“F**k You…I Don’t Have A Son Anymore”: 50 Cent Caught Viciously Berating His 16-Year-Old Son Marquise

July 8, 2013  |  

It’s safe to say that July is not going to be a good month for 50 Cent. Last week we told you that the rapper and mogul was being accused and charged of assaulting an ex-girlfriend and the alleged mother of a child we didn’t know he had. And while he has had a pretty non–serious reaction to a very serious accusation and situation, he’s found himself in some more mess, this time involving his son.

In text messages acquired somehow by Radar Online, 50 is engaged in a heated conversation with his 16-year-old son (and twin) Marquise over the rapper coming to visit his him, only to have the young man NOT open the door and let 50 in. While that’s cause for annoyance maybe, Fiddy’s response was way over the top and hurtful, calling his son everything from an a**hole to asking for a blood test and disrespecting Marquise’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, who 50 has been in contention with for years over custody of Marquise and more (remember, he kept her from appearing on TLC’s short-lived program, Starter Wives). Here is the exchange between father and son:

50 Cent: Hey I’m outside the house at the front door.

50 Cent: I came to the front door then lights went off. What’s up?

Marquise: U lying u outside?

Marquise: Lol.

Marquise: Lol u fronting.

50 Cent: I saw you looking out the window good luck in life. Your gonna need it.

Marquise: Lol u fronting hard body now, how u going to see me when I’m in the basement lmao

50 Cent: F**k you

50 Cent: You are your mother child

Marquise: Lol why would u lie about that lol

50 Cent: I need a blood test cause that d**k s**king b**ch you call mom was f**king the hole time

50 Cent: I don’t think your funny at all. I drove out here for nothing.

Marquise: Pops ur trippen now, why u won’t been get one u had 16 years lol, I know u lying bc u didt even call me too go outside

50 Cent: Are you f**king crazy I don’t have time to play boy. I told you I would come see you. I came motherf**ker start turning lights out and looking threw the blinds.

50 Cent: Are you f**king stupid. You had me drive over there why do you think I needed a address Shyte head. I saw the lights go out then some one playing in the blinds and there no party going on. F**k you to

50 Cent: You your mother and your sister f**k all of yal.

Marquise: I might dumb, come thru then, no need to get upset

Marquise: Stop by and say hello too ur son

50 Cent: What the f**k are you taking about I’m not f**king with you after this I leave Atlanta in the morning.

Marquise: So come thru then

50 Cent: F**k you

Marquise: No need for all that

50 Cent: You are bigger enough to know better so f**k you stop texting me

Marquise: Ight

50 Cent: Tell your mother she won. She has you and ill make another. I will have nothing to do with you. Don’t text me ever again.

Marquise: U keep texting me lol

50 Cent: It’s cool I will never go out of my way again. You disrespectful little mother f**ker.

Marquise: Lol u never do I don’t know not that doesn’t even call there son for his birthday

Marquise: Or get him a gift for his b-day or for Christmas.

50 Cent: You are your mothers son. I don’t have a son anymore.

50 Cent: F**k you all you want is a gift. Like your mother and your ungrateful sister.

50 Cent: Delete my number.

50 Cent: You never call what the f**k I’m suppose to call you to give you something sorry

Marquise: Welp if u feel that way, I don’t about no gift it’s the thought that means the most, remember this money ain’t everything

Marquise: I’m tired of calling u, why don’t call me and please can’t wait to hear this excuse

50 Cent: Good luck with you life man. I tried to come talk to you. You din’t have to have me come all the way out there if you don’t to see me you little a**hole.

50 Cent: I don’t have to make a excuse for anything. I’m a grown a** man boy. You talking about money ain’t everything. Your right but when you don’t have any your gonna understand why I work so hard. I’m done texting you delete my number. 

Marquise: Thank u, and u know dang well u ain’t come out here too see, but if that’s what u want to stick then I’m sorry, and I know why u work hard, ok, god bless

50 Cent: Are you f**king stupid.

Definitely an ugly conversation, one reminiscent, as Radar pointed out, to actor Alec Baldwin calling and cursing out his daughter Ireland a few years ago, calling her a “thoughtless little pig.” But in a way, is it weird that I low-key think 50 might have sent out these messages as a publicity stunt? Hey, you can’t put anything past that man. Either way, he has to do better.

What do you think of their exchange?

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  • baboy taboy

    why are people surprised on the language that they use? thought this was a common knowledge by now.

