Things That Make You Go Hmmm–Or Not: New Study Claims Black People More Racist Than Whites And Hispanics…?

July 5, 2013  |  

So in a new Rasmussen study, Americans were asked who they perceived to be more racist and apparently, black people took the cake. Honestly, I call bull.

According to the study, 37 percent of Americans feel that blacks are more racist, while only 15 percent believed whites were more racist. This same study also claimed to gather that 30 percent of people believe that race relations are getting better in America while 30 percent believe they are getting decidedly worse.

I’m not really sure what the poll was trying to prove as it is obvious that there is something quite off in the findings and how they came to them. Perhaps they asked these questions in the Bible Belt? Perhaps the number of whites to blacks was significantly off? Or maybe folks are seeing something that we just haven’t realized?

Oh wait… here’s an interesting stat:

“From an ideological point of view, almost 50 percent of conservative Americans think that blacks are racist as opposed to only 12 percent of white people.”

This is probably one of the most ridiculous and unnecessary polls I have ever seen. Ridiculous because due to the increasing visibility of racial profiling due to social networks and outspoken pundits, we see that disrespectful treatment and crimes against blacks because of their race and appearance are still happening throughout the country by police and everyday people (stop-and-frisk anyone?). We also see that we are clearly NOT living in a post-racial society no matter how you slice it or skew the numbers. Whatever the numbers say in this poll – the news tells a totally different story. Amadou Diallo. Oscar Grant. Sean Bell. Travyon Martin. To name just a few.

At the end of the day, I’m just wondering what this poll sought to accomplish? I’m also wondering who would take such amazingly off stats as the gospel truth about our nation’s race relations?

Do you think that blacks can be more racist than whites? Is it possible? Some argue that minorities can’t even be racist. How does this survey represent your own life? Or does it at all?

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  • MrTechnicallyCorrect

    I believe that times really have changed. White people aren’t the first people to judge an interracial couple, just to inform the uniformed. I’m married to a white woman and her family excepts me more than my family excepts her. Out in public, white people don’t seem to care but other black people shake their head. I didn’t get married because of my wife’s skin color. Im a child of God and I believe that all men are created equally. I’ve dated black women, white women, and hispanic as well. No one dates another race for any kind of advantages and if so that person is sadly mistaken because life does get easier for anyone based on your race or your partner’s race. I do see racism more so in our own people however but it’s usually of the older generation. It’s usually the older ones who shake their heads to our own when they see a man wearing dreadlocks or cornrolls as a hairstyle. I have dreads and no one other than older blacks seem to feel it is a thuggish look even though for me it is my way of taking pride in my roots. I have black and white friends who I served in this country’s military with who both consider me a brother. As a matter of fact my best friend is someone that most would mistake to be a racist white boy just because he is from the country but apparently no other friend I’ve ever met has bought me a car for my birthday either. Statistics of course are always accurate so I do agree that you really can’t trust them because most people either rush through surveys or don’t do them at all. I suggest that in stead of carrying preconceptions based on history we ought to really try to keep up with the times. All any race of people really care about now and days is self preservation which usually doesn’t include any sorts of outsiders including those of there own race. What truly needs to change is self. As I look around me everyday I see that as the times pass people are becoming more self centered, greedy, less compassionate, and worse as time goes on. Not too many could care to help each other anymore and when one does enjoy to help another it is looked down upon in suggestion that it is naive and foolish to be a friend to a complete stranger. Who cares about racial issues. It’s a dead subject that’s only being kept alive by those who live in the past. Not everyone is stuck in your past so let it go. In the words I my younger cousin, “There’s no need to beat the dead horse.” I do however believe that we as a people must evolve past this and look at the real issues that are truly impacting out lives. I’ve been all over the world, seen many of many races and everyone else seems to be moving forward while we hinder ourselves. We are intellectual beings and should act as such. I love being black and very proud of who I am. I’ve accomplished much that most have said that I couldn’t accomplish. I’ve seen what our people are capable of and it’s so much more than this excuse that states that “the other man” is the reason why I am not successful. Until you’ve pushed yourselves past your limits in everything you do then you really can’t blame anyone but “you” as to why you aren’t where you want to be in life. As far as I can remember, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and therefore the color of my skin does not dictate the success of my life nor it’s happiness.

