5-Year-Old Indiana Girl Beaten To Death By Cousins 11 And 14; Child Found With More Than 80 Marks On Her Body

June 28, 2013  |  

Marie Sadlyne B. Pierre, 5, was found dead in the home of her 29-year-old cousin and caregiver, Charlene Tabb this past Saturday, beaten to death with more than 80 marks (including marks around her nipples, which looked to possibly have been pinched with pliers) and open sores on her body. So who are the monsters behind such an attack on the little girl? Her 11-year-old and 14-year-old cousins.

According to reports, the abuse against Marie that killed her took place after she was attacked by her cousins with pliers, a hammer, screwdrivers, a belt and other brutal items in Charlene Tabb’s Muncie, Indiana home. Allegedly, the abuse against her started in May, and it took place as punishment against the child for throwing up, peeing on herself and “smarting off.” Investigators say that the two children testified on Wednesday that they beat her after being pushed to do so by the owner of the home, and their older cousin, Charlene Tabb. She, along with her husband Marcus Tabb (who is 53), were unofficial guardians of Marie, who was a Haitian national and had been abandoned by her father last summer while her mother is reportedly still in Haiti. While the children were in court yesterday, their biological parents made a tearful appearance, yet when Marie’s father who walked out on her showed up, he allegedly didn’t show much emotion.

Because they clearly were negligent and allowed Marie to be abused in that home, both parties in Charlene and Marcus Tabb have been charged with preliminary neglect of a dependent causing death, which could come with a maximum 30-year sentence if found guilty. According to The Daily Mail, they could also face murder charges as well.

As for the two children singled out as Marie’s abusers, the 14-year-old boy and 11-year-old sister were charged with aggravated battery by the Delaware County Juvenile Court System. According to the Indianapolis Star, if found guilty in juvenile court, both of the children could be held in custody until they’re 21. Other children who were living in the home at the time (with ages ranging from 5 to 16) were placed in Child Protective Services for the time being.

This is such a truly sad and terrible story, and for someone who decided to take this child in to order her family members to attack an innocent little girl for doing things 5-year-olds do is horrendous. One precious life lost and two others ruined. Such a shame.



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  • bbreey

    OMG! Poor baby!
    I don’t care if you don’t agree with me when I say : Bring back the death penalty!

  • Fair and Balanced

    This may sound cruel but those children are ruined for life and the adult sociopaths that allowed this to happen should not be put in jail but executed as they are worthless completely worthless. They took a gift that God gave them when they were born and threw it back in his face and then they took a gift that God gave the little girl and threw it back in his face that gift is LIFE! The children that were ordered to do the beating will probably never recover and now have the unfortunate life of a being a psychopath, juvenile lock up will not help them and I honestly do not know what will. In all of my years I will never understand the level of hatred we as humans can feel for each other hell is truly on earth no doubt about it.

  • Haa Haa

    These demonic people were not her family, they were relatives. Relatives share DNA, family are the people who love and protect you. The adults need life in prison and the 2 abusive kids need to be kept away from younger children and counseled until they are 21. All of the kids from that home need to be interviewed, examined and counseled because that place sounds like a house of horrors.

  • meemaw two

    This is awful and sick the two monsters need to be locked up for life! 30 yrs isn’t enough someone needs to do the same thing to those monsters all of them!

  • nolabaybee

    I understand they are only kids but an aggravated battery charge for beating this child to death is ridiculous.she was tortured and killed for senseless reasons.





    • hollyw

      Actually, it’s being proven more and more that over-disciplining children, I.e. beating them, is what causes sadistic behavior such as this.

  • MissRealuminatti


  • LaLaLaMeansILoveYou

    Everyone in this baby’s life failed her, miserably. She never stood a chance from birth…was probably being mistreated in some way her entire short life. At least now she doesn’t have to suffer anymore. R.I.H. angel

    • nobody

      It sounds like U know these people, cause I do and U are right.

      • laylay

        I knew lil marie too she used to play with my kids and have dinner with them but, i moved away in february………RIP MARIE

  • SGKM

    Poor baby, never had a chance. :(…

  • Jessica2248

    Lord forgive me but i want them to just frickin’ die for what they did to that poor baby!!

    • Christina

      I don’t believe in the death penalty but for cases like this it makes me change my mind at time

    • hollyw

      Death? Why should they get peace from death?? They deserve life in an overseas POW prison camp.

  • Christina

    This is too sad I couldn’t even read the rest, this just shows how evil this world is and that the boogeyman does exist

  • Tamaika Jones

    What is really happening to us as a people, a community that this can go on. We obviously aren’t teaching our older kids to protect and love, but to hate and abuse. I would never as a child been happy to do that I think I would have sat on the bed and told her just scream like youre getting wooped and heres some water pretend your crying. We have so much reconstruction and healing to do!


    horrible that poor little girl. the adults need to be locked up and the keys thrown away. The kids that did this need to be in a mental facility with daily therapy to learn the correct way to treat ppl. At least until they are 21 then do a little regular time.

    My heart aches for that little girl and her mom 🙁

  • New Voices

    This is such a disgrace. Life, for so many people, is hell on earth. To have a mind to order children to harm others is hideous.

  • sammi_lu

    I saw an old Lifetime movie that was eerily similar circumstances that was based on a true story, I couldn’t believe that adults would condone or involve kids in abusing their own blood..there are truly some sick and heartless people amongst us.

    • New Voices

      Yes. They walk among us.

  • hollyw

    Lord have mercy…I grew up not too far from here…such a small town, too bad they’re getting recognition for some ish like this. Wander how her mother’s taking it…I mean, horribly, I presume… that’s assuming this deadbeat dad even told her smfh…UGH, this world!!

    • MissRealuminatti

      This poor child has experienced so much pain from a dad that neglected to her to adults that allowed her to be abused. God bless all the children!

  • KailaP

    Maybe all they needed to do was clean her up, give her somethign to eat maybe something she really dislikes but is good for her and send her to bed and let her cry there , that’s what my mom did. Or sometimes I did get beatings but now to that extent , I would have marks but they would fade within days, damnnn

    • Shatyia


    • New Voices


      • Guest Who

        Read spankings…not the same as being pulverized…

  • Dee

    And this is why I believe hell exists

    • Rachel Himes

      Yes and it is here…

  • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

    Wat the FIZ UCK is goin on in the world?!!?