks the same as he did as a little boy but now he looks hot and sweaty and could use a shave.

  • countnnita

    Saw him in the streets one day. My friend was like Hi, I remember you. How are you? He continued to walk as if he was all that. I told my friend to stop trying to talk to him. It’s people like us that made him who he was and he should remember that.

  • Michael

    Maybe the author of the article needs to strip off her makeup and take a long hard look at herself in the mirror before she sits down and dogs out people who have grown up. And of course use the worst possible pics of a person to DEGRADE them further. Child stars 30 years later….DUH don’t look the same lady….they grow up and age….just like you have too…GLASS HOUSES MEG, GLASS HOUSES!

  • Kathy Vickery

    What is going on? Why are black child actors being attacked as adults? Esp in bad taste is the children’s pictures when they were toddlers and now adults. This is in extremely bad taste. If this article was on CNN there would be a public outcry, that is it here there still should be. Shame on the author and the website.

  • PM2901

    Sorry, but Malcolm Jamal Warner grew up to be a VERY handsome man! Who put him on this list?!

  • KYLE

    I have to disagree w/ Joey Lawrence. Okay, granted that’s a pretty bad photo, but he looked damn good on the first season of ‘Melissa & Joey’, but I admit I haven’t seen him since then so it’s possible something has gone askew.

  • amazedwhatanAholemegis

    hey meg…how fugly are you? just curious. i mean if you are such a scumbag bully piece of crap either u are fugly or you smell like tuna. which is it loser?

  • tommy

    that’s not romeo its tevin Campbell. romeo was killed in a car accident

  • atwitcher


  • Thedonjuan

    Some of the people they have on this list, don’t even look bad.

  • JokersGirl

    He did not grow up ugly. He looks like a handsome grown man.

  • Brandon

    Steven Anthony Lawrence has been and will always be the ugliest person i have ever seen in the tv/movie business. Wtf is he doing on this list to begin with, whoever expected this kid to turn out good looking is a dip*hit.

  • Tee

    I agree that this article is slightly mean-spirited and, frankly, unnecessary. Haven’t we evolved as a people? It’s time to stop putting ourselves down. We’ve had to endure that abuse for centuries, and there are plenty who still wait for any reason to bash us. It’s bad enough that we are labeled the least desirable race on the planet. While it is a fact of ignorance, do we need to show our approval by this waste of publication space? (Btw – what’s wrong with Tahj Mowry? I don’t get it. May we all be blessed to kerp a youthful look as the ages move on. Looks pretty handsome to me.)

  • CF Sista

    Okay, this article SUCKS! There is nothing wrong with the men I looked at. Girl/boy – BYE!

  • KCee

    This is an article we can do without. Very mean spirited and low class.

  • Ed

    Too bad we can’t find a cute childhood picture of Meg Butler (the person who wrote this) and then an unflattering picture of her today, post both on the internet, side by side, so we can all take potshots at her.

  • Why am I even on this site?

    I’d like to see a picture of the author (and I use that term lightly) of this ‘article’, because to call all of these people ugly, she must be the most attractive person ever…. Or maybe she’s not…

  • Why am I even on this site?

    I’d like to see a picture of the author (and I use that term lightly) of this ‘article’, because to call all of these people ugly, she must be the most attractive person ever…. Or maybe she’s not…

  • Lamont Briggs

    What an awful article. I bet whoever wrote it isn’t exactly a stunner either, and most of these guys look just fine. If you don’t have good ideas for an article, how about not writing one, eh?

  • icecicle

    Sorry but Malcolm looked much better as an adult!

  • nat

    who made this list?? they have no idea what they’re talking about.

  • jahvon

    Literally one of the stupidest articles ever created. MN who approved this foolishness.

  • yeahisaiditsowhat

    Message to the author:
    How about posting a “before and after” picture of yourself for all to see?

    As spiteful, mean spirited, and judgmental as your write, surely you must be one built to absolute perfection!

    Let us all see what you look like! I’m sure everyone here is very curious to gaze upon your certain radiant beauty from years ago and today. Comments?

    • icecicle


  • JzzE1

    Marcus Paulk is still a cutey pie!

  • jeanluc

    I don’t get it, these folks seem perfectly normal to me.

  • Concerned

    Who is Meg Butler and who pissed in her cornflakes the morning she decided to write this? I can only imagine what she must look like. Stop hating yourself Meg, embrace your own unique differences and you will embrace those differences in others. Once you are able to do that, you can start to spread positive energy into the world. You have a platform to reach a large audience and I think you should really reconsider how you decide to use that.

  • Cambridge F Ross

    u wrong for this one lol

  • Juanita Miller

    Many of them were not cute kids. Your refinement increased as you got older.

  • Dee

    where are are the ugly women? why are all of them men!

  • Grace

    This article was mean spirited but I have to say I was shocked my Brandon’s appearance. Some should have never been on the list. If you’re going to put the lil fat white boy u might as well add the fat boy from Ken & Kel show. Marcus from Moesha wasn’t a cute kid or adult. I never had a crush on Theo. I suspect some of the aging, frail looks are from drugs.

  • Fatima

    this list make no sens for real these guys still look great. I don’t know if MN ran out of topics but not feeling it

  • Diva Brown

    Moesha’s tv lil bother was always funny looking

  • Nicole

    Are we looking at the same Jason Weaver?? He does not look rough at all. You must be blind.

