Paula Deen Is Not Alone:15 Celebrities Who Need To Apologize Too

July 5, 2013  |  
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We all get out of pocket sometimes. Serena was wrong for her position about rape. Paula Deen is finding out that racism isn’t as casual as it used to be. But those two aren’t the only ones who are out of bounds. Check out these 15 celebrities who we think owe someone an apology.

Paula Deen

We saw Paula Deen’s Today Show appearance, but she needs to do better. “I is what I is and I’m not changing” is not an apology. Maybe Paula should stop trying to look like a victim and accept the end of her career.

Luo Zilin

International model and “The Face” winner Luo Zilin really messed up when she got caught messing around with Naomi Campbell’s ex. Now Naomi has thrown out her contract and word on the street is that she’s started pressuring Luo’s other agents to drop her. Maybe if she apologizes for stepping over the line, the grand diva will call the dogs off.

Liz Jones

The Daily Mail writer owes women everywhere an apology for saying that the way Rihanna dresses is inviting rape. We thought we were done with the dumb point of view that suggests that some women deserve to get raped because they’re “asking for it”. Maybe she and Serena should sit down and hash out their issues together.

Mona Scott-Young

Black people have had much better PR over the past few years. The president is black and Oprah tops the Forbes Most Powerful Celebrities list — but ratchet chicks are still throwing drinks on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” A lot of people think Mona Scott-Young owes black America an apology for dragging our image by manufacturing fights and drama on her reality show. We’d take our “I’m sorry” in the form of a reality show that doesn’t go out of it’s way to make us look bad.

Kirk Frost

Kirk Frost owes Rasheeda an apology in a major way. When he couldn’t bully his wife into getting an abortion, he tried to drag her name in the dirt by demanding a paternity test. And it’s all on record for his children to see. We don’t know if he can patch up the rifts he’s made in his family, but an official “my bad” would be a good start.

Momma Dee

Erica Dixon may be a trip, but Momma Dee has taken the conflict to a new level. She tried to break up the engagement then celebrated with a cake when it ended. But she still wasn’t done. She’s called Erica a bad mother, a man beater and everything else under the sun. And now Erica says the stress caused her to miscarry Momma Dee’s grandchild. It might be time for Momma Dee to woman up and apologize.

K Michelle

Mona Scott-Young may start some of the drama on LHHATL, but K. Michelle takes it to another level. She’s tried to fight almost every member of the cast, men and women alike. All her bridges are burnt to ashes and now her attitude is messing with her money — again. If she does get a reality spin-off, we hope it starts with a long apology for all the drama she’s stirred up.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame Committee

It’s 2013 and Tupac is just now getting his star along the Hollywood walk of fame. You know who else has a star on the walk of fame? The less-famous brother from Two and a Half Men, J.Lo, The Olsen Twins and a bunch of other semi-stars who aren’t one of the greatest rappers of all time. We think we deserve an apology for the near 20 years it took to recognize one of the best artists in history.

Kelly Rowland

Kelly knows she was wrong for telling the whole world that Beyonce is a slob who doesn’t keep a clean house on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live. We’ve all heard Dirty Laundry and Hater-ade is bad for your health.

Serena Williams

Serena already apologized for suggesting that a teenage rape victim may have been asking for it. But she may owe another apology — to her boyfriend’s wife. Apparently, Patrick Mouratoglou was still living with his wife and kids when he and Serena first hooked up. Now they’ve gone public with their relationship but Mr. Mouratoglou’s divorce still isn’t finalized.

Kim and Kanye

These two need to go ahead and apologize to little North West for all the years of teasing to come. She’s not even a week old and she’s already been the butt of a million jokes. And once she’s older, those jokes will get worse when kids figure out that her mother is famous for a sex tape and her daddy think’s he’s Jesus.


Can Jay-Z please apologize so J. Cole can stop being so salty? It’s J. Cole’s favorite story: J. Cole stood outside the studio for three hours to give Jay-Z a demo tape, Jay-Z told him he didn’t listen to those and now J. Cole’s life is “forever changed.” He’s been shading major rappers ever since. And now he’s got he’s trying to step on Kanye’s shine by releasing his album at the same time as Yeezus. We think Jay-Z should give the little brother a pat on the back before he turns into one of raps greatest super villains.

Adam “Pacman” Jones

Come on, brother. Hitting women in the face is 100% not cool. The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback says he was just defending himself and that the woman threw a bottle at him first. Apparently no one ever told him that it’s not OK to hit women ever, even if they tried to hit you first. But we think the anonymous woman will accept Adam’s apology as long as it comes with a sizable “I’m sorry” check.

T-Boz and Chili

These two may owe Left-Eye a posthumous apology. First they ruffled feathers when they did a Waterfalls remix without her. Then the two added insult to injury when they didn’t consult Left-Eye’s mother or sister on the new TLC biopic.

Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin is all the way wrong for Tweeting this pic of her in dressed as a geisha for Halloween. Making fun of Asian people is bad enough. It’s worse in Kate’s case because her children are part Korean. Let’s hope she apologizes to her babies before they start to feel some sort of way about their mother. Not everything needs to go on social media.

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