You Gon’ Learn Today: 9 Things White Folks Don’t Understand About Twerking

July 15, 2013  |  
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You may noticed ever since Miley Cyrus appeared in that animal costume “twerking,” the dance has garnered nationwide attention. There have been articles on several major news outlets including the Today Show who did reports on the “dance craze.” Even the “famous grandmothers” imitated Miley twerking something. And as you might imagine, it’s just as terrible as you would imagine. And now that white folks have grabbed hold of twerking, we think there are a few things they need to know.

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It’s not a new dance craze

Just because Miley let white folks know what we have been doing for years, arguably centuries, does not mean it’s a new dance craze. As Charing, pointed out in a article she wrote for MN a while ago, what we call twerking now has long, deep roots in African culture and is well represented throughout the black diaspora.

It didn’t originate in New Orleans

Which means it didn’t originate in New Orleans. Twerking has been in the works for a while. You can examples of dances where the booty is the focal point all over the world. And though New Orleans’ bounce music probably caused us to toot our booties and jiggle our booty meat in this fashion, it’s not something that the city created. Really, it was already there it just took the right type of music to call it up.

Miley did not introduce twerking into popular culture

Though Miley’s video sparked the most recent twerking fascination, hit Ying Yang Twins’ songs like “Say I Yi Yi”  and others. If you never realized “Say I Yi Yi” was about twerking check the lyrics.

She got her hands up on her knees and her bows on her thighs 
She got the twerkin and the servin so I know that she fly 
She got me hype, I wanna bite her right now yi yi 
Say I yi yi yi yi.

“Say I Yi Yi” was released in 2002. In pop culture years, that’s ancient. So calling it new is like claiming the bankhead bounce is the new hotness on the streets. It’s just not true.

Miley Cyrus is trying but she’s not an expert

Even though Miley Cyrus is the new poster child for twerking, when it comes to craft and skill, she’s far from the best. As you might expect. If you want to see how it’s done, check out the pros. There are several but the Official Twerk Team is the most consistently on point. Check out some of their videos here if you really are interested in learning.

Source: Guardian

You can not learn how to twerk from an illustration or gif

Sorry ladies, if you’re trying to do something special for your man and show him you know how to shake something, you probably won’t learn it from an illustration or a gif from The Guardian.  Apologies. As you can see the cartoon above looks nothing like the women in the links I’ve included above. No where in this illustration to we see any booty movement. Just a chick with her hands on her knees. That won’t cut it.



Demi Moore probably never twerked

True there were a few photos circulating that would lead you to believe Demi was truly wylin. And she just might have been. But wearing a short dress, sitting with your legs open and wiggling in your seat does not constitute twerking. I’m willing to bet that even on her most turnt day, Demi wouldn’t be twerking. And even if she was, I doubt we’d recognize it.

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Twerking doesn’t warrant suspension

This is what happens when people don’t understand their history. Now, should high school aged girls be twerking on school grounds? Probably not. But it’s a matter of inappropriateness more than it is an action worthy of severe disciplinary action like suspension. Maybe a warning and then detention if it persists. It’s just a dance and the girls at this school clearly weren’t performing it to the level that they could have been. Had it been as authentic as it could have been, then that school might have had something to worry about.  But I’m willing to bet that there are far greater offenses being perpetrated on school grounds.

(PRNewsFoto/The Anguilla Tourist Board)

It didn’t originate in the Caribbean

There are some people who are taking it further than New Orleans they attribute twerking to the Caribbean. Saying that the word originated for a mashing of the word “twist” and the Jamaican seasoning “jerk.” Twerk. It’s a nice story but Jamaicans call this type of dancing “whinin'” soooo… I doubt they came up with this one. Though I could be wrong.

Source: World Star Hip Hop

When the mainstream is done with it, we’ll still be twerking

Just because this is a craze or phase right now…for Miley, it doesn’t mean it will fade into obscurity once she’s made money off of her foray into black culture. When Miley starts standing upright again and renounces it just like she’s done her Disney upbringing, we’ll reclaim it and return to the twerking throne.

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  • Kanna-Chan

    I understand that it’s trashy as heck.

  • spookym

    “Craze” is the key word here. Describing twerking as a “new dance craze” is quite different than referring to it as a “new dance”.

  • MocaPretty

    The author is pointing out that fact that what black ppl have done for years only seems noteworthy when a white person takes a liking to it. This is another example of culture vultures. It is sad bc they still everything but when we do it it’s ratchet & ghetto.

  • solis

    we dont call that type of dancing whining whining is a whole different dance we call that jumpin or jooking

  • Jennifer

    Most ignorant thing I’ve read all day, some racist pos mad Bc some junkie tried to twerk…. No this isn’t a new dance and it’s not even talent. So basic your sayig we can blame blacks for introducing this trashy move….

  • S

    You know, I really don’t like twerking or any of the dances that come out of the black community these days because they all show an objection of women…if you’ve noticed in Latin culture the woman is always paired with a man, and that goes in just about any other type of dance, but I can’t help to find that a lot of “modern” day dances reflect black women and black men’s relationship–it’s not one, just black women getting used like a common rag!

    But what sets me off more than this is how White people are once again trying to lay claim to something they didn’t create. Twerking and big butts have been around since forever and suddenly Miley and Kim Kardashian are known as the one’s to bring in the trend?

    White people they’ll bash you for being ‘different’ before trying to adopt as their own. They did it with big lips, butts, and now twerking.

  • Jay


  • Clifton Barton

    Its not that we claim to have invented it like say how the blacks have laid claim to basketball even though it was invented by the whitest dude ever. Its just a matter of what you can do we can do better. I’m sorry you bums couldn’t get rick n roll off the ground and it took the white mans superior skill to get it to go any where. Its just the way it is if you see a good idea being done horribly you make improvements. Its not that I’m a fan if the gorilla dance but if I’m going to have to be exposed to it I’d rather the girl be white and attractive.