  • effingreat

    Is this article for real? Someone got paid to write this garbage?

  • EON

    Tahj Mowry IS NOT UGLY…. and he IS talented

  • NH

    I have to disagree with this author, most the guys on this list look fine. Must have been drunk while coming up with this and couldn’t see right.

  • LuKas Kasdan

    Wow! This is a pretty classless, shameful article. It negates any assertion the Madame Noir is a reputable online magazine.

  • โ™ ยฎ

    Look, Malcolm Jamal Warner IS fine as an adult. He’s 43. What do you expect a 43-year-old man to look like? He can STILL get it!

  • Articles like this is why i question why i still like MN on facebook…



  • Shakira LovelyDay Holt

    This is mean-girl BS. There are some aspects of the gossip and celebrity trade that don’t have to be replicated here. The people featured in these kinds of lists are people. If you were to come across yourself or someone you love in a cold-blooded write-up like this, you’d be deeply hurt. Anybody would be. There’s nothing wrong with being hip, cool, and current AND having a heart. Damn.

  • Eddie Cantave

    Lol… for the longest time I thought Marquise was the Black dude in Psych. My bad Dule.

  • ron dees

    Ms Butler should post a then and now photo, or she could just bend over, grab her ears, and pull her head out of her azz.

  • wow

    Malcolm Jamal Warner???? Are you serious? I didn’t see anything wrong with most of the guys on their list other than they grew up. It happens.

    Now if some black male oriented sight had put together a list of sisters who were cute back in their younger days who fell off, all h*ll would have broken loose. This list => not cool.



  • Sandra

    I want to see the person who wrote this, because many of these people are not ugly.

  • cielodrive

    This is a very mean article


    This has to be one of the dumbest articles I have ever read.People grow older just like the idiot who wrote this article.They aged.They could not remain young in appearance forever.The only thing that matters is their ethics,morals and how God view their hearts.

  • Ted Twis


  • tintin

    Marquis Wilson is scary looking. Good God But they all pretty much look the same except McCauly. And I think Malcolm Jamal Warner grew up fine as hell.

  • Dafuq

    This article is horribly shallow..Some of these people look good, and some look like someone took the worst picture possible and posted it to say they ain’t pretty anymore…To be honest, this is a cruel article trying to rag on how people look. Is everyone on tv supposed to grow up to look like a model? Just because they didn’t, does not make them unnatractive…Some of these men are perfectly handsome…

  • Lashay1

    I disagree with most of the people put on this list, especially Romeo… are you kidding me?

  • Lisa

    Ok, Meg. You need to get a grip. Beauty is subjective and just because YOU don’t think they are fine, doesn’t mean your readers are going to agree with you. You should have picked a better title for this article.

  • Gregory771

    WHY is Yahoo running scam ads disguised as news on all their pages and linked sites?

    Anything labeled ‘AdChoices’ or ‘sponsored links’ are worthless spam at best, attempted

    identity theft at worst. And Yahoo is helping them steal your money….

  • Amy

    So the author of this article is successful and good looking?

  • BlueGirl

    Slow news day? This is absurd.

  • kit

    THis is super racist

  • Guest 3000

    I think that Jason Weaver, Brandon Adams, and Deon Richmond look fine- just older… Tahj surprised me.. I thought he was gonna be beating grls away w/sticks but I guess not..(esp due to the fact that their other brother is CUTE!) I feel like they shoulda also put Orlando Brown(That’s so Raven)

  • Frances

    Mostly everyone looked great. DJ Connor of Roseanne became a handsome man, and Dion looks good ! What is wrong with you people and your crazy opinions ?

  • Crystaly2

    Meg Butler….what cloud are you on? The guys pictured grew up to be very handsome men.
    Your comments are distasteful. Shame on you.

  • Nikki C

    This was the dumbest article stop ragging on people what the heck do you look like …a majority of these men look fine..Jason Weaver looks very handsome and so does MJW come on get yourself together and grow up

  • icecicle

    Romeo looked like a straight up thug on that pic on left! He looks much better now.

  • icecicle

    I have to say when Joey Lawrence resurfaced yrs ago I didn’t recognize him and my mouth dropped to the floor partly because he looked so manly!

  • icecicle

    And why y’all had me thinking Tevin Cambell was Romeo?

  • icecicle

    I think J. Weaver still looks the same, but u r right about Romeo! Lol

  • crazygemini12

    This article is really mean. They didn’t get ugly-they just grew up. Maybe the author should post some pix of herself and we can all judge her and make judgements about whether she looked better 10 years ago. This is just rude.

  • Cpt. Obvious

    Is it a coincidence that over 80% of these people are of color in this obviously biased article

  • Spielberg

    Some of these actors look almost exactly the way they did as kids only 20 years older and some were not cute as kids so why would you think they would grow up to look like Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington???

  • TryThinking,Dummy, 1956

    I’d also like to see MS Butler’s greasy face and see if she has the right to speak on anyone’s looks! Dumb. Black. Bytch.

  • TryThinking,Dummy, 1956

    Whoever wrote this “article” is a real idiot. If you don’t have anything to say…go back to University of Phoenix online and finish your associate’s. All you’re doing is feeding into the stereotypical inferiority of Black media.

  • Alexis Morris

    there is no way that steven kid could have grown up to be fine.

  • Alexis Morris

    there is no way that steven kid could have grown up to be fine.

  • sweet-pea

    REALLY!!!!! What’s wrong with Jason Weaver???? Nothing!!

