Study Says Men Are More Likely To Choose Women With More Masculine Features For Long-Term Relationships

June 28, 2013  |  


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Ladies, do you always find yourself getting the most attention during booty call hours or rarely find yourself in a long-term relationship? Well, according to researchers from University of Stirling and University of Glasgow, your face could be the problem. No, seriously.

These researchers conducted a study with volunteers who were solely heterosexual men; the study was based on a composite of pictures of women’s faces.  The men were asked to choose who out of the composite would they pick for a short or long-term relationship. The faces of women the men had to decide on were separated into two feature types- feminine and masculine. Also, the women represented were of European or Japanese descendant. Here’s what researchers found according to CTV News:

“…men rated women with more feminine features more highly for a fling. The preference was especially high among men who were already in a steady relationship.“When a man has secured a mate, the potential cost of being discovered may increase his choosiness regarding short-term partners relative to unpartnered men, who can better increase their short-term mating success by relaxing their standards,” wrote the study authors. But in making long-term choices, men “may actually prefer less attractive/feminine women,” they added.”

It is interesting this study only used women from two different racial backgrounds to make such a claim. It would be insightful to know the demographical background of the men who volunteered to participate in this study, too.

On the flip side, aside from this bizarre study, there are actually two others that state women are more likely to commit adultery if their partner is not physically attractive and would rather be with a geek long term than a man who is GQ-material. Hmmm, the more you know.

Do you choose who is short or long-term worthy based on their attractiveness or personality?


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  • GreenLantern

    I think that the idea the features are masculine is a mistake, other studies show men can have feminine features by current definitions. The problem here is they are looking at this through culturally created ideas about gender, if the features can pass between the sexes then they are not about masculinity and femininity its something else. If there are so many masculine looking women around then its likely a trait as variable as eye colour or hair colors, if it was a passed over sex specific trait it would be more rare.

    Also the idea that these features are less attractive and that being linked with ideas they are masculine and present in women traces back to the idea women must meet the definition of feminine or are not attractive. This again is created from cultural ideas about gender. Its unlikely facial features predict personality, facial features differ by race too and we are all a mix of different races to some degree (vikings saxons etc) and this is why white people have so many hair and eye colours.

    It looks like the current trend in evolutionary biology is to back up gender stereotypes. They are saying women who meet the current definition of attractive are nothing more than flighty sluts and they get labeled feminine, while those who dont are too ugly to play around and get called masculine which is contradictory because when the same theory is applied to men its the men with masculine features who get accused of being the ones who are likely to play around, because of testosterone levels while men with feminine faces are the ones women select as long term mates. Its interesting how a feminine face in a man means commitment and a feminine face in a woman means infertility, meanwhile masculine faced women are not gonna share the masculine behaviour of masculine faced men. So it looks like the same features lead to different behaviours in each sex.

    These ideas rest on many assumptions.

    1 these features are masculine and feminine, as they are great at crossing over.
    2 That masculine men and feminine women (if thats what they are) are hotter and anything else will always be taking second best, this assumes all have the same taste and they dont, it assumes no other factors matter but the face.
    3 It assumes personality matches features.
    4 It assumes that if masculine women exist they are automatically less attractive to everyone.

  • teressai

    This study is completely bogus. The fact that they only used females from two different ethnic group and did not define the race of the men who participated in the “study” suggests that partiality played a HUGE role in this. Women of different cultures, usually, possess distinct features that are common to her race/ethnicity. Women of African descent have broader facial features than women of european and japanese descent. Because this study did not include women from every group and identity the race of the men, I would call this an unreliable source. Don’t believe everything you read. Anyone can post anything nowadays.

  • moni

    These are British studies, sooo things are a little different.

  • Interesting

    I think this is true. I recall families that I grew up around when I was little and even my own household. My mother and the mothers of my neighborhood friends were what society would call “manly” women – strong, able to get household jobs done without need for a man ( mowing, washing cars, lifting heavy objects, shoveling heavy snow, caring for multiple items in the house, doing home improvement projects, etc.) Yet, at the same time, they had men right there whose help was always appreciated. I don’t see “manly” in a negative way. I see it as a woman that can handle business AND know when to be feminine and revel in womanhood. Even though the study was done with people of other races than our own, the African-American culture DEFINITELY lauds (celebrates) women who are strong. Why look at the results in a negative manner? I am glad that I can be physically strong and feminine too. 🙂

  • Abbas BAKER

    This is bullsh*t! Most married women don’t have any masculine features.

  • pretty1908

    I can see that ! I have said this before that so called average women are getting married before the striking ones ! Think about it ! Most beautiful women get a certain type of attention. Some of these women know their looks can get them what and who they want, but I have heard men complain that beautiful women are often boring and way too many issues. For some men it is easier to hook up with average amy, because amy is funny, smart, and doesn’t have all the drama, not saying beautiful betty can’t be those things .

  • Kenedy

    So…..those men that choose more “manly” looking women to be with long-term are less worried about those women cheating on them because of their attractiveness level….there’s different ways of interpreting these findings, which I’m not buying by the way

  • soundslegit

    Wow. Sounds like men that choose less attractive women are just insecure as hell!



  • Ann

    Will somebody please tell me who are these people they are polling? I wonder about these “studies” and who they are polling.

  • Dee

    My husband ex tried to clown me about having manly features. I told my husband to tell her that I’m THE manly looking b*%$#! with the ring. Holla! : )

  • dveo

    I don’t know about “masculine” features but men who are mature and are ready to settle down and have a long term relationship usually pick average looking women. Looks arent important but not as important as they were when they were 24 years old.

  • Pamela McClair

    @afdea165b523dae682642a0f40df2102:disqus I guess I have “KING FEATURES” also.

    • Nathan South

      yes you look like a man.

  • hollyw

    Study sounds flawed.

  • Sonia Noname

    I believe it. I have what my mom calls “KING FEATURES”….thick dark, eyebrows, high cheekbones, stronger jawline. I rarely have flings but always have men that want to get serious.