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  • Bobsun

    Is this even real? I read 50’s book and judging from that, those texts seem to be a little too grammatically correct.



    • Gabie Aldrich

      You sound crazy writing in all caps! Please learn how to spell before you address me again! Your spelling is making Dr King Shutter in his grave!

      • bb morgendoffer

        Shudder. Shutters are not Shudders even though they sound alike. That’s just flat out the wrong word, unless you think he’s doing some redecorating down there.

        • Gabie Aldrich

          He’s closing the shutters so he doesn’t have to see all this buffoonery the folks he lost his life for is doing! I know what I said “Lady”? It’s one of my catchphrases thank you very much!

  • MzCoffee59

    50 Cent is really despicable. How could anyone talk to another human being like that let alone their son? I can’t believe it. It’s pathetic and sad. I truly feel sorry for that child.

  • IllyPhilly

    I agree with that. This was trifling to put out there.

  • IllyPhilly

    I agree with that. This was trifling to put out there.

  • IllyPhilly

    I agree with that. This was trifling to put out there.

  • IllyPhilly

    I agree with that. This was trifling to put out there.

  • IllyPhilly

    I agree with that. This was trifling to put out there.

  • IllyPhilly

    I agree with that. This was trifling to put out there.

  • CMG

    Nat, bad parenting is bad parenting, I agree. But in the end, Lil 50 is not paying any bills so until he is or at least pays rent or owns the door he refuses to open, he should respect his parents. I don’t believe that it is the place of a child (unless they are paying their own bills) to “treat, curse out, etc.’ a parent. I agree, the parents need to model better behavior and how to have relationships but bad parenting still does not give a child the right to be disrespectful. I am a teacher and I am privy to a lot of “bad parenting”. A lot of those bad parents still have students that are able to be respectful. Now I will respectfully say to you, GTFOH”

  • nat

    the responses in this post that condone 50 acting a dang fool toward his son are the reason why i can’t be upset about involuntary sterilization of black women in prison. if you ain’t got the sense God gave a gnat, you don’t deserve to have kids! yeah, i said it.

  • nat

    as for 50 – if i ever bought his music, i’d never support him again. he’s garbage and he will pay for bringing a child into this world and relinquishing all responsibility for his rearing. bad parents are complete and utter scum and deserve nothing good in life. if you don’t like it – i’m probably talking about you.

  • nat

    black people embarrass me and it’s really sad. this is why our kids have it so rough in this world. how are people blaming this child who clearly has ZERO proper parental guidance? how anyone expects him to know respect when clearly he’s never seen examples of respect? gtfoh you idiots sound like the same dumb kneegrows that curse like truckers around their kids and then when your kid curses you bash him/her in the head as if they should know that they’re wrong. stupid stupid kneegrows. i’m really embarrassed to be black some times. bill and claire huxtable were the absolute best examples of black parenting that ever was. you dummies should take note. they were firm and authoritative but they taught their kids well and always showed love.

  • Jaysheez

    I believe 50 knew that it was the child’s mother responding to the text

  • Dina English

    This is sad all the way around. I see things like this constantly as a teacher at a private high school, it breaks my heart. So many mistakes here. 1. As a child they will do stupid things, it’s inevitable. If every parent decided to react like this and write a child off to doing childish things, I think no one would have parents any longer. 2. I think kids are a product of environment, there is a love there and the son seems angry, but an absentee parent can’t pop up whenever, and try to demand to be treated as an authority figure: meaning you see your kid when convenient for you, cut a check and think that’s enough to establish you as a true parent. 3. Big mistake, my parents text me to as simple questions, text are easy to be misconstrued. When it got to the second text, my parents would have been calling, no texting here. As a parent I need to hear your voice, so I can understand. 4. A lot of people saying the child is wrong, he is doing what any child does , push those buttons. 50 should have been there a long time ago to put a foot in him, but there is no respect there. 5. When a man has no respect for the mother if the child, or vice versa you don’t love the child enough. I can be pissed as he’ll at you but the child will never know. 6. If a few raggedy words can make you give up on your child, father-son relationship, he was looking for a reason to bounce. Yeah my kids and students piss me off but nit enough to snap. 7. A teenage boy doesn’t matter what color needs his father, repetition as its best, it will reflect later on in life, when he has kids, how he reacts to situations, or how he even deals with a woman. 8. Lastly, was the kid rude, sure, maybe he looking for any reaction from this man. My husband said it best yesterday, if 50 all this time has been absentee and all he does is call or send money, his son thinks that’s how he shows his love. When the calls and money stops, what else does he gave? Not a damn thing. But I could be wrong, but from dealing with teenagers daily, and US teachers spend more time with your kids then you do bc of the hours, it’s sad to say this happens daily

