“My Spirit Is Truly Hurt”: B.Scott Asked To Host BET Awards Pre-Show, But Told To Ditch Heels And Tone Down His Look Last Minute

July 1, 2013  |  

If you’re not familiar with B.Scott, the self-proclaimed “Multimedia Maven,” he’s a very popular Internet personality known for his pop culture website lovebscott.com, for his YouTube videos and his many appearances in mainstream media. With laid hair and a very reliable makeup artist, Scott is known for dressing like a woman (not in heavy makeup or over-the-top garb), but he’s also made it very clear, which he did when he started writing for Ebony as a contributing editor, that he’s still all man:

“For those of you who may not be familiar with me, don’t be confused, my dear. I’m most certainly a man, a splendiferously divine one! I like to believe as Tyra Banks once said to me when I appeared on her show, I’m “handsome and beautiful at the same time.”

It’s his very colorful personality and fan following that I’m sure pushed BET to ask him to be one of the hosts of the pre-show for yesterday’s BET Awards. However, according to Scott, he was asked at the last minute to tone down his look including his outfit and makeup. Known for his love of high heels, a BET rep allegedly told him he wasn’t allowed to wear them on the red carpet for the pre-show, and according to the Internet personality, he had to do a complete outfit change at the last minute, hence his more masculine get-up for the show and the lack of that great lip and eye makeup above. Unfortunately, being told to chill out on what makes B. Scott, B.Scott, really hurt his feelings. And according to folks on Twitter, while he continued to honor his commitment to host, Scott, known for his large personality, came off a bit “muted” and quiet. Here’s what he had to say on Twitter after confirming to his followers that he was asked to clean it up for the network at the last minute:
“Only God knows what I went through today and it’s going to stay that way”
“I wasn’t going to say anything but my spirit is truly hurt.”
“I’m sorry if I let anybody down today, I tried my best and it wasn’t enough.”
“God knows my heart, what happened and at the end of day I would not even be here if it was not for his grace.”
“My TRUE saving grace was the Procter & Gamble consultant, who said: “We at P&G do not support what they are doing to you.”
“No matter how things look, know that God is still in control. Stay in peace, knowing that He will always be with you.”
“I just want to say thank you to #mymimi, my sister, @MariahCarey for being a friend tonight. I needed it.”
Before speaking on what happened on Twitter, he put up a video lauding his makeup job, saying “I’m so f**king beat, that I don’t give a f**k who don’t like it!” Unfortunately, somebody at the network didn’t like it. While BET hasn’t responded to this as of yet, let’s hope it’s not true, because it’s absolutely foolish to invite someone to work for you, knowing how they are, and then at the last minute telling them they need to change. However, he’s got a lot of support from his fans, and celeb friends including Nicole Ari Parker and his homegirl, Mariah Carey, and such an incident isn’t going to stop him from doing big things.

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  • amir bey

    Wake up people; men need to be men and women need to be women! We have to represent ourselves to America better! They were right!!

  • Lisha

    Okay, Now B.Scott needs to tell the whole story. Something is missing and I’m not falling for the victim card with him just yet! If a company or someone asked me to be someone other than myself, then I wouldn’t participate in my own demise. He could have said no, I can not do that but instead he took the check and went on twitter to complain. No sympathy from me!

  • Ariela

    I don’t think he should have taken the request personally. Obviously BET was going for a different vibe this year and you could really see the difference in the set, how the show was conducted, etc. It’s like when you’re invited to be in a wedding. The bride has a certain look and feel that she wants for her special day. She asks you to wear a dress that you may not pick out for yourself personally. Your hair and make-up and even your shoes are chosen for her special day. It’s not that she isn’t aware of your own personal style or personality, it’s just that she wants you to be a part of her day, but it is HER day, so the way you look in it is important to her. This is no different than BET’s request for B. Scott. I really don’t think it was unreasonable or insulting to ask him to tone down their look to go along with the look and feel they wanted for the show.

  • Akira

    That’s ridiculous B Scott is B Scott you wouldn’t have invited him if he wasn’t obviously as bold and vivacious of a character as he is so why change it last minute some must have been uncomfortable but that’s borderline discrimination don’t come for B Scott’s gone with the wind fab self unless he sends for you again BET #TURN UP BSCOTT you still slayed them

  • Tonyoardee

    Shouldnt have asked him to be here if they were going to do all that, they need to do better research before they ask folks to host

  • Trisha_B

    I don’t think BET asked him to not wear heels b/c he’s a man. He’s been on BET before so they are clearly fine w/ his appearance….When interviewing is done, they often like people to be around the same height. It makes it look better on TV. I’ve seen them make short interviewers stand on stools or tall women wear flats. B.Scott is very tall. I didn’t see the pre-show, but pics i saw he was looking down on people & he had on loafers. So imagine if he had on 6 inch stilettos? it would have looked awkward on TV. They should have let him know a lil before hand, instead of last minute tho.