  • F.A. Ellis

    I don’t see anything wrong with Malcolm.

  • chicity2020

    I want to see a picture of the person who wrote this.

  • Teka King


  • maiya

    What a hurtful and hateful article…I came to see celeb’s whom I enjoyed as a teen grown up. I did not expect the snarky and acidic comments…perhaps we should look at your adult from child pictures. Good luck to your classmates if you ever attend a school reunion.

  • Kevin Smith

    I’ve caught like two articles from this site completely at random the past few days and it has to be the most shallow collection of garbage I have ever seen. Tacky…

  • sinsual

    they were all physically ugly as children lol

  • *Googles Brandon Quintin Adams* Ionowho that is…

    Kenny is still handsome to me too!

    • MrYeah

      Brandon is kid from the People Under The Stairs and Mighty Ducks lol Even had a few rolls on Sister Sister and a couple other tv shows…No home but Im fan of his work

  • Maaaaan…that Malcolm Jamal-Warner grew up to be just as FINE as he was as a Huxtable!!

    As for Tevin…man…My heart still breaks over him. We were supposed to (gracefully) grow old together. *heavy sigh*

  • Kayla

    Take this article down!!!!!!!!!
    Not only does it offend me but think how the people feel who are a part of it.
    Who ever wrote this article must think that they are God’s gift to the world .. for the sake of humanity take this article down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • roo08

    awwww sorry they didn’t grow up and make your eyes happy
    there there

  • Jea Pro

    Whoever wrote this article is RTD. All of them looked perfectly fine to me. Are you still in high school or should we hide our kids from you because you tend to be stuck on boyish good looks.

  • bliss

    This is way too negative for MN… I expect more from you guys.

  • Hamilton

    Boo! Mean spirited and immature writing. Few look as they did as a teen (Johnny Depp aside). People grow up – hopefully your writers will, too.

  • Private_Eyescream

    Macaulay Culkin looks just fine for being a clone of John Waters.

  • Deez

    I think they all look pretty damn good MN, and from what I see alot of people agree!

  • Anita Rimjob

    the only 2 I don’t agree with are Theo and Bud. they both look perfectly fine. you did forget one of our super crushes that ended up looking quite rough. Todd Bridges! and why is everyone being do harsh? sheesh. have u never heard of humor? lighten up and go find some political blog to rant on #itsnotthatserious

  • mainstreamisoverrated

    I see sites that men frequent who do this stuff as well and I don’t see one man who defends the honor of the ladies that are being dogged. We don’t have to stoop to their level.

  • mainstreamisoverrated

    This article is mean and not what should be on this site. Lets take a look at these celebs with mean souls,not people folks think aren’t attractive.

  • melody

    Wow…Meg Butler must be perfection in human form the way she’s judged these people so harshly! If I’m being completely honest most of them looked just fine to me and if anything Romeo aged really well…phwoar!!! Grow up Meg, these men have nothing to be ashamed about as far as their looks are concerned. Not everyone can be as perfect as you apparently are treacle!

  • Miss Lee

    Honestly this article is a waste of a post.. each of the fellas are attractive and they are doing their thing… I still love jason weaver lol… taj mowry is very handsome. .

  • Charles Almon

    I’ll bet “Meg Butler” weighs over 300 pounds at 5′ 1″ tall

  • Charles Almon

    What an absolutely hateful “idea” for an article

  • JTerry

    Not sure what the author was smoking when they compiled this, but a lot of these men look just fine now (Malcolm Jamal Warner, Jason Weaver, Taj Mowry, etc). And in my opinion, Marcus Faulk actually looks better now than he did then. It’s like somebody got a catchy-sounding idea for an article, gathered all the male child actors they could think of and put them in here. This was some mean-spirited, apparently-can’t-think-of-anything-better nonsense.

  • rika

    Umm… Romeo and Malcom Jamal Warner still look good to me! This is article is very unprofessional and mean spirited. I expected more from Madame Noire :-(.

  • patchbran

    this piece of tripe highlights everything that is wrong w/ the internet. you must be quite the beauty queen to feel entitled to lay such waste to people’s lives like it matters. i will never read anything else you write. ever. again.

    • melody

      Why stop at beauty queen? The sun must shine out of her back side if she feels she’s entitled to lay such harsh judgements on other peoples’ appearances.

  • Sonja’s Ernie


  • kellster

    This article is mean spirited and embodies everything that is ugly about the world. Shame on u.

  • mimi

    Tahj Mowry is cute to me!!!

  • Kristina Daye

    It’s amusing how the media is all about how we have to stop bullying and making people feel badly about themselves, yet they are reigning champions in doing it themselves. Trotting out opinion pieces on a subjective thing like beauty is not news..It’s not the media’s job to print opinion..aren’t they ‘supposed’ to remain objective?

  • Jayla Goliday

    Come on who wrote this? No way they were trying not to be mean. Most if these men look perfectly fine. No one expected “Beans” to be fine! Leave him alone.

  • Guest

    Alright who wrote this? There’s no way they wrote this without not trying be mean. Some of these men look perfectly fine and no one expected “Beans” to look fine! Leave him alone.

  • robyn

    didn’t like this

  • gr8nessnme

    This post is a total waste of space. It was very mean spirited. In my *Sweet Brown tone* Ain’t nobody got time for that.!

