Well If It Isn’t Kirk And Rasheeda On The BET Red Carpet Together…

July 1, 2013  |  

This weekend,while attending the BET Experience in LA, MadameNoire observed a lot of interesting things, not the least of which was Kirk and Rasheeda on the BET Awards red carpet looking like a somewhat happily married couple.

If you’re confused as to why this is surprising, here’s a little “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” background for you. Within this last season of the show, Kirk has accused Rasheeda of cheating, demanded she get a blood test to determine the paternity of their child, and suggested she get an abortion. And when he’s not talking crazy on TV, he’s walking around Atlanta in t-shirts that read “Almost Single” and insinuating that he is the one who hasn’t been faithful. In a nut shell, he’s achieved the unthinkable by surpassing Stevie J as the slimiest male character on the show, which brings us back to why we nearly gasped at the site of these two being seen in public together. I wouldn’t even be trying to stay in the same house with a man like that, let alone be seen with him in public.

Naturally, the status of their relationship was the question on everyone’s mind, but when asked, all the couple provided as an answer was that “things are a work in progress.” Um, what does that mean?

Since this actually wasn’t our first time spotting these two about town in LA this past weekend, we’re starting to think you all might be right about this couple’s “troubles” and how they only exist for publicity’s sake. But then again, what grown women carrying her second child would allow herself to be disrespected on national TV, and her husband painted as the butt hole of all butt holes just for the sake of ratings? Not Rasheeda. At least we hope not.

What do you think about this pair? Are their marital issues for real or for show?


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  • lr

    Its just entertainment people. Just like the soaps.

  • all woman

    Rasheeda and Kirk are a big JOKE!!!!!!!!! She needs to drop that cheating slime-ball! Girl haven’t you heard…..you can do bad by yourself, you need no help!. He’s tainting your brand!!!!!!

  • Issa Lopez

    Money talk and BS walks

  • Tiffany

    it might be the other way around that the playing the marital problems up to get air time but who would risk there marriage for a check

  • Kitty

    Fake!! That’s why I stopped watching this mess. I can’t believe people really think this stuff is real…

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    Rashida so desperate to maintain her marriage, she’ll allow that grease ball popcorn husband of her to enjoy the perks of fame and then disrespect her all over again.

  • Loyalty85

    I wouldn’t let my husband or myself be disrespected on TV for the sake of ratings or money. The child will see this foolishness one day and will ask questions and think that their dad didn’t want them.And what are you going to say..oh I did it for the money! Sounds stupid as hell to me!

  • I said SO

    Publicity STUNT…anything 2 get that money rolling.

  • newgirl

    Please cancel these so called reality shows. Who in their right mind would go through all this just for a check? Disgusting…