  • I Get It

    I get the point of the article. It’s just to point out that when white people do/accept/promote something, value is added. The chosen example is twerking. It’s the truth. Black people do not value ourselves and our stuff. It’s why we are at the bottom of the economic food chain. Miley is getting paid. Those before her are not.

  • Britt Adams

    Such a sad, sad article. If it wasn’t bad enough it is just one of many “white vs. black” articles on this stupid site, it wasn’t even about white people. It ended up just bashing Miley on EVERY single page. Every one!!! NO ONE LOOKS UP TO MILEY THAT MUCH like, what are you worried about? Stupid crap article.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      It’s not even about Miley (and it didn’t say one thing about looking up to her in any shape,form or fashion) so much as it is about certain things black people have been doing for years only get attention when a white person starts doing them—did you even bother to read the whole article? Apparently not.

  • Deih Jah Nile

    and considering that I know where it started…..I can’t understand why people would want to do it in public?….it’s a stripper move….I don’t get it

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      Stripper move? Black folks have ALWAYS been shaking our behinds in dance–twerking is just another variation on it. Honestly, it’s just a dance,people! The truth is, it obviously started in more than one place, not just a strip club.

  • Deih Jah Nile

    it is really interesting to see how attention this dance is getting….because someone who happens to be white was filmed doing it….and the same dance has been around in the black community for over 25yrs…..(food for thought)

  • Deih Jah Nile

    listen….in the pic above there are people twerking standing on their hands….I hate to inform the people who are white….who are thinking that this is a new dnce craze….but…I am from the Motor City and in 1985-86 and on….that same dance was done by female strippers in strip clubs in Detroit….and you can also watch a tape of a local dance show at that time in the D called “The Scene”….there may be some clips on YouTube……I’m sorry….but this is a FACT….to my knowledge that dance started in the “D” in 85′-86’……I know because I was doing “all” versions of this dance back in the day…….

  • Dion Harris

    “Say I Yi Yi”? Seriously? You could have also brought up “Whistle While You Twerk”. Just sayin’.

  • Dean Tasvil

    Wtf I bet you wander around wearing a black pillow case over your head lol.

  • Brambles

    Heaven forbid white folks take any credit for anything resembling anything black folks deem their own. OK, you guys get tweaking, it’s yours, so own the ridiculous mess….it’s yours. Congratulations.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      No, because y’all have stolen damn near everything else from us and taken credit, so move the hell on with your whining complaining bull^^^^. Keep thinking you’re superior because you don’t twerk—whatever. You know damn well you do it behind closed doors.

  • N_Y_Moss

    So relieved to know that twerking isn’t a “white” thing.

  • Aye

    Personally I don’t think anything is wrong with twerking as I am a dancer and see it as a dance. I don’t think women are disrespecting theirs selves when they do it; however I am getting a tone from a lot of blacks that think of twerking as ratchet and don’t want to claim it. I think it’s the same stance of blacks always trying to prove they have class to whites therefore limiting their selves in fun and Americanized ” appropriateness” when a non black can do it and not be accused to the same level as a black girl. I believe if we let them take a small experience of our culture and get away with it they will continue to take other small access and feats that we will get no credit for. I agree with the article as some whites like twerking and respect it as a dance so why not be the best at it as well as the best with grades, ect. Twerking doesn’t make you a “certain way” or person. Doesn’t define me…..

  • TheHarper

    Twerking came from Africa ,seem every thing came from Africa (good that is) but ask about black on black slavery we don’t no sh on that one. All that’s the white

  • thmsd

    Why does everyone keep saying miley Cyrus was twerking thats not twerking

  • Zamar

    It originated in Africa, Jamaicans kept it alive, Americans are re-discovering it…end of story! I am a 30+ Jamaican who watched my auntie “tweak/whine” as a kid and also did it myself in dancehall dancing….research people!

  • Hello

    Black women have booty shaking ever since the early 90s. But the introduction of twerking, which is supposed to be a little faster than booty popping, came out around 2000. I remember this because I was in high school at the time and the Frats were doing it. I even knew one boy that damaged his back twerking. I think the song that brought it into the forefront was Whistle While You Twerk, by the yin yang twins. Bounce , is just another variation of booty shaking. Just like Twerking is. But boot poppin has been the go to dance for black women since I was a little girl. It started with Uncle Luke.

  • Aiych

    white folks crazy

  • The Truth

    This is so ghetto and ignorant.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      Oh, so everything black people do is ghetto and ignorant, but nothing white people do ever is,huh? GTFOOH with that bull****.

  • del’Marquis

    Let’s calm down black people. White people have been stealing culture since the begining of time. Look at lacrosse from the Native Americans, Yoga from the Indians, and now dancing. It is apart of a white person nature to do so.

    • R

      That why I don’t like them white people

  • pepjrp

    Another racist and even stupid article on so many levels about what we White folks don’t understand. We understand all we need to know… and we had a good laugh at your expense Renay! And many of the clear thinking readers on here also are aware of your garbage.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      Why the hell is the article racist? The truth is, a lot of white people DON’T understand anything about other cultures outside of their little white worlds, and don’t have because their the majority.First of all, STFU with your arrogant white self. You didn’t come here to learn anythin, you just came her to look down on black folks. So you can GTFOOH with that bull****. You’re just so damn offended at the fact that the article even mentioned that word “white”. I find that laughable since it was WHITE people who started all the damn racial problems in this country anyway. Get the f*** on with your bull****,please. Just because you don’t care for twerking dosen’t make your arrogant a** any more superior. Now shut the hell up and go the new film “Dear White People.”

    • naynay

      You have a lot of laughs at our expense and one day you are going to have to pay the piper! Keep on laughing. When you pay, it is going to be a pitiful, sad, remorseful day for people like you! But you reap what you sow!!

  • joejoe17

    sooo white people never twerked before miley did it? I guess black people don’t square dance either. does everything have to land on race??? Cant twerking be foul no matter what the skin tone?

  • shay lanay

    did everybody forget whistle while you twerk by the ying yang twins?