    If he felt so strongly about wearing his make-up & heels why didn’t he tell BET to eff off then? Just like they put him at an inconvenience last minute, he could have done the same to them. Why not have a talk w/ the producers, call up Debra Lee. Not run to Twitter to voice your disappoint when you did exactly what they said & accepted their check

    • York

      That’s a big problem nowadays–the “Screw Me, I’ll Screw You Harder” mentality that some people think applies to everything.

      He had every right to accept their check. BET hired him, he showed up and did what they asked. No, it wasn’t to his liking (and judging from the comments left by fans, they didn’t approve of the last minute shenanigans either), but instead of letting EVERYBODY down and saying, “Eff it, I’m going home,” he kept his class about him and did the job.

      B. Scott’s name is his brand; to bail on a major award show may have proven a point but done more harm than good to his image. Although you don’t agree with him taking to Twitter to speak on his disappointment, he’s a PERSONALITY and that’s what he’s known for! The tweets weren’t even disrespectful; they told his side of the story for his followers who were wondering what the heck happened to THEIR B. Scott.

      And for the “too tall” speculation….I’m not even touching it! But maybe you should put in a resume at BET, they could use that talent.

      • Dee

        I 100% agree with you! It was a great business move for him to continue on with the show. But I also agree with the other author, he is extremely tall with flats on, imagine heels. And maybe the particular makeup he chose just didnt show up on tv well? who knows…

    • hollyw

      Sometimes the shock of the perceived slight is enough to silence someone into submission. He was obviously hurt and disappointed. And then needed to vent. I don’t see him having done anything wrong.

  • kickash

    so rick ross can get on stage with his man boobs flopping, but b.scott can’t express himself with his outfit? They knew he wore women’s clothing and makeup beforehand so if they didn’t agree with what he does why did they ask him to host? He was dressed better than a lot of the people there anyway…

  • Bubbles

    All this time I thought he was a woman!!!!

  • JW


  • Child_Puhleez

    Psh. I block BET, anyway. smh

  • Child_Puhleez

    Psh. I block BET, anyway. smh

  • Zensa

    What is the ever-loving point of asking B. Scott to be part of the show in any way, if not to ***BE*** B. Scott??? It’s like when Whoopi Goldberg hosted the Oscars and people threw a hissy fit because of her off-colour humour and it took Ben Affleck to put it in perspective: “if you ask Whoopi to be part of the production, you get what you ask for. It’s that simple.” Same for BET.

  • Zensa

    What is the ever-loving point of asking B. Scott to be part of the show in any way, if not to ***BE*** B. Scott??? It’s like when Whoopi Goldberg hosted the Oscars and people threw a hissy fit because of her off-colour humour and it took Ben Affleck to put it in perspective: “if you ask Whoopi to be part of the production, you get what you ask for. It’s that simple.” Same for BET.

  • hollyw

    Well. That’s sad. And confusing, as BET is far from a “family-oriented” network…

    Despite the obvious hypocrisy in inviting a very particular media personality to host for you (for the added views, no doubt) only to tell them to turn said personality down, errm… you also let Megan Good present the gospel award w/her “guns” blazing (and they looked fabulous!!). I smell discrimination here…

    Sounds like they just used him for his fanbase, and I doubt they would’ve even hinted the same to RuPaul… o.O

    • ariesdollface

      i like Meagan Good. she’s pretty. she’s attractive. and she seems nice. but her “guns” needed to be holstered. that’s not hate, that’s truth. ijs

  • DaisyDuke

    I don’t understand why BET waited until the red carpet to regulated what B. Scott was wearing. They had to have prior knowledge of who he is and how he dresses when they decided to hire him, he’s quite popular on the internet and is known for wearing heels and makeup. They could have at least told him in advance and left him with the option of 1) refusing to do it because he didn’t want to or 2) dress accordingly to avoid an issue like this. Maybe there is more to the story.

  • moni

    What is he mad for? sHe gets to wear women:s clothes sHe just has to look host-ish.. You can’t wear everything you want male, female or trans…

    • York

      Do you even know who B. Scott is–or at least bother to read the article??

      The person BET wanted him to portray isn’t who he is, point blank. That pic above on the red carpet…that’s him, but that is NOT him. It’s completely devoid of his personality.

      It’s rude to ask somebody to come to your party and then ask them to be somebody else when they show up after YOU ALREADY KNOW WHO YOU’RE GETTING WHEN YOU INVITED THEM.