Huh? Mother Urges Moms To Stop Buying Hoodies For Sons In Wake Of Zimmerman Verdict

July 15, 2013  |  

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From Mommynoire

Yes, I said it. It’s time to have a mom-to-mom talk with all of the black mothers across America. Saggy pants with the underwear showing, over-sized T-shirts and neon green sneakers must officially be put back in the damn closet.  We are giving white America an open invitation to hate and stalk our sons.

I was just as outraged with the outcome of the George Zimmerman verdict as my neighbors. Feelings of shock, fear for my three sons and thoughts of their futures are still reverberating in my head But, I realize that we cannot continue on the path we are on.

Trayvon was not to blame for his murder. His constitutional rights were violated when he was stalked and preyed upon by a grown man with anxiety and paranoia problems. George Zimmerman should have done time, period.

But, like my mom says, what’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander. I am pleading with my brown mommas. It’s time to put hard-bottom shoes and button-ups on your sons. Just because 2 Chainz and A$AP Rocky are doing it, wearing it and being it doesn’t mean its cool for your lower or middle-income brown baby to do the same. We (I am a 30-year-old married mother of three sons from the hood) don’t have access to Jay-Z’s resources if our children are shot, or put in jail or even end up pregnant.

Trayvon’s hoodie symbolizes something to White America. It is a red flag that the person in my presence is reckless. So as responsible parents we must learn how to make our children blend into the society they currently inhabit. This does not meaning becoming homogeneous or leaving behind our African-American culture. What it means is being more covert in our actions and appearance so that our children are not obvious prey for someone looking for a willing participant to their own prejudice and racism.


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  • Sharon

    Are you one of those people who tell young women not to wear skirts or else they will be at fault if raped? The victim is NEVER at fault!! This young man got guned down because Zimmerman is a horrible and stupid person who will hopefully burn i hell, and not because he was wearing a hoodie!

  • KamJos

    How about don’t give birth to a Black child? That would make it super easy! Of course I’m being sacrcastic, but it has nothing to do with a hoodie and everything to do with being Black.

    • NextXodus

      I agree with the first part of your statement. I actually urge people to adopt real African children (you know, from Africa) — I think they would better appreciate living in this country, unlike the “Africans” who live here now.

  • NextXodus

    Hasn’t the hoodie always been associated with suspicious activity? From robbing houses to robbing banks. Even the Unabomber wore one and he was white. This has been common knowledge for who knows how long and never even gets a mention — anywhere. This isn’t just a “black thing” because of Trayvon Martin.

    • KamJos

      I’ve worn “hoodies” all my life and they’re just a way to keep warm. Never have I associated one with suspicious activity. I grew up in the Bronx, btw.

      • NextXodus

        So have I, but you can’t deny their association with all kinds of different crimes.

        • NextXodus

          And growing up in the Bronx — isn’t everyone who lives there a dirt-bag? Not surprised you’ve never connected the dots on the hoodie’s reputation as an article of clothing primarily worn in criminal activity.

  • Clark Toni

    To me this article is clearly dumb, Zimmerman had no right to profile Trayvon. If you live in the states that have stand your ground rule. Learn how to shoot a gun and buy one so the racist won’t be killing us off and doing it legally the dead can’t talk. It seem to me now in this country we are going to have modern day Lynchings!!!!!

  • Clark Toni

    Teach your sons how to keep their record clean, so they can carry legal guns to fight the Zimmerman’s of the world back!!! Why do black people have to always conform no one else is. You have the right to wear what you want!!!

  • LolaStriker

    I think I can agree with this argument to an extent. I think that although the intention of hoodies isn’t “thug-like” clothing, it has unfortunately become a part of a stereotype geared towards our black men. It is a shame, but there have been many crimes committed by young black men; it is the way that they portray thugs and black criminals in the media. For anyone who doesn’t know better, they connect the black kid with his hoodie on to the criminal they just saw on the television. I am not cosigning or saying that this is right, but do know that it is our reality. I think that if we perhaps encourage our young men to pull their pants up it would help to stop perpetuating a sterotype that causes a lot of racial profiling. I think it is a shame that it comes down to this, but something must be done. It’s not selling out.

    I also think that greater than the things that they wear, it is vital that we teach our sons that the color of their skin is not indicitive of their success. As families and communities, I think that it is important to teach all of our kids – male and female – that there may be people that might not like them, but it doesn’t matter because they are intelligent and they can overcome stereotypes built by a society that doens’t really care for them. Empowerment is equally important to making sure our kids are dressed “smartly” (as my mother would say). I’d say even more important.