  • PatTheRat

    Blacks are definitely the most racist of all races. They feel they are better than other races, which by definition is racism.

  • ax49

    Minorities can’t be racist?? Are you serious I’m asian and i’ll tell asian people especially the ones not exposed to American culture are among the most racist people I’ve ever seen. It’s more out of ignorance and not being exposed to other races rather then hate or prejudice. Growing up the most racism I faced was probably from black and Hispanic people while White people tend to be more aware not to be racist, whereas black and Hispanic people felt it was perfectly fine to make fun of me for being asian. That’s just how our society is now. Look at this absurd article… It actually asks the question if minorities can even be racist? That exactly the truth being racist for white people is taboo but being a racist minority is perfectly acceptable. Just look at all the racist comments in below mine and you’ll see. The only people who are white and openly racist are crazy skin heads and other undesirables. Whereas racist minorities are not held back from success and popularity in the mainstream.

  • BadDad

    ALL people can be racist but here’s the thing – black people’s racism is a direct response to the rejection they receive every single day, in ways undetectable to others.

    Whereas white racism is from a position from fear or just plain hatred “I don’t like your type, bub”

    White people are afraid of blacks & there’s nothing more blacks can do about that – fear is owned by the person felling the fear.

    Unfortunately I don’t think whites realise their fear comes across as hostility & exclusion (insert racism) so they’re creating more of the very thing they .

  • Nick

    Amen!! Blacks are incredibly racist. Hypocritical two faced also

  • nate

    With trayvon Martin case, many whites were saddned by the ruling, and people weren’t out in the street celebrating. But with the Oj murder trial when he was acquitted large crowds of African Americans were out celebrating. What does that tell you ???????

  • RamsesTemur

    “Racism cannot Be practiced by Blacks in America. The “ism” at the end of the word denotes a “way of life or doctrine” that I could never successfully pull off. Racism is denying jobs, Healthcare, Quality education & freedom to the land that naturally belongs to the Original People. Racism is streamlining wealth created at the detriment of slaves, then protecting it centuries later with systematic laws & social engineering disguised as democracy. Racism is stealing History then turning it inside out to protect the liar & mentally enslave the looser. Racism is Wall Street & Private Prison Corporations. Racism is eugenics & planned parenthood. Racism is Malt liquor & semi-automatic weapons… Available to Boys that cant afford a good pair of shoes…. Racism is George Wallace & J Edgar Hoover & George Bush & George Zimmerman. GO BACK TO THE BOOKS! Prejudice, I just might Be that. (It would Be well earned) But that won’t kill You & it certainly won’t keep You up at night. Stay in Your lane. OUT.” ~ ZaZa Ali

  • MJ

    Do you really think that is racist to expect people to show their i.d. in order to vote? I would think the black community would be eager to start a campaign to require identification to vote and then go on a campaign to make sure every voter has identification and is required to show identification when they vote. Isn’t that fair? Isn’t that a good way to reduce voter fraud? Surely you want to do everything possible to avoid voter fraud, right? Just like we must have identification to participate in every other important legal activity, voting should be no different. We must have identification to go through security at the airport, right? Whether we are trying to provide security at the airport or security to protect voter integrity, isn’t identification a good idea?

  • MJ

    Don’t you think a racist is anyone who makes decisions based on skin color rather than focus on the content of character? Affirmative action should be an insult to the black community because it suggests that black people do not have the capacity to move forward based on merit, but rather their race. Anyone who offers to pay for someone’s education to a historically black college is making a racial distinction and is operating on a double standard. If a white celebrity offered to pay for anyone to go through an all-white college, that person would be skewered in the media as a racist. The fact hat NAACP exists is, by definition, racist. Does the NAACP only address concerns of black people? I think so. The pendulum has swung so far the other way, I hope my black friends can find a way to balance the pendulum so the dream of one of my heroes, Dr. Martin Luther King, can be realized.

