True Life: The Last Person Who Disappointed Me Was…

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People are no where near perfect, so it’s only natural that throughout our lives we will be disappointed, time and time again,  by many of the very people who are the closest to us. Disappointment doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to cut people out of your life though. It all depends on the infraction and whether it happens repeatedly. But we wanted to see what you, our readers, had to say about the last time they were disappointed. See what they shared.

Richelle: I disappointed myself by not learning from my past mistakes. Can’t be mad at anybody but myself for being back in the same situation. I have forgiven myself.

Tevina: One of my best friends.I have forgiven her. However, the relationship has changed. We have grown into two different women.

Angel: A so called friend of mine. I forgive him because he didn’t know a good woman when he had one by his side, even though we never dated. Real recognize real and he was fake. Forgive but never forget!

Loca: My mother, I’ve tried many times, but she just continues to do the same crap, so I’m good.

Sharon: OMGoodness!! I invited my girlfriend to a show tonight. My treat! That bytch stood me up. No call — nothing. How hard is it to say “I can’t make it”. #Heffa Yes, I can forgive, but when is the question

Nicole: My father. The love of your parents is suppposed to be without conditions.

Audrey: My brother, who I was extremely close to, my two cousins that were like sisters to me. All have alcohol or drug problems. They tend to say things when the are in black outs and when confronted, they have NO idea what you are talking about. So serious conversations cannot be had. Sooo, the decision has been made: NO toxic people in my life. Forgivenes will come, but never full trust.

Monique: An ex. He don’t know no better. His mama raised him to lie.

Ebony: Myself. I questioned my self worth based on the way an ex treated me.. I forgave myself but now I’ve got to work on forgiving him so we can have a good co-parenting relationship for our son.

Janeen: My son cause he won’t grow up. I have to forgive cause he is every bit of me.

Leah: Two people actually. They simply were not there when i needed them to be. Because of what they did im some place i never planned to be. I don’t speak to them over that. It disappoints me because i never thought they would do that. Now i know you cant be nice to everyone

Eva: My Love, and I have forgiven him because he is the best thing that has ever happened to me and people make mistakes. The juice is worth the squeeze 🙂

Monica: I found out the man I was living with and engaged to was married. He told me he was divorced he used the passing of his child as a reason to go back to his wife impregnant her with twins and abandoned her to come to the state where I was living to marry me. When that fell through he wanted me to come live with him in another state. Eventually I relocated after it got hard to find work where I was living. After that I dealt with not only finding out about the betrayal but cheating, abuse, lies and my heart is broken. I find myself at times in these weird conversations with him. He is back with his wife I moved out of the apartment we shared. I am facing a serious medical issue that could be life altering. God says to forgive I have it’s the hurt the emotion the fact that he is a pig. I have suffered violence abuse neglect I just want to feel how I feel know its like I know that can’t happen and the idea that he would follow me on Facebook made me block him. I’m dealing with my hurt it cuts deep

Yvonne: My husband he died two years ago. I know it’s not his fault but I was and still am very disappointed he is gone

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