Celebrities Who (Surprisingly) Made Beautiful Babies

July 19, 2013  |  
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Blu Ivy is one of the cutest babies in the world. And one of the luckiest. Because, talented as her daddy is, he’s no looker. And Blu Ivy’s not the only babe to get good looks despite the odds. We’ve got a list of some of the most surprisingly adorable offsprings in Hollywood.

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Eddie Murphy

Eddie may be the best-looking of the Murphy brothers, but he’s not going to win any beauty contests. Lucily, Bria, Shayne Audra and the rest of his six kids will though, they all take after their moms in the looks department.

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Master P

Master P is far from the most attractive rapper to come out of the south. But he sure did make some cute babies — even if they’re almost all grown up now. Lil’ Romeo is adorable (read: fine!), but Cymphonique may be the prettiest face in the Miller clan.


Fabolous is OK looking, but his little man Prince Joso is adorable. The afro and shades look is on point. And we love how proud Fabolous looks to be a papa.

Image Source: WENN.com

Stevie J

Stevie J’s hold over the ladies has never had anything to do with his face, but MiMi is gorgeous and together those two made one of the cutest members of hip hop royalty. We didn’t get to see a lot of Eva on “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta” but here she is, looking like a cuter version of her daddy.

Image Source: Instagram.com

Lil Scrappy

Lil’ Scrappy and Erica have been posting pictures of little Emani all over Instagram. And we can’t blame them. Little Emani is absolutely adorable. And she’s already got a little pint-sized fashion sense. Get it girl!

Image Source: WENN.com

Jay Z

Is there anything cuter than little Blue Ivy Carter? So far it looks like she’s getting her looks from her mama. And we can’t wait for this little member of entertainment royalty to grow up. No matter what parent she gets her talent from, she’s destined to be a super star.

Image Source: WENN.com


Seal is a lot of things, but attractive isn’t necessarily one of them. Lucky for his babies, their mother is a supermodel. Do you think they’ll grow up to work the runway or sing covers of “Kiss from a Rose?”

Image Source: WENN.com

Flavor Flav

We try not to think about what happened in Flavor Flav’s bedroom to get him seven children. Yuck. But while Flav’s baby mothers were rolling the dice in the looks department, they all got lucky with some super cute babies. We especially love little Karma. Just look at that face.

Image Source: WENN.com

Jay Electronica

Jay Electronica is so proud of Mars that he can’t stop Instagramming pictures of her — even though her mother, Erykah Badu, has asked him not to repeatedly. After this picture leaked, Erykah popped in on his account to tell him to stop trying to make her daughter an internet celebrity.

Image Source: WENN.com

Lil Jon

DJ Young Slade is such an attractive young man, it’s hard to believe that he’s Lil Jon’s son. But it looks like he’s inheriting his dad’s musical talent if not his…unique looks. Just look at little man scratch.

Image Source: WENN.com

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg may have a certain West Coast charisma, but his looks are…something his kids didn’t inherit. All of his kids turned out cute as a button. Just look at little Corde working the runway.

Image Source: WENN.com

Meek Mill

Meek Mill is a pretty average looking dude. But his son is just delicious. We personally think he’s a little too young for the bling, but we can’t judge a face that cute.

Image Source: WENN.com

Forest Whitaker

Forest’s daughter’s True and Sonnet have grown into gorgeous young women. It looks like they inherited just the best of their father’s looks. And they may have acting chops too. Sonnet has already made her first cameo in the movie “First Daughter.”

Image Source: Instagram.com

The Game

The Game’s daughter, little miss Cali Lynn Dream Taylor is so cute that she has her very own Instagram account. And it’s full of ridiculously adorable pictures like this. Who knew The Game had it in him?

Image Source: Instagram.com


Diddy’s mug hasn’t been the center of attention for a while. Now it’s his daughters’ time to shine. And Diddy couldn’t be a prouder father. We like him better as a daddy than as a diva anyway.

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  • Tameka Mclean

    Omg, I want to go HAM, but I’m not. Ssooo I’d like to know why is everyone black on this list ? Now don’t get me wrong there are about two or three, I can see why they are on there, but really you mean to tell me, that there aren’t any white celebrity men out there ? Um yeah I’ma need you guys to turn on your tv, go to some shows, concerts or something, cause we running the game in the looks department. So you should know something went horribly WRONG, there’s no way in hell nothing but black ppl should have been on there.

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  • thedude

    I looked at the whole list and waited to see a beautiful baby, but didn’t see one. Maybe the article should be named , “writers you didn’t know needed glasses and journalistic credibility.”