  • Nymeria

    If his father said he was at the door, why didn’t Marquise just go to the damned door? Why would his father text him a lie? Obviously 50 probably won’t ever be Father of the Year, but
    he seems to have been so put out because maybe he did actually move his azz and go to see Marquise only to be left standing at the door. That does not excuse his language to his son, but he was clearly ( and he felt justifiably) p’od.

  • Lefty

    so sad and we wonder why we have so many wounded people out here…. Everything starts in the home… I pray they can heal from this…

  • Delaun Brown

    wow” for real somebody tell me this is NOT for REAL cause if this info is TRUE 50 Cents just drop to 2 cents in my book he need help!!!!! Iyanla where are you and the rest of those doctors…#fatherlessSons….

  • 1Val

    Sad situation.

  • CMG

    Regardless of what is going on with the parents, they should both expect the children involved to be respectful. Period. This is also why I am not a fan of parents and children being together on twitter, Facebook, texting, etc. We all know that when you do not have to deal with someone face to face that internet courage seeps out. Hope they all can sit down and make it work.

    • nat

      oh you sound real stupid. regardless of what is going on with the parents? it sounds like what’s going on with the parents is BAD PARENTING in which case, how can the child be expected to know how to be respectful? gtfoh

  • Bobby

    the mom is terrible for letting a conversation between father and son go public…arguments happen be parent and child all the time…no parent it perfect…

    • nat

      oh you sound stupid too. it’s the woman’s fault that this no count male berates his son like this? you.are.a.part.of.the.problem!

  • OH YEAH — Straight People make S U C H Great Parents ALL the time…

  • Abbas BAKER

    looking at fathers like this makes me wanna thank my father for being a great dad!

  • rainydaze80

    These messages are a little hard to decipher, but it sounds like 50’s son is tired of empty promises. That’s not an excuse for not opening the door, but he is a kid and kids act out when they feel hurt or wronged or whatever. This is really sad and hopefully, both of them can get past their egos and work it out.

  • unknown

    50 already said it was the boys mama texting him on his twitter account…but im wondering if he knew that during the whole conversation or if he found out afterwards hhhmmm

  • unknown

    50 already said it was the boys mama texting him on his twitter account…but im wondering if he knew that during the whole conversation or if he found out afterwards hhhmmm

  • VVV

    Interesting, throughout Marquise’s poor language, he never cursed his father in the exchange, it was Fifty being the disrespectful father cursing his child.

  • Hard

    #co-sign 50 these bitter angry black women abusing the CSP system anyway….I told my BM the same thing enough is enough I ain’t playing games with these rats.

    • scandalous7

      but thats no excuse for treating your son that way.

    • bb morgendoffer

      Enjoy getting old, especially if you need your kids. I’m sure that’s going to work out great for you!

  • Ebony

    Son acting like a rational parent in this exchange.

  • Maile00

    50 keep paving your way to hell if this is real….you are an absolute jackass..

  • Just saying!!

    Wow what a terrible father. The son is more mature than he is. I don’t think I would’ve opened the door either….

  • PleaseDOBetter

    We expect the younger generations “to know better” and “have some act right”, but yet the older generation sets examples like this. Shame.

  • Cherie’e Collins

    OKAY… So 1st I understand WHY it’s so messed up! When your texting FAST and
    out of ANGER things do become MISSPELLED… I believe EVERYONE well (who ever
    know how to text) can agree w/ me. NOW this is CRAZY!! Like REAL crazy and I
    think of it as a publicity thing!! Yeah Daddy MAY not come around like Son
    wants to, but he has put little cutie in the magazines. Truthfully no Celebrity
    spends ENOUGH time w/ their child SHOOT no HARD-WORKING parent spends enough
    time with their child!! BUT this whole LASH OUT if it is REAL 50 needs anger management
    and some parent counseling on how to love his teen son!! SERIOUSLY!!

  • Kam

    I’m by no means a 50 fan, but I don’t think this was a real conversation between 50 and his child. I don’t think his son’s mother is an honorable woman, so I really believe that she created this drama. Marquis may have been home and she didn’t tell him his dad was outside and was sitting there texting going HAM the whole time. And if she is the one who released this to the media then it just further adds to my thoughts that she is out of line. At any rate, if this is what life is like for that child with them as parents then they all need to see a family counselor.