  • Tanarka Marshall

    This is a silly argument and we have recent examples to prove that it is not how our young men are dressed or act that make them targets of racial profiling. Here’s one for you to mull over. Forrest Whittaker, acclaimed director and actor went shopping in a grocery store. After deciding not to get anything proceeded to walk out of said store. He was promptly detained by store clerk and accused of being a thief. Now here is a black man who was not wearing a hoodie at the time, nor were his pants sagging around his ankles and arguably quite recognisable but he was still immediately suspected of stealing. So what makes our children targets is what makes them beautiful… The color of their skin.

  • CKB

    See the thing I wonder, if Trayvon did not have on a hoodie, why do I have the distinct feeling the outcome would have been the same.
    I will say this, Yes pull your pants up! It does not look good. Period.

  • Issa Lopez

    The media is the source of the problem and we as black folks just help to feed the ignorance. If you stand on the corner all day or all night, speaking loudly, cursing each other, wearing your pants at your ankles, you are part of the problem. In foreign countries they view african americans as violent and ghetto, because thats what the media has shown them. When they come to live in America they look down on black folks because the media has taught them that they are superior. Changing clothes is not a solution, teaching our kids what not to do is the solution. Behavioral change needs to happen. I used to tell my brother, “Medgar Evers did not die in front of his children for you to cut school”.Black america needs to know their history, not for them to hate the white folks, but for them to learn and move forward.

    • Jas

      @ Issa Lopez

      I agree with everything you said. I want to add that the version of black people the media shows actually exist. The media isn’t just making that up. Some of us choose to ignore the mess by calling it freedom. Black people are failing one another and don’t see it. Black boys are targets because most of the violent crimes that exist in our country are committed by black men (not saying that they are the only group). Black folks are leaving urban neighborhoods not because of white folks, but because of the violent crimes committed by people who look just like them. Detroit, New Orleans, Chicago have seen blacks move in mass numbers for suburb communities with white neighbors because, whether we want to admit or not, it is safer. For every Trayvonn being a victim of gun violence in a “white” town like Sanford, Fl, there are 20 similar victims per day in “black” towns such as Chicago, New Orleans, Detroit. White people are looking at us and treating us in the same manner we treat ourselves. I mean, if we can’t behave in our communities, which are named after civil rights leaders such as MLK, why should they be convinced that we will behave in their’s?

      • Na Na

        I agree Jas…to a certain extent. White people have been treating us in a horrible manner way before we began to self destruct. Now it can be used as an excuse for them to say look, the kill themselves. while it is no fault of our own the treatment that has been bestowed upon us I do agree our actions DEFINITELY do not help to end their hatred of us.

        • Clark Toni

          No one is explaining why no Jobs. Where are the good paying jobs a lot of us do have the skills now. It is all by design. I disagree with you Issa but white people love your view!!!

  • yuneygirl

    Hoodies are sold in stores for every person to wear. I wore hoodies before Trayvon lost his life taking an innocent walk home, and I will continue to wear my hoodie. No one should have to change to fit in, we should all be accepted and treated as free human beings. We must hold on to our culture and beliefs. It is our natural born right to live freely as long as we don’t interfere with anyone else’s rights.

  • Didn’t Geraldo Rivera try and fail with this argument? Even if all young African-Americans stopped wearing hoodies and saggy pants, started walking around in Nordstrom and Eddie Bauer, and didn’t act like “thugs”, they would still be considered acceptable targets. Why? Because they’re Black, period. It’s not about the clothing, it’s about the color of their skin. What about all the Black people that have been killed who didn’t dress like rap stars, who were just minding their business? It’s like saying a woman should stop wearing a tank top if she doesn’t want to be raped. Yet how many women were raped who were wearing jeans or sweats? This is a smokescreen to try and place all of the blame on our shoulders, instead of where it fully belongs. Even if Trayvon was dressed in a suit, Zimmerman still would have followed him.

  • Regular Bob

    This is bad advice. How about they stop killing us. Why do black ppl have to conform to what white people consider acceptable? Youre part of the problem. You’ll give up youre identity to be part of their system. Sell out

    • guest

      Exactly. Hoodies weren’t around during slavery and the Civil Rights era, where white folks considered black people dangerous and were allowed to kill us. Being that this still happens in 2013, their prejudiced views as a whole will never change. And it’s not like dressing young, black males up in a suit and tie everyday is going to change their mindsets, to them he’s still a n@gger in a suit and tie.

      • Andrani

        amen. makes no difference to them.

    • Kenedy

      Next thing you know, they’ll be telling us to stop having nappy hair that grows out of our heads or stop having broad noses