  • Guest

    You see now more than ever whites defending that they are not racist namely because the minority community is projecting this stereotype on them and it’s tiring to tip-toe around racially motivated conversations when you want everyone to be equal. Is there racism? Yes, it’s a two way street. The more and more I hear people say poor me poor me the less I feel sorry for them. Coming from a multicultural family (yes my brothers black and I am white), I’m tired of people being the victim. You become a victim when you allow an ignorant person to affect your happiness. He won you lost already. Be a pro-active supporting member of American Society. You can’t fix stupid (racism) by getting angry at it. Are all white people racist? NO! By saying “white people” it’s a form of racial discrimination just as it is the other way around. It’s ignorant to believe things or use general stereotypes to justify a singular line of thought. When this happens it divides races and cultures on a whole thus perpetuating the cycle. So what can we do then? Stop venting about being victims of racial discrimination, regardless of what anyone FEELS, the FACTS are it has happened to everyone at some point or another. Before commenting that this white man doesn’t know what racism is, that’s ignorant in itself!

    Stereotype: something conforming to a fixed or general pattern; especially :
    a standardized mental picture that is held in common by members of a
    group and that represents an oversimplified opinion, prejudiced
    attitude, or uncritical judgment

  • moso2124

    yes, it definately is possible for blacks to be more racist than whites. and, i know this will probably be viewed as racist, but, black people seem to have no shame whatsoever.

    • moso2124

      in my lifetime, i have seen way more blacks acting/saying racist things than whites.. just sayin..

    • Bob Villa

      *Calls blacks racist *Makes an ignorant and racist generalization about blacks. There are whites (not all or any blanketed terms) have no shame and refuse to take accountability, this study and your comment proves that.

  • Mephisto

    Are you serious?

    Why are people listening to a Rasmussen Poll? They’ve been reported and ousted numerous times, for having horribly faulty and flawed polling methods. They’re the same group who ALSO proclaimed that Mitt Romney was going to win the 2012 election BY THE VERY SAME MARGIN that Obama ended up winning by. They’re about as credible as I am to conduct national polls.

  • Chas Ellsworth

    If your skin color comes before all else, you are racist. For instance, since your skin color is of the utmost importance you find you MUST belong to ; National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA), or the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives(NOBLE) just to name a couple.

    And you can’t wait to put this on your resume or in your bio — as you are a professional.

    What this does, is let non-black people know JUST how racist you really are. You have segregated yourself from all other races, and it’s a BIG concern for you. You vote for a man because the color of his skin matches yours, yet you know nothing about his policies. Sound familiar? You are a racist if these things apply.

    There are already organizations out there that do the functions that these black ones do, but YOU want to belong because they are to benefit black only.

    Sure ANYONE can join, but members must agree to promote the black over all others. Sound racist? It is. Very.

    Black folks have some work to do in cleaning up their own prejudices.


    • Bob Villa

      Those institutions were formed to combat the white power structure and racism. Latinos and Asians, and increasingly Arab/Muslim Americans have similar organizations. So by your logic all minorities are racist and whites aren’t.

  • Freeordie

    Blacks overwhelmingly voted for Pres Obama because he was black and yet if white people hadn’t overwhelmingly voted for Pres Obama he would not have won

    Chris Rock talked about blacks being far more racist years ago
    The Dem party and black leaders have sold black people on the idea that all their problems are the result of white people holding them back

  • JMega

    Blacks are more racist because we have a history of hanging, enslaving, raping, & killing people, & denying them their rights as human beings. Blacks are also obsessed with taking land and natural resources from brown people all over the planet – OH WAIT A MINUTE, SORRY, THAT’S WHITE PEOPLE – smdh 🙁

    • Freeordie

      Black people do that all the time in Africa, plenty of blame to go around

      • JMega

        WHITE PEOPLE have done that all the time…. EVERYWHERE ! 🙁 smdh

        • Freeordie

          the point is white governments don’t have a copyright on the things you describe, black governments do it too

  • Thatcouchaintyours

    Blacks are not more racist than whites. This is just another way for white oeople to try and deflect the blame.

    • Freeordie

      Blame for what?

  • Bryan Trice

    Unfortunately we are racist as a black community. We have absolute strong desire to be on top but is not willing to do what it takes to get on top. We are constantly complaining instead of coming to a resolution or a conclusion Better yet a solid conclusion in which to deal with what life throws at us. Instead we adopt the I can get over because of this person or that person, never once walking past a mirror looking to blame White folks because of what they did in the past, Vietnamese because they came over and got all of the stores, Mexican’s because they got all the jobs, and the list goes on and on. And just when we don’t think that we are being racist enough, we look at our own brothers and sisters when they do have the mentality to rise above the junk that they have been handed we move heaven and earth to pull them down, and when we are not pulling them down we try to find a way to keep them from coming up. And that’s why I reach the conclusion that yes we are a racist people because we don’t bother to look in the mirror and fix the person that you are looking at and only that person.