  • smh

    First of all w people cant twerk…they have no rhythm…. it takes more than tooting your butt in the air…. you have to have rhythm in your pelvic area and be creative,,,, they have neither! whit folks always jumping on what blks so first… im sck of them ..stay in your lane w peope.. learn how do your own things.

  • Ken Andersen

    It’s just a convenient excuse for women with obese asses to try to convince themselves they’re hot. Hint: they’re not. They’re just FAT. So gross…

  • Some people, honestly….

    Obviously, twerking has been around forever, but still…I don’t see why black people (yes, I’m black) let alone anyone would want to claim it though. Not the way a sensible woman would want to conduct herself I would think. But hey, these young celebs are desperate for the limelight. Not worth writing an article about it…….

  • JTho

    When I was a kid we called what sounds like whinin “booty green”. I have no idea why. It’s been 50 years since I was a kid, tho.

  • Captive Audience

    OK. That’s it. I’m out of here. I think my IQ goes down a couple of points every time I read an article on this site.

  • yourignorancewillhauntyou

    Just a tid bit of info for ya – # 2. Being from Chicago, we’ve known about “twerking” since I was in grade school which was many, many years ago, first of all. It just wasn’t called twerking. And I’m white, and I know this. So, what makes you think that NO white folks (as you continue to call us) are aware of this dance? What makes you think that Miley brought this to everyone’s attention? Who allows these ignorant articles to be posted? Whomever the author of this article (and others on this site) must be very sheltered! Try to get out more and meet some people that aren’t just black. Maybe YOU can learn something, too.

  • Tanisha

    I’m pretty sure the world is aware that Miley didn’t bring twerking into the pop culture. What, with all the girls that are half “neked” on all the rap videos twerkin’ all over the rappers and what not. These articles get more and more racist and ignorant.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      She pretty much did. I’m black and I never even heard the word twerk before the media made a big deal about Miley doing it. Mainly because it’s a Southern thing. So, no the “world” wasn’t aware of it–I certainly wasn’t. And clearly most white folks hadn’t heard of it either.

  • longjohngold

    Learn to speak and write proper English before you presume to lecture others.


    Thank you so much for detailing this information. It will prove valuable when explaining why it is inappropriate at any and all school functions.

  • guest 2

    this article is dunce

    • Captive Audience

      Is dunce a good thing or a bad thing?

  • Robert Ta

    What garbage!

  • John Galt

    Nine things i do understand: 1. They don’t have a job. 2. They are on
    Section 8. 3. they are on food stamps. 4. They speak Ebonics. 5. They
    will never have a job outside the service industry. 6. They will have 2
    or more babies daddies when its said and done. 7. They will never go to
    college and try to be something. 8. Twerking is GHETTO. 9. They will
    blame the white man for all of this.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      Thanks for stereotyping,and being a damn racist idiot–it’s just a damn dance. Why don’t you say those same exact things about white folks who get drunk and watch NASCAR races and Honey Boo-Boo? Now f*** off,troll.

    • naynay

      You must be talking about Betty from the Trailer Court with two bi-racial babies and two White babies — all with different daddies in that order!!

  • Guest

    Nine things i do understand: 1. They don’t have a job. 2. They are on Section 8. 3. they are on food stamps. 3. They speak Ebonics. 5. They will never have a job outside the service industry. 6. They will have 2 or more babies daddies when its said and done. 7. They will never go to college and try to be something. 8. Twerking is GHETTO. 9. They will blame the white man for all of this.

    • naynay

      You must be talking about Betty from the Trailer Court with two bi-racial babies and two White babies — all with different daddies!!

  • John Galt


  • sblue

    What does this really have to do with white people? This magazine is so racist.

  • Sarah Moore

    There are so many decent subjects to write real articles on…and here we have one on twerking. Thank is got posted for the betterment of society.

  • Okc Dave

    Twerking has nothing to do with Miley, it’s just a primitive dance virgins did for corrupt rulers back when society was far less evolved, and still imitated today by members of society who are still far less evolved than those around them.

    The more educated and intelligent a population becomes, the less they twerk. I don’t mean to suggest that is entirely a good thing as it reflects on social repression of sexuality on a massive scale but call it what it is. Trashy women are doing a whole lot more twerking than classy ones.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      Oh,so everyone who twerks is trashy? You sound stupid, ridiculous and judgemental as hell. It’s just a dance–get the hell over yourself. Good Grief! And your statement about a society being better because it’s not twerking—okay, that is just plain idiotic and the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard. As usual anything black people do gets slapped with this negative connotation, no matter how fun it is. Let’s be real—if white poeple had invented twerking nobody would be taking about how “trashy” it supposedly is—they’d be saying what a wonderful and fun dance it is–you wouldn’t be hearing none of this bull**** about how it’s bringing down society—yeah, right, whatever.

  • PasssionateLady

    They’rew it’s old, but I just found this article, and I honestly don’t care about who twerks whether they’re black, white, Asian, Hispanic, male/female etc.
    But I don’t get why there are so much negative comments about black women that like to twerk, I mean if u don’t like it for whatever reason that’s fine, but the women that do know how to twerk and enjoy doing it shouldn’t be looked down upon for doing it no matter what their race/nationality is. They’re just dancing.
    And I am a black woman with a big booty and I definitely can’t twerk it, so I’m not saying this because I’m a twerker but I feel ppl should have the right to dance how they like without being insulted or made to feel ashamed of it.
    Also as we know twerking originated in Africa called Mapouka, and it seems like there it’s accepted, I’ve seen videos of women doing it in the streets, beaches, homes etc, and it’s accepted. It may not be done as sexual as twerking but it’s still a sexual dance the only difference is that people don’t judge the women for doing it over there. But here in America people are just do damn judgmental instead of just living by the motto “live and let live”.

    • PasssionateLady

      I’m sorry that should have said “though it’s old”

  • Schaal

    Seem to remember seeing it in the “Baby’s Got Back” video; while not ancient it is certainly older than that hillbilly girl.

  • Me

    It’s vile.

