So ‘Black People For Paula’ Are Holding A ‘We Forgive You’ Rally In Times Square

July 12, 2013  |  

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Just to be clear, the people in this pic above are not the ones participating in the “We Forgive You Paula” rally — at least as far as we know — but this was the only photo we could find with Paula Deen and any black person besides Oprah since her fall from grace so there you have it.

Now on to the real nonsense. In true Uncle Tom fashion (sorry, is that too harsh?), a group of African Americans have gotten together to form a coalition of “black people for Paula” who are planning to rally in New York City, of all places, to express their support of the disgraced Food Network Chef. Don’t believe it? Here’s their official website and the statement of purpose written there:

The word Paula used was horrible. S​he has admitted that what she said was wrong and hurtful. She gave an extremely heartfelt apology and I forgive her, my family forgives her and the African American community forgives her. We have all made at least one mistake that we wish never happened. Paula Deen should not have to continue to suffer for one mistake.

Myself and over 100 of my friends are gathering in New York city on Friday, August 16, 2013 to have a “WE FORGIVE YOU PAULA” rally in Times Square right outside of the Good Morning America studio during the 7AM filming hour. We want everyone to see that that Black people are for Paula and that we accept her apology. Black leaders such as the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton have forgiven Paula. The Black community has forgiven Paula, it’s time for us all to open our hearts and give this good woman a second chance.

We want to have a huge banner made saying “WE FORGIVE YOU PAULA” and pink T-shirts made saying “BLACK PEOPLE FOR PAULA”. We also want to put together a

“WE FORGIVE YOU PAULA” signing book, that’s a book compiled of positive comments about Paula Deen you send us and we are going to send a copy to Paula and to the the companies that have chosen to prematurely brake ties with her.

The Black community is with you Paula and we are going to let the world know!

I’m sorry, please don’t speak for the entire African American community anonymous person who created this ridiculous effort. If you and your 100 brainwashed friends support and forgive Paula, fine, but don’t throw the rest of the 13% or so of African Americans in this country into this group. And truth be told, I really could care less about this sad excuse for attention and someone’s hope of being seen on GMA, I’m just disturbed that these 100 or so individuals could take the time to put together a website and gathering to show support of a southern bigot, but likely aren’t doing anything to address teen pregnancy among black girls, matriculation rates among African Americans, gun violence in Chicago — hell have they even put on a hoodie for Trayvon Martin?!

It never ceases to amaze me how some black folk always seem to return to the plantation in support of massa. Do we really think Paula would miss a day of frying butter to help a black person who caused such a racial stir? Me thinks not.

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  • Alexis Morris

    yeah but I bet none of these blacks will be exactly ‘welcomed’ to eat with her and use her bathroom.

  • willisthecat

    I don’t think this website is authentic. I smell some sap’s poor PR attempt to rally around Paula and put her in a good light. If “Black folks” forgive her, it will be “ok” for her sponsors to do so, and she can get all her endorsements back. Whoever put down money for this, it was wasted; she needs Olivia Pope.

  • Almonbuttr

    The ONLY people that can forgive Paula Deen are the employees that dealt with all the illegal actions that happened while they were employed by her company.

    When will African Americans focus on the REAL issues????
    Help end violence, poverty (1 in 3 children live in poverty), create/obtain jobs and create and improve educational system while strengthening families.


    forget this ignorant bigot. She still uses the “N” word

  • Paula Deen is a bottom feeder. A few tears and a half arsed apology do not make her words or feelings about minorities any less hateful. Wake up!

  • CC

    YES!!! I came all the way on this over here to say I DGAF about Paula Deen!!! She is not paying my bills and I’m sure the rest of the black community can say the same. I halfway don’t even believe this is true but if it is, what can we do to stop it??? I’m sorry, but I’m not finding too many “black people” that agree with this so who’s going to be in this rally??? I so believe, that her publicist went this far to see if she can clear her name because her revenue is falling fast and they aren’t getting paid……Well back to what I was doing lol…………

  • MissRealuminatti

    Are they going to be dressed like slaves and give her the plantation party she dreamed of?

  • MissRealuminatti

    Blacks forgive Paula? If anything she needs the whites to forgive her. The CEOs of walmart, food network, and others dropped her. Also, the woman that made the allegations was WHITE. But, somehow, someway it is the black communities responsibility to forgive her??? Please! We got our own problems: drive-bys, drugs, prison, fatherless homes, etc.

