Derek J Goes Off Over ‘Too Fine To Be Gay’ Comment, Says It’s Equal To ‘Cute For A Dark Girl’

June 27, 2013  |  

Source: Instagram

By now it’s been established that even the most innocent of images on Instagram can bring out the troll in faithful followers and no one knows that better than Bravo TV’s Derek J right now. You remember Derek, the Atlanta hairdresser who’s everyone’s favorite BFF on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta? Well a few days ago he posted the picture above of himself and his “instagram boo” and all hell broke loose when single ladies realized they had no chance of getting with a fine brotha like that.

Reactions ranged from assumptions the man on the right was on the DL because he isn’t the stereotypical vision of  a gay man, to disappointment, like “what a waste,” “This just hurt my heart. He is too fine to be gay,” to a simple “why?? why?? why??” And that’s when Derek J had to let ’em know.

Source: Instagram


What do you think about what Derek J said? Is he right about the comparison between too fine to be gay and cute for a dark/big girl?


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  • Tehani

    Who in that picture is fine?

  • folamix

    Now I like Miss Lawrence on Fashion Queens or however he spells his name, I think he is classy. But Derek Jay always looks a hot mess to me and I do believe part of his “ire” is because he is definitely not too fine to be gay, or anything else. He need to wear clothes ton fit his body. He reminds me of the larger lady who is always squeezing into clothes that don’t suit her.

  • fineamazon

    Ugh. I’m riled up at all that awful grammar.

  • Latonya

    Maybe it is just me but I don’t feel you can compare issues in the “gay community” with issues in the “black community”

    • Anonymous

      That’s not what he was doing. He simply stated that it’s the insult level is the same as being told you’re cute to be dark skin or you’re cute for a fat girl. I know that others have said that being gay is the new black but that’s not what he’s doing here. BTW I agree with you, it’s not the same thing.

  • Rasharne

    Derek J looks beastly

  • NJ2

    It is too, too, too people not to #whenyouwanttosayitisexcessiveitistoonotto… Sorry just a major pet peeve of mine!

  • tellin the truth

    Derek J. is Ugly- he looks a mess all the time- His clothes don’t fit him right- he reminds me of a Bag Lady. He lost me on the sexual thing- we have a right to say Down Low men are a danger along with being disgusting to women

    • Anthony Hopkins

      What about women that have sex with each other? And their married to men or even have boyfriends. Are women called Down Low too?

  • Almond E Brown

    Ha! This from the same man that intimated that women that rocked natural hair were unattractive. Like somebody said on twitter, “I wish cognitive dissonance was painful.”

  • NaturalJem


  • Keepinittrill

    But Derek J is ugly tho. I suspect this is what really got him “riled” up.

    • VintageGlamGal

      Yeah thats exactly what really made him angry.

    • Nia

      He just mad that nobody will EVER tell him he’s too fine to be gay!
      And dude in that pic is fine as phuk!

      • Beejcee

        The dude in the pic kinda looks like a tall Clifford “TI” Harris. Well he does to me but I’m old. LOL

        • Na Na

          Yes! That’s what made me click on the article I’m like wait a minute. Lol

  • Beejcee

    I wish Derek J would get a seamtress. If he wants to wear women’s “like” clothing, he should have them tailored for him. He looks a mess with women’s shirts and shorts, his frame is too large and boxed for any women’s line. That’s all I’ve got!

  • OSHH

    Um, he lost me at, the sexual experiences part O _o anyway some women do feel gay men are a waste of manhood, esp if the man is fione. He is entitled to his opinion and others are entitled to theirs.