  • onika

    seriously in the caribbean you probably learn all forms of “twerking” which we call “wine” from the moment you reach 7 or 8 it is for carnival duhhhh

  • KELS

    ummm *clears throat* am i the only one that knows twerkin is not just a dance lol maybe only in my hood plz dont come in my hood sayin twerk sum cause u will be approach in a whole other way lol

  • Ladybug94

    And I’m offended that the writer would think all black folk know everything about this foolishness. Please.

  • Ladybug94

    This is NOT the same dancing that is done in Africa. I know several dancers who are offended by this as traditional African dance is not sexual and vulgar. Please quit saying that this is the same dance or roots from there of.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      Oh,please—white people have ALWAYS downgraded black dance since they met the first black Africans, because they felt that the dances were sinful. There has always until very recently, been this downgrading of anything black people do anyway. Like the above poster said, it’s just a fun dance—it is not even THAT serious,people! Geesh!

  • Ph

    I remember watching these videos around the time youtube came around, except they were butt popping to bmore breaks. The music changed, the dance stays the same. Also, strip clubs for god knows how long.

  • Michael Edwards

    SO F**KEN WHAT!!!!!!!!! GET A JOB!

  • atlasshrugged2u

    Uhm, it aint just “white folks” that don’t know what
    this dance is, trust me lol!

  • Nate

    As a white man, I will school all y’all brothas and sistas by informing you that Stan from American Dad can out-twerk every one of y’all!!!!

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      Ha ha ha ha ha!

  • bida

    There is twerking in almost 99% of the traditional dances in my country Uganda, which has more than 50 different tribes and cultures (with each tribe having its own several dances for every occasion from harvest time to birth to death to copulation to whatever else gives reason for eating and dancing). The ladies twerk, they move their legs, move their hands, roll their eyes while the men kick their legs, puff, move the mid-man parts in a suggestive manner, jump high up and usually imitate a spear wielding warrior, a hoe holding farmer or a cattle herdsman or a bull about to get it on with a cow. More than 70% of these don’t even know it’s called twerking, they don’t even know what a computer looks like. Wanna see twerking in all forms: visit the mother land.

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  • folamix

    You can look at and see it has its origins from Africa…..smh

  • chelovek5

    People who twerk are disgusting and trashy. You’re not ladies, and you belong in a zoo.

    • Jen

      You’re ignorant.

  • ronnie

    This is why I hate when anything becomes mainstream. (I.e. When Anglos publicize something) I read a comment below about being degrading to women. I am currently 27 years old with a college Degree and started “twerkin” when I was in the 7th grade. It was fun! Parties, bbq’s cook off’s it was all apart of the festivities, now ppl are attributing it to be degrading is mind boggling to me. It was always meant for entertainment and fun in some black communities. Dj jubilee from New Orleans was the first person I ever heard say twerk and that was in 1993 so do the math. It was merely expression of dance and song just moving your that’s its mainstream its a “new” dance craze. What aggravates me is something so innoncent and fun has been turned into a reflection on one’s character and morals, kids being kicked out of school, parents thinking their kids are going down the wrong path, smh this is madness! It was NEVER that serious. All my friends and I did it, we just knew when too. Another classic clase of mainstream influence.

    • JAY

      Thank you why does society insist on putting all mainstream trends in this box it’s really sad.

  • Tony Williams


  • DME

    I’m sorry, I’m black and I don’t understand this, nor do I want to and further I continue to be amazed at the ignorance that assigns this to all black folks, as if there aren’t a whole bunch of us who have better things to do.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      What ignorance? Geesh.

  • just sayn

    It only becomes extremely popular when the white folks steal something that blacks have done forever and make it as though they know what they are doing. Just like the movie 10 when bo derrick had her hair braided it became a white national sensation. They steal everything! Copy Cats, just ask ELVIS!

    • Your ignorance will haunt you

      Really? Not everything “cool” or “hip” was stolen from blacks. Check out old movies and you’ll see popping of collars. Oh, was that stolen from a black man, too? Watch the similarities in Beyonce’s video Single Ladies to a Hispanic music group back in the day (Mexican Breakfast/Single Ladies). She has also copied others including JLo. Moving on, if you take it further back the “black style/urban style” wasn’t a “black” thing. Italians, whites, hispanics – way back in the day – were very stylish. Please. Everything that is considered cool always has to labeled as a black thing. So ridiculous.

      • Michelle Kirkwood

        Bullshit—black folks were just as cool and stylosh back int eh day—the “zoot suits” so popular back in the 1940’s and worn by Hispanic folks was influenced by black folks who wore the same thing. Nobody said s*** about white people not being able to do a black thing. And,yes, white folks have ALWAYS stolen from black culture and tried to claim it for themselves without giving ANY damn credit. Do your research and read the history. You also didn’t have to go there with the name-calling you arrogant stupid fool.

      • naynay


  • word

    Whinin is NOT from Jamaica!!!! Jamaicans: Bubble, Barbadians: Wok up, TRINIDADIANS: WHINE……P.S white people need to stop…it is a black only with it white folks…you don’t see us fighting to be part of the square dance hoedown.

    • Your ignorance will haunt you

      What a whiney c*nt. Shut up. So, because it’s a black thing, white people can’t do it? I’m sorry, carry on RACIST!

  • bdub3022

    I wish people stop saying its an african culture cause its not

  • Scotch Rebellion

    The repetitive oscillation of non-neotenic primitive secondary sexual characteristics such as the female posterior is an African specialty.

    “White folks” Don’t particularly care about or for your degrading , self-indulgent sensualist culture…

    • Misty-Mac

      “White folks” Don’t particularly care about or for your degrading , self-indulgent sensualist culture…”

      I can’t tell, Scotch Rebellion, because every time I’m on a black site, I see people such as yourself here commenting. I can’t go to You Tube and check out a video (especially a rap video) without white people commenting negatively all over it, denouncing rappers such as Future, saying he sounds like crap. I’ve seen the negative comments on “twerking” videos.

      So, I gave my theory a test, and it was just as I suspected. I have long suspected that Black folks weren’t checking for white culture, so I visited videos of “porch dancing” — a hillbilly dance. Guess what? Not one Black commenter. Not one. I proceeded to check other videos on white culture. Not one Black commenter.