  • swella

    Whattttt? They look good. Maybe the writer got a Thing for pre pubescent boys,lmbo cuz malcom jamal is as fine as he wanna be. I like my men to look like been so have a seat on this one

  • Dee

    This article is tasteless and appears to have been written by someone who has low self esteem and desires to spread negativity.

  • Tan

    Really is it a shock that “beans” , that boy from parent hood and bud. dj from rosanne looks weird? They always did. Malcom. Jason. Joey. Tahj. And the areboy from moesha and romeo r attractive still. But MALCOM IS MY #1 PICK!

  • Steph Whittaker

    I bet you the person who wrote this post looks like crap.

  • Steph Whittaker

    this is a horrible post.

  • therealmc

    who ever wrote this article is a dummy I wonder what your mugg looks like.

  • SexNdaCity

    The writer of this article should probably take a look at themselves in the mirror. This “article” rubbed me the wrong way. People can’t help the way they look. Very immature.

  • Stacey

    Come on if you saw your best friend get shot and killed right in front of your face you would age too! I think he looks good! I’d give him some still!

  • shay

    I still think he’s fune look the same to me just older

  • Christan-Joy Demeritt

    Jason Weaver was my biggest childhood crush and he STILL looks good!

  • shanita

    This article was WACK. How does the author look compared to his/her yester-years??? #fail

  • Guest

    Horrid, silly article. Will not be back to this site no time soon. The autoplay madamenoire videos is pure water torture enough. Betta pray that don’t nobody dig up your pic online, Meg Butler. Be nice.

  • Yolanda

    You have to be stupid or gay!…. Malcolm Jamal Warner is fine as hell!!! You all just decided to try and find the worst photo.

  • Brittany N Jones

    this was stupid, only a couple of them turned out not so great, everyone else looks normal and even cute…

  • Stephanie Todd

    Um who the hell had teenage crushes on home alone dude and tia and tamara’s brother?? really???


  • NickeyNak

    Whomever wrote this dumb “What Happened?!” article is just that…DUMB.
    Plus, they’re dumb. ๐Ÿ™

  • Hazel

    These are normal people. People age, and thanks to good genes, some age better than others. When they don’t ‘look old enough’ you have something negative to say about them. And when they look ‘too matured for their age’, you also have a negtive comment.
    Have you given any thought to their health? Maybe they had one illness or another, that too can change a person’s features – unfortunately!
    It is wise not to jump to conclusions too quickly.
    To the person who wrote this piece – ARE YOU MAD!!!!!

  • Eddie Gardner

    Stupid article! VERY few adults if any look as good as they did when they were younger. It’s called growing up. Whoever judged these people should look at their own younger pictures. Besides, most of them look normal as adults. This article is just like some kids trying to check each other. Stupid and annoying. You can do better as a journalist.

  • rchelle7

    I could not even finish reading this.I stopped at Malcom Jamal Warner. The commentary is ridiculous, hateful and spiteful. Unbelievable…..and this is not the first time. This is just someones own opinion talking down about people, and you need to stop. Who needs to see this negativity? Not me….

  • Jrobin

    This is terrible, horrible and horrific. How dare our childhood stars grow up and mature! Wow MN you have reached a new low. In how we see ourselves and the world around us. The only ugly here is this article.

  • Sosidity

    This may be the meanest article ever.

  • fern

    I said the writer must look like the model kate upton to have the gall to make fun of people’s looks but i’m so color blind i didnt’ even realize all the people she was making fun of were black until i started reading the comments. ok, so the writer meg butler must look like Beyonce. suuuuure she does.

  • fern

    This is such a mean spirited site and I’m sure the writer, Meg Butler, was a big fat bully in school. It’s why the world is so hateful now. I sure MB looks like Kate Upton to have the gall to be be making fun of peoples looks. I can also tell she’s not the brightest bulb in the box by her grammar…”fast forwards”…wow, really meg? you think that proper? hmmm…you should look for another line of work. Maybe burger flipper at Mickly Dees

  • FindingAtlantis

    The irony here is that this article was written by a BLACK WOMAN. Black women are consistently ranked at the bottom pits in terms of looks. You know what they say- don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house!

    • Andrea Dudley

      and who the are u to say that black woman are not good looking. speak for one and not all. I’m a black woman and I know that I’m beautiful you need to check yourself how you look before you start where you’re typing black women!

  • Rita Balenciaga Von Teese

    NOTHING is “not so cute” about Romeo and Taj. Jason Weaver looks fine, Joey Lawrence looks fine Malcom Jamal Warner looks fine…this must have been an “i’m bored” article because you guys are WAY off on some of these Then it seems like you just went through picking ANY child star, even those that are known to not be so attractive.

  • Covergurl

    this is just plain mean. are there no other article ideas that the MN team could have thought of in their team meeting? #Positivity #PeaceAndBlessings there are so many other things to write about.

  • Lisa Middleton

    I must be old. I don’t know the majority of these people.

  • This is so bad

    This is a terrible article. These men do look pretty normal, and the couple that are off look like just bad pictures. Very immature and very demeaning. Should any of these actors read this I think you look great and wash this bullshit off your shoulders. Do you. Don’t let these cattie media wannabees get you down!

  • Erica

    Usually I really like your post. A lot of your articles and YouTube vids are positive and uplifting so what happened here.? Most of these men that you are bashing look fine and what do their looks have anything to do with what type of men they turned out to be. How about we accept people for who they are and not what they look like. Get it together MN

  • cleva

    what an awful article. smh.

