‘You Need To Just Shut The Hell Up Now:’ Wanda Sykes Has Advice For Paula Deen

July 2, 2013  |  

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Paula Deen has been making headlines a lot lately and it hasn’t been for her fine southern cuisine either. Just about everyone and their mama has heard of and formed an opinion about the racial scandal involving the celebrity chef and a former employee who made explosive claims about Deen, which ultimately led to the exposing of her racial and offensive behavior. Since then, Paula has attempted to come forward and clean up her image, but she only appears to be making a bigger mess of things. During a recent interview with Jay Leno, funny lady Wanda Sykes weighed in on the controversy and humorously offered some valuable advice to America’s latest villain.

 “Paula Deen, aww that poor lady,” Sykes responded when Leno made mention of the controversy.

“She needs a friend to just tell her, ‘You need to just shut the hell up right now. Just sit down and shut up,'” Wanda jokingly continued.

“She’s out here blabbing on TV [imitates a crying Paula Deen]. I think on the ‘Today Show’ she should’ve just run out and kissed Al Roker. Just ahhhhhhhhh [sticks tongue and does hilarious kissing gesture] and then she should’ve given Al Roker a lap dance and said, ‘I got no problems with y’all, I got no problems [pops booty].'”

“It’s just messed up. She said that she said the N-word once [when she was being robbed]. Nah, that’s when you’re supposed to be saying sir… somebody got a gun to your head! What the hell is wrong with her? It doesn’t make any sense. If she said it once, after losing this empire, I’m sure she’s going to be saying it a lot more now. I mean everybody’s dropping her. It was so funny like, Sears dropped her today and then people who she wasn’t even in business with dropped her. Hair Club for Men dropped her. BET dropped her. Like what the hell?” Wanda continued to joke.

Although Wanda’s delivery is quite humorous, she’s right. Paula should probably close her mouth and have a seat, immediately!

Flip the switch to watch a clip from Wanda’s hilarious interview.

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  • Goober

    Wanda Sykes has probably said more racial names in her standup act than Paula Deen has in her entire life.

  • amir bey

    I agree. She ‘outed’ herself so now we know who she is. What choices we make in this knowledge is up to us.

  • Lulu

    These people don’t want her to represent them. Nothing an apology can do she made a big mistake.

  • MissRealuminatti

    Paula needs to give a genuine, heartfelt apology to the African American community and then everyone will probably move on from this controversy. Instead, she came off as a victim and on the defense during her pity party on the Today Show. Wanda Sykes was hilarious though. lol

  • candy1969cane_2013

    I co-sign with Andrea; on a personal note, I think Wanda needs to have a seat and shut her own mouth.

  • Guest

    As the wonderful Pastor Paul says, “FORGIVENESS DOES NOT MEAN RECONCILIATION!!! It just means, you’ve forgiven. Suffering the consequences of her actions, well that’s another chapter in her story she’ll have to live with!!

  • Guest

    I don’t think she should apologize for anything. She said she talks about some of everybody. I know I talk about some of everybody, too. If I were her, I would have just been quite and not offered any apologies or explanations.

    • Guest


    • The day your thoughts, words, and actions start messing with your money is the day you should consider not ” talk about some of everybody”

      FYI she did more than say somethings. Her and her hick brother had a blatant racist work environment and that is wrong.

    • MissRealuminatti

      But you’re not a public figure

  • Beejcee

    I’m confused by the people who are saying they forgive her (Chef Roble for one). I guess Ms. Deen is giving personal apologies or did I miss her public apology completely? IJS

  • Barbara Codner

    I fell out when Wanda said that Paula got dropped by people who wasn’t even in business with her!! DWL!!

    • MissRealuminatti

      lmao @ being dropped by Hair Club for Men and BET

  • huh

    I’m gonna keep it real: There is no person alive who has not uttered a slur against a certain group at some point in their lives. If we went around taking away people’s jobs because we found out they said something against a gay person, a black person, a mexican, a white, etc…nobody would have anything.

    Just be real about it, you don’t think Wanda Sykes EVER said anyting against a White person? please. I’m sick of the media’s hypocrisy sometimes. We shouldn’t even be eating this woman’s artery clogging mess anyways.

    • You need to look a little deeper into the actual offense. This goes beyond her using the N word one time. She and her brother had a consistent bigoted work environment. She made several straight up racial comments and treated her black employees like slaves. No black person could use the front door, no black people as servers, waiters, black people paid severely less than white workers. Before you take up for her you better get hip to what people are really mad at her about.

    • MissRealuminatti

      The difference between Wanda Sykes and Paula is that Paula was America’s Sweetheart. Someone on the news wondered why Alec Baldwin gets away with homophobic slurs…he has always been a hot head…it’s expected for people like Kanye West or Mel Gibson to be a jerk and say inappropriate comments. Paula Deen was like everyone’s pretend grandma or aunt…she’s a cook…not a crazy rapper or actor.

    • get real

      When are black people like you gonna go jump off a bridge? Cheekee Baby just broke down perfectly. I read the lawsuit and I suggest black people like you read it as well. And I bet you won’t post stupid stuff like this almost defending her.

  • Paula ought to get rid of those large wood lawn crosses and those white sheets with eye holes out of them and have a seat somewhere. I can’t even cook out of my Paula Deen pots set.

    Got me feeling some kind of way frying my chicken in one of her fry pans.

  • Andrea

    We’ll maybe if the media and web sites, this one included would stop talking about it and bringing it up then she wouldn’t have to keep talking about it. Ever thought about that? I mean really if there’s no fire, there will be no fuel to keep adding to it. I’m just saying.

  • thatonegirl

    Wanda is right though every time she opens her mouth she keeps on digging herself deeper and deeper into a hole and incriminating herself even more. Just lay low for a while and get your life together in private.