      If people like you don’t like Black culture, why y’all always running up behind us? Ugh.

      I’m hearing Easy E right now — “get off my tip”!

      • dealingwithmorons

        wth did you write? I really have to stop reading all of these comments because the ignorance just wont stop. I’m black, so please don’t come at me with any nonsensical BS about white vs black cultural BS

        • Misty-Mac

          How about I “don’t come at you” at all because you’re irrelevant – a non-factor in my life.

          BTW, check out the churches that handle tons of snakes in their worship. YouTube it; I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. HA!

      • naynay

        You are right there, Blacks are not interested in their style of dancing or their websites, but they stay on our sites with their racist rhetoric and comments. They are really envious of us and want to be like us, but just refuse to accept it! LMAO!

  • Neressa Petrah Lea


  • I don’t care who is “twerkin”, it still looks degrading for a woman to dance in that manner. No class is all I can say!!!

  • Toya

    That’s what I tried t tell my little sisters, 16 and 18. I’m 25, we’ve been twerking since like 6th grade. Nothing new about it… LOL.

  • Melody Carroll


  • Chrissy

    There is a similar dance called “Mapuka” which origates from West Africa. It’s banned in a few countries because it’s deemed as indecent.

    • YesIdid

      i think you mean makossa

      • naynay

        No the Mapuka!!

  • jjb

    miley didnt start the twerk craze…. twerk team has been around longer and songs about twerking have been around way before her too.. inaccurate much.

  • Marcie Daniels

    im italian american, (aka white) I read the articles on this site; I have to ask, why does every group (white, back ect.) have to claim anything as theirs…I have never tried to twerk, because i’m pretty sure I’d look pretty sad. I know a TON of white chicks and dudes who can twerk just a well some better than an African American. stop trying to claim blacks “own” every guys have a race card to play whenever, a college just for blacks AND your own month! not hating, but why must you claim everything.PS “twerking” and “whinin” are 2 different things. (and the writer things white fold don’t no ish about nuttin!

    • alex

      there was a point in time where black folks got credit for nothing…the whole ‘college for blacks’ and ‘own month’ is just something you have to do your research on…blacks folks went through alot to get to where there are today and claiming a dance(s) is not that serious but it originates from something deeper…

    • Capital Gang

      Stop lying. Less than .001% of white people can twerk and why are your white male friends trying to twerk anyway? Be smarter

    • Gina

      White people are MAD because they can’t come up with their OWN dances, so you copy Black people! Y’all stole the Harlem Shake and messed it up!

      • sblue

        Yeah….okay. White people are so mad because we can’t come up with our own dances. Keep believing your ignorant comment. Its people like you that make me scared for my sons future as a bi-racial child. Why the hell are you talking about race, you need to stop posting and go read a book or do something positive with your spare time instead of promoting hate. This whole article is crap. But then people like you still get hyped by reinforcing your hatred. Haha probably the same type of woman that’s mad I have a black man who is a great father and provider, telling me I’m taking one of the good ones. Ugh.

        • Some people, honestly…

          Oh, BOO-hoo. People like you are so pathetic – you’re either a troll (very likely) or one of those pathetic women who walk down the street thinking that because you have a black man that all of us black females MUST be jealous of you and you are god’s gift. Well, let me educate you, you twit. Save the Last Dance was JUST a movie, honey (*gasp* shocker!). And being bi-racial is the LAST reason you should fear for your son’s future, seriously – try, perhaps, the every-day obstacles we ALL have to face in life? He might get robbed, gunned down, kidnapped, have a fatal disease, become a quadriplegic – and you’re worried about his RACE? You nutcase! Damn, I’d hate to see him grow up with such a superficial so-called, mother. I have husband (yeah, not “my man”, but HUSBAND) who is white as hell, blue eyes and blonde hair – big f-ing deal. Oh, and guess what? He’s a great man, too! Does that mean I go commenting on websites looking for attention? No, because no one gives a rat’s a** and I’m not some retard who’s obsessed with race – whether it be the race of my friends, my love or my children. I understand why the article upset people but the bigger issue is you need get over yourself and stop living in that sick little make-believe world where you’re the center of the universe. It’s extremely unattractive, pitiful, and many people see through the charade. Save your nonsense for your mentally ill cohorts.

          • Chrissyeh*

            im sure shes not as pathetic as this comment…. the comment she replied to and this article FOCUSES ON RACE. so she retaliated. but only one sentence talked about her personal experience with interracial hate.. so you really just spewed…. crap. “I’m not some retard who’s obsessed with race” you response shows you must be.

            hahaha… simpletons

          • naynay

            Amen and Amen!!

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      Because whit folks have usually stolen and ripped off damn near every contribution black folks have made to popular culture and claim it as theirs,that’s why! It’s also because we were ripped away from our ancestral lands,brought here as slaves, and had what culture we managed to retain damn near beaten out of us when we got here. So we’re always had to work hard to keep that culture for ourselves. So as white person whose ancestors actually had the choice to come here to America, you don’t have the right to tell black people what the hell they can and can not claim as our own culture.. And,hell,yeah, if we invented it, it’s OURS—not yours, not anybody damn else’s. And get out of here with that “race card” BS—race is not some damn card game that anybody plays–that saying was invented by some white lawyer during the O.J. trial—a white man who’d never had to deal with ANY damn discrimination in his whole life.

      Hell, white folks have used race as a justification for damn near EVERYTHING they’re ever done to everybody else that isn’t white in this country—it’s been used-as an excuse to hate,segregate, telling people of different colors that they can’t even mate,keeping all the best damn jobs and benefits and everything else for themselves—and that was the case for the majority of this country’s history. And you know damn well Italians have always claimed the things like opera, the invention of spaghetti (which was really borrowed from the Chinese, he he) opera, and the Mafia. So don’t even go there with us. You also know damn well white people love to claim anything, even if it’s not theirs–y’all always have, so don’t even go there with us. And white folks twerking better than us—excuse me? That’s another thing—always claiming y;all can do something we do better better than we can, even though we invented it! You can miss me with that arrogant BS,for real! As a white person, you obviously didn’t know jack about why we get pissed off about when something we do hits the mainstream, so now you can’t say that you didn’t know. And ain’t a damn thing wrong with twerking, so kill that noise.already.

