15 Surefire Ways To Impress Your Next Date

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No matter if it’s the first date or the fifth date, you want to impress the guy you’re with. In order to impress your date, there are several things that you can do that will absolutely make him in awe of you. Here are 14 surefire ways to impress your date and keep him extremely interested in you and everything you have to offer.


Be you

The most important part of being able to impress your date is being you. Trying to be someone else and putting on a facade won’t get you anywhere. Eventually your mask will fall off and the real you will come out. Let the real you shine and don’t try to change who you really are as a person.

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Throw out a little-known fact

What’s more impressive than knowledge? We wouldn’t suggest throwing out some uber nerdy Star Wars trilogy factoid — unless he’s into that sort of thing — but if you’re a subject matter expert in some cool area, show it off! He’ll have no choice but to take notice.

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Wear a nice outfit

Wearing something that makes you feel and look great is a good start to impressing your date. When you dress confident, you feel confident, and when you feel confident, your confidence will show and your date will definitely pick up on that. Be sure to wear an outfit that makes you feel like a bombshell.


Make jokes

Everyone likes to laugh, and humor during a date is one of the best ways to make the date that much more exciting and fun. Make jokes and include some humor in the conversations that you have with him. Men are always impressed by a woman who can make them laugh.


Be daring

Men like to be around a woman who is a bit daring and willing to take some risks. Try something new on the menu, or talk about something that you usually wouldn’t. Maybe plan a date that is unlike any other. Go hiking or bike riding, or maybe spend time together at a local amusement park. Daring is good.


Communicate a lot

Communication is important when you go on a date. Men are sometimes used to quiet and shy girls who can hardly carry a conversation. Instead of falling into this trap, be the woman to be able to start and carry a solid conversation. Talk about yourself but also be sure to give him time to talk abut himself as well.


Don’t complain

Complaining on a date is a huge no-no. So maybe he was a few minutes late, or maybe your food isn’t as spectacular as you’d have hoped. Don’t speak on it. You’ll also want to avoid complaining about anything else going on in your life. You’re on a date and this guy isn’t looking to be your go-to person when you have to vent. Save the complaining for someone else.

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Give compliments

Women love getting complimented, but so do men. When the time is right, be sure to compliment your date. Tell him how nice he looks or how you admire his strong will to pursue a quality career. Of course, don’t over compliment, and don’t give a compliment unless you truly mean it.


Buy him a small gift

Men buy women flowers all of the time, so why not return the favor? Even if you two are just in the dating stage of things, it never hurts to show that you really like and care about this guy. You don’t have to buy him anything super expensive, but any type of gift is always heartfelt and loved. Consider something as simple as writing him a letter.


Be open

This goes along with communicating with your date. When on a date, it’s important to be open to things. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself. Holding things back will only come to haunt you in the future. Be open about the real things you like, where you see yourself in five years, and so on. Honesty and openness relays genuineness.

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Show your unique side

Men aren’t looking to date a woman who is just like the rest of them. Instead, they’re looking for a woman who is different and unique in her own ways. Instead of trying to conform to what all other women seem to be like, be yourself. Show him the unique side of you and don’t be afraid to admit to liking some out of the ordinary things.


Be courteous

While guys tend to be most focused on being courteous during a date to impress you, it’s important that you’re able to be courteous back. When he opens the door for you or pulls out your chair, don’t hesitate to say thank you. Saying thanks goes a long way and it really shows that you are grateful for his actions.


Offer to pay for something

Men get all sorts of excited and happy when a woman offers to pay part of the bill for dinner. Offer to leave the tip of offer to pay for drinks later on in the night. Offering to pay shows that you aren’t selfish and it shows that you don’t expect him to pay for every single thing. Even if he declines, he’ll be super impressed that you even offered.


End the night with some sort of contact

After a really nice date with a guy, one of the best ways to impress him is to end the date with some sort of contact. This doesn’t mean that you have to lay up in bed with him, nor does it mean that a full make out session is warranted. Instead, a small kiss on the cheek or even a hug can make a guy extremely impressed. Aside from impressing him, it’ll show that you’re into him.


Be confident

Confidence is not only impressive to a guy, but it’s super attractive. There’s nothing better to a man than being able to date a woman who is collected and confident in herself. Don’t go too extreme and act as if you’re too wrapped up in yourself, but don’t let self-doubt and low self-esteem get in the way either.

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