    • Freeordie

      When you are told all your life that its a white persons fault you didn’t graduate high school you end up believing it
      Hitler did a similar thing blaming Jews for the Germany’s problems

      • Bob Villa


        • Freeordie

          Blacks haven’t been told that all their lives?

          • Bob Villa

            No, do you have some study? You show how much you lack intelligence when you make those ignorant assumptions about blacks. Whites don’t run through our minds 24/7 like you think.

            • Freeordie

              Come on race baiters like Al Sharpton have been doing this all their lives.

    • Bob Villa

      All you did was generalize and stereotype blacks, that proves nothing. All though I do agree that there is way too much black animosity towards other blacks.

  • faydie

    @dj r…………Your commentary was on point. Thank you.

  • Sportsdoc

    This poll is pointless unless they break down the numbers of the different races polled. I clicked on the link and they said 30% of the black people they interviewed thought blacks were more racist compared to 24% who thought whites were more bigoted. This is not helpful. That 30% is that 3/10 1/3??? How many whites/blacks/asians were involved in the study, where are they from etc. Just another random poll without that info.

  • Ladybug94

    Unfortunately, I will have to agree with this. It really saddens me though.

    • Ladybug94

      And I’m basing this on my dealings with various races, not this particular study.

  • yuneygirl

    We have to use a great deal of critical thinking when it comes to polls, especially this one. I do not believe that our people are more racist, we are more real. White people believe that some of the racist things they do are not racist at all. They are just ignorant to the fact of what is appropriate and what is not. Whites believe their behavior and attitudes to minorities is ok because all of their peers are in agreement. Which is ridiculous. We have had to be apart and experience their culture for years and they have no idea about our culture or any other culture. We are part of the real world and they only participate in their world.

    • Freeordie

      I’ve experienced black culture and white culture, in the 70’s I would say white people are more racist, in today’s world black people are more racist

      If a Black is conservative what do other black call him? Do they say people of good conscience can disagree?

      • Bob Villa

        How would that prove that blacks are more racist towards whites? Please use critical thinking skills (if you have any).

        • Freeordie

          Without insulting you
          Acceptance that a person of intelligence and good conscience can make an argument in good faith that disagrees with your own viewpoint is a sign of tolerance.

          • Bob Villa

            I was alive in the 1970s (whites were racist). I am alive know (blacks are racist) <— That is essentially your argument. How do you expect me to not question your intelligence?

            • Freeordie

              I assumed you were asking me about the second part of the my comment about how Black conservatives are treated by black people who disagree with them.

              “I would say” implies that the first comment is my opinion. There is no way to quantify that whites are more, less or equally as racist as in the 70’s. There is no way to quantify that blacks are more, less or equally as racist as in the 70’s.


    …meaning, this poll is worse than stupid…


    The point of the poll is obvious to me:Whites are less racist than Blacks,meaning that Whites have improved a better understanding of world’s evolution and that Black people still can’t look forward

  • Kaila P

    I don’t know abot American , but in teh Caribbean where whites are the minority blacks are veryyyyyyyy racist against them , most of the whites that live here well in my country are very afraid of blacks for that reason, there’s just this hatred towards them that people just can’t let go. And black on black racism is very serious here , when one is “black” like realllly dark it’s a serious insult and when people don’t have “coolie” wavy hair they get teased about it as well. Like I said since I don’t linve in the U. S I can’t speak for there but here in the Caribbean we are definitely racist

    • Fair and Balanced

      Here in America many Blacks suffer from crab in a bucket plantation mentality. A great deal of Americans who are Black are open to change and improving themselves as well as the communities in which they live, they are family oriented and many are well educated the problem is the Blacks that want to maintain the status quo will do everything they can to degrade and impede the process of those who are trying to progress this of course is in addition to many American Whites who continue to generalize and regardless of the years of inequality towards Blacks choose to believe that we are all poor, ignorant, uneducated and deserve nothing other than to be put back on the plantation. We are so divided in this country the media plays a big part in this but there is a great deal of truth in the hatred against Blacks as many Whites believe we have been handed everything, and regard affirmative action as a pass for Blacks the truth is any program that has been geared toward minorities in this country has done more to help Caucasians especially White females than any one else. This is not to say that many Blacks did not take part in the hand outs but many of us are still poor, struggling, have suffered from major economic set backs and are jobless even with an education so who’s more racist? The answer is clear.