  • nay

    Wow, the son seemed like he had more sense than the father. Was all that cursing necessary? I mean, he is the parent right? What is the sense of all that cursing? What did it accomplish? At the end of the day he is responsible for his actions, and disrespecting your own son gets you nowhere.
    And yes, whoever leaked this text to the public should be ashamed. Why air out dirty laundry in public?

  • Chance Jolivette

    all these texts, people don’t call anymore? u would think he’d call hey boy i’m outside open the door, oh well believe half of what u see none of what u hear

  • Kimberly Reese

    That is terrible, I hope 50 get it together

  • J

    First assault and destruction of property now this!!?!?!? 50 clearly you need to make an album or something because free time is not your friend.

  • MommaT

    I have a feeling that wasnt the son texting, but the mother, trying to get stuff started. The whole thing seems fake. Just don’t seem legit. ..

  • word

    I am not surprised, you? Most of these rappers are unrefined BOYS with new money…very evident by there lifestyle and marketed self image….another strike against the Diaspora…

  • Cold Piece

    I didn’t read the whole transcript but will say I’m leaning towards believing his son. I’ve got an ex who pretends to show up for visits only to leave because my being minutes late is “playing games” he doesn’t have time for. He’s sent text messages pretending to be somewhere to try & make it seem to “others” that he’s doing the right thing.
    While the son’s tone was out of pocket, a child gets tired of being jerked around by grown folk perpetrating as parents. There’s only so many lies a child will believe. Especially after they’re reasoning skills are developed

    • STAR


  • Name

    Why did the son seem like the mature one in the conversation?

    • Barbara Codner


    • Ms_Sunshine9898

      I wouldn’t call baiting and taunting mature. . .

      • MONICA


  • kierah

    Fiddy is dead wrong. Whoever leaked these messages is even more wrong. Making a private matter between them public, damages any hope of repairing the relationship.
    Y’all need each other. Fix it, Curtis.

  • Davina Harrison

    Wow that was deep. I can’t actually believe that went on, at least I hope it didn’t.

  • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

    Whats wrong with Fif? Mental health is really needing more attention, i think he may have had a mental break down…

  • Nikia D-Shiznit

    They both need an English class and spell check. He’s his Father’s son

  • Sad business. 50 is wrong even if his son did punk him out. He’s the parent you don’t get down on their level. All that cursing and insulting is beneath a true father. You take it on the chin and keep your head up. As a parent to a being that did not ask to be here you owe them more than a visit whenever you’re in town. Sorry but he’s reaping what he’s sowing.

    Baby momma is a trip and a half, that’s why it was even more imperative that he fight and get as much custody of him as he could. 50 circling the drain. The media likes to build you up in order to rip you apart and 50 is getting the same treatment.

    • bb morgendoffer

      “beneath a true father”
      Well said.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    I may be in the minority but it sounds like to me from reading it that he was just fed up with son and basically said it in the worst way possible. It started out like hey I’m here to see you, and then the games begin with turning the lights out with him on the porch and not opening the door. Then 50 just let him have it. I don’t know, sounds like to me the kid baited him, 50 fell for it, and now it’s all over the internet. . .

    • Tiffany Shaw

      I thought the same thing.. smh

    • Meemo

      That may have very well happened but certain things you don’t say to a child and he said most of them. One of them has to be the adult and the boy is a child. Period.

      • Gabie Aldrich

        And sometimes a child needs to be put in their place! And that is what 50 did!

        • bb morgendoffer

          This isn’t putting a child in their place. In order to put a child in their place you have to act like an adult. I’m disgusted that any adult would agree with this behavior. This man said hurtful and mean spirited things to humiliate his son. This is you SON. Not only his son, his first born son. People that think like you are the problem, and are why so many young black children have emotional problems. It’s never ok to talk to a child like this. If this boy’s father is telling him he’s not worth his time, even going so far as to say that he wants a blood test, then how is this young man ever going to value himself? Parents are supposed to make you feel loved no matter what. Point. Blank. Period. Parents are the ones that get cussed out and still say I love you more than anything. Once again, I’m disgusted by you.

          • mividaloca

            I agree. And then the cycle continues, and this young man will grow up thinking this is the ok way to parent. It’s bad enough he’s being raised without his father in the home, and now to think this berating is ok and normal? Sad, and sad folks are encouraging this dangerous parental behavior.