    • chanela

      how do you know if all the CEOS are white though?

      • MissRealuminatti

        Okay, maybe not white but the white media and white society expected these corps to do the “right thing.” There’s about a 95% chance that these CEOS are white though. lol

  • I wish that we as Black people could be more forgiving towards those in our own community whom we turn our backs on. Paula Deen using the n-word may be the catalyst of this case, but it’s not just about her using that slur. It’s about the lack of respect and decency that she feels towards her workers; her belief that Black people warrant being treated as less than human simply because they are Black, as well as her general disrespect towards those whom she doesn’t consider to be on her level. THAT, along with the usage of the slur, is what people are upset about. Furthermore, her whole “I is what I is” statement shows that she sees no need to change her behavior.

  • Clow1985

    Retards smh
    We are never going to advance if you guys keep giving racists see you next tuesdays like Paula Deen another chance to get your money while thinking we are all monkeys and how she would love the “good old days” back! You idiots deserve that crap if you believe her!

  • Barbara Codner

    How embarrassing……#goneintohiding

  • Joanna Willis

    Our communities have to deal with gun violence, poor education, lack of jobs, racial profiling-just to name a few, and there people are actually organizing for THIS!!!

  • Eyesus34

    When they’re done forgiving Paula they can rally for George Zimmerman. Maybe Zimmerman won’t think they are a threat and shoot them in the face.

  • jessie’s girl

    This is one of the reasons why our people as a whole will never get ahead. We will always be the underdog and trampled on by society. Some black folks will just bend over and take it with no vaseline.

  • JNic

    To be honest I could care less about the situation because I don’t support Paula Deen and haven’t for a long time since she drenched all her food in butter, but I can’t speak for everyone else, but I do agree with the writer that some black people and people in general will protest or do a whole gathering for someone that doesn’t even recognize them but won’t do it for something that will help your community: poverty, education, student loans, wages, jobs where unemployment among blacks is still the highest….but I digress…

  • I love how the hive gets upset when other bees decide to go their own way on a subject like Paula Deen. I applaud these people for sticking up for someone they believe should be forgiven instead of being like most of the commentators I read who parrot whatever blog they use for their news source.

    • jessie’s girl

      Did you read the deposition or are you just being a sheeple? Perhaps you should read it. Clearly she did more than use a racial epithet.

    • Clow1985

      Sure, forgive her and allow her to go forward with her hidden agenda… I bet you would be cool with using seperate bathrooms rite? Open your eyes

    • prmediajunky

      I have no issue with anyone who wants to forgive and move on regarding Paula, but I’ll be damned if you should say you represent the people. Where was I at when this was put up for a vote. I’m very much black and this group didn’t ask me how I felt about Paula. That’s what ticks me off about this group. Speak for those who have your beliefs, not a race. And that is how I won’t be a parrot in this situation Manolo.

  • Beejcee

    I guess I missed it. When did she apologize?

  • kittenhasclaws

    This is what happens when people only watch the news and don’t do research on their own. She’s not being sued for the n-word. And people are so stupid to defend her without looking into what they’re defending.

    “WE FORGIVE YOU PAULA”…oh? So you forgive her for the plantation party? You forgive her for the separate but equal treatment of the bathrooms and entrances? Fools.

    • BeeMooreCareful

      Im starting to wonder if anyone read the complaints at all. A white Jewish lady filed the complaint against Paula and her brother. She said she was subjected to physical, emotional and sexual abuse from her brother. He also belittled the staff (who happens to be black). Paula suggested the whole southern plantation wedding and that whole thing about seperate bathrooms and entrances. This did not happen 30 years ago, this was very recent. She has felt like this all along and she just got caught. She only apologized so she can stop loosing endorsements. Personally I dont care what she said in her home, every action has a consequence. You just dont get to pick the consequence.

      • MissRealuminatti

        well said!

        • ilovemovies2

          I too thought it was a black woman who made the allegations against Ms. Deem. Then I she came forward. Too bad the “media” ignorned this.

          Look y’all Paula told herself. She could have done like a lot of nameless folks and lied so I’m not mad at her. If I would hate to have my past and present brought up about something I “said”.

          I’m done. Let it go.

          • ilovemovies2

            *leave out the “if”

    • Clow1985


    • speaksthetruth

      i know… freaking fools