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  • Candacey Doris

    So they asked who they perceived as being more racist? There’s a scientific study! Not. Were the people who were polled screened for racism? Was it controlled for race, culture, SES? No. Sorry, but i’m going with bull.

  • get real

    Black people don’t fall for this nonsense. White people are really trying to run with this reverse discrimination nonsense. Every time I hear a white people scream about “black racism” I always ask this one question and can never get an answer. “how are black people discriminating against you”. This nonsense is simply about white paranoia. Black President, bad economy, their losing their homes, can’t find jobs etc so they gotta do what they’ve always done and blame black people for their screw ups. Just show how much power they have that little girl that didn’t get into Texas University is single handedly about to get AA wiped off the books. Talking about white privilege.

  • get real

    Black people don’t fall for this nonsense. White people are really trying to run with this reverse discrimination nonsense. Every time I hear a white people scream about “black racism” I always ask this one question and can never get an answer. “how are black people discriminating against you”. This nonsense is simply about white paranoia. Black President, bad economy, their losing their homes, can’t find jobs etc so they gotta do what they’ve always done and blame black people for their screw ups. Just show how much power they have that little girl that didn’t get into Texas University is single handedly about to get AA wiped off the books. Talking about white privilege.

  • Nikia D-Shiznit

    ” So in a new Rasmussen study, Americans were asked who they perceived to be more racist and apparently, black people took the cake.”

    So, just because people think or say blacks are the most racist, doesn’t mean that is so. Were blacks asked screening questions that would determine racial attitudes? No. This survey is as garbage as the “black girls are the least attractive,” “black men wanna get married” surveys.

    “From an ideological point of view, almost 50 percent of conservative Americans think that blacks are racist as opposed to only 12 percent of white people.”

    This comes from a group soaked in hypocrisy, accusing people of being what THEY are. It’s funny how these homo hating, racist, sexist, everything else- ists accuse anyone of anything. None of this is even based on concrete evidence, but no one accused them of getting facts straight.

    I call bull.

  • dj r

    White people are masters of deflection. Bring up a valid beef about institutionalized racism and the consequences of race, they decry political correctness and dismiss you as playing the race card. Mention white privilege and they tell you about faux white guilt. Suggest that colorblind and post-racial societies are mythological, they tell you that you dwell on race too much. Point out that such events like the shooting of Trayvon Martin, the rise of the racially polarizing Tea Party, celebrity race baiters like Palin, Trump, Limbaugh, the gutting of affirmative action, social welfare, the Voting Rights Act all have a net effect of creating a anti-minority environment for people of color and you’re told the racists are you.

    Yep, grand masters of racial deflection

    As for “black racism” It’s like the difference between being disliked by the clean up crew in the office versus being disliked by the CEO. The clean up crew can perhaps short change you on not leaving your office clean. It may hurt your feelings but is has, in the end, very little consequence. The CEO has the power to fire you. This analogy will hopefully help you understand the difference between the two concepts – being prejudiced vs. being a racist. Being prejudiced yields little to no consequences. Racism can lead to laws, practices, and policies that can have an impact on another group.

    • dj r


      African Americans cannot be racist. They can be prejudiced or mean spirited. A racist is someone whose prejudice can have social, economic and educational impacts on another group. Whites can be racist because they have the power to exert that type of control on others. And some of them do it. Quite well.
      HIspanics are not there yet. But as a group, they have coalesce very well and they are building their power base. One day, within the next 10 years, they will be in a position to exert control over others. African Americans are too busy begging and
      pleading for white acceptance to do the heads down work it takes to build economic and social power. The compassion,talent, intelligence, resources, money, it’s all there. If African Americans were to break the psychological and emotional shackles that still holds them bondage, we would be a force to be reckon with. We could ignore the likes of a Paula Deen, a Bill O’Reilly, etc and focus on flexing our muscles where, at least with some people, it counts. In the pocketbook.