  • your father

    all of the so called ugly people here are black, wonder why, only white people are pretty

    • Guest

      If they are so ugly, why are you trolling on their site, you coward? They must have something you want. Troll FAIL!

  • Sashi

    Am I the only one that realizes all of these so called “beautiful babies” are very light skinned and/ or mixed and have fathers who are very dark skinned? Is this article trying to say that an ugly dark skinned man can only have beautiful babies if the mother is mixed or light skinned? Where are all the darker skinned children? what is up with this blatant colourism? Ugghhh this article is just discussing

    • Guest

      Preach! SMDH!

  • TheMsmother

    Some of these brothers you named are not ugly. They may not have European features, but they are fine to me. smh.

  • randomtandem

    Y’all forgot to put Jermaine Dupri on this list. His daughter is really pretty.

  • Sheila

    I find this whole article cheap coming from Madame Noire…5 steps forward 20 backwards! What’s the point?

  • michele

    this is why I’m sooo pro black love… We have such a variety of skin colors, eye colors and hair types.. Thats a beautiful rainbow

  • michele

    OMG, Lil Mars is gorgeous,Didn’t know she was Badu’s daughter and where is Lil Romeo.. He’s very handsome, both his parents are black why was he not on this list?

  • IG: Taneeka2012

    I was a little shocked that Lil Wayne wasn’t on the list. Reginae is a very beautiful young lady to me.

    • michele

      OMG I was just tell’n my son this guy makes beautiful children but I suspect most is on the part of the MOTHERS

    • michele


    • Christina K

      His daughter isn’t light enough, that’s why MN didn’t include it.

  • ladybcajun

    now the game baby is very cute and adorable

  • sunny

    I would have to disagree about Blue Ivy getting her looks from he mama, Blue Ivy looks just lie Jay Z did as a baby!

    • michele

      She does

  • Gracie

    I’m confused….. THE GAME IS ONE OF THE FINEST MEN ON PLANET EARTH. And his kids are splitting images of him!

  • xyzebra

    Ignorant list. Colorism is alive and well.

  • Marsha

    This List is stupid!

  • Tony Williams

    never ever ever again I WILL NEVER DATE A BLACK WOMEN EVER AGAIN,. i haven’t been on a date with a black female since 2005. October the 5th. it was around 8pm, at a dave and busters, never again.

  • word

    lil scrappy, jay electronica, the game and diddy….their kids are lovely, I don’t think seal’s kids are good looking….Forest’s daughters are from the same mother?? Madamnoire are you sure you meant one and not the other, but felt really obligated to mention both,,,for ‘political correctness’? I’m sorry I still question Jay Z parentage….hahahahah he might pull a MJ on us… Waiting on the list of attractive parents not so attractive kids…oh!??! is that too controversial? #1 on that list…Willow smith..teeheee…

  • Christina K

    Black men are beautiful and they don’t have to mate with a lighter woman to make beautiful black children.

    • michele

      THANK YOU !!!

  • Christina K

    This article is a clear example of what’s wrong with black folks. Thanks MN for promoting self-hate by posting pictures of all the pretty ‘light-skinned’ kids created by darker toned black men. You all need to be stripped of the privilege of posting such offensive content and daring to call it informative.

  • Tiffany

    Slow news day today huh? There’s so much shade in this article lol

  • Britney

    Cutest baby in the world my a%% lol show a picture that’s not touched up lmao

  • Cedes

    That baby the cutest baby in the world lmao she is a cute baby but y’all reachin.

  • Really? MN is doing the most.

  • Tony Williams


    • Tonya Etter

      To turn ur back on an entire race of women because of a few makes u the ignorant one…so good riddance to u.

      • Tony Williams

        I was trying to make a point i myself personaly date black women. but to make an article talking about Ugly black men with cute kids. WHY WOULD ANY MAN WANT TO WIFE YOU OR DATE YOU IF YOUR CALLING HIM UGLY?

        • Christina K

          I read you, loud and clear. This article is the one the absolute worst. It’s a pity more of us haven’t spoken out about it. It’s divisive and shallow. Please, MN, post more pics of those ‘pretty’ light-skinned kids for us to ooh and aah over.

        • Tonya Etter

          Black women have nothing to do with this article. If u want to slam MN then focus on them but don’t throw all black women under the bus for a bs article

      • Christina K

        Learn to read, sweetheart. He’s basically saying that this article is a clear diss towards black men with heavy focus on looks and other shallow things that have nothing to do with a person’s character or their talents. MN is supposed to be promoting black culture, not praising dark-skinned men for making ‘pretty’ kids with lighter/white women. LOL. That’s the real issue.