            • bb morgendoffer

              I’m glad you said folks because people that think like this are clearly not parents. They may have kids but they ARE NOT parents.

          • nat

            exactly @ bb morgendoffer! i see what happens to kids that get the treatment Gabbie thinks they should get to be “put in their place” and it only creates angry, bitter and violent adults that think they can go around responding to every little disappointment with anger and disrespect. black folks will never learn and it’s quite sad because i don’t care what white folks did/do – at some point we have to take responsibility for our own. sadly, black parents that live below the poverty line take their frustrations with poverty and disenfranchisement out on their kids through violence and verbal and mental abuse. black women living in poverty that raise children alone always want to carry this banner and be given accolades for being single mothers but many times they’re not doing a great job of being a parent because they’re busy chasing their baby’s father or another man to take care of them and their children. they don’t have their minds on the right things and when life doesn’t go their way – they curse the children out and kick them like you kick the dog when you come home from a bad day. it’s very sad but I see it EVERY SINGLE DAY. i don’t care what that child did or said – a loving parent would have NEVER said such vile things to his/her child. there’s absolutely no excuse. if his child did play with the lights and push his buttons – he should look at himself and the relationship he has with the child’s mother and start to make changes instead of making this child suffer. he ain’t $hit.

            • Gabie Aldrich

              It’s Gabie And this kind of thinking is making a muck of society! I have to deal with children like this every day at work who truly need to be put in their place! I am sorry that I don’t think kids should should be in control of parents like these “New Parents”! I bet a lot of you guys feel that the teens who broke in that football players house and destroyed his home were just kids having fun.

        • Wainey

          Adults can say hurtful things at time, but respect the man enough to atleast open the f*cking door, He paid for it..lol..

          • nat

            right, because black kids have to raise themselves. kids learn respect from parents that TEACH it. how can the child show it if his dirt bag a$$ daddy or mammy didn’t teach him? black people have a very warped idea of what respect means and what makes one entitled to respect.

          • MONICA


      • Ms_Sunshine9898

        Well that’s what I said, he said it in the worst way possible. So many people are looking at the ugly things he said and ignoring the fact that this child starts the conversation off disrespectful, continues baiting his father to rile him up, and then closes it out taunting him. I don’t know about you but in my mind, both of them are at fault with how this conversation took place and putting the blame solely on 50 for being an angry, albeit lousy parent, is just ignoring the one of the main causes of the problem. . .

    • Gabie Aldrich

      ITA with you on this! These Gen Y kids are out of control !! I would of never talked to my dad like that! and His Ex should of been ashamed of herself for letting this happen.

      • mividaloca

        That child has TWO parents, and BOTH of them should be ashamed for this young man to act like this. Had 50 been in the child’s life more, or better yet had chose to have a child with a woman he would’ve made his wife and wanted to raise a child together, then yes this child may not be so out of control. It’s why I waited until my husband and I were married 10 years before we had our children, and they are very well behaved and disciplined and raised by BOTH parents.

        • bb morgendoffer

          “That’s just too much like right”
          My grandma

        • Gabie Aldrich

          good for you??

      • bb morgendoffer

        Children don’t raise themselves. This pathetic generation of parents will fight tooth an nail to avoid any responsibility for how the children they were too busy to raise turned out. That’s what people should be ashamed of.

        • Gabie Aldrich

          Excuse me but that is what I have been saying from the beginning of the useless conversation… Follow a disrespectful child home I bet a disrespectful parent open the door…. Once your child is out of your home the rest of the world (especially me) will have to deal with them. I am just asking for parents to teach them respect!

          • bb morgendoffer

            No you aren’t. You’re victim blaming. You’re making excuses for a grown man to berate and humiliate a child. Like I said, people like YOU are the reason why so many of our children are emotionally stunted. Parents are always held to a higher standard of accountability. ALWAYS.

            • Gabie Aldrich

              In your skewed mind you think i am victim blaming.(if he such a victim why put this on blast in the media)? I think you are protecting a child who needed a little wake up call on how to talk to a adult. That’s why this gen Y is so skewed up with folks like you giving children excuses to be disrespectful to adults. Did 50 cuss him out? Yes! Could he done it another way? Maybe we have no idea what cause 50 to blow up on this kid. Maybe this was his limit because of something that has happened before? But that is the real world you can’t coddle kids forever.. you coddle kids they won’t grow and folks like me are stuck with these semi adults!

