Video: 73-Year-Old Singer Lester Chambers Attacked By Woman On Stage After Dedicating Song To Trayvon Martin

July 18, 2013  |  

There Lester Chamber was, on stage at the Hayward-Russell City Blues Festival in Hayward, California, minding his business, singing his songs. The 73-year-old performed this past Saturday before the verdict for George Zimmerman was even announced in Sanford, Florida. But in an effort to promote peace, Chambers dedicated Curtis Mayfield’s “People Get Ready” to Trayvon Martin, and before he could even get good and through that joint, 43-year-old heifer festival goer Dinalynn Andrews Potter jumped on stage in front of Chambers, and proceeded to knock the elderly singer down by pushing him. She was quickly subdued by his bandmates, and then arrested on “suspicion of battery” before being released. According to the Huffington Post, Chambers was treated at a hospital for his injuries, which included a bruised rib muscle, nerve damage and soreness according to his son Dylan (who posted a photo of his injuries on Facebook), and was released as well.

His wife told the Mercury News that Andrews Potter “must have been an acrobat. She did it in one leap. He didn’t see her coming.” But according to the video, he clearly watched her hop her behind on stage and get in his face. Chambers even says that when she got in his face she called him everything but a man of God (saying “You motherf**ker, you started this!”). So even the idea of her being arrested on “suspicion of battery” is confusing considering it was caught on tape. While I don’t have words for this type of behavior since I’m just fuming at the ignorance in the video, as for Chambers, he said in an interview that if he could tell Andrews Potter and the world anything after his attack, it would be to “Get a little God in your heart and a little love and your soul.” He’s better than me. Yes Lester, this woman needs Jesus…and a good shaking. Just saying…


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  • MeMyself&I

    The laws of this land change from state to state that’s why you must research where you lay your head at night



    • NSimonefan

      Well, that’s IF they do put her in prison.

  • Jim T

    I am white and male. I dont condone this behaviour especially when either party has nothing to do with the original incident in the first place. Not all white people are evil . And some of us are peace loving citizens who have no racial bones in our bodies. Just like some not white citizens are peace loving and get along with white skinned fellow humans. Its the 21st century now people get over your skin colour and thank God youre born or live in a country with everything one could ever want.

  • Kerry

    Wow, look at all the racist blacks on here. The girl had no right to touch the singer, but all you racist are why things are getting worse in this country. If I was to stoop to your level, I would talk about how ignorant all black people are if the comments on here are evidence of the black mentality across America!

  • Sydney Evans

    Disgusting! Like he’s 73, that didn’t mean anything? You just saw a black person and was like Aw hell naw. Smh

  • Kelley Bennett

    put her as on a stage and we all take turns slaping the mess out of her

  • Steady Freddie

    She looked threatening. He should have shot that b!tch.

    • TShells

      He would be the one to go to jail, since, he is Black. White people either want you dead or in jail…they’re really evil.

  • Andrani

    And then people complain when we play the race card. They say we’re angry for no reason. Smdh. What the hell is this about then? If he were white and she were black she would be in jail. America has got to be the most racist country in the world. It’s just hidden. Proof or no proof, these whites make up their own truths.

    • chanela

      right. on yahoo’s comments in articles about the trayvon martin case, you see a bunch of white people saying that black people complain too much and constantly play the race card, at the same time you see WHY because a whole bunch of white people comment that trayvon was a thug who got what he deserved and that black people should have never been freed from slavery. smh

    • TShells

      They are just scared of being confronted by their own demons and evil spirit of racism.


      We don’t play the race card. It’s the hand we’re dealt sitting down at the game table. So we don’t have the luxury of asking for a better hand, or a new deck, or a new dealer even. We play the hand, as dealt. And most times we kinda lose the game, and sometimes win a little. But it’s the same dealer, with the same cards, at the same table. And we been playing this decrepit card game, since we got off the boats.

      • Andrani

        Well, that’s the reality of the matter.

  • p

    he need to stand he ground!!!! n knock the hell out of her

  • ilovemovies2

    ps forgot maybe she was afraid of the song! People get ready . hmmm Dang!

  • ilovemovies2

    I hope he pressed charges and sue the pants off her!!!!

  • CC

    He is a senior citizen so she should be charged for abuse on the elderly. That holds a good sentence.

  • Chrissy

    If people want to act ungodly and go to hell, that’s on them. Don’t be foolish and follow them in going there by forgetting who you are and whose you are! I’m very proud of Lester Chambers!! That woman needs Jesus in a hurry! Lol, She lost all cool points for acting unladylike and ungodly. God is love children. And you don’t return malice with malice, but with love. Peace.

  • cyntem1972

    While holding her down, I would get in a punch or two. Whites are crazy and getting very bold now. I am glad I have a concealed weapons permit.

  • She isn’t locked up because of this????…Yeah I bet the stand your ground wouldn’t apply . America, home of the damned if you do damned if you dont. smdh.

    • Kenedy

      Right? she was arrested then released? no charges? wtf???

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    White people gone crazy, smh! Get well Mr. Chambers.

  • CC

    Smh *sighs*

  • Terrell Williams


  • Blak Anon

    He should have stood his ground and knocked her azz out.

    • TShells

      He would be the one to go to jail, since, he Black. White either want you dead or in jail…they’re really evil.

  • nick

    Wtf is “suspicion of battery” when there are tons of ppl there who saw and taped her assault an old man? And why isn’t she in jail?! Gtfoh with this

  • Dee

    If that was my father she attached on stage, The ICU would have been her home for a few months!!!

  • Kit23

    What kind of trash attacks a 73 year old performer on stage? Why isn’t she in jail? It’s on video. My parents used to always tell me there were two different sets of rules; I never wanted to believe it, even when I experienced it. There is no doubt in my mind that my parents were correct.

  • yuneygirl

    White people are crazy!

  • Nikia D-Shiznit

    Would he be standing his ground if he had knocked the Jesus out of her? She’d be causing her own battery by hitting him first……

    • CC

      Lol, sounds like he needed to knock some Jesus in her!!!