        • Tonya Etter

          U need to learn to read. He didn’t say anything about MN he specifically said this article is why black men don’t date black women. I’m not sure what the hell I, as a black woman, have to do with this article. I didn’t post it, I didn’t approve it, it has absolutely nothing to do with me. YET this man throws us under the bus NOT the editor.

    • xyzebra

      Tony Williams this list is a diss to all blacks, not just men. Why are there no dark skin girls or boys on the list. Where are the dak skin babies being hailed as pretty. It is harmful to all of us to put one over the other not just YOU my dear. You want to turn your black on all BW over this, that’s on you. Bye!

  • This article is r

  • Barbara Codner

    I was never convinced that Snoop’s kids were his. His sons don’t look like him or his wife. I also don’t believe that Erykah Badu’s daughter is Jay Electronica’s. No resemblance there either. She might not want him to post those pics because she knows that she’s not really his. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Houston

      Jay Electronica’s daughter looks JUST LIKE him. I don’t know where you’re going with that.

    • Miss_Racquel

      Have you seen snoop dogg’s daughter?? she is not as cute as the boys but she looks just like her parents.

  • sugar plum

    Rubbish article, funny how most of the “ugly” celebs mentioned are dark skinned brothers producing these beautiful light skin babas what is the writer trying to convey? This is messed up

    • Tony Williams

      EXACTLY then the same blackwomen will go on oprah or DARKGIRLS and talk about how Dark skin black men dont want them.

      • HollyG

        These men are ugly. Let women have their freaking opinion. What is wrong with you? These men don’t look like Idris Alba or Denzel Washington or Morris Chesnut. Women can and are picky point blank period just like men if you don’t know that then you need a wake up call. This is a universal list 6’0 or taller, nice teeth, below thick and long thanks to the male demand for freaky flicks were the men are all well endowed now women think all men should look like those guys just like men think women should be built like the leading girls in those flicks, nice face, and nice body neither of which any of these guys have, but they do make in the money department. Another thing dark skinned people are insecure due to white folks and their brain washing us to want to look like them. We always get it twisted but we can not forget the damage white people have and still do to us to make us treat each other so badly.

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    How about praising these black men for being there and taking care of their kids instead of insulting their looks, this is just some middle/high school crap!

    • Tony Williams

      OMG i could kiss your feet right now. THANK YOU finally A BLACK WOMAN WHO STANDS UP FOR BLACK FATHERHOOD.

      • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

        You’re welcome, as a wife of a wonderful black man who is also a great father of our daughter, black fathers who take care of their kids are getting overshadowed by the ones who isn’t there for their kids.

        • Tony Williams

          Amen Natasha not saying black women have to kiss our tails, or give us black men a medal. But dang can you editors chill out with the black men bashing! You could have written the title something like ” black fathers and their beautiful kids” or ” fathers with their kids, all black fathers aren’t back” like this article super hurt my feelings, because my father is 62 everyday he went to work from. 5am to 6pm to our food on our table. All the men in my family are the same. Like why not just show black fatherhood in a good light. Their men out there fighting to see their kids, doing all types of jobs my uncle went over seas because the job there paid more. To support his family. Black men give you life, your soul, your smile from Marvin Gaye, to Stevie wonder ,to usher. And this black male bashing has to stop. Im not perfect , but I know that we are in this world together fighting for respect, bashing each others gender isn’t going to help.

    • Christina K

      Well said. There’s a bunch of little girls working at MN, I swear.

    • mixed_girls_stay_winning

      Why should a man be praise for something he’s supposed to do??? hell no you don’t get no brownie point

  • Trisha_B

    I find this list to be ignorant. Ok, the parents may not be lookers to YOUR standards but someone found them to be appealing. If they felt a certain way about their looks, they wouldn’t have reproduced w/ them smh…plus would you really say a child, an innocent baby is ugly? Just stop

    • Danielle

      I agree with your post BUT I’m pretty sure most of the women didn’t fall in love with the guys personality. C’mon on… We’re all thinking it $$$

      • Trisha_B

        But a majority of the guys on this list were fathers before they were a household name so it really isn’t about the money. I see a ton of regular guys that maybe unattractive w/ gf & kids.

  • SMH

    What? Lil Wayne has a beautiful daughter and we definitely know which parent she didn’t inherit the cute gene from.

  • Nikia D-Shiznit

    Blu Ivy is NOT anywhere near the cutest babies in the world. Get out of the Carters’ a$$ess

    • DressSox~n~draws

      I don’t think they meant that I’m the literal sense. SMH. Their point was that she is a very cute baby.

      • speaksthetruth

        We can negotiate on what is “cute” she’s not that pretty. Sorry

        • DressSox~n~draws

          SMH. The looks and/or appearance of a child or adult shouldn’t be “negotiated” to begin with.