  • Juicy

    Jason looks Gud wtf r y’all on

  • Leviah Israel

    This is the dumbest article yet! Most of those men are very fine and still successful! Don’t see anything wrong with Malcolm!

  • kea

    Seem like haters to me get your own life what did you look like 15 or 10 years ago

  • lynn

    This article was pathetic. Maybe some of these guys wasn’t really concerned about looks and had more important things on their minds. I hope who ever wrote this don’t have some unforeseen events happen in their life that change their look in a negative way.. some people don’t think before talking….

  • Crystal Price Moncrief

    Who put this list together, most of these men should not b on this list. This seems mean!

  • Biiond Liza Ellen

    This is a very mean spirited post. I’m thinking Madame Noire may not be the place for me anymore. Gee Whiz.

  • kafreedadiva

    Oh no, don’t do Tahj! He has gotten sexier with age!

  • Eriqah

    Um Tahj Mowry is GORGEOUS. I dont care that he still looks young. He got good genes!

  • Nikky

    This man is nice looking.

  • Stick2somethingelse

    Very Mean-Spirited article. The writer had nothing nice to say about anyone.

  • captainbadtouch

    why day all blak tho?

  • T_Rocka1975

    I really don’t like MN for this story, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, wont y’all do a story about how all y’all at MN look, and let us be the judge of that then. Aint nothing wrong with these people.

  • HoneyDew

    Y’all were clearly reaching trying to find an article to write because most of these people look alright to me, especially Malcolm-Jamal Warner!! That is a gown a$$ FINE a$$ man!!!!

  • JudgeandJury

    Joey Lawrence got hairplugs and I think he looks great with it!!! Damn, DJ Conner… Looks like a worn out Italian mechanic, dressed for his daughters wedding. Macauley looks like JIm Carrey, as today’s Jim Carrey, rough. Personally think the whole Mawry family were ugly kids… kinda still are in a way,but Ive seen worse.

  • Really

    WHy in the hell was Young Rome on this list. His looks improved with age…who the hell let’s these people write these articles?

  • amir bey

    None of them look bad; you always wanna be started something. Stay positive and enlightening, not negative and unnecessary!!

  • Taunya73

    I think that Jason Weaver is still cute.

  • Ladybug94

    I will have to piggy back on what everyone else has said. This article wasn’t needed. How about doing an article on a great jazz, funk legend (George Duke) who recently passed.

  • Malik Brooks

    Macaulay Culkin looking like “Home-less Alone”

  • key

    This was weak MN! Real weak . . . Try a little harder please. Or maybe this is all you think your readers are worth

  • Ben Teichman

    seems to me Meg Butler has a thing for kids. And black people.

  • unque43

    MN, you had become my to go place for current news, that I felt kept me informed with news that is truthful. Which is hard to find these days, but this article is down right mean and uncalled for. Maybe the author of this article should post his younger self compared to his/her older self. I am sure there is a difference. Just be careful how you treat others. I know in our world now their is an attitude of anything goes, doesn’t mean its is right and in the world we live in with so much crime and hate this was not needed. Shame, shame, shame, shame on you MN.

  • FLO

    Ditto to what everyone else is saying…the author of this article is pathetic and really need to find better things to do with her time…Ms. Butler, please get a damn clue. These men, mostly are still doing positive things, did not blow away their lives on drugs or law trouble and are successful in other endeavors…get a clue B*%$#

  • CoCo Lee

    I’m sorry but Jason weaver is still handsome 2 me I love me a Dark Brotha!!!…. Tahj is adorable also… and Brandon Adams.. still looks good 2 me… He look a lil stressed but sometimes when you witness your bestfriend (Romeo from the Steve Harvey) get killed and knowing you could have been hit 2… Can do that 2 u.. ijs

  • Star

    This is Mean spirited writing. Keep on living. You will age too. Who looks like they did as a kid?

  • Crystal Wiley-Brown

    I would love to see what Meg looks like since she’s such an authority on who’s fine. This is insulting and ridiculous.

  • Maile00

    I wouldn’t have thought that was Romeo. Wow.

  • Aaron J. Mitchell

    C’mon now! Y’all picked a bad pick of Joey Lawrence! lol

  • DivaSurprise

    I’m interested to see how “fine” the author of this article is. Unnecessarily harsh I thought. Tut tut MN.

    • Tawanda Harris

      I thought the same thing!

  • gr8p

    Umm….*pulls out chair*….ummm…I’m a need a minute on Tevin Campbell.


    Y’all sure that’s Tevin Campbell.

  • Jessica2248

    i think Jason Weaver is very nice looking!!

  • SoulFYAH

    All these men look normal. Stop hating and following “eurocentric” ideals of what is “fine”. It is a load of bs to be frank. People go through things in life. I wanna see a picture of some of these bloggers bc they post a lot mean ish sometimes.

  • Sheena Hill

    Quintin Adams is all the way fine, Jason is still cute, Tahj is a cutie and Malcolm got better with age.
    Why on earth did you think lil dude from parenthood and stephen lawrence was ever cute in the first place. Never

  • SimpleSophisticate

    Garbage article..and definitely insulting to say the least. Is MN trying to become a tear-the-people-down gossip site?? It’s articles like this that let’s that type of behavior live on. Not impressed.