      • bkabbagej

        OMG!!! Who are you? and THANK YOU!!!
        Your commentary needs to be shouted from roof tops around this great nation. As you so eloquently stated above, with no power, you CAN’T be racist! If only we can get our brothers and sister to stop thinking (1) if I just (fill in the blanks), I’ll be accepted; (2) they’ll think differently of me if I think lowly and separate myself from those of us who have less and are less motivated and lastly if I marry and have children with them. There are few things in life that I will say I hate but I hate to hear Blacks say well we’re living in “Post racial” times because we have a Black President. Unless we do the hard sacrificing, work and stay focused we will still fighting the same issues covered in different issues in the next 50 years! Once again I say THANK YOU!!!

        • bkabbagej

          Excuse me We’re living in a “Post Racial” times

          • Nikia D-Shiznit

            Turn on the news. Read the newspaper. Go to a wealthy neighborhood. Be seen with a person who is not of the same race as you and make out. Obviously you don’t interact with anything or anyone in the real world.

            • get real

              Go make out with a white person in a wealthy community” What in the hell are you talking about??

          • Malik Brooks

            post racial??? yeah right

        • dj r

          exactly !

          thanks hun…..

      • Happy

        You took all the words out of my mouth and thoughts from my mind! Thank you!

      • Fair and Balanced

        I agree with you, in order for Blacks to rise above we must harness as power as you stated. Unfortunately, we are too busy listening to do nothing so called leaders who play the Black community for all its worth while getting rich from it. Case in point, when Whites refuse to hire Blacks they are threatened by so called Black leadership who threatens to out them and bring upon a massive boycott the White organizations offers them a payoff to go about their business and just like that the threat is over and Blacks are still nowhere. This is the Black community’s fault as many of us are willing to sit back and do nothing hoping and praying for the big pay day. Its not coming and we are further back now than we have ever been, I don’t know why people thought the election of Barrack Obama was going to change anything it has not and it will not. Every race that comes to this country has harnessed their power but not us, we are too busy trying to stay on the plantation and exert influence over the crab in a bucket mentality. Its really sad but many of us are so busy tearing each other down that we will continue to move to the back of the bus once the Hispanics harness their power we will become a permanently cemented as 3rd class citizens. This is the reality of being Black in America today and many of us will never get the message. Whenever someone Black mentions something different or a new way of doing things we call them uncle toms and every other degrading name because they broke away from the plantation crab in a bucket mentality how pathetic we have become as a whole sad but true.

        • Pink

          I am sick of every black person I meet saying they don’t have the educational opportunities white people have. If anything, they have more opportunity for scholarships. Walk into your guidance counselor’s office and say, “I want to go to college.” Duh. They will help you every step of the way.

      • FamuRattler85

        I don’t even have to say anything because you pretty much said it all. Bravo to you!!

      • Kaylisia Reid

        That’s what I actually wanted to hear not the we were enslaved bs. I like hearing we can be better than that but instead I’m arguing with other young black women on why the N word shouldn’t bother us because it’s not us.

    • get real

      Absolutely. Defection and denial.

    • faydie

      Thank you, thank you, thank you. TRUTH!!!!!!!

    • Wakeuppeople

      Uhhh, yeah, sure, black people are not racist. They just say stuff like:

      “White people are masters of deflection……they decry political correctness and dismiss you as playing the race card…. they tell you………..”

      Do you ever stop and wonder why Americans view blacks as racists? Just look at your own comment from ANYONE BESIDES A BLACK PERSON’S PERSPECTIVE and you will see how racist you really are.

      • ted mikeal

        one word ;- Projection !

    • ax49

      White people are masters of deflection… that in itself is a generalization, stereotyping the very thing that we should be fighting against. Your example of a minority being a clean up crew and the white individual being a CEO is also another generalization. You are talking in extremes and presenting examples as if they represent the whole situation. I disagree with your definition of Racism but if “racism can lead to laws, practices and policies that can have an impact on another group” couldn’t President Barack Obama potentially pass such policies? Instead of trying to divide people by race as I feel so many politicians that go after minorities do we should try to find common ground , between each other. A lot of my friends are minority but I also have plenty of white friends and I assure you they are not masters of deflection… So lets stop being ignorant and promote hatred and race warfare, instead lets recognize what the reality is all people are racist white, black, brown or yellow ( I hope i didn’t miss a color 🙂