Black Babies Are The Least Expensive To Adopt In The U.S.

June 28, 2013  |  


Even when it comes to adopting a child, the capitalistic notion of “supply and demand” is applicable. And a child’s price tag in the adoption market indicates which ethnicity is more desirable. White children are more expensive with a $30,000 price tag, while biracial and Black children cost about $25,000 and $20,000 respectively, reports Jezebel.

A study that surveyed adoptive parents between 2004 and 2009 found that there were stronger preferences for girls and children who are not African American. Despite the fact that Americans generally prefers boys, prospective parents favor girls because they believe female adopted children are more socially tame than males.

The same study shows that an African-American baby is seven times less likely to attract the attention of a prospective parent compared to a non-Black baby. Although the cost discrepancy based on a child’s race seems discriminatory, research shows that the differences stem from who’s adopting.

According to the U.S. department of Health and Human Services, 63 percent of the children in foster care were adopted by White parents while only 27 percent were adopted by Black parents. As Whites are the parents that are primarily interested in adopting, their main preference for their prospective children is making sure there’s a resemblance. They want children who “can potentially pass as their biological children,” the study added.

Caryn Lantz, who has adopted a child, noted that during the process, she remembered a social worker telling her that the process would move more rapidly if she was open to “adopting an African-American child.” NPR adds, “adopting biracial, Latino, Asian or Caucasian children could be a slower process… because there were more parents waiting for them.”

Lantz was upset to hear this because she felt as if these adoption agencies were segregating children and pricing them based on race. Despite being a Caucasian woman, Lantz agreed to adopt two African-American boys.

The decreased price is one of the strategies being used to increase the appeal of Black children.  Also, in 2009, the federal government funded an ad campaign to “encourage black families to adopt, in hopes that they’d be more likely to take home children who looked like them,” Jezebel added.

One woman, according to Jezebel, made the decision to adopt an African-American son. She understands the different price tags on children based on race, but she stated, “My son was cheaper than if he’d been white. How will he feel, if he even finds out about that?

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  • Tommy

    I don’t worry about what the rich and so-called famous say about races. The whole race war is based envy anyways and it entertains me the more beef there is because in a sense, anyone who discredits a person just because of skin color IS inferior. They use their money to program others into thinking as they do out of jealousy and hatred and for no reason other than that. Only someone stupid believes someone is less worthy because of skin and then teaches others to do so because they just want to “have-it-all” sex, money and the goodies of the world, lust and all those things ye accuse blacks of doing, you do it yourselves. Black skin or AA Skin and hair is desired by those non-black and they put tanning salons in place for those just because. Anti-aging cremes and all that other stuff must frustrate em eh?

  • Tommy

    The point they are trying to make is that America is a white controlled domain and of course when they entertain the lies that they make themselves believe that black kids and people are less humane or scum, and they teach the rest of the other races that, it’s just hatred that is taught and they try to make black people themselves feel less beautiful and loved. I know for sure that most people on the outside of media belief do not believe these lies and statistics and they are biased and of course, most who have money will chose based on what they’re told by the media anyways. Puppets on strings. I love the real people of America and Majority rules and most of the majority are not on these stupid statistical readings. Adopt who you want, I do not listen to or get discouraged because of this garbage. Thanks Media Discriminants and bigots of America, we love you for not making us feel less beautiful than you are and for trying to join in other races and make them feel acceptable to your standards which are used to gain control. The fact that people think blacks are inferior makes us feel superior because you hate us so much in your heart, we do have something that you do not. Go and alter some more genetics and give yourself the things you shall desire, I’m glad about who I am regardless of this article and there are plenty non-blacks ho believe non of the non-sense your media and fashion world and schools are teaching.

  • Yes, resemblance is the reason, and not the lower IQ and criminal tendencies of the blacks

    • zahar_alao

      “Lower IQ and criminal tendencies of the blacks” is such a load of crap.

  • Matt Stuart

    …and yet another reason for people to be pro-life. LOOK at the money in it! We put a price tag on children and that is more preferable than letting people control their reproductive systems.

  • Thoskiev C

    How many White babies are adopted by Black parents? Just curious!

  • PeterS

    Is this satire, have I accidentally stumbled upon the Onion?

  • Disqusisarealballbuster


  • vanillachoc

    This is why I get so upset when black people attack white parents for adopting black. Our kids are sitting there in these orphanages and not being adopted. International adoption of black babies is even worse. Who cares who adopts a baby as long as they have a warm bed to sleep on, loving arms and their daily meals. I wish I had more money because I would adopt. I just can’t afford it right now. Precious babies.

    • first-among-equals

      “Our kids” are getting adopted… as in you think one race’s children *should* be adopted more than others? Adoption is not something races win and lose. The more people that want to adopt a foster child, the better… if people want to adopt a kid that looks like them, is that worse than not adopting at all?

      I think that every baby adopted is a great thing and maybe we should accept that we can’t subject every single thing to some false mockery of ‘fairness’ or ‘equality’.

  • Nikia D-Shiznit

    I really don’t see the discrimination, just that whites are the majority when it comes to adopting children, and they want what looks like them. It’s sad that blacks make up the majority with kids in the system, but there aren’t enough to adopt them out of the system. Hopefully that will change someday. Blacks children are cheaper to attract people to participate in LEGAL child trafficking, but it could mean that they are not worth as much as the other kids, depending how that is construed.

  • hiswomanandlovingit

    why tell him? why not just tell him you saw his face and fell in love?