  • Mmelrose

    Lmao @ we have some bad news

  • chiguy11

    Where’s the pic of the writer? Let’s see what they grew into. THIS is why bloggers get a bad rap … some of them don’t have a clue. This is the DUMBEST list I’ve ever seen, and Ive seen some dumb ones. The Comment Disclaimer talks about “profane or derogatory language.” That describes this article and a few others. #MESS Do better people.

    • Nikki C

      Exactly wanting to put people on blast put a pic up of the writer shoot

  • Mmelrose

    Can you imagine how disrespected these actors must fell? This is not nice… Especially since Malcolm Jamal Warner, Kenny Black and Deon Rivhmond look fine. Can’t tear these brothers down man. If they were Trayvon Martin you’ll be screaming revolution but now your dragging them down.

  • Candice D

    You guys are so mean for these…and THEO? Really, this pic is not the best, but that boy grew into a handsome man!

  • Monica

    Jason weaver and tahj look fine…

  • C_Dot20

    Tahj Mowry though?!…he was a pretty child, he is now a pretty man. Shoot, I’d go to church with him on any Sunday!

  • Taureann

    I have a few choices that shouldn’t be on the list, such as J Weav. He’s from the Chi. grew up in the neighborhood not to far. He was never a Hollywood pretty boy even though he lives in L.A., he has average man looks that’s more realistic. It was his voice then his acting that got him noticed. He’s still a cutie.

  • Brandi G

    Yea this was a bad list and umm Brandon Adams is still fine!! Mmmm mmmm lol

  • Adrienne Ferron

    and tahj mowry is still a little cutie

  • Adrienne Ferron

    joey Lawrence is still hot…

  • BABE


  • BABE


  • jenn

    I don’t think that was romeo in that second pic

  • Neicy G Johnson

    im not a fan of this one……come again because tahj mowry is still a cutie!

  • Guest

    I completely disagree with

    • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

      Thats Beans(Even Stevens) right? LMAO!!!

  • Meena Yusuf

    So much shade, MN. Lmaoooo.

  • Shamika.

    Jason Weaver looks fine to me! *smirk face emoji*

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    Taj could get it

  • Gigi

    I have to cosign with most of the comments made here. And I have to add that the photos that were included in the article are not current for some of the celebrities. Tahj and Joey are both currently on the ABC Family’s Wednesday night summer line up and both look good every week.

  • Sweetrose78

    Malcolm Jamal Warner wasn’t handsome to me when he played Theo, age definitely worked in his favor. There’s nothing wrong with Tahj or Quintin…the rest I’m a little confused as to what the author saw in them when they were younger.

  • mikki

    Burn in hell who ever wrote this headline.

  • FromUR2UB

    Most of these people look like they did as kids. But, Steven Anthony Lawrence??? See, there went your credibility. I wil never believe you again, when you say a man is fine.

  • toastedink

    This is a mean article.

  • ch

    So why do you have to demean people because of their surface? We don’t make ourselves and this article is the only ugly thing here.

    • SimpleSophisticate

      AGREED!!! An UGLY article by Meg Butler.

  • used to like him

    Damn ,what happen to Tevin.

    • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

      Life is what happened. And the fact that no one was checking for him anymore.

  • I never thought Theo was cute but people looked weird in the 80s, they would never pass as cute today…y’all should have put all of New Edition on here

    • Whitty Huton Wuld Toor AKA DD

      I think Theo had swag because it definitely wasn’t the looks. Don’t forget everybody was on him with the Gordon Gartrel shirt.

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Half on here STILL look good… 1/2 of em… That is all…

  • Rasharne

    Joey looks scary

    • He was actually cute on the Game (back when it was on CW)…I think a bad haircut and styling are to blame

      • Whitty Huton Wuld Toor AKA DD

        Okay even though he’s flaming here a little bit I still think he looks good. And the bald look he had on the Game made him look even sexier.

      • And them drawn on Ken doll eyebrows makes him look a little drag queeny.

  • bluekissess

    This article is DEAD WRONG. I would like to see MN staff before and after pictures

  • AnonyChick

    Y’all are dead a$$ wrong for this.

  • vintagebrat

    MN reaching again. Most of these dudes look the same as when they were young. Somebody was either bored or going through their own personal problems to come up with this list.

  • Bits

    I don’t think any of us thought Kenny would grow up to be fine lol.

  • Bits

    I don’t think any of us thought Kenny would grow up to be fine lol.

    • Meg

      Personally I think he is.

      • CF Sista

        Agreed – Deon is a good-looking man. This article is, for lack of a better description, REAL UGLY. :/

  • Cocolicious

    Jesus, ya’ll are terrible. lol

  • Cocolicious

    Jesus, ya’ll are terrible. lol

  • cryssi

    Tahj is handsome, all he needs is a goatee to look go’s age.

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    Tahj Mowry still looks cute, WTF are you talking about?!? I swear this list looked like it was written by a shallow high schooler.

  • MzPW

    Sorry, but this list wasn’t that good of a write-up. Most of the fellas are pretty normal looking, some even turned out to be pretty handsome. Others? Well…..

    Try again, MN.

  • Pam

    MN, come on now. Did y’all really think that Michael Fishman and “Beans” (Steven Anthony Lawrence) would grow up to be fine. Really…..? Now Tahj Mowry is cute as pie. He just still looks like a baby, so I get that. But, how are you going to say that Malcolm Jamal Warner didn’t grow up to be fine?!?! Intelligence, looks and talent. I’ll take him.

