Cynthia Bailey Explains Decision To Reveal Illness On The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

July 11, 2013  |  

Last month we told you “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey was going to be undergoing surgery for a mysterious illness which the reality star says makes her appear pregnant. At the time, Cynthia said she was going to reveal details of her medical condition on the next season of RHOA, so when we spotted her on the carpet during Debra Lee’s BET Award pre-party, we wanted to chat with the model to see where things currently stand with her help and why she’s decided to do such a grand reveal. Check out what she had to say.

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  • Tellinitlikeit Is

    Cynthia is the Lowest of the Lows- if this is so important why the heck bait people and hold off informing people for the sake of a show. I no Longer can stand Cynthia for this I will not watch the show. How Disgusting to announce you have a Disease but won’t mention what it is until your show comes back on. I hope everyone boycott’s this.

  • gr8p

    Fibroids. I had them and they made me look pregnant.

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  • nunu

    Tired of people announcing every little details of their live on tv for checks and ratings… Normal people go through this stuff everyday and really struggle…. DOWN WITH REALITY TV!!! These chicks need jobs

  • getreal

    If the “illness” turns out be fibroids, I will be done with Miss Cynthia.

  • Ladybug94

    She’s coocoo.

  • Elleon35

    All the women in my family had an operation to remove their fibroids because if left unattended to turn into cancer thus saving that topic for next season is a joke. My friends mom is currently living with her fibroid and her friends say she look five months pregnant and when told to go under the knife claimed her boyfriend advised her against it because the operation will take away her women hood thus if Ms. Bailey has something to say its best to do it now because I know one lady who waited to long for removal and it killed her.

    • blackdolphin

      Fibroids are non-cancerous BENIGN uterine growths. Not sure where you get your info. Please do not scare people with this. If the lady died, the fibroid did not kill her.

  • Davon

    I won’t speculate or judge, I’m sure it will be disclosed in due time. It’s unfortunate that she’s dealing with this issue. When you make your health and wellbeing a priority, then it is one. When we wear so many hats and are active roles/anchors in the lives of those that are near and dear to us, it’s easy for us to put our own needs on the back burner. In our society, we are taught that we are selfish when we cater to and care for ourselves before others. We are taught to take care of our offspring, spouses, and parents before ourselves, otherwise we are not showing enough love and dedication. That couldn’t be further from the truth, in order for us to love and care for others, we have to care and love for ourselves FIRST. We then perpetuate that same cycle with our daughters and sons, because we teach them that same behavior. The WORLD treats us how we treat OURSELVES, so when we don’t care about ourselves, or put ourselves first, no one else will. Ladies, we indeed deserve it ALL, we’ve earned it.

  • PAdi

    Fibroids. Let’s move on.

    • DaisyDooks

      That was my guess, too.

  • Sherri

    I’m guessing she didn’t want to elaborate due to it being party of the RHOA’s storyline. You know how it goes, until something airs on television. She does look pissed about something-probably arguing with Peter over something LOL. They’ve never seemed like an ideal match. I’m just saying…

  • oj9561


  • SheBe

    BS. If its that important then don’t say anything at all for privacy reasons or be an advocate in an outspoken way truthfully about what it is. Just call it like it is. She needed a storyline for next season (to compete with Porsha and keep it interesting) so you chose your “illness”. If its fibroids, endometriosis, etc. then fine. We need more women who are UPFRONT about feminine issues and she chooses the cliffhanger route but I digress. She didn’t look all too happy either.