Don’t Sleep! 9 Tyler Perry Movies That Aren’t That Bad

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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

If you were to take a person of another race and make them black for a week, there a few things they would learn pretty quickly. 1. Racial profiling is real. 2. Maze ft. Frankie Beverly’s “Before I Let You Go” is the unofficial black national anthem and lastly 3. The community, particularly the Bougie variety, do not rock with Tyler Perry. Obviously there are legions of Tyler Perry fans but there’s certainly an equally large group that can’t stand his work. There are people who act like they get paid to throw shade on Tyler and his work. Cough Spike Lee Cough. And while there are plenty of haters among the “reading black” community, I’m here to let you know that not all of Tyler’s work is as bad as people would have you believe. So if you’re one of those people who’s sworn off T.P., maybe you should check out the films below.

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  • SAS

    The only one worth seeing was Daddy’s Little Girls. And it really wasn’t worth seeing, Idris Elba was.

  • KC92

    Temptation was great. It taught me a lot about relationships and how the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

  • Nita

    This pissed me off. TP Movie that aren’t really that bad. What the heck do you mean by that. You should come up with another caption. Fool

  • M Womble

    I must say, I had never heard the bit about the unofficial black national anthem and I didn’t know that “the community” doesn’t rock with Tyler Perry. Both of these are news to me. Maybe it’s a regional thing. I saw Frankie Beverly and Maze perform back in 1974 on a college campus and have always been a fan, but an unofficial black national anthem, I’ve never heard anyone black suggest this, so I learned something. I am a Tyler Perry fan; I love his plays and have enjoyed most of his movies. None of them so far have been major award material, but as suggested, for many people, they’ve done what they were intended to do–entertain. In my location (assuming regional), people seem to go see his movies (or not) based on their movie preference. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the fact that they are TP’s productions. So, I learned something else. Somewhere out there, people are TP haters, for some reason or maybe no reason other than it’s TP.

  • Movie Watcher

    I would replace For Colored Girls and Madeas Big Happy Family with I Can Do Bad All By Myself & Madea Goes to Jail. Big Happy Family absolutely sucked in my opinion. It was sooooooo ignorant. Anyway, I agree with every other item on the list. Perry has made good movies… it just seems like he’s fallen off within the past few years =

  • AbbysBiggestFan

    The only Tyler Perry movies I like are The Family That Prays, Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Why Did I Get Married.
    While I adore me some Idris Elba, Daddy’s Little Girl is my second most hated Perry film because there would have be no way in hell a known drug dealer and his girlfriend would have been able to get custody of those kids. I HATE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH but not more than Temptation.

  • mainstreamisoverrated

    I thought this was Anthony Anderson at first…lemme go ta bed

  • opus

    What is that in his nose??

    • Jay

      Lol you are genius for noticing that!!!

  • Likklebit

    Alex Cross wasn’t bad either.

  • Steve Stone

    Huh? His movies may be a lot of things- entertaining, funny, comical. But they are all poorly acted, written and directed. Did I forget predictable

  • ..

    Agree with all except Madea’s Big Happy Family. That was the last movie of his I ever paid to see. Madea’s role was so forced and obnoxious, the “Byraaaaaaaaan” thing got old quickly and come to think of it, I barely remember the plot. It was just unmemorable.

  • Delonjo Barber

    If you can show me 9 Tyler Perry movies that aren’t THAT bad (l adore that caveat, btw), then I’ll show you 9 lies.

  • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

    Why y’all got For Colored Girls and Precious on here? Those are 2 movies that will make a person go into a deep depression. I feel just SAD after watching them. I had to turn from it (For Colored Girls) when it was on BET the other night. Both movies (IMO) are just SAD. Not sad as in a terrible movie but they made me depressed.
    Good Tyler Perry movie, umm… none. I enjoy his plays WAY more.

    • original*ijs

      Yeah i agree. i didnt want to see precious bc i cried at the d@mn preview i was like oh no if i cant get through the preview i dnt need to see the movie and i read the book it was based on so that was enough for me. i heard sooo many sad things that happened on the other movie i was just like nope, not gonna even do it to myself

  • lalaj

    Im a true Tyler Perry supporter. His movies are really entertaining, I’ll always continue to watch his films!!

  • Nek

    Big Happy Family was horrible, Good Deeds wasn’t far from being horrible, and then there are the few that are “bits and pieces” of every other African American movie you’ve seen.

    • PinkandThings

      I agree, Big Happy Family was by far one of the worse films I’ve ever seen. Tht one should hae been replaced by Temptation. I agree with the rest of the list though.

  • Nek

    Diary of a Man Black Woman (2005)!!! lmao!!!! Guess it wasn’t bad, because I’ve never seen or heard of it. Did the writer NOT learn how to spell! CTFU!!!!

  • Sandbrn

    I can Do Bad All By Myself……..Love this movie for lots of reasons, but number one is Gladys Knight, Mary J, Mr. Winans and Taraji. When Taraji sings her moms favorite song in the kitchen, it hit me in the heart. Help Me is now my wake up song, because God knows I need his help on a daily basis.

  • Tiffany Shaw

    I love TP’s Movies some of my favorites are listed above. Like Why did I get married, Daddy’s Little Girls, Madea’s Family Reunion. I also love Temptation and I Can Do Bad All By Myself. I think that the people who take issue with his movies don’t want to realize that whether they like it or not there are people just like this in the world and people who relate to these movies. They want to act like there are no real Madea’s in the world when in truth not only are there women just like here but we need more like that.

  • LMJ82

    I’d just love for you to know that it’s Maze featuring Frankie Beverly….not Mase.

    • Well you don’t say

      I remember laughing at myself because I thought Frankie Beverly was one person. Mt parents laughed and laughed at me. I’m in my 30 and I love the music I just never take the time to see who people are.

      • Lavender

        Frankie Beverly is one person but he happens to be in the group Maze

        • ODWms

          Yep. The name of the group is “Maze featuring Frankie Beverly” (old heads say “Frankie Beverly and Maze”).

  • &.

    The Tyler Perry movies I like are: I Can Do Bad All By Myself, The Family That Preys and Daddy’s Girls. Though the acting done by the cast of For Colored Girls was good, I don’t think he should have been the one to make the iconic play/book into a movie. It was ok though.

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  • London

    i love Temptation I thought that film was so good

    • AbbysBiggestFan

      You are clearly being funny. This is his worst movie.

  • mdoubs

    “I can do bad all by myself” was good

    • original*ijs

      yas! the movie and the play both taraji gave me so much life

    • Dee

      wasn’t that a TD Jakes movie?

      • original*ijs

        i think you’re thinking of “woman thou art loosed” maybe?

  • Nick

    I liked all his movies

  • beemooree

    the fam tht preys is my fav followed by wdigm and FCG

  • Willette Williams

    I loved the ones mentioned in the article but feel his plays are so much better.The play for Madea goes to jail will always be my favorite dvd to go to on a sad or rainy day

    • original*ijs

      yaaas! madea goes to jail was the best his plays are awesome i love his work

  • FromUR2UB

    This article will fall on deaf…uh…blind eyes. Some people dislike his movies because they might believe that doing so lends them kuh-lasse!.