Still Talkin’ Ish: Amanda Bynes Targets The Obamas In Her ‘Ugly Campaign’

July 8, 2013  |  


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Amanda Bynes has done it again! If you are familiar with the child actresses’ social media antics, you know she loves to call people ugly. Well today, homegirl decided to put the icing on the cake with the disrespect, tweeting that President and First Lady Obama  are ugly.

Yes, you read that right.

USA Today reports:

The tweet is the latest in a string of tweets devoted to calling people ugly. Celebs she has targeted include Jenny McCarthy, Rihanna, Courtney Love and Jay-Z. In May, she was feuding with model Chrissy Tiegen about being ugly. Most recently she went from saying Drake is “gorgeous,” to yes, “Drake is ugly.”

It has been speculated Amanda needs to seek professional help but she has repeatedly stated she is fine. Last month we reported her fellow co-star from All That, Nick Cannon, tried to reach out to her to help but Amanda quickly shut him down.

In an interview with America’s Got Talent co-worker and judge Howard Stern, Nick Cannon openly spoke on his feelings about the downward spiral Amanda Bynes is going through in the public eye. To see her now, calling folks ugly, wearing wigs, getting excessive plastic surgery and just behaving erratically.  Cannon says it’s sad and that he’s made an effort to try and reach out to her. Bynes went on to Tweet out her lack of appreciation for anybody trying to reach out to her, because she’s not trying to hear it: “If you’re not hot I don’t value your opinion. Stop trying to force me to listen if I show no interest.”

Maybe the secret service can get to her, you think?


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  • Hi-liter

    I guess she abandoned her mission to look like EX-stripper, video vixen Blac China. She is still wearing the hair, but looks like she doesnt have the pierced dimples anymore.

  • TraceFace

    This is all an act. Amanda Bynes got her start in comedy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is pulling some type of “Borat” act. The more you feed into her, the more she tweets. When you ignore her, she tries hard to get attention like posting Barack and Michelle are ugly. We all need to ignore her, her twitter followers especially.

  • Amanda D. Browne

    Poor thing.

  • rainydaze80

    it’s time to ignore this child!

  • scandalous7

    she has alot of black ppl on her ugly list.

  • Jessica2248

    Why doesn’t her family intervene, and get this girl some psychiatric help? Why are they reporting this, because this is not news. They are just trying to instigate using the ratings of an obviously psychotic individual.

  • Child_Puhleez

    I must admit, she got me the first 3 times she tweeted whoever she felt was ugly at the time & caught wearing tacky wigs. I’m hip to her, now. Ain’t nothing wrong with that h0, unless attention-sloring is a diagnosed sickness. STOP reporting that dumb h0’s antics!

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    I’m sick of hearing about this train wreck and her antics, she makes Lindsay Lohan look like Michelle Obama. I want to hear about this lost chick getting the help she needs.

    • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

      D amn that is brutal.

  • Pam

    Where is her family? I mean dang, Lohan’s folk stepped in for her. Where is this child’s folks?

    • ashley79

      I think that Lohan’s folks are her problem. Thank Good Shawn Holly is stepping in as a parental figure.

      • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

        That’s her lawyer right?

        • ashley79


  • sigh

    Lets not give this lost child any extra attention… Calling everyone ugly smh.. She might just lose track & start calling out herself.. Po lil tink tink…

  • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

    This chicken head…. YES chickenhead just keeps a cluckin… They need an Amanda Bynes tweet translator, turn her clucks into actual words to see who she clucking over at the moment.

  • alex

    can someone tell her to sit down somewhere…?

    • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

      glue her to a chair with nail glue!

  • ashley79

    Why do we give
    this celebrity troll a voice? She does this for attention. Ignore her and she
    has no power. Like Rihanna said, this is what happens when they cancel

    • IllyPhilly

      Yeah, that what happens when that inbred blood starts to show. who is she?! I’ve only heard of her because of this site.

      • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait


        • IllyPhilly

          LMAO. See, I didn’t have cable growing up. LOL Jenny Garth?

          • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

            It was like 1 of THE 1st white ppl w/ issues shows… I’m too young to kno this much about that silly h03 n her background the way I do…=^/