Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta’ Album Sold a Million Copies… Or Did It?

July 10, 2013  |  

A shot from Jay-Z’s Samsung ad.

Beyonce posted an old graduation photo of her beau, Jay-Z on Instagram; the words “bow down” were stamped in bold white letters on the picture. The “Single Ladies” singer wants us to curtsy for Jay-Z. After all, the  Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) hailed Magna Carta Holy Grail as a platinum album. However, Billboard refuses to “bow down” and will not accept Jay-Z’s one million digital sales as platinum, reports EOnline.com

via Beyonce’s Instagram

Jay-Z teamed up with Samsung who agreed to purchase one million digital copies of Magna Carta for its Android customers. “While the album was free for the Samsung customers, the company paid Jay-Z and Roc Nation $5 for each copy,” says TheWrap.

In order to award Sean Carter with a platinum plaque, the RIAA had to change their rules. Originally, sales are only counted a month after the official release of the album. If the rules remained unadjusted, Jay would have to wait 30 days after July 9 to see if he had generated sufficient sales.  But earlier in July, “the certification company altered its rules to instantly qualify appropriate pre-sales towards gold and platinum status,” adds TheWrap.

Billboard, however, isn’t budging to appease Jay-Z. “[I]t wasn’t as simple as you might think to turn down Jay-Z when he requested that we count the million albums that Samsumg ‘bought’ as part of a much larger brand partner ship,” Bill Werde, editorial director of Billboard states, but “nothing was actually for sale.”

Werde explains that Samsung users downloaded a Jay-Z app for free and got the album for free as well, so the argument by Carter’s team that “something was for sale” isn’t valid.

Billboard only predicts Jay-Z to sell between 450,000 to 500,000 copies by Sunday, July 14. But they do expect the “99 problems” rapper to reach No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. He would be “extending his record as the solo act with the most No.1 albums in chart history,” said Billboard. Only The Beatles have surpassed Jay-Z with 19 chart-topping albums.

Billboard’s Top 200 chart will be released on Wednesday morning, July 17.

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  • Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta’ Album Sold a Million Copies, it is the information updated relatively stable.

  • Nola

    Yeah everyone I know with the phones that can download magna carta had to have it. I gues it worked.

    • sweettea

      Its free so why not? I have the s4 and I got it and I hate so I deleted it.

  • Just saying!!

    WHY DO PEOPLE SUPPORT THESE PEOPLE AND BUY THEIR ALBUMS!?!?!? I can’t for the life of me understand it. It couldn’t be more obvious that they are self-serving and exploit us for their own wealth. I just don’t get it. … And this is evident without even bringing all the “illy” stuff in the equation! Smdh

  • Clarke

    “Bow Down”?

    These two, very quickly, need to get over their disgustingly holier-than-thou, egotistical and sanctimonious selves.

    By all means, you’d think these mediocre entertainers, at best, were helping to change the world or, at least, at the forefront of trying to better their own communities.

    The only one I shall be ‘Bow- ing Down’ too is ‘Jesus’. It’s a shame that they, both, have forgotten who he is and, clearly, Jay-Z most definitely has if in one of his new songs he refers to himself as a “21st Century Messiah”.

    • Sherre_7

      YES. YES. YES.

    • IllyPhilly

      I listened to that album and it’s like he just does not care at all, point blank. Jokes or not, it seems very offensive and I’m not even religious.

    • IllyPhilly

      I listened to that album and it’s like he just does not care at all, point blank. Jokes or not, it seems very offensive and I’m not even religious.