  • TerribleTracey

    Demi Moore is known for setting her sites on something and going for it! When she filmed GI JANE she would work out so hard she would throw up, not miss a beat and keep on going! worked out , I bet she can twerk wit the best o them!!!!!!!

  • gwbrew

    Latinos and Asians must be “white folks” also? Haha.. I hate that we live in such a sensitive world, but this type of article assumes blacks and whites are all there is in the world.

  • gwbrew

    I don’t understand. Does this type of article not feed racism? I mean do all “black people” want to be labeled expert “Twerkers” maybe some “White Folks” don’t care? Let’s stop profiling a race based on dancing,foods, and genitalia? Or should we just continue this type of generalization?

  • Tiffany Shaw

    So now we’re claiming twerking as a source of pride and history?.. smh I swear I can’t deal with the foolishness any longer. This is a vulgar dance that we shouldn’t be celebrating. We should be renouncing it’s ignorance and trying to set a better example. We have GOT to do BETTER!

  • Adrienne Phillips

    A facebook comment from my friend who is white and completely non-racist. I have known him for years and have never felt any type of prejudice/racism from him. He treats everyone the same no matter the color. I say this because I don’t want ppl jumping down his throat about his opinion on this article, and saying he is racist when he is not.

    “I don’t understand. Does this type of article not feed racism? I mean do all “black people” want to be labeled expert “Twerkers” maybe some “White Folks” don’t care? Let’s stop profiling a race based on dancing, foods, and genitalia? Or should we just continue this type of generalization?”

    Madame Noire, the level of class in your articles is steadily falling. I used to be a big fan of this site. Now I am seriously considering removing it from my favorites list and bookmarks. Please do better.

    • Shango

      Class and Madame noire in the same sentence? Oil and water don’t mix!!!!!!
      If you’re here for more than mindless entertainment, you’re doing it wrong.

      • Adrienne Phillips

        LOL… MN was not always like this! I promise… their articles is what attracted me to the website in the first place. Now, I don’t mind the recaps of Love & Hip Hop and BB Wives and all that because it’s just as you said, entertainment! But trying to make a serious point about something as ratchet (naw F that, I will use the real word: WRETCHED) as twerking… come on now. SMH

    • Issa Lopez

      Your friend is 100% right. Heck I need to be friends with him because he hit the nail on the head. Tell him I have a comment crush <3

  • itsjustfordecoration

    Y’all have got to relax. Jeeeesus! Some of yall commenting that this article is dumb yet have “bigbooty” in your handle. _

  • KamJos

    Enough with the twerking!

    • BlueCornMoon

      Dancing like this isn’t new anyway, Been around since the dawn of man

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  • Issa Lopez

    I thought Miley did a great job. I’m not understanding why MN choose to run this article. The headline is ignorant. I felt like this whole article was a jab at Miley’s twerking. Is there a rule that says only black folks are allowed to twerk? Steupzzzzzzzzzzzz (trini accent) it’s not like it takes skill to go up and down with your butt. Whining takes skill (high five to all my caribbean girls). If a white person wrote an article with the headline, “What black folks don’t understand about cheese”, you’d be mad right?!

    • chanela

      i agree with you, but the thing is that twerking was considered ratchet and classless when black women do it. as soon as miley cyrus starts doing it, now everybody thinks its cute and trendy and make a huge deal and credit HER for twerking. that is the problem. i never liked twerking. it just upsets me that everytime a black person does something then it has a negative connotation but if a white person does the EXACT same thing, it’s suddenly the newest craze and a wonderful beautiful artform. they have already done this with our lips,cornrows, and our behinds. it always takes a white person to make something “acceptable”.

      • Issa Lopez

        I hear you loud and clear.

      • BlueCornMoon

        That’s th absolute truth. It’s like things have to have their “blessing” to be considered legit.

      • Charles

        I disagree, of course there will always be some to revel in a woman slitting the throat of her self-respect on the altar of the almighty god called Fame. But please don’t say “everybody”.

      • bill

        It doesn’t matter who does it, it’s still classless.

      • Nora Welson

        Actually, it was considered classless and shameful when she did it as well. What’s shameful for a woman (regardless of race) is shameful for a woman. Period. I don’t care if she’s black, white, purple with orange polka dots and puce hair. Women need to respect themselves. You’re right it was classless – period. If you -read- the articles about Miley’s ‘twerking’ you’d have seen 99% of them were NEGATIVE.

        I read this site because black people make countless contributions to the socity that is America – and in a WHOLE lot more meaningful ways than ‘twerking’. Some of the MOST brilliant musicians, actors, writers, scientists and medical minds are African American. How about holding THOSE achievements up to young people instead of ‘which race twerks better’.

        If I wrote an article 9 things Black people don’t understand about (insert what ever) I’d be labeled a racist. Funny isn’t it?

        Wake up call – racism is racism REGARDLESS of which direction it comes from. Period.

        • Michelle Kirkwood

          I’m sure most of us here already know about the achievements of other black folks. My point being, it’s just a damn dance, people do it to have fun and I don’t see what the hell the big deal is. And no, not everybody hated Miley’s twerking. And the truth, ther are a lot of thing some white people do not understand about black culture simply because the haven’ been exposed to it. Nothing racist about the title at all. Uptight people like you need to quit thinking that, because it isn’t. It’s just acknowledging a fact of life. People need to quit thinking that merely mentioning race is being racist in itself, because it’s not. Also, it’s just ONE article—quit tripping out—it’s not even that damn serious.

    • Alice Lauren

      “What black folks don’t understand about cheese” Haha now that’s hilarious…so true

    • Amanda Klock

      Damn good point. I like it! MN do an article about how white people stole fon du too.