    • I agree, Malcolm-Jamal Warner is the entire package. (Swoons)

      • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

        I heard he had a nice ‘package’ too! Lmao!!

        • Whitty Huton Wuld Toor AKA DD

          Dang Momma Dee you didn’t say boo on the reunion lol

          • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

            I know, I know. That’s why you must tune in next week… The white gloves come off and you will see how the Queen gets when a BICTH crosses the line.

            • Whitty Huton Wuld Toor AKA DD

              Lol. I’m going to post this tomorrow but I’m GLAD Mona did something about her hair. Even though Mona is Steebie’s boss, he should have been called her out on her edges!

              • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

                now you KNOW you wrong for calling her out like that! But someone clearly pulled her to her side and did it so yea u right…

                • Whitty Huton Wuld Toor AKA DD

                  Shoot somebody had to say it. It’s like a car accident you don’t want to look but you end up just looking anyway. Mona has a crap load of money and edges look a haute mess lol.

          • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

            I know, I know. That’s why you must tune in next week… The white gloves come off and you will see how the Queen gets when a BICTH crosses the line.

        • Whitty Huton Wuld Toor AKA DD

          Dang Momma Dee you didn’t say boo on the reunion lol

      • Lisa

        The article makes me think she has something against dark skinned brothers.

    • Beans was definitely a funny looking child, the fact that he always looked “special” but was “normal” puzzled me…they need to add Blossom, Six lil midget body, Michelle & Stephanie Tanner…matter of fact, just the whole TGIF line up

  • Kenedy

    Malcolm Jamal Warner & Romeo from Immature are still fine as hell to me

  • Most of these fellows weren’t that cute to begin with, so it’s not a big surprise. As for the others like Jason Weaver and Malcolm Jamal-Warner (Theo!) they look fine to me, they just got older, that’s all.

    • Meg

      Jason, Malcolm and Deon for me!

    • BreathofFreshAir

      For real. I think Malcolm looks pretty good for his age…looks like a marriageable type of guy

  • Angelitis

    Uuuuuhhhhh they weren’t THAT cute as kids….sheeeeeeeesh

    • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

      That’s the 1/2 that grew up funny lookin, lol.

  • Chas

    OMG DJ Conner!!!!!! speechless…………

    • Lol I was like he looks good for a 50-something but homey is the hardest 31 I’ve ever seen!

      • Whitty Huton Wuld Toor AKA DD

        Meth…….sike, jk lol. He does look crazy hard.

  • ashley79

    Tevin Campbell looks the same now as he did than. I think we just realized he wasn’t that good looking. -_-

  • Laine

    Come one now MN, most of them looked perfectly normal.. I think! lol

    • Nicole

      Exactly! This is a mean spirited article. Beauty is subjective. No one person gets to define what is considered “fine” and what is not.

      • Snowy

        Exactly. Except for where they purposely picked the worst photo they could find of the actor, they all look fine and healthy, and I think Fishman, especially, grew up to be especially handsome. This is just a mean list.

        • Ashley

          It would be entirely different if it were a bunch of people who were beautiful before plastic surgery or something…..But seriously…How did Joey Lawrence end up anywhere near this list?!

          • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

            His only crime is “over” grooming, but I was shocked to see him on the list.

            • Mike

              For the universal truth of life in 3 pages, Google “TruthContest” and Click on “The Present”.+++

          • Joey Lawrence is still beautiful, that was a bad picture.

          • Yeb Bebe

            Joey Lawrence is still fine and still got an incredible body for his age. This article is as insecure as the writer who wrote it.

    • LawGirl713

      This article is negative, demeaning, and VERY immature. People go
      through different paths in life and sometimes their struggles show on
      their face.WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY OR OTHERS HAVE BEEN THROUGH, SO THIS PASSING JUDGMENT ON OTHERS REALLY NEED TO STOP. However, to belittle them because they are not what you consider to be
      “fine” IS downright ugly in itself. On another note…perhaps the
      author should learn the difference between an adjective and adverb, when and where to use “but”, and when to use a semicolon properly. I guess those writing skills from 4th grade didn’t grow up to be “fine” either, yet here she is…writing about what’s wrong with OTHER people.

      • Tayee

        DAMN SAT the author ALL THE WAY DOWN lol

        • D. Rose in the paint

          LMAO @ “all the way down”

          • DaTruf

            Not a little bit, not half way, not kinda. ALL the way down. Hahahaha!

        • Lucky502

          Girl, she made ME sit all the way down and I didn’t even say anything!

      • amir bey

        I agree; thought this site was about something and it’s not. Have to shut it down if I don’t see better. We have enough negativity in the world; to focus on someone’s looks is asinine.

        • fern

          yeah, i thought it was gonna be about child actors who’ve gotten into drugs/jail etc., not their physical appearance. The writer must be an 8th grader.

          • Yeb Bebe

            Or she was a bull in 8th grade. Bullies grow up to be a-hole adults.

      • BeeFromNYC

        Exactly! Agreed! I am a burn survivor who was burned in a fire when I was 19 yrs. old whom was trying to save My mom in Brooklyn who was shot then light on fire by here ex boyfriend who proceeded to torch the place. Now 25 years old an living my life, I like to think I’m still somewhat of a handsome guy but then you come across articles like this that really shows you how demeaning, superficial and ignorant some people can be when we don’t know what these people have to deal with on a daily bases..Any type of negative entertainment at other peoples expense is just really….sad. :0(

        • York

          Please don’t let this misguided crap make you feel any type of way about yourself! This article was obviously written by a small-minded author with an even smaller career if this type of “journalism” continues! I would like to believe that there are more people ABOVE this type of behavior than below!