    • MONICA


  • Trisha_B

    Those texts don’t seem like that of a 16 year old. Shaniqua & 50 been going at it for years. So it really wouldn’t surprise me if it was actually Shaniqua texting. She screen shot those texts & sent them in. She knew 50 would react that way & it was perfect timing w/ all that is going on w/ his other baby mama. These will for sure make him look bad in front of a judge. & if 50 reacted that way over text, you know it’s nothing new smh. Probably curses at the kid all the time. Its disgusting

    • guest510

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Alicia Faye

      Even if that was her texting 50 instead of the son, 50 was texting back as if he were talking to his son not her.

  • me

    Wow. I really hate the way people talk to their kids these days … He is cursing him like somebody he is gonna fight in the club. Sheesh. Of course the boy has no respect for him …

  • Tiffany Shaw

    Smh this is the result of two bad parents raising ungrateful little children. 50 clearly has not spent enough time with him as a father to be directly involved with his son and his mother clearly has filled his head with BS. While I do believe to an extent children are a product of their environment. At some point this boy has to start deciding whats right for him. If his father traveled to see him to talk to him then playing games is not the way to get anyone’s attention. I find it sad that the first thing he starts complaining about is gifts and whatnot. Just goes to show the mindset he has. smh.

    • Sean

      The first thing he complained about was not getting call for his birthday. Then start talking about gifts.

      • Tiffany Shaw

        No to be accurate he said he didn’t call before coming over. What kid says that to their parent? I’m grown and I don’t talk that mess to my parents. This boy is clearly disrespectful and thinking someone is playing games with him. It’s both his parents fault that he is this way but in no time he’ll be grown and blaming them forhis own mistakes. Smdh

        • akward

          havent u seen how respectfull his father talks to him ? he clearly then got it from somewhere but i like it if my parents call for when they visit then i atleast know that i will be at home waiting for them unless they want to pass by front a closed door when im not at home it just depends but clearly your parents has keys of your house if thats the case they indeed dont need to call at all they can just go up into my house.

          • Tiffany Shaw

            This boy is not grown he does not pay any damn bills so when his fathers tells him he’s coming to see him and then shows up.. What is the excuse for not coming to the door? What is the excuse for playing these games. It appears right out the gate that he has an axe to grind with his dad, and that may be true. 50 may be an absentee parent but since he is there why not let him in so you can discuss it with him. No you playing at windows. Turning lights off and what not. While I do not condone the language or words 50 used. I don’t think this child is right in the least. He needs to learn his place and at 16 it ain’t going toe to toe with your daddy.

            • Thaalia

              The texts somehow dont seem like theyre from an average 16yo boy imo. Some of the wording he uses is interesting. Anyhoo, if this is the real deal then:

              Well we dont know their full history. And if what he says IS true
              then 50 cant come around and play Daddy when he feels like it. The son
              pretty much alluded to the fact that hes not around and 50 either dances
              around a straightforward explanation or pretty much tells him ‘ill come
              when i damn well please.’
              Even if his son was acting like a
              brat, number 1, you dont involve the kid in whatevers going on between
              you and the other parent. 2, you dont talk smack about the other
              sibling and 3 the first response he gives his son after he gives him
              sass is ‘good luck in life’. No, ‘dont play around are you at home,
              dont disrespect me.’ he doesn’t set a level of expectation because he
              knows its not there. His language is defeatist and of someone who may
              say things in the spur of the moment. They don’t interact like father
              and son, that doesn’t ‘just happen’. Neither of them come off looking
              good but, come on, a grown man telling his teenage child to F*** off?
              And also you can tell (at least from this bit) that 50 was a bit ranty (could be editing). But lets say the ex baited him into this, still doesnt make it right. But again we dont have the full story.

              • MONICA

                WEL SAID

            • kikimac

              When a parent isnt around to raise their child resentment builds. A child does not care who provides financially so much as having the confidence that their parent loves them

            • MOJICA


        • MONICA


    • MONICA


  • Chey

    What’s up with parents tripping out on their kids nowadays??? I’ve been through this with my dad AND step dad. My mom has horrible taste in men. No lie no lie no lie-e-i-e-i

  • vicki

    I couldn’t understand half the messages. what I did get out of it is 50 is a terrible parent. I’ve had to dry my step sons tears when his mother did some ish like that. I wanted to go and put my hands on her.