      • tony

        why are you here? your not black. you probably don’t know anything that’s we discuss

        • BACFA

          Is this a black-only website? Make sure she goes back to the whites-only website.

        • Lauren

          Since she’s not black she doesn’t have a right to be here? Since she’s not black she doesn’t understand things that you discuss? Good to know that you think that all other races are incapable of comprehending things that blacks talk about, way to show your intelligence.

        • eclaptonsgirl

          This is where racism breeds….

    • naynay

      What Miley did to the Twerk dance was disgraceful — she mocked Black women — it was disgusting!

      • ZeroFuxGiven

        Wack bs called Twerking, let me know when you get up to the level of Caribbean women and can throw it in a full circle to a rhythm without breaking a sweat. lmfao @ disgrace. Yeah ok.

  • Sydney Evans

    As someone once put it, “Once white people find out about something black have been doing something for years, they don’t do it right and out play it”

  • NikPhi

    WHO CARES about white folk “twerkin”, honestly, if they want to disrespect and exploit themselves like that, go right ahead.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      Oh,seriously—why are you so uptight about twerking, for God’s sake? It’s just a dance,for God’s sake. Who said anything about a mere dance being all of what black people are about? There’s nothing sick about it—like the article said, we’re been doing some variation of this since the first person in Africa taught themselves to dance. Is the shame about it actually coming from the fact that white folks now know about it, or what? Honestly, there are far worse things to worry about in the world that some teenagers twerking—I mean seriously.

  • NikPhi

    This has got to be the most embarrassing MN article I’ve ever read…this is not something black folks should “claim” as a badge of honor…this is NOT the same as what our counterparts do in the motherland. And it is SICK that our babies and children are celebrated for spreading their legs and simulating this style of….I can’t even call it a dance, because it’s NOT. This is not what black people as a WHOLE are about.

  • RukiaBlackBlazer

    We don’t twerk in Trinidad & Tobago , we slow like showing how do IT in bed, but them Jamaicans show much teeth their vag got, LOL they’ll break a man piece in half with all that twerking. but every time white chicks copy us on waist shaking, we up the level of our waist line.

    but we know what’ll happen, 1white chick will reach a high enough level in it. to be called the best at it…. didn’t you’ll know there hasn’t been a fine big butt, till KIM K. GOT HER BUTT SHOTS…

    • kalexa1

      …all too true. bit like rock n roll black music being hijacked and championed by white poster boys. Same with hip hop (Timberlake, Bieber, New Kids on the Block, Backstreet boys, Eminem…the list goes on)

  • scandalous7

    why oh why was this article even necessary, white people dont even b on these urban sites , us black people already know most of these facts so why write the article?

    • Amanda Klock

      That’s funny, I’m not necessarily black. I’m middle Eastern, but I read the articles here all the time. I think any race who has a finger to click is going to see this. However, saying flat out “white people” are the only ones who need help is silly. It’s that Every new Generation all us Adults have to spell life out for them with magnetic ABC’s. I showed the videos to my 12yr old daughter. I said-“there it is-hahaha look Miley dances like me hahaha…” My point being-U don’t have 2 b black.

      • Michelle Kirkwood

        Welcome,y’all! Enjoy yourselves while you’re here!

    • Charles

      I am a very white 45 yr man and I visit regularly, back up and try again.

      • scandalous7

        um, awkward.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      How do you know? White folks (and everybody else) go to black sites too—they’re curious about us, just as we might be curious about certain things they do. Nothing weird or strange about it.

  • kiki j

    I haven’t been on this site in awhile because I’m over the homophobic articles. Then I come back tonight and this is what I see. Smh black people do better please. This is pure rachetness. Guess I’ll take another hiatus this site I just can’t.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      Uh–what? I don’t get the hate for this article. Like I said, I see stupid gossip articles all over the net every day—-this isn’t even one of them. I actually learned something, which is not something that would happen with a Kardashian article about whoever which one of them is dating whomever this week.

      • kalexa1

        ironically this is loosely linked to a Kardashian article nevertheless. It’s since the influx of white women with black men, celebs leading the way like KK, that white women suddenly have an incentive to pump up their rears. In a crazy kinda perverse way the black men they’ve got with have rejected black women yet still hanker for a black behind on their woman. Hence the bizarre body alterations of the likes of K Kardashian to please her man/men, …you get the idea I’m sure. Twisted stuff.

        • naynay

          You are so correct, Black men reject Black women and go to nonWhite women, but still want the Black women’s features on their nonwhite women. It is pathetic and so sad!!

  • Saysay

    I can’t believe an actual article was actually written on this. No wonder people can’t take us seriously. If the article was written in satire I MIGHT have cracked a smile…but this was written in all seriousness? #Icant

  • SexNdaCity

    This reminds me of when folks were going nuts when those Harlem shake videos started coming out. Folks were so up in arms about folks not honoring Harlem and doing the “real” Harlem Shake. I was like is it that serious? lol. I’m sorry but twerking is not something I’m striving to claim. Lol.

  • Barbara Codner


  • Common Sense

    I’m from the islands, there are more islands than just Jamaica. -_- With that said. We call this wukkin up, whining, balancing yo batty, etc.

    • Amarossa

      Thank You!!!

  • bigbootyjudy

    Renae Alize baby you need to have several seats for this article! An article about twerking beau? MN fire your editors for allowing them to post dumb a** articles as such

    • Capital Gang

      See them 10 stacks in my hand? Twerk sum bigbooty!!!

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      What’s dumb-a** about it? It’s simply explaining how whatever we do that makes to the mainstream is always looked at as brand new when white folks do it. This was a pretty good article about a dance that went to the mainstream and its own historical roots—-nothing dumb at all about it. Honestly, I enjoyed it—I see far dumber articles every day about the Kardashians that I could give less than a damn about.