        • hq

          I know this comment is a month old…but please don’t let shallow, pedantic articles like this get to you. Things happen in our lives that are out of our control, and this article is just disgusting. Of course they’re going to look different because they were children!!

          I am sorry about what happened to you, but just know you’re still beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Adam Wiemers

          Isn’t the anniversary of that in like two days? Whatever happened to the boyfriend?

        • Devvie

          Bee the vast majority of people cannot stand these kind of negative entertainment or superficial articles. Thank you for sharing your story with us. You make such important points and are a remarkable person for having come through so much in your life. Don’t be sad hon because this is just an ignorant article and it doesn’t reflect society.

        • MissTruth Hurts

          182 just because his told a tragic fucked up story. Sir, I’m sorry all that happened but it has NOTHING to do with this story. and the rest of you are a trip I see some of the same names who wished harm on & was glad certain reality stars got beat up & fucked up just because they dont like their attitudes. So GTFO with your bullshit

      • rchelle7


        • da,what ?


      • crackerjacks

        You nailed it!

      • amazedwhatanAholemegis

        she is clearly a bully and i hope she enjoys her miserable existence im sure meg (the author) is a piece of work (trade work with another 4 letter word and im sure it fits) go back to middle school meg

      • joe smith

        Has anyone ever heard that old saying, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”? Well, this applies to you, Ms. LawGirl. You go off on this poor writer simply for her opinion and then belittle her lack of grammatical skills all the while making your own embarrassing mistakes. You tell her to stop passing judgment and then turn around and do the same to her. And by the way, it’s not “need to stop,” it’s
        needs to stop.” And it’s not “show on their face,” it’s “show on their faces.” Sounds like someone has trouble distinguishing between singular and plural verbs. How does that feel?!!

        • Yeb Bebe

          this poor writer? this write may be financially poor (because clearly she can’t get credible employment outside writing childish articles on a blog)…but she’s no victim. SHE put her insecure, tacky, mean spirited shade out there and people are rightfully responding. When you act a fool, don’t play victim when called out on it. This article was FOOLISH and so was the “author”…would love to see a pic of her though.

        • lisha

          OMG!! This is too funny. I find myself judging other people on fb (with a negative comment) then go look back at what I wrote and see how many typos I’ve made! I feel so stupid afterwards. More importantly, it makes me think – NO ONE IS PERFECT AND I NEED NOT JUDGE ANYONE ELSE. Good lesson.

          • cool

            yeh dont judge

      • Rasha

        *Standing ovation* yASSSS

    • NarutoFriendOmoi

      This list is also very bias against men. I mean they could have put on that black girl from save by the bell who now looks like a crappo

      • Lisa Turtle…her name is Lisa Turtle! LMAO

        • tommyfan


      • sinsual

        lol yes she’s a hot freaking mess

      • Lisa

        Lark Vorhees is her real name.

      • Angelena

        Lol.. she was so pretty then, but now.. I will just leave it at that.

      • MeMeMeMeMe

        Nah y’all… This is wrong. Lark Vorhees is SICK. Like literally she has a disease which is why she puffed up like that.

      • MissTruth Hurts

        Chile Jasmine Guys looks even worse > twitpic(DOT)com/dtq1gv and Christopher Williams too > twitpic(DOT)com/dtq104

        I guess we can think it but not allowed to say it.

    • chaka1

      This was a typical mean-spirited article for any of these Blawsip-related news sites and blogs. I’m not surprised at all.

      • So true. This really turns me off against the website. We have enough negativity in our community without our own blogs putting down people. A lot of respect lost here. This is just mean.

    • lacey

      not sure why you thought they were going to be fine when they were pretty ruff looking to begin with

      • davidfGuest

        Your spelling is pretty rough, you duckfaced monster.

        • lacey

          Tevin is that you?

    • hollyw

      About 5 slides in, I said the same exact thing; most of these celebs just had bad pictures…which I’m sure MN intentionally scouted out. Like, if you don’t have enough material for an article you want, just don’t do the article…

    • Dev

      I TOTALLY agree!!! except for a select few, they all looked quite alright. Just because they don’t fit Hollywood’s expectations, doesn’t mean we should criticize them!! Some of them even looked cute ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

    • Yeb Bebe

      I wanna know who the author of this article is who managed to stop the clock in her aging process and is a flawless beauty. Someone please kindly post a dang pic of the author so we can play Miss Universe judge and assess her looks the way her vapid behind is doing to these men. I bet ALL these men are better looking than the busted bitter female who wrote this article. It’s blog posts like this that set women back.

      • Politically-INcorrect

        Thank you ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Dreรกm Bongo

        “her vapid behind”…LMAO! The comment is 2yrs old but I couldn’t resist

    • ballerMD

      I think the only ones I agreed with is Tevin Campbell and Macaulay Culkin – those two really haven’t aged well. Most of the other ones weren’t bad at all.

    • Daniel Parker

      With exception of McCauley Culkin, Tevin Campbell and Steven Anthony Lawrence, the rest look pretty normal. Not a good list at all.

    • Sandianne

      normal maybe…but FINE (nope) lol

    • Cynthia

      I am thinking the same thing; who wrote this article. People are going to change as they get older. Get a life!