      • bigbootyjudy

        Im stating my OWN opinion. Your comment was your opinion about how you liked the article… It was my opinion about how it was a waste of time…if that’s what she wanted to get through to her readers. I’m sorry I can’t say I got that at the time I read this. Goodness darling I wrote this a year ago put that on chill if this your cousin or sister’s article then sorry to offend you but it isn’t that deep

        • kalexa1

          waste of time? the article may be sketchy but the issue is real enough, and tell you what, the comments and dialogue it’s sparked here certainly make interesting reading. You don’t see that?

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  • Maggie

    I was with the author until she compared twerking to whinin. Whinin is a staple in the Caribbean no matter the island. Whinin is circular, more controlled and slower. Twerkin is not that.

    • WeekzTC

      FAH TRUE!
      Twerking is NOT whinin.

    • sabrina

      Seet deh!

    • SexNdaCity

      Exactly. I’m not even from the Caribbean and knew that! I was like ‘huh’ when I read that. lol

      • word

        I am Trinidadian…and we whine and it is NOT the same at all…twerking is kinda stripper-ish….whining is slower, more controlled and sensual.

        • guest 2

          Exactly i am from the Caribbean, Trinidad to be exact and let me tell you everybody in the Caribbean can wine first of all, which is different from twerking. But we do twerk, and there are variations of twerking that Americans dont do.

        • Michelle Kirkwood

          Stripper-ish? Geesh—why is every damn thing black people invent that makes it to the mainstream looked at like it’s some freak thing, then put down all the time. White folks have always thought black folks’ dancing in general was too forward and in-your-face, with their uptightness about anything to do with the body, which in turn causes some of us to think that there’s something all wrong with it, even though we’re been doing forever and a damn day. It’ sour thing—why the hell should we be ashamed of it? And what kills me on top of that, is that white folks end up ripping it off and watering it down any damn way–it’s sickening, but that’s how it’s always been in America when it comes to black folks and how our musical contributions to America are treated.

          • kalexa1

            Couldn’t agree more. Black culture has always been hijacked by them in this way. From rock n roll, blues, reggae, dance, black mannerisms, catchphrases and speech. I remember when the word ‘bling’ entered white (mainstream) culture after growing up only hearing it previously in black circles. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery HOWEVER,…. not acknowledging and even putting down the originators and source is an evil reflection of the copycats’ disdain and hatred for the very people they imitate and seek ‘coolness’ from. Talk about perverse!

          • M

            Girl don’t defend twerking, that’s a tragic hot mess. Girls just shaking their asses like they’re nothing but a piece of meat, ready to be knocked up, lookin’ stupid while their baby daddy is on to the next one. There’s absolutely no dignity in twerking. If white girls want to inherit that mess, let them.

    • Pow19670

      Whinin is a staple in African dance!!!! If so called Caribbeans were not stolen for Africa, the Caribbeans would not have whinin!

      • cee cee

        Caribbean people have african roots so I wouldn’t call it stealing

        • Scorpion of mars

          This person meant the people stolen from Africa.

  • faydie

    Now I remember why I stopped coming to ths site, click, buffer, buffer, click, bufferbufferbuffer, freeze.MN bye.

    • Paul Dronette

      Call it digital thirst. The click throughs mean more traffic, which means more advertising dollars $$$

  • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

    I thought it was popular before Ying Yang twins made that song…. hmm interesting.

    • YesIdid

      they even have an earlier somg “Whistle while you twurk’ from ’99/2000

      • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

        YEESSS!!!! That was the song!

        • YesIdid

          LMAO! Yes! I’m glad they moved on from that look. it wasn’t working.

  • YaNessa

    Isn’t this just the Da Butt (as in doin’ da butt-Spike Lee) on turbo?

    • smh

      whatever it is.. whitefks never have done it. it started in Africa and then to blk neighborhd.. then the white women want to claim inow….

      • N_Y_Moss

        As a white woman, I gladly return it to you.

        • M

          Hahaha nope, white girls can keep that mess! It’s a shame that so many white people want to hop onto a bandwagon that they for so long used to mock blacks and now claim ownership over it, but this is one thing that I can say I don’t mind you all taking credit for…I mean this is just all sorts of messy!

      • Brambles

        I know! White women want to claim it bad! It’s clearly a black thang, which white folks cannot possibly fathom, having pale skin and all. It’s just insane for white girls to want to tweak their cute, tight, muscular behinds… just absurd, as it’s clearly better done by those with huge buttocks, you know, black girls!

        • kalexa1

          ‘cute, tight, muscular’?? …er, don’t you mean flat pale flabby behinds? what white butts have you been worshipping at, pull your head out n take a proper look!

        • naynay

          White women with flat butts, just doesn’t look right — gross really — especially Miley Cyrus — ugh!

  • Ann

    People have been twerking all over Africa for hundreds of years

    • YesIdid

      more than hundreds even.

    • Ladybug94

      No they haven’t, this is not the type of dancing that’s done in Africa.

      • shiloh

        yes it is ! it is called MAPOUKA youtube it, it’s not as “vulgar!” as twerkin but that’s where it originated

      • cee cee

        I’m african and I can tell you that it is.

    • Okc Dave

      People have been twerking all across the globe for thousands of years, as far back as recorded history goes. It’s just something that a lot of civilized societies started to frown upon because the rich upper class want the general population to focus on materialism instead so they work like dogs for scraps.

      • BACFA

        The twerking is the dog part.

    • hoodstr5stargeneral88

      Not just Africa. Many civilizations had dances just like twerking.

  • IllyPhilly

    Wow, is it that serious?

    • lisa741

      like Emma replied I am dazzled that any one can earn $8695 in four weeks on the internet. have you read this webpage w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

    • young afrique

      that’s what I THOUGHT!
      Writing a whole article and better yet trying to legitimize it with cultural facts..Ns!

      • pepjrp

        You are so correct!

    • Dez

      It’s funny how much attention it’s getting…smh

    • Brambles

      Oh yes, very serious indeed! White folks have apparently lay claim to so many things actually started or invented by blacks that they cling to anything they can, including the ludicrous twerking, kind of like republicans clinging to their guns and religion. It is way serious.

      • MocaPretty

        i agree.